Safe Paw Ice Melter
Safe Paw Ice Melter
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Safe Paw Ice Melter

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When winter snow and ice arrive many people use ice melters to keep their families safe from slips and falls. But did you know that most ice melters contain salt so they can injure our pets and children? Doctors and veterinarians routinely treat cases of poisoning and painful skin and jaw lesions that are caused by these salt deicers. Vets tell pet owners not to use any salt deicers. Safe Paw' non-toxic ice melt is guaranteed safe for pets. Concentrated pellets cover twice the area of rock salt, will not irritate pet's paws or skin, and it works in temperatures as low as 2' F. Timed-release formulation helps prevent re-icing for up to three days. Veterinarians and Mothers both agree that Safe Paw is all about caring and not worrying. Guaranteed Safe for pets Guaranteed Safe for children Guaranteed Safe on paws, eyes and skin Guaranteed Safe on concrete and asphalt Guaranteed Safe on lawns and shrubs Guaranteed Safe on wood decking Guaranteed Safe on floors and rugs Guaranteed to work at low temperatures (-2F) Guaranteed environmentally safe Guaranteed non-corrosive Directions: Apply liberally to snow and icy surfaces. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. NET WT. 8.2 lbs (Buy in bulk and save even more! 48 lb 6-pack ) NOTE: This product requires to be shipped via our Pet Food Ground method only and does not qualify for free shipping.
  • Animus, Inc. Brand
  • Waste Disposal Cleaning & Grooming
  • Dog Pet Type

What is in a Safe Paw ice melter?

Safe Paw Ice Melter contains special glycols infused in crystalline amide cores. It is a non-corrosive composition, unlike most salt-based ice melters. Safe Paw Ice Melter is not like any other regular ice melting product. They do not contain any sort of salt or a salt-based ingredient. Rather, it is the non-corrosive composition that deals with the snow and ice and melts them. Here is how Safe Paw Ice Melter Works โ€“ There is a liquid component that breaks the iceโ€™s surface tension, which in turn makes the ice melt almost instantaneously. The crystal core then penetrates through and helps destabilize the ice. The dual-action makes the ice melt a lot faster while making sure no toxic component is involved in the process.

What is Safe Paw Ice Melter?

The Safe Paw Ice Melter is a pet and child-safe ice melter that does not harm your pets or children. During the winter season, when the ground is covered with ice and snow, people use ice melters to get rid of the ice. They do this so that people do not slip on the ice and fall. However, these ice melters are not good for your pet. Be it a cat or a dog, when you use these products to melt ice, you are risking the safety of your pets, as well as your children. Ice melters contain salt. Hence, they can cause serious injuries to your pets as well as children when they walk over them. Vets will always advise you to stop using these ice melters. They regularly see cases of painful skin lesions caused by the salt present in ice melters. And instead of using regular ice melters, they will ask you to use non-toxic ones that cannot do such damage. Using Safe Paw allows you to keep your kids and pets safe. Vets will recommend you use the Safe Paw Ice Melter when dealing with ice or snow. And it is not just the vets who will recommend this product. The customer reviews are also in favor of Safe Paw.

Is Safe Paw safe for concrete?

Yes, Safe Paw Ice Melter is safe for concrete. Most ice melters say that they are safe for concrete, but that is not always the case. However, Safe Paw is guaranteed to be safe for concrete, as well as brick.

Who Makes Safe Paw Ice Melter?

Gaia USA makes the Safe Paw Ice Melter. Gaia USA is committed to making sustainable and pet-friendly products. Their Safe Paw Ice Melter is one such product that melts ice without causing harm to your pets.

Is all ice melter safe for pets?

No, all ice melters are not safe for pets. Most ice melters contain salt and salt-based ingredients. The salt helps in the melting of the ice, which is the primary purpose of these products. However, when pets, like cats and dogs, are exposed to these salt-based ice melters, they face a lot of problems. Dermatitis and inflammation of paws are common problems seen in dogs when exposed to such ice melters. Dogs, when out in the snow, love to play around in it. They will frolic and at times eat the snow. Once the salt in those ice melters reaches their insides, it will start to heat up. Eventually, it will lead to burns or inflammation in their mouths and digestive canals. Little kids might face similar cases as well if you use ice-melters containing salt. Vets will always ask you to choose non-toxic ice melters, such as the ones produced by Safe Paw, over salt-based ones. These non-toxic ice melters do not have any side effects. They will also cause no harm to your pets and children. And at the same time, these ice melters are just as good, if not better, than any regular ice melter.

Is salt safe for dogs' paws?

No, salt is not safe for dogsโ€™ paws. Say that you are out on a walk with your dog in the snow. As you walk for a while, you see that your dog is irritated. Its feet are sort of giving up. That is because the snow you are walking on is covered with salt-based ice melter. And while you are walking with boots or shoes on, your dog is bare-footed. Hence, they are coming in contact with your dogโ€™s feet.Salt particles are very tiny. When these granules come in contact with your dogโ€™s feet, they will irritate their pads. At times, they can also lead to chemical burns. Besides paws, the salt is not good for their mouth or digestive system either. For some reason, if your dog tries eating and swallowing the ice, the salt in it will get inside its body. Eventually, it will heat up, which can lead to burns and irritation inside its mouth or digestive system.

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