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Wellness CORE Grain Free Original Formula Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Wellness CORE is based on the nutritional philosophy that pets, based on their primal ancestry, thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat. Each formula is packed with a high concentration of quality animal protein, without fillers or grains, along with a proprietary blend of botanicals and nutritional supplements. This unique, grain-free recipe supports and nurtures your pet's insidetheir essencetheir core. To create a protein-focused diet the Wellness Way, we carefully control the qual... Read More

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High quality product for high energy dogs!

I work for a non-profit that trains shelter dogs for wildlife detection work. During our off season, we house 20 dogs in our facility. Our pack is full of a variety of breeds, weighing in at 15lbs - 75lbs. Having a large pack of dogs means there is a high chance of encountering allergies or picky eaters. Every single one of our dogs chows down on Wellness CORE and we have had no issues that directly relate to the kibble. Ultimately we need a food that could keep up with their active lifestyle when they are on the job. Their GPS devices have clocked in over 40km in one day! You will find this a brand of dog food provides high quality while attempting to keep lower prices. We have met the the team behind this product and they are extremely proud of their work. If you have any questions or concerns, as a program, we are happy to help. Look up Conservation Canines for our contact information. by on 06/25/2016
Healthy dogs

Six years ago I got my aussie/border collie and started her on Wellness Puppy. I took her to the vet and he told me she needed to eat another brand ( you know the one they get paid to push). Thinking he probably knew more than me I did. Her skin got dry and her coat got dull. She went back for her next set of shots. He commented on her skin and asked what I was feeding her. I told him " just what you told me." Next time she went her coat was shiny and glossy. No dry skin. The picture of health. He commented on this and wanted to know what the change was. WELLNESS! All three of my dogs eat nothing but Wellness and get a little canned in the evening. I swear by it. by on 05/15/2016
CORE grain-free resolved all skin issues

We switched my Golden Retriever to original CORE grain-free dry dog food 5 years ago when he was suffering from persistent skin issues. Itchy ears, itchy skin, and periodic hot spots plagued my poor boy. We switched him over to a grain-free food (not CORE) with "some" improvement. At the suggestion of a friend, we tried CORE. My Golden LOVES it and it all his previous skin problems became a thing of the past. It also agrees with his digestive system. I can even use CORE kibble as training treats - that's how much he loves it. I recommend CORE original dry food without reservation. by on 05/15/2016
Grain free Wellness Core, brown bag

My dog has had digestive issues for years until I switched her to Wellness Core. She loves the taste, I love the results. I feel it is very overpriced for my budget, but not for my dog as she is worth every penny. by on 05/14/2016

Both of my dogs LOVE Wellness Core. I feel good about feeding them a healthy grain-free food. by on 05/14/2016
Core For Small Breeds

I have small dogs and love that the kibble is small so it is easy to chew have not found any other dry food that the size is small. Also love the different choice of dry food for small breeds. Have no problems with my dogs digesting this food and they have solid stools by on 05/12/2016
Grain Free Original Core

My dog really loves Wellness Core Dry Original dog food. It is the only dog food she has had since I brought her home when she was three months old. She began with the puppy formula, and has been on the adult dog food for a couple of years. She is very healthy, and the food satisfies her. She eats in the morning and again in the evening. We both are very pleased with Core grain free dog food! by on 05/12/2016
Monty and Rupert

This Core Wellness great dry food just ask Monty and Rupert by on 05/12/2016
Core probiotics

My dog was having issues wth ur in crystals. The vet put him on a prescription diet which was expensive and he lost a lot of weight being on that food. I found wellness core and liked how it had probiotics in it and decided to give it a try and he's been crystal free for 2 years now!! Never switching by on 05/11/2016
My 3 dogs love it

My Boxers have sensitive stomachs so I switched from Simple to the Core Grain Free and they have no problems. They love the taste whether I add water or not. After much research into foods when they were puppies I settled on this brand. It costs more but I I know I am giving them the best. by on 05/11/2016
the best

my dog used to have allergies until I changed her diet to this one. by on 05/11/2016
Core review

My dogs enjoy the taste and never leave a bowl empty by on 05/11/2016
Well Core Grain Free

I feed both of my dogs Wellness Core grain free. One of them has allergies to grain and before feeding him the grain free he had many issues with his skin and coat. When I switched both of my dogs I noticed a significant difference in the softness of their coat as well as then itching less. I love the list of ingredients and my dogs love the taste! by on 05/11/2016
Wellness Core Original Dry Formula

I have been giving this to my Chihuahua for the last seven years. She had several digestive issues with her stomach for the first five years of her life until I found out about Core! I have never had any other real stomach problems with her since using this grain free food and she loves it even after all these years! She is now almost 12 and she is in perfect health and has a beautiful shiny coat too! I highly recommend it anyone who is looking for a grain free dry food. There are now several different formulas available too! by on 05/11/2016
Wellness Core

My dog loves it. Have tried otter brands but this is best for him. by on 05/11/2016
Core Original. Grain Free

I use this food last 4 years. Dog likes it. His weight is stable. No problems with digestion. by on 05/10/2016
Core Grain Free

I have been feeding my Olde English Bulldogge Sally Core Grain Free since she was born. She is super healthy and does not have any allergies or digestive problems. by on 05/09/2016
Core Dry Formula

All my dogs love the taste, matter of fact I use the kibble as training treats. My dogs are so healthy eating this food the only time I switch is to a different Wellness flavor for variety. by on 05/06/2016
Emma's choice

Emma has been on Core for 9 years she is almost 11 now and doing great on Core Original by on 05/06/2016
CORE Dry formula Original

My pup loves this food! I love that it's grain free and healthy for him. by on 05/06/2016
Core Grain Free

My dog lost a few pounds by changing to Core. He seems to love it. by on 05/06/2016
Jackson, my Shih Tzu, Ate it Immediately!

I was excited when I heard a thud on my front door step, knowing that Jackson's WELLNESS CORE was being delivered! And, Jackson took to it right away! I had read that it may not be super important to feed your puppy puppy-food, if the food was of good quality. I had also read that your dog is no longer a puppy at 6-months of age. I thirdly read, that the OCEAN recipie gave many pets bad breath--and since all WELLNES CORE foods recieved the highest rating on dog food at many sites (and since he had been eating a chicken recipie puppy food), I got him the original recipie. I ordered the big bag of this new food when Jackson was 4 1/2-months of age (a little early, I know). I mixed his puppy-food (Blue Buffallo for puppies: Chicken and Brown Rice Recipie) in his bowl with some moistened WELLNESS CORE ORIGINAL and he seemed to love it! He took to eating it right away, where as with the Blue Buffalo I had to consistantly mix it with a bit of soft food for him to eat it-which concerned me that he wasn't eating enough-but then again, Shih Tzu's are "grazers" so I just leave his food out all the time and he eats a bit here and there. The only concern I have is that the bag and food inside was warm (since it is summer). by on 06/20/2012
Did not work for my dogs

I have heard only good things about this food and put our almost 2 year old Husky on it. Both my dogs are already on Wellness. I started mixing this food in with the huskies Wellness Puppy Chow and she started throwing up within 1 hour of eating. At some point my other dog stole some of her food and he also threw up shortly after eating it. I gave it a few days to see if she would get used to it, but she still throws up. :( Oh well... I am still sticking with Wellness, just not this one. by on 05/22/2012

Great nutritional minerals and vitamins. This is a great source of energy for my dog, by on 02/01/2012