Goodbye, Letterman! Our Top 5 Favorite "Stupid Pet Tricks"

Goodbye, Letterman! Our Top 5 Favorite Stupid Pet Tricks

Tonight marks the end of an era, with David Letterman leaving the โ€œLate Showโ€ after 33 years of gracing our TV screens night after night.And while many are broken up about losing Lettermanโ€™s unique blend of comedic timing and inquisitive interviewing, many of us are are also sad to see the end of the hallmark Letterman segments that made his โ€œLate Showโ€ such a humorous force in late night tv.ย Lettermanโ€™s โ€œTop Ten List,โ€ โ€œSmall town news,โ€ and โ€œFun facts,โ€ are all soon to go the way of the Dinosaur - much as we saw the end of Carnac the Magnificent when Carson left the Tonight Show. But one segment that many forget, but will be deeply missed by those in the know, will be David Lettermanโ€™s always entertaining โ€œ

Stupid Pet Tricks

.โ€To commemorate this milestone in late night tv history, here are our 5 favorite โ€œStupid Pet Tricks.โ€

5. Jeff the Border Collie Catches Frisbee Blindfolded

4. Hammer the Pit Bull Bowls a Strike

3. Norman the Briard Rides a Scooter

2. Geronimo the Heeler Jumps Double Dutch

1. Dally the Jack Russell Terrier Rides a Horse, Jumps Together

Bonus: Bailey the Beagle Plays Dead Insanely Well

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