5 Animal Diseases To Watch Out For This Summer


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Some diseases occur more commonly in one season than in others. It has a lot to do with the temperature and changing atmosphere. As the summer heat approaches, here are 5 diseases that you should look out for in your pet.

  1. Ear infectionsEar infections can occur all around the year but is at its peak during the summer. Most are water borne and since your pet is expected to spend more time in water, chances are high that he will contract an ear infection. Water is an excellent growth and transfer medium for bacterial and yeast infections. Ear canals are suitable places for them to grow because some amount of water always stays behind even after cleaning.
  2. FleasYour pets hate them and so do you. Summer is the ideal time for fleas to feast on your petโ€™s body. The temperature ensures their growth and the winds make sure they get carried from one animal to the other. Fleas can cause life-threatening disease and should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  3. Heat strokeJust like us, our pets are prone to heat strokes. Never leave them in cars or in places where it gets too hot. Look for shades and cool places to keep your pet if you are going to the grocery store or somewhere else. Also, give them plenty of water to keep their body hydrated.
  4. De-hydrationJust like heat strokes dehydration is also a major problem in pets. It is not exactly a disease but dehydration can cause death. The only remedy is feeding plenty of water to your pet. Make sure that the water is clean and pure.
  5. Burned padsWould you walk barefoot on the pavement in the summer heat? Maybe, if someone paid you hundred bucks but not otherwise. But no one pays your pet to walk barefoot. Thatโ€™s just the way they have always walked. During summers, it becomes hard for them to walk on areas which get heated up. Often, they end up getting their paws burned. To avoid this, use shady or cool areas to walk and avoid the hot ones. Also, use some protection for your petโ€™s paws if you can.

Pet diseases are on the high during summers and some of the common ones are mentioned above. If it becomes an emergency, take your pet to a vet immediately.

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