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Halloween is a great time of year -- candy, costumes, and a general air of mischief... what more could you ask for? Not only is Halloween fun for us, but with the right preparation, it can be a special occasion for our four-legged friends as well. Over the years, we here at PetCareRx have build up quite a catalog of helpful Halloween tips to help you maximize your fun this spooky season.


Homemade and Fun Pet Halloween Costumes

Pets (assuming they are up for it) can make a great canvas for your crazy costume ideas, but first you need to come up with one. If you're trying to get the creative juices flowing, this article is sure to spark some ideas, as well as give you great pointers on how to execute your homemade Halloween handiwork.


5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Halloween can be a scary time for pets -- lots of dangerous chocolate going around, people in scary costumes -- it's a perfect storm! Prepare for the worst with this article, outlining everything you need to know about keeping pets safe during Halloween.


5 Spooky Myths About Halloween Cats

One potential downside of this time of year is that it can bring to the surface some unfounded myths about cats. Instead, we're celebrating their uniqueness and taking a look at where some of these myths come from.


5 Halloween Party Games for Pets

Having trouble finding ways to include your pets in the Halloween festivities? It can be tough, what with all the chocolate (a huge pet no-no) and costumes (that can be genuinely frightening for pets), so we dug up these pet-safe activities to help you bring your pets into the Halloween hoopla.


Halloween Dogs: Heroic, Historical, & Hollywood Costumes

Looking for something more original in your costuming selection? Why not look back through the annals of time and see what type of outfit might be historically and/or culturally relevant. Dress your French Bulldog like Napoleon! Give your Chow Chow a Fu Manchu! Pop a cape on your Beagle and call them Underdog! Just donโ€™t be afraid to get outside that ol' box.


Make Halloween Mascot Costumes for Your Pets

Are you a massive sports fan? So much so that your team spirit spills over to your pets? Well, do we have a Halloween idea for you! Show off your sports love by making your pet the mascot for your favorite team. It'll be done in a flash with these tips and tricks.

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