5 Ways to Give Back to Pets This Holiday Season



The holiday season can be a busy time of year. With parties to attend, family to entertain, and gifts to give (and receive), it's easy to forget about our four-legged friends. However, homeless pets need our help now more than ever. Consider these tips to give back to pets in need this holiday season.

1. Put the Recycling Bin to Use

The colder months can be particularly trying for homeless pets and animal shelters. Shelters are in need of spare newspapers, old blankets, and towels to keep dogs and cats warm and comfortable throughout the long winter. Instead of throwing these items away, recycle them by donating to your local shelter.

2. Go Online Shopping

Online shopping is a popular way to knock out that holiday gift list, and a growing number of organizations are making it easy for you to shop and give back at the same time. When you search and shop with


, the non-profit of your choice receives a penny. Try listingย 


ย orย 

Adopt A Shelter

ย to receive a percentage of your purchase, for example. Find great holiday gifts for friends and family, and give back to pets in need!

3. Share Your Home for the Holidays

Since 2009 Petfinder.com has encouraged thousands of families to share their home with an animal in need during its

Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays

ย program. With help from hundreds of shelters and rescue groups across the nation, the program works to spread awareness about fostering and to find temporary homes for adoptable pets.

4. Donate Pet Supplies to a Food Bank

Animal shelters from around the country are being flooded with hungry pets, relinquished by owners who can no longer afford the cost of pet food and supplies. To combat this devastating trend, more charitable organizations are accepting pet food along with other supplies for those in need.

The Petco Foundation

has funded numerous organizations that are committed to ensuring pets are well fed despite economic hardship. Since 2010 the Food Bank Program has collected 2,939,798 pounds of food and litter to help families in need.

5. Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

Many shelters need even more help after the hubbub of the holidays is over. From walking dogs and helping with paperwork to organizing fundraising events, thereโ€™s a lot you can do to assist your local shelter. Check out


for a list of shelters near you.

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