Image of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary So Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary So Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Provides nutrition that aids in the management of pure struvite uroliths.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 30 reviewers.

Royal Canin Diet Feline Urinary SO Dry Cat Food
Great product and all of my cats enjoy it. by on 06/14/2024
Royal Canin Vet Diet Feline Urinary SO Dry Cat Food
Very happy. Good. product. Cats like it by on 04/10/2024
Cat food
The price is okay and the cats enjoying it by on 03/26/2024
Great service
Product always in stock with good expiration date. Fast delivery. by on 03/13/2024
Cats love it
If you have a picky eater, they will love Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary. Good for your cat, and good for their apatite. by on 03/04/2024
Cat food
Cats eats it up by on 02/06/2024
Changed everything
This food made all the difference in my cat's health. He was vomiting, getting dehydrated, and has been hospitalized a few times with cystitis. Since starting this food, all of that has stopped. And buying the food from PetCare Rx, makes it affordable. by on 01/30/2024
Great service
Great customer service . Fast delivery by on 01/01/2024
Cats love it
Good for kitties belly and their tastebuds by on 12/11/2023
Easy to close bag and keep fresh
I buy the big bag and take out what I need and close the bag with the zip lock closing system that is incorporated in the bag. This keeps the food fresh for months. It saves money buying the large bag. My cat is getting older and is having a problem chewing the pieces so he wastes small pieces. by on 10/30/2023
Urinary SO Dry Cat Food
I have two cats using this food. It keeps them both healthy. I do wish it wasnโ€™t so expensive since Iโ€™m Senior citizen. by on 09/19/2023
My cat loves it!
My cat had urinary blockage a year ago and he started to use this food. Since then he is perfectly healthy. During process of purchase, Petcarerx stuff helped me a lot for vet approval. Thanks for that! by on 08/31/2023
Great Taste
All cats in the home love the taste and it really helps with the urinary issues. Their coats are shiny and they seem happy. by on 05/14/2023
Royal canin so cat food
Thank god and my vet for this cat food by on 04/25/2023
Works perfectly!
My cat, who is now 16. She needed this special diet due to crystals. She has not had an issue since she started eating this food. Many years ago. I have both of our cats eating it. Both love it. by on 03/19/2023
They both like it
My cats both like this food and they drink much more water and urinate more frequently than before. The 30% price increase in one year on an already costly food outrageous but if you can come up with the money it does what itโ€™s supposed to do. by on 02/24/2023
This food worked for our cat
Our 2 year old cat was diagnosed with bladder stones. She had to have surgery to get the stones out and the vet recommended the RC urinary SO for her. She eats it with no problem and looks forward to feeding time by sitting at the bowl and looking up at me. I also put her on the litter that that monitors her urine. And I have her on Cat Water that has the proper PH for a cat. So far sheโ€™s doing great and is a happy cat again. by on 02/11/2023
Urinary cat food
My cat had severe urinary/stone problems 16 months ago. Eats this food every day, hasnโ€™t had any problems. Expensive but worth it. by on 01/17/2023
Cat food
Excellent food. Our cats had many urinary issues before using this food. by on 06/26/2022
Urinary cat food
Great product! My cats havenโ€™t had any urinary problems since starting this food!! by on 03/29/2022
Royal Canin SO
I started feeding this food after my male cat had urinary issues and was hospitalized. It has been over a year and he and his brother both eat it. They havenโ€™t grown tired of it and we have had no further issues. Through Pet care RX it is the cheapest I can find. Some supply issues but not too bad. by on 03/15/2022
Saved my Kittyโ€™s life
My male cat had a serious problem with his urinary tract. After 2 hospitalizations, we were out of a lot of money but worse โ€” our cat almost died! He was prescribed this food, eats it with gusto, and has not had a problem since. by on 03/02/2022
Excellent Food!
Recommended and prescribed this food by a local vet, my kitty has not had any kidney issues after just a couple short weeks of being on this food. I'm no scientist myself but he was bad for a while, considering he almost died, so that was living proof for me. I HIGHLY suggest using this or the non-veterinarian version for ALL your cats! by on 01/30/2022
Has kept urinary issues at bay
Our poor 2yr old male feline adoptee had developed a severe bladder obstruction and infection that came on suddenly and required a 3 day hospitalization. He recovered, but the vets advised us that due to the severity, he may need an operation in the future. The operation would not help with the actual problem, but would simply wooden his urethra to allow easier passage of the build-up. Essentially easing the symptoms but not tackling the root cause. Our personal vet advised we put our boy on this special diet, as it will actually prevent the issue itself. We have strictly adhered to it for 6 months with NO further issues and are very happy. So is he, and he loves the food. by on 07/29/2021
Great Product!
My cat recently had to begin a prescription diet. This has been an awesome site and product! by on 06/21/2021
Royal Canin
Excellent product. by on 11/05/2020
Works Great
One of our ragdoll cats had a urinary problem and this food makes them thirsty and they drink ALL THE TIME!!! No issues when using this food. by on 07/21/2020
It works great for our cats! No urinary issues and the item is delivered exactly as it was ordered. by on 05/08/2020
Cat Food delivered quickly
We used this company for our cat food from our vet and the food was delivered quickly and it was boxed so that the bag would not get ripped in shipping. by on 01/27/2020
Did the job
My cat had bladder stones, and this food got her to drink more water and helped dissolve the stones. Problem solved! Even better, she somehow thinks this cat food counts as treats, so she gets really excited every time she sees it. by on 11/10/2019