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Zymox OTIC HC 1.0% Enzymatic Solution w/Hydrocordisone Product Reviews

Watching your pet scratch at an itchy, painful ear is no fun. Help your pet feel better with Zymox OTIC. It treats the ear externally for acute and chronic inflammation caused by bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections. There are a lot of different causes of these infections including excess hair, a suppressed immune system, and excessive ear skin folds. The hydrocortisone in the OTIC provides immediate relief from inflammation and itching so your pet can feel better faster. How to Apply Zy... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 13 reviewers.

Ear infection due fungal infection
Zymox treats your pet's ear externally for fungal, and yeast infections. My dog tends to get her ears wet from (unsupervised) swimming and the result is occasional flare ups. This product is easy to administer and a safe product for those looking to control this type infection The hydrocortisone stops the discomfort of the outbreak almost immediately. by on 05/02/2016
good product so far!
My dog has only used this for2 days and I have noticed a dramatic change in my dogs ears! Less scratching at the ears, redness and swelling is almost completely gone and my dog is much happier and calm. by on 03/27/2016
Product works fast and the price is right. Purchased a few years ago from someplace else and the price was $55.00. Told a friend about the product for her two dogs and she could not have been happier with the results. by on 08/23/2015
A great product for keeping long eared dogs ears clear.
Daisy has allergies which affect her ears. Zymox seems to take care of the itching and keeps her ears clean. Her ears are clear right now and we are hoping that using it weekly will keep them clear. by on 04/25/2015
no more vet bills
my beagle has had ear infections from yeast since puppy time, he has not had any serious ear problems since i have been using this product, and his ears are never smelly anymore by on 02/11/2015
Seems to be working
I was pretty hesitant on ordering ear med's thinking that I had to get a vets prescription or the medicine would not work. I saw great reviews from several websites so I decided to try this. It seems to be working well in my dogs ear. Its been a little over a week and he hasn't been shaking his head. I would buy this again. by on 09/07/2014
Saved my life
My Cocker Spaniel has had severe ear infections...goopy brown foul and causing him so much misery. $$$ of vet bills/ear meds etc for years...Decided to try this product and use it PER IINSRUCTIONS. You HAVE to do exactly as they say...he has brand new ears! It truly is a miracle...nothing less. I now continue to use once a day every day to maintain this new found freedom and relief. THANK YOU ZYMOX!!!! by on 06/06/2014
Answer to prayers
This product has been a godsend! One of our girls has extremely groovy ear wells so she seems like she always has a yeast infection that causes her to scratch and dig in her ears until they are bloody and sore. We were repeatedly taking her in to get prescription meds and we'd finish treatment, but then a few weeks later she'd be back to having problems again. I was at my wits end when I came across this listing, so we decided to give it a shot. This med is great and hasn't disappointed. Its easy to apply, just a squeeze in each ear and so simple my 12 year old does it. No cleaning it out afterwards and as long as we don't over apply it doesn't fly out when she shakes her head. When we first started she'd shake and drag her head on the floor, but after consistent usage she stopped even doing that. Now we keep a bottle on hand for flare ups and I'm back getting more because we're almost out. by on 02/24/2014
I have a cocker spaniel that has had ear issues since day one of bringing him home. I have tried so many different things thru the years and this product by far has ben the best to keep the infection away. I did have to use a vet to get rid of the infection, but once gone it has barely been visible. One ear has no problems at all and the problem ear has minimal issues which by using the product twice a week with regular cleaning of the ear canal with Q Tips. I don't believe this problem ear will ever be cleared up, but this product has improved his quality of life so much it is worth the time, money and effort. by on 02/16/2014
worked well
it seemed to have cleared up my shepherds constant ear problem. he was always shaking his head and cried when ear was rubbed. he is a happy dog right now by on 02/05/2014
Keep this in your pups medicine cabinet!
This treatment worked great on our rescued beagle. After an expensive trip to the vet and a prescription that didn't work, we tried Zymox. So glad I bought the bigger bottle! It has saved us from many trips to the vet. Any time her ears are irritated, I use the Zymox, and it clears up in few days. Well worth the investment! by on 12/08/2013
Works on the worst ear infections!
Our dog has droopy ears and if she gets water in them, she will develop a very smelly ear infection. We have tried everything to clear it up and this is the only things that works. It's expensive - but worth it. by on 11/24/2013
The BEST!!!
This is the BEST treatment for yeast infections I've ever used. If you have a long-eared dog, you'll want this. It actually works!!! by on 10/12/2012