4 Types of Things You Must Carry When Going on a Trip With Your Cat As long as you have these things with you, vacationing with your cat will be easy

4 Types of Things You Must Carry When Going on a Trip With Your Cat

Traveling with your cat can be fun but exhausting. However, as long as you have a few things with you to support your cat, it will mostly be an enjoyable trip.

There are a few reasons why traveling with your cat is so much fun. 

First of all, it's good for them! Cats need stimulation to stay happy and healthy. When they're at home alone all day, they can get bored or stressed out from lack of activity. But when they go on a trip with your cat, there are new sights and sounds to explore every day. Your cat will have the opportunity to be more active than they ever would be at home alone, which leads to higher energy levels and healthier cats overall.

Secondly, traveling with your cat is great because it gives them something positive in their lives. Cats are often stereotyped as being aloof or aloof-looking on purpose—like they don't care about anything except themselves. However, it’s not true. Research shows that cats are very smart. So, they may not show it in their expressions, but they can tell what you, as their pet parent, feel about them.

Show them you care for their well-being, and your cat will surely love you back. Traveling is one way you can achieve that.

However, going on a trip with a cat is not that easy.

Why Traveling With a Cat Is Challenging

Nearly 53% of pet owners worldwide take their pets with them when going on a trip. Also, 78% of US pet owners do the same, many of them being cat parents. One thing all of them can tell you is that traveling with a cat is never easy.

The first reason is that cats are not like dogs. They don't understand that they need to be on a leash or in a carrier when you go outside. They also don't understand that it's not okay to run away from you or get into trouble. Cats will run away from home if they get scared or if something scares them, so it's important to make sure everything is safe for them before leaving for your trip.

Another reason why going on a trip with your cat is difficult is because cats can get sick easily if they're not used to traveling all the time. Even though cats are smaller than dogs and don't take up as much space, they still need their own bed and space. They also require nourishment that can’t be any different from what they are used to eating.

4 Things You Must Carry When Going on a Trip With Your Cat

Nearly 31.3% of people make overnight trip plans with their pets every year. While such plans are always fun, they can get tedious too. That’s mostly because these plans lack planning. So, to help you plan a trip with your cat, here’s a list of things you must carry with you during the trip. 

#1 Cat Food and Treats

When you're going on a trip with your cat, you don't have time to worry about whether or not they'll have enough food. You need something that's easy to carry and will keep them happy. Of course, the food must taste good and be nutritious too. 

Some qualities of good cat food include:

  • It's high in protein. Cats are carnivores, so they need a lot of protein to keep them healthy.

  • It has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Cats are very sensitive to these types of additives, so you want to make sure that your food is free of them.

  • It has an appropriate amount of fat and carbohydrates for your cat's age and weight. The amount will vary depending on the type of cat food you're buying (dry vs. wet), but otherwise, it should be relatively consistent from brand to brand.

  • It contains essential vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to stay healthy, like vitamin A and taurine (an amino acid).

Purina One Cat Food and Friskies Cat Food are good options to take with you during the trip. Other than these, you can also rely on Fancy Feast Cat Food, Blue Buffalo Cat Food, and brands like Canidae. As for treats, you can go for Temptation Cat Treats.

#2 Vaccination Certificates

Before you leave, make sure that you have vaccination certification and a health certificate. The first is proof that your cat has been vaccinated against rabies, and the second is confirmation from a veterinarian that your cat is healthy enough for travel. 

When you go on a trip with your cat, it is important to carry vaccination certification. If you are traveling to another country, you may need to show this documentation at the border crossing. It can be helpful for other animals in the area, as well. The EU doesn’t allow any pet to enter European Countries unless they have the necessary vaccination documents. Many other countries also follow the same policy.

#3 A Few Handy Accessories

There will be times when you need a few accessories to take care of your cat. Some of the accessories you should consider carrying with you include

  • A cat harness and leash

  • Cat nail clippers

  • A cat litter box

  • Cat scratcher

  • Cat scratching post

Carrying a cat-scratching post might seem too much. However, your cat might end up scratching the hotel furniture and walls without one. So, it’s best you give your cat something else to scratch.

#4 Flea Medication

Fleas can be a problem for cats when they're traveling, especially if the weather is warm and they spend time outdoors during the day. They can carry flea eggs on their fur, which will hatch after several days or weeks in a new environment and start feasting on your cat's blood.

When you're planning a trip with your cat in mind, it's important to carry at least one cat flea treatment. You can carry a pack of Capstar for cats. To prevent flea infestations during the trip, take a Seresto Flea Collar for cats.

As long as you carry all these, your trip with your cat should be enjoyable and relaxing.

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