Why the secret to your success could be owning a pet?

Why the secret to your success could be owning a pet?

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Not much could bring more joy than coming home to a furball. Pets not only give pleasure but also offer health and mental benefits which help you professionally. This is the reason why many employers like Amazon and Facebook advertise themselves to be pet-friendly. Many billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk of Tesla keep pets themselves.

Stress reduction

Your pet can actively contribute to your professional success. Your stress will automatically reduce in the presence of your pet. Research has consistently proved that the presence of pets will reduce anxiety. The same effect cannot be achieved by the presence of plushy toys. Anxiety and stress levels are reduced even for participants who at first replied in the negative when asked whether they like animals.Pets are found to reduce pre-examination anxiety levels among students. The fear of examinations also gets less among students who have pets. People who do not have pets and work in a high-stress environment could suffer from mental exhaustion.

Elevate the mood

Pets can assist to drive away mild depression or sadness as they keep loneliness away. Playing with pets could result in a positive mood. This, in turn, results in the brain to release "happiness" neurotransmitters which creates a calm mind. Oxytocin is one generated compound. Another produced compound is serotonin which regulates the mood. You could practically concentrate on the positive aspects of the business and keep at bay the negative ones. This is the secret of many a business's success. One prime example is Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines. He said that having a pet helped him to be optimistic and search for the best aspects to any problem.

Help to socialize

Pets not only provide companionship but promotes quicker human interactions. It is known that pet owners have a 60 percent more probability to meet new people compared to those not having pets. This is more prominent among dog owners who can literally make friends anywhere. Science also shows that having more number of friends assist in boosting resilience. A person with a greater number of friends can bounce back from painful situations much easier. This is a vital skill needed to be successful. One excellent example is the best friend relation between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. They have played an important role in each others' lives for many years, Business ideas were bounced from one to another before those ideas were given to others for implementation. Friends have the capability to bring out the best in a person and it makes excellent sense to invest in friendships and by extension a loving pet.

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