4 Dog Care Hacks That Every Owner Should Know


7 dog care hacks that every owner should know
4ย dog care hacks that every owner should know

Raising and training a dog can be a challenging endeavor for any person. The amount of time, dedication and patience can beย exhausting, but it's a rewarding experience in the end. With the right know-how and commitment, pet parents can have fun with training and

caring for their furry friends

.To make the process easier, here are some useful dog care hacks to take advantage of during your ownership.

1. King Kong of cheese

Kongs, rubber toysย molded in a snowman-like shape, are very popular among canines. They can spend countless hours chewing on the durable rubber, gnawing away at its rounded body after a long day of playing outside. But parents can

take their furry friend's Kong to the next level

by adding in a few blocks of cheese and microwaving the toy for 5 seconds. Dog Vacay explained that the narrow openings on


make for an exceptional challenge when it comes to devouring all of the cheese. Some owners also like to put dog food inside the toy during meals to have better control over their dogs' eating habits.

2. Protect paws with Vaseline


unique dog care hack

comes from

Bark Post

ย just as the seasons begin to shift. While winter is still months away, that doesn't mean pet parents shouldn't begin preparing their pups for the inevitable chill. Humans are lucky enough to wear boots when trudging along sidewalks that are covered in a mix of salt, snow and ice, but dogs typically endure the harsh elements with their bare paws. However, applying Vaseline to their pads before taking a long walk outside can help protect canines from the pain of chapped and cracked skin. Afterward, rinse their paws in warm water to wash away any salt or chemicals that they may have picked up along the way.

3. Prevent burning eyes

It's inevitable that the family dog will get into some serious horseplay throughout his life. After long hours frolicking through the woods or rolling around in the yard, canines are going to get dirty. While bath time can be a messy experience, it's necessary to keep pooches looking and smelling good. The right

dog shampoo

can leave them feeling good as new, but sometimes soap and water can get into their eyes and cause irritation. According to


, using a teapot to rinse off dogs keeps them protected from various irritantsย by allowing pet parents to have more control over the washing process and keep soap out of their eyes.

4. Minimize shedding

Some dog breeds have coats that barely shed, if at all, but others can produce a

never ending supply of hair that quickly sticks to anything in the house. Car seats, couches, clothes and countless other items can wind up covered in tufts of dog fur, even after a thorough brushing. Dog Vacay

recommended an easy and cost-effective solution to removing the tumbleweeds of hair from around the house. All-natural dryer sheets can be used to pick up any stray hairs and pet dander coming off the family dog. This hack can be a significant relief for people with allergies who might have a hard time breathing during the summer. It also saves owners a lot of money in the long run.And that's not all! Stay tuned for the

second installment of "Dog Care Hacks"

for even more helpful tips that every dog parent should know.


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