Image of Seresto 8 Month Flea and Tick Collar For Dogs

Serestoโ„ข is a new, easy-to-use flea and tick collar that promises a full 8 months of consistent protection, thanks to their new sustained release technology. Odorless, non-greasy, and long lasting, this collar will change the way you think about flea and tick protection.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 52 reviewers.

Soresto collar flea and tick easy to put on.
Awesome no ticks and works great by on 03/22/2024
The best
Weโ€™ve been using soresto for years and they work great! by on 11/29/2023
Great website, love the reminders via phone calls
My vet told me this is without a doubt the best flea and tick collar, because it also works as a deterrent by on 09/08/2023
Great stuff!
No fleas. No ticks. No worries! by on 08/13/2023
Good product - no issues with out dogs by on 08/07/2023
Great Price, Quick Delivery
The title says it all. Got a great price and was delivered to my door in just a few days. Packaged well too! Will be buying from here again! by on 08/02/2023
Does the job!
This was the 2nd season we used the Seresto collars and have been pleased w the results. They seem to be the least invasive way to provide flea and tick protection that actually works! by on 02/01/2023
I love this product! I will never change it by on 09/20/2022
Fast service and great support team!! by on 09/05/2022
They work!
I've been using the Seresto collars on both of our dogs - a 75 lb standard poodle and a 10 lb miniature poodle. We live in the country and they are outdoors alot. Neither have had a flea or tick on them in 7 years! Wish they made these for humans! by on 07/22/2022
Works great on my dogs by on 07/12/2022
Great protection
The Seresto Flea and Tick collar has been great for our dog who loves to be out side and get in everything. We know he is protected from fleas and ticks where ever he goes! by on 05/17/2022
Am very happy with this product. Been buying for years now. by on 05/10/2022
Happy Pet Owner
Very happy with the length of time my pet is protected. by on 04/25/2022
it works
I don't need one till 8 months. it is the best by on 10/13/2021
Product worked exactly as advertised
Both my dog and cat were constantly infested with fleas after multiple short-term treatments. I decided to invest and make a larger purchase for the long term, as the collar was highly recommended by two different vets. The scratching has disappeared almost entirely and no reinfestations. by on 09/20/2021
Seresto Collar
I absolutely love this product! It works so well. Just have to watch your dogs if they are constantly going under brush and things like that because they are easy to come off. by on 09/11/2021
Best flee and tick preventative yet!!
Iโ€™m not a fan of flee collars at all, I donโ€™t usually have my dogs in a collar of any kind for many different reason, however after the second year in a row with ticks at an all time high in my area I found myself at wits ends. I tried ever oral, topical, prescription, natural, old farmers remedy, and no luck!!!! So I finally said ok letโ€™s see worst case itโ€™s not going to work just as everything elseโ€ฆ to my surprise it has prevented my baby from getting one tick or flee since putting it in her in April of 2021. I will never get over my concern with collars all the time, especially on the farm but I prefer to have faith rather than any more ticks in my house ever AGAIN!! Thank goodness for this collar !! by on 07/05/2021
Seresto - 8 month Flea & Tick Collar
It WORKS. What else is there to say. Try it. by on 02/17/2021
Seresto collar
The seresto collar is a great alternative to the drops I used to use. This collar is effective. I live in Minnesota where ticks are increasingly abundant and I have only found 1 tick on my baby. That tick was dead. This will be the only product I will use. I also believe, this collar is healthier for her too. by on 11/22/2020
Seresto 9 month flea collar for doge
I love this product, have had absolutely no problems and NO fleas or ticks on my dog only product i could use on an older poodle that always had seizers due to flea products in the past. only product i use on my new dog and he is 2 now and has worn it since he was a puppy. love this product, highly recommend if you are searching for a good flea product. all the drops i tried over the years on a my two small dogs, a min poodle and a chihuahua, gave them seizers. ill never use those monthly drops of any brand every again. by on 09/09/2020
Seresto Flea Collars
These Collars have literally allowed my pets more freedom and relief from issues with Fleas and Ticks. There are no side effects and the prices with our discount, makes it a no brainer. by on 05/19/2020
Best of everything. I have a border collie that had ended up at the emergency vets for two days due to sever reaction to the flea and tick drops on the spine. We almost lost her. Tried this on her while continuing the drops in our other BC. Both seem fine with fleas but the Seresto collar does MUCH better with the ticks. Came on the site to buy another. This is my go to collar now. Well worth EVERY penny!! by on 05/14/2020
Great Product
The ONLY product that has ever worked. That's why I keep ordering it...... by on 04/29/2020
Awesome tick deterrent
I've had a Seresto collar on my 2-yr. old goldendoodle since she was 5 months old. I have not seen ONE tick on her since that time! And we live in the middle of the woods in tick-infested country! Everyone around here has Lyme disease - both humans and pets. But, not Ginger! Great product! by on 04/08/2020
Works Great!
Works great for my dog, have had no issues with her skin or any fleas or ticks. Great product! by on 03/29/2020
Best product for our 3 pooches by on 12/31/2019
We used everything to try to prevent fleas and ticks on our Chorkie. This product has been our saving grace. by on 10/28/2019
Seresto collar
It works very well for my dog, no feas or no ticks all summer. . Had no side effects that I saw. by on 10/24/2019
LOVE Seresto
Works great and is safe for the bbs. Also always get the best deal on them from PetcareRx. Can outlast even the 8 month guarantee. by on 07/09/2019
Getting worse?
I purchased the product last year for first time. Never found a single flea or tick. So I was "sold" and made sure to purchase two this time to cover the entire year ahead. Replaced my dogs collar ON TIME with the new one and...โ€ฆโ€ฆ..TICKS first thing this spring!!!!!! Not just ONE either as I could handle the 'one-off' of that situation. So now here I wonder, sucked in with a years supply? Go back to the old reliable monthly applicators which worked just fine? From 5 stars to two and dropping...โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ...this seems to be happening more and more with products and these reviews just take time and nothing is ever reported back. Maybe someone will "learn" from this but so many reviews are written by the "complainers" it seems hard to ever figure out the help from the gripes...โ€ฆ...But I have a years supply bought and paid for and am wondering which direction to go, as often happens by on 05/06/2019
As advertised
I am now in the 8th month on two large dogs, they have been flea and tickfree ! by on 04/19/2019
Great choice for my pets
My sister-in-law convinced me to try these collars 2 years ago. Since then not one flea on my animals. Ticks are a huge problem in New England and I think I only saw one tick on my dog and it was easy to remove because it appeared to be dying. Love this product for my cats and my dogs. by on 04/18/2019
Works great!
Excellent product. Worked great for the pups. by on 04/07/2019
Seresto does the trick
I buy Seresto for all 4 of my dogs, can't live without it and I feel better knowing my dogs are protected. Good prices on this website!! Thanks. by on 03/19/2019
Love the product! by on 03/08/2019
Best **** Flea & Tick Collar
I love these collars, they work phenomanlly and I plan on using them as our main flea & tick prevention for years to come. by on 02/28/2019
works great. my three German shepherds have no fleas for 8 months when they wear the surest flea collar. by on 02/16/2019
Great for a few Months but fades
I have purchases Seresto Collars twice.I was so excited that it eliminated all the fleas. At first it was very effective, but after a few months, they were back. It does not last 8 months, more like 3-4. My vet said fleas were bad this season. I contacted Bayer and the support team is great. They sent me complimentary 3 month paks of Advantage which worked for a few weeks then needed to be reapplied. The 2nd time I ordered again, it lasted about 3 months. I contacted Bayer again. They apologized and sent me Advantix this time. For the price, it is not bad for 3 months of flea protection. I followed all the directions provided by both the labels and the Bayer rep. It just isn't as effective for as long as stated. But, for my dog who can't take flea meds (He'll have seizures), it is one of the best alternatives. I gave it 2* for effectiveness because it did not last as long as stated. I would give it a 2-1/2. by on 11/15/2018
Flea/tick collar
I have bought this collar for both of my cats and my two dogs. Normally I have not had a problem with the collar lasting the full 8 months. This time I am not too happy with the product because I am finding fleas on my dog but not my other animals. I am not sure I just got a bad collar or what happened. by on 09/02/2018
Highly Recommend
My 10 year old Pekingese had been suffering terribly with what we thought were allergies to food. For 2 years, I made her food instead of buying store-bought dog food. Nothing helped. She continued to lose weight, her attitude and demeanor changed. She became very withdrawn. Her hair began to thin out, she scratched all day and all night. Never once did we suspect fleas (even after looking on her) until she became infested with parasites. I purchased the Seresto collar less than a month ago and she's back to her complete self. Picking up weight she had lost, her hair is growing back, she's playful again and after deep cleaning our home and using necessary means of eliminating the fleas that were in our home, she's completely flea free. This works better than all of the other things the vet has given us. No side effects either! by on 08/29/2018
These Collars are Great!
We have 2 adult dogs and 2 puppies, plus 2 cats...and we're in Florida, that means fleas all summer! With these collars, we have had a flea free home for years. The puppies played rough with each other and theirs broke, and even though we didn't replace them, we didn't have any fleas. The other collars were effective enough to keep any fleas from our home. These collars are the only treatments we will ever purchase. They are effective, convenient, and cost much less per month than any of the topical treatments. by on 05/02/2018
Good at First then Wore Off
I was so excited to final have something that kept the fleas off my dogs. The fleas are bad in Houston, but now that it is really flea season, the collar has become ineffective. They have only had them for 4 months and now, they are not working. My dogs are miserable. I followed the directions too. I am sure they work in other parts of the country better, but not in Houston. by on 04/30/2018
Be careful if you are allergic or sensitive to anything.
I was looking forward to a summer free of flea and ticks without the monthly application of the other topical flea and tick medication. After having Lyme in 2014 and being so ill from the tick bite, something that lasts months when you live in the woods was very appealing. I purchased a dog and cat collar after this product was recommended by the vet and a close friend in California. Within a few hours of putting these on my animals I became very ill and had seizures.My doctor told me to remove them ASAP and after a few days I am feeling a little better. I have a few allergies to medications but never had issues with Advantage.on the dog and cat. This was very scary and I've requested a return from PetCareRX and I'll buy the advantage. If you have any issues with allergies or sensitivities to bug killers please be careful using these. by on 04/28/2018
This is the best flea Product
I love these collars they are super effective and they are also great against ticks as well. My dog is sooo much happier now that he doesn't have to deal with fleas or ticks. He is also happy that I only put this on him twice a year instead of those monthly topical flea treatments. by on 04/23/2018
Effective Collar
I used to get the flea and tick drops for my dog which smelled and had to do monthly. I started to use Seresto 8 months for the past 2 years now and love it. My dog has no fleas or ticks. by on 04/10/2018
This product is awesome - I have been using it for a few years now. by on 04/05/2018
Works in Florida!
I've used the Seresto Collars on my dogs for a few years now. It's always been effective in Florida, a place where the vast majority of topicals do not work. Shop around and you can find a wide range of prices for this product, but buying it from PetCareRX is one of the best prices I've found; best bang for the buck! by on 03/27/2018
flea collar
works great. All the topical ones stopped working. by on 02/21/2018
Serento flea collar
always use these on all my dogs, they work great by on 01/08/2018
Seresto Collars are the best
We have no problems with ticks or fleas when using the seresto collars and no need to pill or put drops on them every month as they last for 9 months. by on 12/03/2017
Works on Fleas Maybe - Ticks? - NO WAY!
I have 4 dogs and my vet recommended these collars as my flea and tick preventative. I was very disappointed to learn that in about a month after wearing the collar, two of my dogs got into some "seed ticks" . This means that there were perhaps a hundred little bitty ticks attached, feeding, engorged, etc. on these dogs. They were miserable. This ticks were just fine . . .. Prior to that, I had noticed a live tick, attached, engorged and alive on the dogs, but wanted to give these collars a chance. I had to buy some top spot to control the ticks and will never, ever buy these collars again. by on 08/25/2017