5 Fire Prevention Tips for National Pet Fire Safety Day



Did you know that 1,000 home fires each year are accidentally started by pets, and that a whopping 500,000 animals are affected by home fires every year?*Today is

National Pet Fire Safety Day

, and we at PetCareRx want to help spread the word about how to prevent your pets from starting a fire and how to prepare your home and your pets for the worst -- so you and your four-legged family members will be able to get to safety.

5 Fire Prevention Tips

1. Check your fire alarm batteries once a month.2. Don't leave candles or open flames around pets unsupervised. Blow candles out before leaving a room.3. Don't let your puppy or kitten play with electrical cords -- they cold learn that this is okay, and develop a habit of chewing them.4. Don't leave anything on the stove when you leave the house -- even if you've turned the stove off, a kitty jumping around the house or curios dog can accidentally turn a knob and turn the stove on.5. Better yet, get stovetop knob covers (like ones used for baby-proofing a home) so your pets can't accidentally turn on the stove.Learn all about

fire prevention in a house with pets, plus what you can do in a fire emergency

.To make things even easier, we've boiled down the essentials to this

Pet Fire Safety Checklist. Make sure you're prepared!*Fire Department Network News
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