4 Easy Ways to Give Your Pet a Shiny Coat

4 Easy Ways to Give Your Pet a Shiny Coat

A soft, shiny coat is not only great for cuddling, itโ€™s also a sign that your pet is healthy from the inside out. As pets age, however, their coats may become dry and lackluster, and you might wonder what you can do to get the sparkle back. The good news is that there are definitely some easy steps you can take to improve the appearance of your four-legged friendโ€™s coat and keep them looking and feeling their best.Keep in mind, however, that a dull, dry, or thinning coat can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Be sure to consult your


if your pal is looking a little rough around the edges.Here are 4 easy ways to give your pet a shiny coat.

1.ย Good Nutrition For a Shinyย Coat


The quality of a petโ€™s coat has a lot to do with good nutrition. Your pet should be eating a high-quality, well-balanced diet rich in proteins and nutrients, including

Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids work to promote shine and reduce shedding. Many pet foods contain Omega-3s, but you can also give your pet fish oil supplements

. Just be sure to check with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new diet or supplement.

2. Brush Your Petโ€™s Coat Frequently


Brushing your dog every day is best, but if you canโ€™t commit to the daily routine, brushing at least a few times a week should do the trick. Brushing not only removes tangles, prevents the formation of mats, and removes dirt and debris between washings, it also helps to distribute your petโ€™s natural skin oils over their body, which makes for a smooth and shiny coat.

3. Wash Your Pet, But Not Too Often


How often a pet needs to be bathed varies from breed to breed. Some pets need monthly washes, while others can go several months without getting a scrub down. Ask your veterinarian or a groomer how often you should be bathing your furry friend, and stick to that schedule (unless of course your pet gets particularly dirty). Just keep in mind that bathing your pet too frequently could strip them of valuable skin oils that are essential forย a shiny coat.When do you bathe your pet, only use a

high quality shampoo formulated for cats or dogs, and for extra softening, follow with a soothing conditioner


4. Protect Your Petโ€™s Coat


Fleas, ticks, other parasites, and

allergies can irritate your petโ€™s skin, cause them to scratch, and wreak havoc on their lovely coat. Protect your pet from fleas and ticks with a monthly preventative

, and if you ever notice persistent itching or scratching, contact your veterinarian; they may want to test for parasites or allergies.

How do youย achieve a shiny coat for your pet?ย Leave a comment and tell us about it, and to get wholesale prices on flea and tick preventatives, healthy coat supplements, and a wide range of other medications, sign up for PetPlus


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