5 of the Sweetest Lap Cats Cuddle Buddies Who Won't Want You to Stand Up

5 of the Sweetest Lap Cats

For people who love the warmth of a kitty snuggled up on your lap, these lap cats are sure to please. Take a look at this list of affectionate people-cats.

Cats are known for their independence. To some, this means an overall impression of a housepet who tends to withhold affection and will opt for a window perch as a choice napping spot, rather their human’s lap. Many humans prefer these traits in cats, and in fact favor cats over other pets because they respect and appreciate these traits of independence just fine!

Some folks, though, look for lap cats and cats who cuddle, and there are some breeds who are known for their affectionate nature -- these cats prefer a lap to a windowsill any day of the week.


For cat lovers who like some meow with their pet, the Siamese can’t be beat! This sleek and slender breed is not only cuddly with their owners, they are also extremely vocal, yowling and mewing at their people, sometimes nonstop. The Siamese may follow their people about the house, talking the day away, hopping into a human lap whenever the opportunity arises.

Maine Coon

One of the largest domestic cats out there also happens to be one of the sweetest and most social with their humans. These guys can grow up to 20 pounds, and are excellent hunters, so it might be surprising that they make our sweetest lap cats list. But the Maine Coon didn’t get the nickname “the gentle giant” for nothing. This breed is loyal and affectionate and loves to snooze on their owner’s lap. Just be ready for the extra weight!


Unlike the chatty Siamese, the Persian is a silent lover, one who might rarely make a peep. Given their quiet nature, unstoppable affection, and luxuriously soft coat, its no wonder this breed is a favorite among lap cats.

British Shorthair

This cat from across the pond, the British Shorthair, is to your lap what a good cup of English tea is to your taste buds. In other words, this breed is warm, sweet, and an excellent companion. And not only is the British Shorthair a real lap lover, their sweet and funny faces will provide a quick pick me up for any cat lover.


This blue-eyed breed is named for their docile nature. They go limp as a ragdoll when you pick them up! And, as their name suggests, they make great lap cats. Take hold of these larger than average cats, set them in your lap, and you’ll both be happy as can be.

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