5 Signs Your Cat is Upset/Angry with You

5 Signs Your Cat is Upset/Angry with You

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Even if you spend a large portion of your time with your feline friend, you will find it challenging to read its emotions. As cats are finicky animals, they can change their mood from happy to angry in just a couple of seconds. Identifying when your feline is feeling angry is helpful as you will know when you have to back off give it some personal space, rather than escalating the situation unknowingly. If your feline is exhibiting these five signs, then it is upset/angry with you.

  1. Stares at you from a distanceAlthough your feline may lovingly look at you while you walk by or pet it, it isnโ€™t normal when your feline stares at you without breaking its expression or gaze. If your feline is staring down at you without blinking from a distance, it is a type of confrontation. Your feline will try to assert its dominance when it is staring at you. If you donโ€™t want your feline to consider itself as the alpha of the house, you should also stare at it.
  2. Hisses when you approach itIf your feline starts hissing when you approach it, then your feline is extremely mad at you. The only reason why cats start hissing is that they are really angry about something. If your feline hisses at you, you should back away immediately. Unless you are looking for a fight, you should give your feline space and time to cool its nerves. After some time, you can approach your feline to see if it's okay.
  3. Ears are pointing backWhen your felineโ€™s ears are back, it is a clear indicator that your feline is upset/angry with you. Ears back are the equivalent of curling your fists and raising it in the air. In this situation, your feline will act out aggressively if you approach it. Rather than giving your feline an opportunity to start attacking, you should leave it alone.
  4. Tail starts lashingWhen your feline starts lashing its tail ( the tail makes quick and hard strikes on the ground), it is trying to tell you that it is upset/angry with you. However, your feline will also lash its tail when you play rough games with it. When you notice your feline lashing its tail, you should stay away from it till it calms down.
  5. Swats your hand awayIf your feline swats your hand away when you try to pet it, it is quite upset/angry with you. You should know that when your feline is doing this, it is telling you to stay away because the next swipe will be a slash. Give your feline the space it needs when it swats your hand away.

These are five simple signs that will tell you if your cat is upset/angry with you. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below.

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