5 Reasons Your Dog Hates Being Left Alone

5 Reasons Your Dog Hates Being Left Alone

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We have all seen and read stories about dogs who do crazy things when their owners are away. Although we find these videos adorable, we misinterpret why dogs behave this way when left alone. When you start to pack your lunch or when you wear your jeans or when you sling your bag or purse over your shoulder, you notice a change in the behavior of your canine friend. It will realize that you are getting ready to leave and it will begin to sulk. Even if the best option is to leave your canine friend at home because you are going to place that doesnโ€™t allow dogs, your canine will feel bad. If you are wondering why your dog hates being left alone, here are five reasons:

  1. Separation anxiety and lonelinessYou may not realize it but your dog will be extremely upset that it is left alone. Remember, your canine friend has no idea when you will be back or if you are even coming back. Even though you have to go to work or any other place, your dog will feel left out and lonely. What may be five minutes to you will be hours to your canine friend. If you are planning on going out, either ensure it has things to do or make it extremely tired so that your canine friend only wants to take a nap. If all of this doesnโ€™t work, you can play some classical music to alleviate separation anxiety and loneliness.
  2. No stimulationIf your canine friend has nothing to do such as interacting with other living beings or it isnโ€™t learning new things, it will feel like there isnโ€™t anything around it to stimulate its brain. While you may meet new people or have new experiences when you go out, it isnโ€™t the same for your canine friend as it's environment remains the same. As a result of this, your canine friend will sulk around till you come back home. When you come back home, make it a point to spend quality time with your canine friend so that there is some form of excitement.
  3. BoredomWhen your canine friend is left alone, it will easily get bored and do things to gain your attention once you come back home. If you donโ€™t keep it busy such as giving it a chew toy or a ball or anything to play with, you wonโ€™t like what your canine will do to keep itself entertained. It will defecate around the house, chew up furniture or bark continuously till it gets tired. If you are going out of your house for a long period of time, you need to make sure it has access to all its treats and toys so that it has something to do till you come back.
  4. Has to go to the looSometimes, your canine friend will feel like going to the loo to relieve itself. However, as it is inside your house, it doesnโ€™t know what to do as it canโ€™t go out to defecate and it canโ€™t do it inside the house. As a result of this, your canine friend will hold it in and wait till you come back which can be harmful to its health. If you are planning on going out, take your canine friend for a walk so that it can finish its business. By doing this, your canine friend wonโ€™t feel the need to go to the loo when you are away.
  5. AgeAs your canine gets older, it will find it more difficult to stay separated from you. It will become more vocal as it continues to age, even if it is an occasional barker. It becomes a way of expressing itself when it is facing anxiety and separation issues. When you have a senior dog in your house, ensure that there is always someone with it at all times so that it doesnโ€™t feel lonely.

Now that you are aware of why your dog hates being left alone, you should take measures to keep it happy. You can hire a dogsitter or you can leave your canine at the daycare so that it wonโ€™t feel anxious or separated while you are away!

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