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Acepromazine (generic of PromAce) is the best tranquilizer for your pet. It has many uses such as treating allergic reactions, sedating pets, and preparing pets for surgery. Given with instructions from your veterinarian, this medication will help your pet!

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Works if given early

This works well if given well before an event happens (fireworks, t-storm and so on). With my dog, he will not calm if given too late but will sleep it off after everything is over. I am here to order more, yes it works well. by on 08/19/2021
Acepromazine aka Tranquilizers

This product is great for a hyper active dog who needs to stay calm during heartworm treatment. It's small, easy to hide in cheese or peanut butter and works quickly! by on 10/19/2020
Be Very Careful when combining this with other Meds!

Our very old dachshund is on Selegrine and we were told that we might want to try Acepromazine as well to help him sleep through the night. We gave him a 1/4 of the recommended dose and thought that we had killed him... he was **** near comatose for an entire day, and it turns out that "Ace" concentrates the Selegrine out of the bloodstream. Our vet should have known this, and it was only PetCare RX hotline to a vet who was able to let us know what was going on. THANK GOODNESS FOR PET CARE RX and their 24/7 on-call vet service... If used without any other meds, this is likely safe, but be VERY careful when mixing with other meds! by on 02/20/2019

If your dog is crazy and excitable you may need acepromazine. by on 09/24/2018
Life saver for me and Gabe

My fur baby Gabriel had to have surgery on his elbow and inter arm which was exposed down to the bone, to remove what the vet thought was a cancerous lipomas which turn out to be just a large fatty tissue. I brought ACEPROMAZINE to calm him down and to keep him from being stressed out and licking his arm so that it would heal quicker and properly. It really works. I highly recommend this to anyone who fur baby have to go threw anything that is stressful.. by on 06/25/2018
Finally she is calm....thunderstorms!!

Delilah has been frightened of thunder and lightening since she was a baby. I have tried everything I have heard to ease her fear. Bought a thundershirt...did not help. My vet suggested acepromazine. I have to give it to her before the storm is near..she hears MUCH better than I do!! So I watch the weather maps and when I see a storm approaching I give her 1 tablet. It calms her down ALOT! I feel bad that she is so out of it, but it is better than watching her pant and pace and dig trying to hide. I highly recommend, as long as your vet approves! by on 04/18/2018
Love the change in our dog!

Our rescue dog gets very excited in the car and, at a little over a year and 60 pounds, still nips as part of play, especially in the car. With a minimum dose our boy can now travel as well as our girl. We only give him enough to calm him, not knock him out. Our monthly six hour trips are pleasant again. by on 05/27/2016
This works for my Cedar. German Shorthaired Pounter age 12

Try using this. It works for me, I'm happy to use this with Cedar by on 05/01/2016
Never leave home without it.

This medication is great if your dogs have problems in the car. My two English Springer Spaniels get very afraid of being closed up in a vehicle and this medicatioin is good also fabulous for fireworks and a mircle medication for storms and hurricanes. There is no sense in my little guys to be so anxious, upset and terrified. This is a must in an upsetting situation. by on 08/22/2011

My golden puppy had a terrible reaction to this drug. Swelling and rash. Come to find out that she is very allergic. After she got spayed I was prescribed this drug to keep her calm. She was calm alright but her lips and ears were very swollen and she had a rash all over her stomach. I was so afraid it would effect her breathing. I had to give her Bennedryl for two days! I donโ€™t have to say what a total nightmare that experience was, her getting spayed and to have such a radical reaction to the drug. by on 05/10/2008

My dog is deadly affraid of storms (thunder). When I'm not home he will destroy everything and anything. I talked to my vet and she gave me ace and it is wonderful. He just sleeps through the storms! by on 05/03/2008
Awesome Product, Great Price

We just adopted a female Golden Retriever and was she ever hyper, our vet gave us some samples of the acepromazine. Well it worked the dog could sleep and so could we.Got a hyper dog? This stuff will do the job.. Excellent service and fast shipping from PetCareRx. by on 05/03/2008
He's still upset, but can ride in a car now

malcom and I recently relocated about two hours away. He's always been fine in the car before the move, but during, and ever since the move, he's a trembling wreck. He actually shakes the car he breathes so hard. My vet prescribed 1.5 of these tablets (he's ~77 lbs) but I've found that it requires 2 whole tablets for him to be affected at all. With 2 tablets, about 1.5 hours afterwards he's still shaking wildly in the car, but he's laying down while he does it, and the slobber is kept below the 1 gallon mark. by on 02/26/2008
Ear Infections

My 9 year old Rottweiler gets these horrible ear infections several times a year. They are deep ear infections which cause the nerve in the right side of his face to be pinched from the swelling of his inner ear. This causes him numbness in the side of his face and it freaks him out and he snaps at the air like he is trying to catch invisible bugs. The antibodics work great but take 24-48 hrs to kick in. This medication was a life saver. We can all sleep at night now and he can rest and realx while he is healing and waiting for the antibodics to kick in. by on 01/12/2008
Car Trips are now fun for everyone (Including Joey)

I recently purchased a vacation home, and decided to bring the dog (Joey) with us on vacation. Car rides were a disaster! My Vet proscribed Acepromazine, and what an amazing difference. He rests and relaxes through the entire ride (about 3 hours). I've learned through trial and error, that I must give him the pill at least 45 minutes prior to starting on the trip. The calmer he is when he gets the pill, the calmer he stays. Also, don't give on a full stomach. Can cause stomach upset. by on 10/20/2007
avoiding the hebe jeebies

like if give at proper time she is good as good, but if she is to excited may not work at all. by on 09/11/2007

It is absolutely impossible to brush my 4 year old IG's teeth (which is absolutely necessary with IG's as they can develop life-threatening illnesses as a result of poor oral care). I was given this by my vet for carry-on air travel (which also worked great) and tried the left-over pills for teeth brushing - AMAZING - she not only let me brush but also let me scrape every tooth with a scaling tool!! WOW!! by on 07/17/2007
4th of July terror!

My Siberian Husky Penny was scared to death when the fireworks would start. She would break down doors, pull off screens, scale tall block walls. When I discovered Acepromazine, it was amazing. Now she rests easy and relaxes. Her ears don't even go back when she hears the noise. I am happy that this holiday doesn't traumatize her anymore. by on 03/21/2007

This product is very affordable to me and without it my Stanley would never sleep! by on 02/07/2007
Great for Road trips

Our little ones (american eskimo and pomeranian shelty mix) have always been finicky in the car. Lots of carsickness and high stress. Acepromazine calms them for the ride, and seems to put their minds at rest. Would not use any other time, but the car trips are 100% worth using it for.*This is a prescription item by on 12/10/2005
Exercise caution when using with Boxers

Boxers demonstrate a greater sensitivity to Ace - use with caution, ask your veterinarian for a different medication for use with a boxer. This is a prescription only product. by on 12/31/2004