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Vectra 3D is a quick-drying, non-greasy and waterproof topical solution for dogs that kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to a month.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 31 reviewers.

Vectra 3D
Very good product, Thank you by on 04/01/2024
1st dose 1 out of 4 dogs got sick.
This is our 1st time using Vectra. I gave all 4 dogs the 1st of it ever. 1 of them vomited from it for 3 days. But it works.... by on 03/15/2024
Great Product
Vectra has kept my dogs free from flees for years and it is easy to apply! by on 07/02/2019
Works as it should
I've never had a problem with ticks or fleas while using this product. Goes on very easy, and it leaves my babies bug free. What else can you ask for? by on 07/04/2016
My review of Vectra
Vectra works very well for my dog. It is easy to administer. My dog doesn't mind the medication and she doesn't have any fleas. Thank you by on 06/25/2016
great product
this product is ...used another once when vet was no longer stocking.....other one failed in a week....this one has worked for my dog for 5 is a bit pricey but well worth the cost..just remember no bath or water two days prior or two days after applying ...and one day she has a oil smear but she is protected . by on 03/21/2016
This product is awesome! (as well as effective)
This is my favorite flea medication for my Keno, it came highly recommended by our vet. I won't use anything else on my wonderful dog! by on 03/04/2016
Excellent Product!
We live in East Haddam, CT - Heavy woods; lots of ticks & mosquitos. We take Our dogs Swimming almost daily - Evening hikes.. We have two Golden Retrievers & a Chihuahua Mix... We have been Using this product for 1 1/2 yrs - We haven't even seen a tick, Or a flea.. not even One! We love this product and now we are Using this for Our new puppies as well. We have not had any reactions with any of Our pets; we can now enjoy the woods with out the worries of ticks, fleas or mosquitos. by on 09/02/2015
my dog has contracted lyme disease and Ihave been using this product I do not recommend this product evidently it doesn't kill the ticks-I will be switching to nexguard by on 08/03/2015
Didn't last
While it killed ticks for several days, the first application on April 1 was done within 3 weeks. A second application on April 27 wasn't working within 10 days. Six days later and the poor pup is covered with them. At this price, I could tolerate a couple days short of monthly applications but 10 days? Find something else. I will. by on 05/13/2015
Put all 3 of my dogs on Vectra 3D per my vets request. It is ineffective. I have used it for a month now and reapplied their 2nd dose 2 days ago and they still have fleas! In fact, my small dog itches and scratches worse now then she did before I applied this stuff. The only thing it has done, is repel flies! it's basically worthless and ineffective. If I wanted a flea medication that doesn't kill fleas, I would have applied Frontline. At least it costs less! by on 09/25/2014
the best!
This product was recommended by my vet to protect my dog from flies. I didn't believe it was going to work since a lot of products don't protect against flies. However this product was amazing and it actually worked. His ears healed within a week and I haven't had a problem since. by on 06/19/2014
Never tried it and never will again. Pretty much useless...
I have always used Frontline on my cat and on my dogs but because my boyfriends dog needed all his shots and license, etc... I thought I'd try something new because it was cheaper, plus it was buy 3 get 1 free as well. I walk the yellow lab 3 times a day and the deepest woods he see's is the leaves and grass along the shore line of Bald Eagle Lake an inner city lake in White Bear Minnesota. I have pulled 3 feeding ticks off of him in the last few days. I didn't realize how fantastic Frontline was until I used this in superior product. Tomorrow I will be returning the 3 unused viles' and gladly purchasing Frontline. Poor dog, having to deal with the risks these bites may cause him. by on 05/19/2014
Not impressed
My vet gave me the hard sell on this one. I've used as directed for three months. Today, I picked up the dog from the spot where I'd boarded him and he has fleas. For the money I paid for this product, this is unacceptable. Back to Frontline for us. by on 08/21/2011
Love Product, but leaves residue on coat.
This product works 110%. It truly works great in equestrian areas where parasites are concentrated. The only thing I dislike is the product leaves a greasy residue on the coat. This is due to a large amount put on a small breed dog's skin. I tend to apply only half and come back a few days later and apply the other half to prevent a mess. I suppose if you have a larger breed dog you should be fine. by on 08/10/2011
Works GREAT!
I have a lab/ pit mix who's been on Vectra for about 2 years now, we LOVE it! We changed from Frontline bc it just wasn't working anymore. We moved into a house that had fleas and they just wouldn't go away so we switched to Vectra and they were gone almost immediately! We have a BIG tick problem here and I have only found 1 tick on her since she's been on this and that was when I had forgotten to give it to her for 2 months. We have 2 cats and we have not had a problem. I just keep her outside or in a seperate room when I first apply it. It's only harmful to cats if the ingest it while it's wet, so it's pretty easy to keep that from happening. by on 08/05/2011
Don't recommend
My vet switched to vectra 3d this year. My biggest issue with this product is there is alot of liquid and I do not like the consistently of the product....too watery and messy for me. No thanks. by on 07/27/2011
I have 3 cats and one dog that loves water and playing in the woods along with fielded areas in michigan. I have tryed tons of diffrent flea treatments with no success inclueding frontline and advantix 2. this year is the first year I have tryed vector and this is also the first year we have had no fleas!!! I love this product and would recommend this to anyone by on 07/27/2011
Two labs treated with Vectra-house/yard/bedding etc. treated and even had dog dipped prior to Vectra. Still have fleas!!! I would love some help-tried to call but not open on weekends! Not due for another treatment until 21st of July. I look forward to talking to someone about Vectra and giving it a better recommendation. by on 07/09/2011
Best thing for my Pits!I
I have 4 pitbulls who are prone to allergies to everything just about. My oldest one would always chew the hair off of her tail. When we started using Vectra she stopped and never since have we had the problem. Have not seen one tick or flea on any of my dogs. I tried frontline and advantix but this is all I will swear by now! by on 07/02/2011
I was told by my vet that Advantix was the best spot-on available. I faithfully applied the product every thirty days as directed. My dog was aggravated by fleas and I was removing at least three embedded ticks per day. I then tried Bio-Spot which got rid of the flea and tick problem but my dog has a reaction to that where he developed sores and suffered hair loss. My vet then recommended Vectra-3D and we have been flea and tick free for over one year with no allergic reactions! by on 06/02/2011
I Love This Product.
I have a water-loving 7 year-old dog that is in the deep woods multiple times a week. No other product compares to Vectra3D when it comes to keeping the bugs away. Over the years we have used both K9 Advantix & Frontline Plus. When we tried Promeris he had a very scary reaction. In a full year with Vectra3D I have only found a single very dead tick on my dog. There have been no fleas. And, on top of that, I haven't had to re-apply the Vectra as often. During the height of flea & tick season he has needed it every 6 weeks, as opposed to the need for re-application at 3 weeks with the other products we have tried.I hate that some dogs have had reactions to this drug, but after experiencing a terrible reaction with a flea and tick control product, I am relieved to have found no problems with Vectra 3D in our case. I love this stuff! by on 05/25/2011
Stop wasting money on Frontline!!
I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and Frontline Plus has completely stopped working on the Fleas AND ticks in our area, if not everwhere. I am in Western PA. We wasted hundreds of dollars last year with frontline, who was denying there is anything amiss with the very common problem. We were recommended Vectra by the one Vet who knew about it and carried it last year, Being a pet parent rather than just owner we had always used frontline because it seemed to be the safest as well as most effective. Vectra is better in every way and we have been very pleased with the results and lack of reaction from any of our animals when using it. It is even safe enough to use more than once a month although I am not sure why because unlike other products we did not notice any fleas in the last days of the cycle, knowing us we have even applied late! Quite frankly Vectra has saved my summer this year! by on 05/17/2011
Works Great !
I have heard a lot of dogs have sensitivity issues with Vectra, but this was never the case with my two dogs. Vectra worked much better than Frontline and since I've been using it I've never found a tick on my dogs - I can't say the same with Frontline and K9 Advantix. No sensitivity issues with my dogs. by on 05/15/2011
Works Great!
My dog is an 8 year old Shih Tzu that is highly allergic to fleas. We had tried several different medications and nothing seemed to work, we were still finding fleas on him. My vet recommended Vectra and we have not found one flea on him since using this product. Unlike other medication this product only takes 2hrs to kill fleas. I highly recommend this product! by on 05/03/2011
I've got 3, tick and flea free!
After using other tick and flea controls for years and having to put pesticides on my lawn yearly, I was tired of seeing fleas on my pets. My Vet recommended, over 1 year ago, that I try Vectra. Since then, no more fleas, no more ticks, no more pesticides. I was worried about the chemicals in my yard for environmental reasons. And the long term effect on my babies. If I have fleas and ticks in my yard now I don't even know it. Because they never make it into my house or on my pets long enough to notice! This product gets 10 stars from me. by on 03/07/2011
Great Product!!
We have a German Shorthair Pointer who travels with us regularily. The great thing about this product is your dog has no issues with fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, or sand fleas. Some of the other products do want your dog to be in water for a week after the application....have you ever tried keeping a sporting dog out of the water? We are consistent in applying this on the same date every month so it is nice not to have to try and plan our activities around the dog's application.There is nothing better than having a happy healthy dog! by on 02/17/2011
worked better than frontline plus for my animals
I was using frontline plus for both our lab and cat. We found multiple ticks on our lab, both crawling and embedded. Our indoor cat developed a problem with fleas, despite consistent application and efforts to bomb and clean our home. Our vet told us that through word of mouth they had consistent complaints about the effectiveness of frontline for fleas (perhaps related to all the rescues that came north due to hurricane Katrina) and suggested trying vectra 3-d for our dog and cat (there is an additional version for cats, but does not provide protection from ticks.) It worked immediately! The frontline plus had also begun to make our cat's fur fall out excessively after application, which there have been no problems with the vectra. by on 01/09/2011
I was an avid fan of Frontline Plus for dogs......until late last fall when I found a tick on my german shepherd while he was on Frontline Plus.....not once, but twice in about a 3 or 4 week period. My vet told me about Vectra 3D, and I tried it for both my german shepherd and my siberian husky. They've been on it for about 9 months now, and I haven't had found any fleas OR ticks. I highly recommend this product. by on 09/18/2010
Product Review
I was an avid fan of Frontline Plus for dogs......until late last fall when I found a tick on my german shepherd while he was on Frontline Plus.....not once, but twice in about a 3 or 4 week period. My vet told me about Vectra 3D, and I tried it for both my german shepherd and my siberian husky. They've been on it for about 9 months now, and I haven't had found any fleas OR ticks. I highly recommend this product. by on 09/18/2010