10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets -- And What to Do

10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets -- And What to Do

Cancer in pets is no joke. In fact,

12 million dogs and cats

* are diagnosed with cancer every year. We're spreading the word this

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

about ways pet parents can put a "paws" on cancer. Today, we're sharing 10 warning signs of

cancer in pets.If your pet exhibits any of these signs, it's time to get them to a vet for a checkup. Remember, though -- all of these symptoms can be caused by other health issues, too. What's important is getting your veterinarian involved and getting their professional diagnosis.Warning-signs-of-cancer-in-pets

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How You Can Help Pets with Cancer

Join us all month long in our effort to raise $5,000 for theย National Canine Cancer Foundation! For every Facebook page LIKE we receive, weโ€™ll donate 50 cents to the foundation.

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*According to the Animal Cancer Foundation
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