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Ultimate Guide to Sentinel Spectrum Chews for Dogs Meet the Six-in-One Parasite Preventer: Sentinel Spectrum Chews for Dogs! Sentinel Spectrum Chews for Dogs is a prescribed monthly beef-flavored chewable that protects your dogs by preventing, controlling, and killing six dangerous parasites - heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworm, and fleas. Sentinel Spectrum ensures that your pup is in their healthiest condition. How does Sentinel Spectrum work? Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs... Read More

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Sentinel Spectrum
Good stuff! by on 04/04/2024
Sentinel Review
Shipping was fast and my dog thinks this is a treat! by on 11/13/2022
Sentinel Spectrum is great!!
My dogs have done great using this over the years. by on 09/15/2021
Quick, complete, and easy. by on 02/13/2021
With PetCareRx is it easy, cheaper, works well for my dog by on 11/07/2020
Great Customer Service/Product
Easy ordering on line and quick response by on 05/12/2020
A medicine he can't rub off!
Prior to this chewable, I had attempted to use the typical liquid flea medications for my dog child but the wormy little daschund would twist and contort his body all over the rug and my blankets to rub it off. The meds would then maybe last a week on him and he would get blankets and rugs however are flea free! Anyways, I finally switched to Sentinel chewables and it has been a huge game changer! I just give him the chewable and he gobbles it all up because he'll eat anything. I haven't seen a single flea on Benji since we switched by on 01/25/2020
Works as advertised, easy to administer
The chewable form makes this medicine super simple to administer; my dog thinks it's a treat! I've had 3 dogs take this chewable and none have ever had any of the issues Sentinel Spectrum is designed to prevent, so I guess it's doing its job! by on 12/09/2019
Sentinel Spectrum Chewables for Dogs
We have 2 indoor/outdoor dogs so the risk of fleas is a little greater than having a single dog. Sentinel Spectrum works great! There is always the risk of them getting fleas from other dogs, but if that happens, we never find fleas on us or in our home. by on 09/26/2019
No stress, speedy shipping
I use Sentinel Spectrum because I have an australian shepherd that drinks brackish water ALL the time. She just got a complete bill of health. 100% well in stool, blood etc. So Spectrum does the job. (I live in Maine and water other than her dish is everywhere! by on 08/09/2019
This is what my dog was started on when we got him from the Humane society. We have since kept him on it and aside from it only being available through online retailers or special ordered at retail pharmacies. it has worked as advertised. by on 05/21/2019
Save money, no stress care.
I find working with PetCare Rx. to be easy and straight forward. The product Sentinel Spectrum has kept my Australian Shepherd roaming in fresh, salt, brackish waters and woods, marshes etc. without any health issues and no evidence of unwanted inside creatures! by on 05/04/2019
Great Purchase
Works great! by on 04/20/2019
My dog would not eat them
My dog would not eat them, I am not even sure she got all the medication into her each month. She eats everything I will not be purchasing these again. Too much wasted money. by on 03/07/2019
It works IF your dog will eat it
My dog hatted this chew and he eats anything! I had to chop it up into tiny pieces and mix it with food to get him to eat it. by on 01/14/2019
Happy and easy for my loving companion, Jackson Browne. by on 06/24/2018
Sentinel Spectrum is Fantastic!
I used to purchase Trifexis for my 4 dogs - and it was such a struggle to get them to take it because it tasted so bad - but Sentinel Spectrum is fantastic - I have no trouble getting all 4 dogs to eat it right out my hand! I haven't seen a flea and no heartworms since they've been on this- and the price through PetCareRX can't be beat! by on 02/07/2018
Dog loves, will purchase again1 by on 01/19/2018
My Dog Loves them.
The price of this product is great. My dog loves this and it makes it easy to give it to her. by on 01/09/2016