4 Touching Adoption Stories of Dogs

4 Touching Adoption Stories of Dogs

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, the mere sight of a dog wagging its tail or the sound of a cat purring and rubbing its head on your feet is enough to make you go delirious with happiness. But even if you are terrified of touching an animal or you are allergic to pet fur, stories of animal rescue are bound to fill your heart with a gooey warmth that you have never felt before. For truly, these are stories of the power of unconditional love and the way it can transform both a pet and its owner.A large number of pets are abandoned every day for various reasons โ€“ inability to provide care, relocation, medical issues and behavioral problems in the pet. The helpless animal loses it security, home, and most importantly, the bond that it had with its owner. While many of such animals lose their spark forever, here are 4 stories of miraculous recovery made by adopted dogs, thanks to the superhuman efforts of a few kind souls.

  1. Pacino โ€“ Brittany Elder met Pacino when the pit bull was brought to her hospital to be euthanized. He was dubbed to be extremely aggressive, after being used as a bait dog in Camden. Surprisingly, he was extremely sweet and even licked Brittanyโ€™s face on their very first meeting. That is when Brittany decided to adopt him! Pacino underwent extensive surgery that left him weak and broken. Within a year, however, he recovered and is now a handsome dog who Brittany calls her โ€œpride and joyโ€.
  2. Phoenix โ€“ Phoenixโ€™s name does justice to his rescue story that granted him a new lease of life. Surrendered by his owner to an animal shelter in Tennessee when he was 11 weeks old, Phoenix was about to be euthanized. Then, Danielle Baldwin met him. Baldwin could not let this innocent animal die and adopted him in spite of the dog having demodectic mange. Even before a year passed, Phoenix made a spectacular recovery. He loves his owner madly.
  3. Riley โ€“ Abandoned and left at an animal control facility in Georgia, Riley contracted mange at a very early stage in her life. That did not deter Jacki Loomis from rescuing Riley. In return, Riley showered kisses and rolled around for belly rubs the day she met her family. A year later, she transformed into a healthy and energetic dog. Her favorite pastime is playing in the snow.
  4. Wesson- Wesson was found by an animal rescue group in St. Louis, bleeding profusely and shaking with fear in an animal control cage. Medical examinations revealed that he had suffered a bullet injury. The bullet parts were still lodged in his back. Liz McKibben came to the hapless animalโ€™s rescue and not only provided him with appropriate medical care but also a loving home.
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