5 Ways To Make Your Senior Pet More Comfortable

5 Ways To Make Your Senior Pet More Comfortable

Senior pets are special pets. By the time your pal reaches their golden years, theyโ€™ll have exhausted most of their high energy and will be content to lounge around the house, take easy-going walks, and curl up by your side. Basically, senior pets are big-time sweethearts, and you can love them back by making the final years of their life as comfortable as they can be.In addition to special foods or supplements

that your veterinarian may recommend, there are a number of accessories that can help your senior pet live a more comfortable life. Letโ€™s take a look.

1. A Better Bed

Senior pets snooze away a large portion of each day, and because they spend so much time catching zzzโ€™s, their resting spot should be as comfortable as possible. Consider a

bed with bolstered sides

that will support your petโ€™s back and give them a sense of security, or a

soft plush bed

that will cushion their

joints and bones.

2. Elevated Eating (And Drinking)

Adjustable, elevated food and water bowls

make it so that your pet doesnโ€™t have to bend, thus reducing stress to the joints and neck. Elevated food bowls also aid in digestion because food moves more easily down your petโ€™s esophagus when their head is upright.

3. A Step Up

Because of sore joints and bones, senior pets sometimes have a hard time jumping off or onto furniture. In addition, jumping can further damage already worn out joints. A set of

pet steps

will keep your pet from jumping while allowing them to still join you where you are.

4. Bathroom Accident Aids

Aging pets need to use the bathroom more frequently, and they may even become incontinent and have regular accidents. Your pet doesnโ€™t like it any more than you do, so donโ€™t get frustrated. Instead, think about purchasing some supplies that will give your pal more chances to โ€œgoโ€ and ease your cleanup, too.

Wee pads

and diapers (




) are both great options. For cats, you may also want to consider a

ramped litter box

that makes it easy for your cat to get in and out.

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5. Balancing Booties

Sometimes, dogs with joint problems end up splay-legged on slippery surfaces, like the floor of the waiting room at the vetโ€™s office. Help your pal to stand up straight with booties that are worn over the feet and have non-slip bottoms. In addition to helping your pet keep their balance, booties also protect your petโ€™s feet from heat, cold, and foreign materials.How do you help your senior pet feel comfortable? Leave a comment and let us know, and consider signing up for PetPlus

to save on your pet's medications, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more.

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