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Rimadyl, aka carprofen, is a long-acting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to ease arthritic pain in dogs. Rimadyl for dogs is the most prescribed drug in the world for this canine ailment.

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Ordering and receiving my prescription was quick and much cheaper than my vet. by on 04/21/2024
Works wonders
Takes the edge off for my baby girl by on 03/30/2024
Ease my girlโ€™s pain
Works wonders by on 03/27/2024
Great service, rimadyl helps with arthritic pain
Delivery was prompt and price was reasonable. by on 12/14/2023
Highly recommend
Excellent customer service by on 10/15/2023
Working well
Labs good would like to renew 6 month by on 09/01/2023
Good Medication
My large breed dog needs this for the pain in his joints. PetCare RX has this at a great price. by on 12/23/2022
Pain medication
This medicine has been very good in helping our dog with hid painful joints. by on 12/14/2022
It works
My retired Police K9 has IVDD and mild dysplasia. I give him rimadyl daily as well as weekly Adequan injections. This treatment plan has worked very well in keeping his mobility levels up. by on 10/02/2022
Helps his Pain a lot. Notice a big difference!
Helps with the arthritis big time by on 07/08/2022
My dog needs these
Works as it should by on 06/27/2022
It works, sheโ€™s in less pain, seems more agile by on 06/04/2022
Dr Prescribed Medication
The medication my dog needs is cheaper and great quality at PetCare RX by on 03/31/2022
The price of this medication is substantially less than from the vet. Very good value! by on 03/16/2022
Our collie has been on this for 2 years. Sheโ€™s 11 years old and the only thing wrong with her is her arthritis. She is puppy with Rimadyl. by on 12/15/2021
Great medicine
My large breed lab mix has joint pain, and this medicine helps a lot! by on 12/11/2021
New dog
This works great for our Collie. Sheโ€™s 10 and much better with the rimadyl. by on 08/30/2021
This is the best way to get my dogs meds by on 01/20/2021
Love autoship
My little chihuahua has luxating patellas in both legs. Rimadyl helps her run and jump with ease. I get Rimadyl on automatic shipment so my baby has no lapse in getting the joint relief that Rimadyl provides. by on 08/28/2020
Has helped my aging dog's mobility. by on 06/17/2020
Great customer service
They were proactive and called me when my insurance changed but they shipped the product anyway. Thank you, awesome job!n by on 05/05/2020
Fast delivery and reasonable pricing
I have been using Petcare RX for several years and I am very happy with the service, especially now during this time of shelter in place. It is comforting to know I can still get my pups medicine. by on 04/06/2020
Great customer service
I love PetCare Rx. I always get what I need in a timely manner. The few times I've had to call customer service, I talk to a very helpful Human. by on 04/02/2020
Generic Rimadyl
Rimadyl coupled with Dasaquin has been a saving grace for my 13 old lab mix who thinks she is still a puppy. She can now move around without pain. PetPlus is great on delivering. I can afford the generic tablet. I coat it in peanut butter so she gobbles it. The chewable is great but cost more. Tablet generic works great. by on 03/31/2020
Use the "real" stuff!!
I've tried those generics, but nothing works as effectively as the "real deal" (Rimadyl) for my dog. I always see her movement improve when she goes on this drug. Yes, it's pricey, but for our loved one, this is the stuff that works for her! by on 03/03/2020
Best value for the money and always in stock.
Best value for the money and always in stock. by on 11/20/2019
always the best
Thank you for your excellent customer service by on 11/16/2019
Same As Vet Supplies
Same as vet supplies, better price!!!! by on 11/02/2019
Rimadyl for Dog
Rimadyl works well for my dog. She is 11 years old and still enjoys walks and a game of catch! by on 06/03/2019
Product works well and the delivery option makes life so much easier..... by on 02/21/2019
Good product
Product is for a mature dog and it appears to work. It is easy to order and received on time. by on 01/12/2019
Constant goof service
This product is something I need to order every few months. Delivery is constantly on time and never have any issues by on 12/08/2018
A happy pup
This stuff can get issued at the vet for 10 for $50 or 60 for the same price from PetCare; definitely the way to go! by on 11/26/2018
This product was vert effective in bringing comfort to my dog by on 11/01/2018
Rescue Dogs
This always seems to help the rescue dogs after their surgery from spay/neuter by on 10/06/2018
Love the product. Lex feels much better. by on 09/20/2018
Rimadyl 25 mgs
Rimadyl gave my dog her youthful energy back, after arthritis took it away. She is almost 11 and runs through woods, jumping over fallen trees, creeks, etc. like a 2 year old. Petcare RX has been the best price I have found on line or in person. They contact my vet directly and work the entire process out easily without problems. This service is well worth the nominal fee. The medicine comes directly to my house within a week or so. by on 05/30/2018
My boy loves the taste of this medicine (chewables) so it makes it SO much easier to get him to take the medicine he needs. He takes Neurontin with it and the combination is very, very effective. by on 05/08/2018
It's a lifesaver for my senior dog. She has arthritis in front shoulder and without her Rimadly she has trouble getting up. WE have tried other products and they did not help her at all. by on 03/30/2018
Our senior dog has pain and with Rimadyl he is able to move around and play. Getting up and standing have been difficult for him but with the meds, he is doing great! by on 03/11/2018
She loves the taste. no problems taking it. Sems to help by on 02/25/2018
Awesome for Dog
My dog is 10 years old and since she has been on Rimadyl her hips have gotten a lot better. It has helped with her torn ACL as well. She has recovered very well until she gets to excited and well we have to start all over again. Other than that this product works great. by on 02/24/2018
Great Anti-Inflamatory Pain Reliever
I have two older Chihuahuas on this medication. It is very easy to administer since it is chewable, and easily breaks in half. They both think itโ€™s a treat and it really helps with the pain from luxating patellas and arthritis. The price is okay, I signed up for the club (Pet Care Plus) pricing. There is a fee, but it pays for itself since my girls take three to four pills a day between the two of them. I also buy the dasaquin chews which are more affordable being discounted with the club price. by on 02/13/2018
we give this to our senior GS for back and hip pain and it helps ease his pain. by on 01/07/2018
I've been quite happy with the product received. Works well, easy to break in half, and the flavor is good enough that my dog will eat it by itself. by on 12/14/2017
Didn't help
This product made my dog very sick, she completely stop eating, I would not recommend this product by on 11/30/2017
The chewable version makes life easier!
Rimadyl has helped my dog so much with her pain. She is like a new dog when she takes it. The chewable tablets are so easy. She's very picky with all food but will eat these tablets. I started out hiding them in bacon, but she likes them well enough that I don't have to do that anymore. Very satisfied with this product. by on 07/02/2016
Excellent Service!
My dog and I like rimadyl chewables. She likes the taste so no arguments at pill time. It works great for her arthritis. I'm very pleased with this product. by on 06/08/2016
Excellent Pain Reliever
This is my go-to pain reliever for my two Rottweilers. Rimadyl works quickly and does not bother my dogs' stomachs. There are newer drugs or generic versions of Rimadyl, and I've tried some of them. But, nothing compares to Rimadyl for my two! by on 05/12/2016
This product is great for dogs with sore knees.
I saved a lot of money buying products from pet care rx. by on 04/02/2016
This product has helped ease the pain in my dogs hip.
This product has helped ease the pain in my dogs hips. I would highly recommend this product. My dog uses the chewable tablets and loves the flavor. by on 03/28/2016
Great Results !
Our 8 yr old female yellow lab had slowed down over the years. She no longer would play hard with our 3yr old lab. And of course steps had become a problem. Within 3 days... that's 3 pills one each day in her morning meal.We had a different dog! She was up and down the stairs , ruff housing with the 3 yr old lab, and best of all she wants to be pet and hugged again! Can you imagine such joint pain you don't even want to be touched. Thank you Rimadyl you gave use our dog back. by on 02/26/2016
Great for my dog who has arthritis and degenerative joint disease by on 02/02/2016
This product has been great for my dog
I gave this product at the advice of my dog's veternarian. She had been limping due to arthritis in her back leg. After being on it for a few days, she is like a new dog, just like they said she would be. Running, jumping and playing like her old self.This product has been great for my puggle and I would highly recommend it. by on 02/01/2016
It works well and fast.
You can really see the difference in the dogs mobility after starting the medication easily after three days . it's comforting to know that she is not experiencing significant pain that she was prior to starting medication, by on 01/25/2016
This product turned my dog around.
My bulldog Trixi use to suffer but not no more. Great product I'm glad we were able to find it for a reasonable price. by on 01/20/2016
Great so far for my 12 1/2 year old lab. Hoping it works even better as the days go on.
great so far for my 12 1/2 year old lab. Hope it works better every day. He is getting up a lot easier and loves his walks. by on 10/12/2015
Ease of ordering
Product is a great value vs getting at a vets office. Same quality and effectiveness for our dog. by on 07/21/2015
Awesome service and fast delivery
The service was awesome the product delivery was fast. I will never get meds from a vet again the markup it crazy. I could not afford this product at the vets PetCareRx made it possible for me to help my dog with his arthritis. Thank you PetCareRx and all of your staff members. by on 06/20/2015
Pet Care RX
Thank you for always giving us the best prices for our meds. We have 6 dogs so we have to look around for good deals. by on 05/15/2015
Excellent for long term use
I have a 7 yr old Pekingese who not only had major disc surgery in 2012, but another episode last year. Steroids did not work at all for Baby and she was in terrible pain for weeks.It was very lucky that a special vet was in the office the day I rushed her in and she saw the spasm debilitating Baby. Just with a change in meds - Rimadyl being one of them, lots of crate rest she slowly recovered. I will always have to be careful, but giving her Rimadyl daily since September, she has been pain free. I am forever grateful to my vet and to the makers of this wonderful medication. by on 05/01/2015
Works great
This product is keeping my 15 year old dog going. He has a leg that has been sore since he was young (it had been broken before I got him from the Humane Shelter) and the Rimadyl keeps him going. by on 04/10/2015
the only medicine thatour dog will take without a fight
the chewable makes giving it alot easier, cannot find anything else in chewable by on 04/08/2015
Only get the CHEWABLE version !
It was very difficult to get the pills down the dog's throat; she kept spitting them out. The vet said we'll try the CHEWABLE version. No more problem, the dog loves them and life is now great. by on 01/16/2015
Relieves minor pain but difficult to get dog to eat it
Works well (it seems) but the dogs don't like the taste so we need to find creative ways to get them to chew the pills (cheese, etc.) by on 11/18/2014
Excellent Product for Older Dogs
Rimadyl gives our dog quality of life. Without it he limps and doesn't want to go for a walk. Highly recommend for arthritis. by on 09/07/2014
my senior dogs love this.
I have an 11 year old Lhasa Apso, and a 16 year old Bichon Frise. They both have arthritis, and are on Rimadyl. I notice an improvement in their joints within an hour of dosing them. My 16yr. old, Katie, stops limping & starts running around. Super easy to give, since they love the taste. Only con is price; over $1.00 per tablet. by on 08/23/2014
After serious back surgery in 2005, our miniature dachshund has been on 25 mg of Rimadyl on a daily basis. His liver enzymes have stayed in normal range and he's had no side effects. He's almost 16 years old and doing great, so Rimadyl has been doing its job. by on 08/22/2014
Has helped my dog move better considering his age. by on 08/11/2014
Easy to use
PetCareRx is fast and easy to use. A friend recommended the website to me...I went on, found it very easy and have been using it ever since. If something does happen, the customer service people are very helpful. by on 08/08/2014
costly but good
It is expensive, but it works. I wish there was a generic chewable. by on 08/06/2014
Stops the stiffness of arthritis
My vet recommended this daily for my 7 year old Staffordshire Terrier. She has begun to limp on her back leg due to arthritis. The vet gave me a one week trial to use and it worked immediately. He said it works like Ibuprofen but formulated for dogs. Ibuprofen has serious side effects for dogs and cats. This tablet is chewable so my dog eats it like a treat. After 1 week I ran out and ordered it from PetCare RX which took a few days to receive. My dog went back to the limp without it but after the first day back on in limp-free! The product is still expensive but a reduced price from what the vet could offer. I may switch to the generic in the future but is only available in a capsule form so would not be as convenient to give on a daily basis. by on 06/21/2014
The service is good. This medication really helps my dog. Though Petrx us the least expensive I've found online, it is still a vet expensive medication which concerns me. Should my dog need any other meds in the future, my budget may not allow for this. The discounts do help which I appreciate. by on 05/30/2014
Let my dog walk again
My dog Barney is Beagle mix and is about 75 pounds. So when he started with back leg problems it was heart break for me and big problem for him to get around. We have three steps to the back yard and he could not make it. My husband and I used a dogie sling to help him get up and down. It took about three months and he can walk and get up and down the steps with no problems. With Pet Assure prices the cost was greatly reduced. The Rimadyl was a life saver for Barney who is going on ten years old now.Barney's Human Mom by on 05/09/2014
This product does the job
My dog is 16 years old. He was having a hard time getting to his feet when laying down and walking after he was on his feet. He has been taking Rimadyl for about 6 months and now he plays and romps with our young dog. Take walks and seams to be a much happier dog. by on 04/23/2014
This product is good
The pills seem to be doing Duchess some good and she moves better. by on 04/17/2014
need,s to be full strength
My dog Holly has hip displasia, and is takeing 75mg twice a day,and it seams to ware off quite quickly I think it need's to be stronger and last longer by on 04/09/2014
Affordable quality
Products are affordable and delivered in a timely maner. I have had to contact them in the past and was always treated with respect and my problem was handled very effeciently. Thanks for your quality products and good Customer Service. by on 03/08/2014
Great for older dogs
Our dog was having trouble walking and could no longer get up into the truck. Now she enjoys her walk again and with a little help can jump into her ride. by on 03/04/2014
Helps Our 15 Year Old Pit Bull Mix
While it's evident that our senior male dog is dealing with the discomfort of aging, the rimadyl seems to help ease the pain. He can still climb the stairs at his own pace. by on 03/02/2014
I like it but not in pill form
When I brought rimadyl from my vet I always got the chewable one I didn't have to ask they just gave it to me . When I received my order it was in pill form. I tried it on one of my dogs and it really upset her stomach. So know I have to go get some from my vet. I end up spending twice as much because I was trying to save some money by on 01/07/2014
All my dogs will eat these. Great pain reliever
I have a couple very active dogs that thru the years have been getting a little bit arthritic and slower, this product works great for pain and inflammation relief. Plus all my dogs think its a treat, they love these things, I have no problem feeding them just the way they are, no need for masking the taste. by on 12/19/2013
Try Rimadyl (carprofen)
Rosie is the second dog we have had to go on Rimadyl and it really makes it much easier for them to get around when the apparent arthritis really slows them down. I am sure their comfort level must be much improved too. by on 11/23/2013
works wonders
great product. our Macy can run up and down stairs now. before she started this, she could barely get up once she laid down. she's now like a whole new dog. she is much happier. by on 11/18/2013
Small Dogs
If you dog requires only a 1/4 of the pill it is almost impossible to split into 4 pieces equally. I STRONGLY recommend the chewables, they are easy to divide. by on 10/23/2013
great product
have a 9 yr old golden retriever he now moves like a puppy by on 10/12/2013
This product had good results for my dogs
Sine I have 2 out of 5 dogs on this product, it really helps them a lot. Remarkable difference with my BullDog especially. She doesn't favor her leg anymore since she is on it. Helps the other one with both her knees since she has had surgery & arthritis in both knees. Could this help a human with their arthritis. I have it bad in both knees & so far no medication has given me any relief. by on 10/04/2013
This has been a miracle drug for my almost 18 year old Jack Russel
Several years ago my Jack Russel "Bits", who is almost 18 now, was going downhill fast. We took her to the vet to get her checked out. She was having a real hard time walking and going up and down stairs. Our vet gave us a one week sample of this medication "Rimadyl" and just said to give it a try. We did and it was like a miracle happened!! She started walking fine and became a younger dog! We have had her on it now for several years and we are so very thankful for it!! I tell anyone I know about it that has a dog with joint issues. I really think that if it was not for this medication, we would not have her today. It has allowed her to live a long, happy, comfortable life well into her senior years. by on 09/22/2013
This product works well for athritic pain.
My dog has had positive results taking Rimadyl. She is being able to walk more with less of a limp. I will continue to purchase this as long as I can tell it is doing the job. by on 09/16/2013
great for my dog
My 9 yr old golden has really benefitted from taking Rimadyl. She is generally more active and seems happier most likely due to less pain and inflammation. by on 09/02/2013
Does the Job
I have a 12yr Male Lab who is 120lbs. He has bad front paw arthritis. He gets two 100mg tablets a day and that seems to do the trick. His liver function tests have been normal, and there are no side affects. This seems to keep him good spirits. by on 08/31/2013
Miracle drug!
This medicine has done wonders for my aging pet. He is by nature a very patient, loving dog who has always done well with small/young children. In the last few months he has gotten quite cranky and has growled at my crawling baby. It was making me quite nervous and I brought him to our vet in hopes that it was something we could work with. We both felt he was in pain and trialed him on Rimadyl. It has done wonders. I haven't heard him growl one time since he has been on it and he is back to the loving patient pet that we all know and love. I am so grateful for a second chance with our family pet - we have had him for 7-1/2 years and he is 12 years old. I would have hated to give him up to a different home but would have had to if the medicine didn't help his mood. My kids are safe and my dog is feeling better! by on 08/22/2013
Easy to dispence and works great
I put this pill in my dog's food and he eats it along with his dinner. It definitely has helped pain that he has due to a long-ago broken leg. It keeps him going! by on 08/20/2013
Name brand vs Generic
I would never use generic. They say they are same however I know they are not as effective, not in humans nor our pets. This medicine is very effective and my big mastiff is very selective with what he puts in his mouth and chews. This he enjoys being the chewable. The cost is insane and since there is generic the cost should not be this high at all! by on 08/19/2013
Rimadyl (carprofen)
My eleven year old Lab has lost most use of her hind legs due to knee joint problems. Without the Rimadyl she wouldn't be able to walk even though I assist her now. It pretty much takes all she can do to potty on her own, but she does. I am really grateful that the Rimadyl helps with the pain. by on 08/15/2013
Rimadyl is great!
Rimadyl really relieves our 16 year old golden retrievers arthritis and helps him make it through the day with less pain. He still enjoys his walks and playing with our younger dogs. He looks forward to his pill every morning. by on 08/14/2013
Excellent for pain especially arthritic
Although it seems expensive, it is actually the cheapest site on the web where you can get the Rx. PetCareRx contacts your vet to make sure everything is right and no mistakes were made on the owners perspective. by on 08/11/2013
Great Purchase
Great place to buy pet meds love the auto ship option, that way my dog always has her meds available. I set up for the caplets by mistake and when i called customer service made it real easy to change the rest of the shipments to the chewables instead. Shipping was fast as i have had slow shipping problems from other companies. by on 07/31/2013
Helps my dog stay active
Rimadyl is a good product that I rely on to help relieve my dogs spinal arthritis and mild hip dysplasia. He takes the chewable form and enjoys the taste. Since I have a large breed dog he requires a larger dosage and this product can get expensive, but I do see a difference in his activity level when he is taking Rimadyl vs. when he isn't. by on 07/29/2013
Grest results
This product is wonderful for the relief of my pets aches and pains. It is quick and effective. by on 07/18/2013
Rimadyl has kept our very elderly Golden Retriever still able to climb the stairs into and out of the house.
A wonderful product that has prolonged our dog's life and mobility!! by on 07/15/2013
Chewable Rimadyl
My Newfoundland, Stormy, is 11 years old. Being a giant breed, she dealts with one of the common ailments, arthritis. With the use of Rimadyl she is able to continue hiking; not the 10 miles she use to do in her younger days, but she can still enjoy at least two miles of pain free pleasure. by on 07/15/2013
This medication is like a wonder drug for my dog.
Baby (my dog) suffers with arthritis in the hips. I can always tell when she is hurting because she has trouble walking or getting up. My vet recommended Rimadyl 100 mg for her 57 pound body so I buy the chewable tablet (which she eats like candy) and I cut them in half. Baby is walking and running without pain with half a tablet per day. Some days if she is doing good I skip a couple of days. Baby had her yearly check up and the vet reported that her liver and blood work were doing good. by on 07/14/2013
This product seems to help.
My golden retriever is 13 years old and this product, Rimadyl, seems to help. She still has a hard time getting up, but she used to whine just laying there. She doesn't do that anymore. It is very easy to give and she seems to think of it as a treat. by on 06/30/2013
Rimadyl- The Difference
My 14 yo shepard/huskie mix is on her last legs. Whem I asked my vet if there was anything I could do to help past the fish oil and MSM?GLOUC she told me we could try rimadyl. It has made a big difference. I'm realistic,, at 14, but it's nice to get some more time together and to have it be "Better" time too! by on 10/18/2012
A miacle drug
Our lab, Sierra, was in very bad shape about 5 months ago. We brought her to our Veterinarian and he diagnosed her with hip and back problems. Our Veterinarian believes in doing the best for our pets & explained that Sierra was in pain and was inflamed in her left back region. He spoke about putting her on Rimadyl. All we can say is that it is such a miracle drug! After about two days on it Sierra was like a new dog. Walking, using stairs and running better than she had been doing for years! by on 10/15/2012
Loki LOVES this
Loki will be 12yrs old this December (2012) and he has been taking it for the past 8 months to ease the pain of his Hip Displacia and Arthritis. It has been an amazing help to him. He reminds me to give it to him after his dinner every night! by on 09/21/2012
Rimadyl has worked very well for our 9 year old golden retriever. He has trouble getting up on all fours when lying down. We had been giving him glucosamine for a few years. Rimadyl seems to help him get up and down better. Occasionally he needs help, but overall we have seem improvement. AND it cost less here than through the vet! by on 08/30/2012
fountain of youth
Rimadyl is incredible. Our dog has joint issues and had trouble even standing up. Once she started Rimadyl, she became a young dog again. We can tell she is happy and without pain, thanks to Rimadyl. by on 08/30/2012
Playing Again
I have an 80 lb., 11 year old Golden Retriever that wouldn't play anymore and would cry when she was just trying to sleep at night. Since she has been on Rimadyl she is acting like a puppy again. She chases our daughters 125 lb., 5 year old Tree Walking Coon Hound off "her" deck when he visits. She doesn't cry anymore when she sleeps either, she snores, loudly. She likes the taste too. Love it! by on 08/13/2012
Happy Days
My 10 year old Boxer fell down the stairs after twisting his leg. He could barely walk, but nothing was broken. Our Vet put him on Rimadyl & he's capable of walking up & down stairs again & sometimes can even jump on the bed with me! He still has bad days, but the Rimadyl does help. by on 07/31/2012
Can't live without it
We call Rimadyl "The Happy Pill" in our house. Keeps my 15 year-old German Shepherd going and able to keep moving. I start out with 1 a day and then when pain is under control I put her on a maintenance schedule every two or three days. :) by on 07/22/2012
Happy Again
My 10 year old border collie was flipped backwards off a cliff by a bad dog walker. Nothing was broken but he was sore and limping, with about 4 days of Rimadyl he was happy again. If I miss a dose now, he groans and sort of half limps. I know he still needs it and I try not to miss his dose. Besides he loves it he takes the chewable and thinks it's a treat. by on 04/29/2011
Great for Pain Relief
I would recommend Rimadyl to anyone who's dog is suffering from arthritis pain, it gave our Ridgeback Jake a new lease on life for years. Now we are using it to manage pain for our Border Collie who had a bad knee injury and it really gives her relief. by on 04/19/2011
Love It!
Rimadyl has completely given more quality to my 6 yr ShihTzu. She sufers from Patella Luxation has even had surgery which was successful for only about l yr. She is now her old self again. She loves the chewable. I highly recommend it for any pet with arthritis of other bone discomfort. by on 12/09/2010
PetCareRx is not dependable if you want quick and reliant service. Rimadyl is a great product for reduction of inflamation. by on 08/17/2010
What a difference
Our dog has hip displasia and arthritis and could barely move, we started her on Rimadyl and she was back to her old self. She could barely move before and now she can play with our other dog and she can move around again. by on 01/18/2010
pain free!!
Stryder, our golden is 15 and can once again walk up stairs
Our loveable, wonderful Stryder became very sore and couldn't walk up our 4 stairs without help in his hind end..It was evident he needed more than we could provide..Vet recognized his problem and gave us Rimadyl..Within 3 days he was a differant dog..Able to walk without distress, climb stairs without help and lay down without moaning. We just took him on a camping trip to Lake Umbagog in Maine, 10 miles into the woods and he made it in and out without a hitch..He was definately tired when we got home, so were we!!!!! But he is back to his usual happy, wonderful companion again. by on 08/20/2009
worked for this greyhound
Works great for my arthritis prone greyhound - at 13, he is able to walk around, have coaxed him back into the car for short rides and walks (a past favorite activity) this seems to help him tremendously at 1/2 a chewable morning and 1/2 at night... by on 03/24/2009
a life saver
My choc. lab is 12 years old. With the bad ice this past winter he was very sore. He refused to go outside...for fear of falling again. He did fall again and couldn't walk up the steps to get into the house. We had to lift him to stand by placing a sheet under his backside. He held himself for over 24 hrs. and refused to go out. I called the vet and she recommended Rimadyl. He is happy and walking around no problem. It really saved our lives! by on 03/04/2009
Highly recommended
The small caplet can easily be given with a small amount of food. I can see the stiffness when he has accidently not been given the pill. He collapses and could not get himself around to go the bathroom without this. So this is truely a lifesaver. by on 08/18/2008
Wonder Pill!!!
My 10 yr. old German Shepherd has arthiritis in his hips and front legs. When he runs out in the backyard for just a few minutes he is very sore and achy hours later. Rimadyl is a wonder pill!!! He no longer is limping or in the bad pain he was in before. The medication makes him feel better in a couple of days. by on 08/05/2008
Back to Puppy Playfulness
Our shepard/lab mix has hip problems and has had surgery on both his kness for torn ACL's. As soon as we started giving him the Rimadyl, we noticed that he got is puppy playfulness back and he's 9-1/2 years old! Jake takes the chewables very easily because he thinks it's a treat and he's getting something that his sister isn't getting..... by on 08/04/2008
excellent service
I was very impressed with your service and the quality of your product. I will be ordering again! by on 07/26/2008
Rimadyl - Excellent Med PetCareRx - Excellent Service
Adopted a 7 year old Golden Retriever. He had trouble getting up, was afraid of wooden or tiled floors and moaned when he had too reposition himself. He is now 10, has been on Rimadyl, half dosage, for 2-1/2 years no moaning at all. Can walk and run goes for 3 to 5 mile hikes daily and is so contented. His body shape changed from being like a sausage to a big chest and narrow waist. His family loves him and his life is good now. by on 07/26/2008
TJ loves his Rimady!!l
Our Golden Retriever loves the chewable Rimadyl. We were using the pill form and had to hide them in pill pockets. But now, he eats the chewables right from our hand. His hips were in a tremendous amount of pain and he could barely get up to walk & play. Once he started taking the Rimadyl, you would never know he has hip troubles. TJ could not bare to not be without his Rimadyl. by on 07/16/2008
ACL surgeries 2008
Rimadyl works great! Our 120 lb baby tore BOTH ACLs and had surgery Feb 08 & Apr 08 and this "magic pill" has helped a great deal! He is only 2 yrs old and with this he acts like it! It greatly helps with the stiffness he has and keeps any swelling to a minimum after any crazy playing! Product is easy to give - he loves taste! Site is quick 2 ship, too! by on 07/14/2008
Rimadyl -works wonders for Oberon!
Rimadyl has helped my 6 almost 7yr old Rottie, Oberon. He developed Arthritis in his Left front leg. It is very painful for him. But since our Vet put him on the Rimadyl he has been moving and playing like he is a pup again. by on 07/11/2008
She's still getting around...
Our Keeshund is overweight & 14 years old. Keesha's arthritis got so bad at one point, I had to help her back up the 2 stairs into the house. Our vet prescribed Rimadyl for her, now she actually "trots" back to the house & jumps right up the steps like she used to. Rimadyl is great & PetCareRx has the best prices on all of our pets needs. by on 07/06/2008
Great results
My dog nikki, is 12yrs old. She has pain in her joints and finds it difficult to walk up and down the two steps that lead to the backyard. With Rimadyl her legs dont wobble while she is peeing and she isn't in so much pain. by on 06/16/2008
Rimadyl Love it!!!
This medicine is a God-send for my pet, because he loves to play and make us happy 24 hrs a day. This winter we really noticed a difference on how he took a little longer with getting up and down out of the car and simple tasks around the we discussed this situation with our vet, and she said to use Rimadyl with Glucosomine complex in the am. This combination was a real hit for our dog. He makes us realize the how special simple things are in life. God bless our pets! by on 06/14/2008
effective and safe
My pets have arthritis in the knees and elbow, taking this product as recommended has made a wonderful difference in my pets. They now run and play and without discomfort, their quality of life is back. They love the flavor and take it eagerly as it has a beef smell and taste. by on 06/14/2008
Sure helps our 17 year old dog!
Our 17 yr. old dog has been on Rymadyl for 4 years and recently gave outof his medicine and Bless his heart , he could hardly move.....we will neverlet this happen again.....Thank you Rimadyl and PetCare RX by on 06/10/2008
love PetRx
Ive used Rimadyl in the past with my beloved Rottie. It gave him two active extra yrs. Now I have old ones again and am living away from my Vet of many yrs who always gave me a great price for the med. With PetCareRx,I can get the same great price and have it delivered to my door without the hassle of his office having to post it to me. I will recommend this service to all my friends. by on 06/09/2008
What a difference!
What a difference it made for our dog to start giving him this medication. He is an almost 11 year old 118 lb Rott/Lab who is now acting like a young dog because he feels so much better! His smile is back!!! What a difference, also, buying from The cost was 1/3 of what our vet charges! by on 06/08/2008
Rimadyl works great!!!
My 13 year old Cocker, Fozzie, is doing much better now that he takes the Rimadyl chewables. He has bad hips, and he no longer shakes and is more active. by on 06/07/2008
Our Old dogs are Young again!
When the weather changes, so do our dogs. They walk in pain. We give them the 100mg Rimadyl once a day and they are at ease. Our Pitty curves her back with out them. Love the fact we can get them without going to the Dr. everytime we need a refill. by on 06/07/2008
My dog feels better.
Since my dog has been taking Rymadyl, she has been able to go on walks and play with the cat. by on 06/07/2008
Rimadyl .
PetCareRx delivered our Rimadyl to our door .The price was also good. by on 05/27/2008
Good meds
It really seems to ease the pain. They seem to like it and eat the pill with no problems. I combine this with Cosequin DS and its like shes a puppy again. Happy and playing. by on 05/25/2008
Spunky Girl!
Our Vet gave our 9 year old Golden/Yellow Lab mix, Dusty, Rimadyl after a surgery and there was such a dramatic change in her "spunkiness" that we decided to start her on it daily to treat the arthritis in her hips! We were already giving her glucosamine daily, which helped with her joints and hips, but the Rimadyl has turned her into a fiesty puppy again! We even have to watch her on walks because she thinks she can jump off hills and rocks and run for miles! Love seeing our baby feeling so good! by on 05/22/2008
Good stuff
I recommend this product because it does make a difference.I give my Lulu 2 chewable pills a day and it helps. If I run out before the next shippment arrives, Lulu just sits under the dining room table all day long.My dog likes the tast of the chewable pills.It's a good thing PetCareRx gives coupons, but even with the $5.00 off it is still expensive, but the vet charges more. by on 05/15/2008
Helps Tremendously!
My 10+ year old lab mix would hardly be able to get around due to her arthritis in her back legs + hips were it not for her 2 x daily Rimadyl. This prescription product definately keeps her young and helps maintain her quality of life. PetCareRx is very helpful and prompt, with great prices. by on 05/12/2008
Everything is perfect
Thank you very much for very good and not expensive medicine. The customer service is just perfect and delivery is just lightning by on 05/12/2008
Great Stander-Upper
My Black Lab has trouble standing on vinyl/wood floors. Rimadyl makes it easier for her to keep trying until she makes it. GREAT product/price/delivery! by on 05/10/2008
Really works - Pudge is much more active and happy! by on 05/08/2008
Dog Gone without it!!
We have a 8 yr old boxer who has had multiple injuries due to jumping and general recklessness on her part. She is my 'girl' and I/we love her to death. Without the Rimadyl she would not be very mobile at all, I feel like this medicine is extending her life WITH quality time, not just quantity, as I have always promised her I would not let her suffer. I truely believe this pill has been a blessing from God for her, and us. by on 05/08/2008
Excellent service
Very quick ordering process, super quick shipping and very easy to do. It was great to be able to order my pets medications without having to run to the Vet's office to pick it up. The prices were definitely better online. I will surely use this service again! by on 05/05/2008
Works great
Although my vet said that it had more side effects then another recommended anti-inflammatory, Rimadyl has worked much better. My dog has a very sensitive digestive system and has had no problems. This medicine is very effective! The customer service rep that I spoke to on the phone was also top notch. Very helpful and pleasant. Thanks. My dog has a quality of life due to this medicine. by on 05/03/2008
Sir Pugsley
Although I initially feared Rimadyl, I tried it to see if Pugsley's pain from lameness would diminish. What a change in him! I will continue to use Rimadyl which Pugsley likes for the liver taste, because I want Pugsley's remaining years to be a "better quality of life." by on 05/03/2008
Rimadyl was prescribed for Chelsea to relieve the pain she was suffereing from because of arthritis and joint and hip problems. I was happy to give it to her 2X a day to help her. She took it as if it was a piece of candy so she apparently liked it. That certainly helped matters. She was 15 on February 4th and she had to be euthanized on February 21st-thank you for having something to help her pain. She was the prettiest cocker spaniel ever! I miss her terribly! by on 04/30/2008
I'm trying but it's not easy with the current economy.
My dogs are 12 and 10 years old, are not active and have arthiritis. As a single person on a budget, I have to work to make ends meet. I refuse to get a second job because it would take even more time away from being with them. I try to keep me expenses down. My vet charged me a 250% mark up for Rimadyl. Since then, I purchased my next order from PetCareRx. I questioned what other medication I could have gotten for a lot less. Now, I ask the vet what he will be prescribing and place my orders with PetCareRx. Thank you PetCareRx. by on 04/26/2008
Saved my dog's life!
My 10 year old Lab Webster has bad hips and elbows. At 3 years old my vet told me he would need every joint replaced and would spend years having surgery after surgery and pretty much spending all his time in pain and in recovery. We decided to not do the surgery and put him on Rimadyl twice a day instead. My vet said I would be lucky to have him for 2 more years that it would only be a temporary relief in his pain. Now 7 years later my boy is still doing great!! It has cost a lot over the years, much less than it could have thanks to Petcare RX, but it has been so worth every cent! My Webster isn't going anywhere anytime soon! by on 04/26/2008
Charlie's arthritis
Very satisfied with product and delivery of product. by on 04/21/2008
Princess loves it, and so does her Pet Mom
My lab/dalamation mix will be 9 this year. She has arthritiis and has had ACL repairs. Rimadyl works! Not only did it help speed her through recovery, it keeps her acting like a puppy every day. I cut the 75mg tabs in half with a large pill cutter and she gets 1/2 pill everyday. She thinks its a treat, not medicine. I know she won't live forever, but I attribute her relatively pain free senior years to this great drug. If you have a dog who's breed is prone to joint problems (lab, dalmations, or any large - medium sporting dog) this drug is the best. Ask your vet to prescribe a dose that can be 1/2'd to save money. Its worth the price to have your pet-child back in shape and happy! by on 04/14/2008
Great product at a super price!
Rimadyl works great for my dog. She is so much spunkier now that she can move without pain! PetCareRx saved me just $29 for a 1 month supply. I love this product and this website! by on 04/14/2008
Chewables - consider this...
My vet prescribed 100 mg caplets and said to split them for morning and evening. The caplets can easily be cut or snapped in half. My dog will let me put a pill down his throat. I bought the chewables to make life easier when my mom cares for him. The chewables don't split well at all even though they are scored They break into uneven pieces. by on 04/13/2008
These pills work!
My almost 14 year old Keeshund has always been too heavy & it has caught up with her. She's got arthritis in her hips & at one time we had to carry her back inside (no easy task!) since being on Rimadyl she is able to go up & down stairs all by herself. Apparently, she also likes the flavor, she eats them up, with no hassles. by on 04/12/2008
Excellent service and prices!
Prices are excellent, great value, to help me maintain the quality of life for my pet! Thanks! by on 04/12/2008
Our old friend Duke.
Thank you for making it so convenient to receive Rimadyl for our labrador Duke. He has been a family member for 16 years and suffers from the lost of the use of his hind legs. Since we started giving him 2 tablets a day, he can manage to climb the stairs. We don't know how much longer we will have him, but at least we know that we are making him as comfortable as possible. Thanks again. by on 04/12/2008
Saved my dog's life!
I have a 15 yr old 120 lb golden retriever that is the love of my life. Late last year he began to lose his ability to climb the stairs, and soon after I had to help him stand and encourage him to walk. As I couldn't carry him, I had started to prepare myself for what seemed to be inevitable. I took him to the vet for his annual and asked if anything could be done for him. He put him on Rimadyl - 2 100mg/day. It cost a fortune, but I figured it wouldn't be for long and I could afford it in the short term. Within 24 hrs he was going up the stairs!!! I was shocked, and immediately searched online for better prices. I found it here for less than half of what I was paying at the vet! So now, for what it (used to) cost me for my morning coffee, my old guy is no longer in pain and has regained much of his motion. In addition, it has steadily restored his confidence and general quality of life. It's as if the clock has turned back 5 years. I can't think of a better trade for a cup oof coffee!!!!! by on 03/27/2008
Life changing
This product is wonderful. It allows my yellow lab to retain his active lifestyle by reducing the joint pain in his hips. by on 03/26/2008
It does work
My dalmatian has been on rimadyl since she was 5 years old. She had arthritis early in life since she had been so active. She will be 12 very soon and is still on rimadyl. She has had surgery for torn ligaments in both her back legs, so has a hard time getting up and down and using stairs, althought she can still run outside as good as ever. I can tell the difference when she takes the rimadyl. She still has difficulty getting up and down, but I think it is mostly her leg surgery and the rimadyl has really helped with the arthritis., by on 03/25/2008
I can tell it works
My dog likes the tast of the chewable Rimadyl, and I know when I forget to give my dog her chewable rimadyl because she doesn't come out from under the table. It at least keeps her from getting worse. With an knee injury and old age setting in, my dog doesn't like to move around too much, but with this medication she doesn't mind having to get up. by on 02/24/2008
He can walk again
Before he had to be carried out to poty now he can get around16 year old Standered ruff coat collie by on 02/15/2008
My nearly 15 year old Standard Poodle is almost new again!
My wonderful, irreplaceable Priscilla began to limp and show stiffness about six months ago, especially when getting up and starting to walk. She developed a tremor, became extremely withdrawn, wouldn't play, her tail was always tucked. She acted senile. Could no longer manage the simple step-down into our family room. Her appetite was off. She looked sad. I really thought it was the beginning of the end. One week on Rimadyl and she's a new dog! Playful, sociable again, prancing, eating, managing the stairs, wagging her tail. She's been totally deaf for a year. Had not barked in a year. She's starting to hear sounds, follow commands and bark again. It's music to my ears! Can Rimadyl affect hearing? by on 02/12/2008
It makes a huge difference
Our 6yo dog, Rowdy, an 85lb Rottie/Shepard mix is haivng hip problems. We was barely able to make it up our steps, had difficulty getting up from laying down and had a very noticable limp. After being on Rimadyl for three weeks he is moving around the houe much better, limps less and is in much less pain. The Rimadyl really helped. by on 01/12/2008
Thank God
My 15 year old german sheppard/rottwieller wouldn't be alive today without this medicine, I would have had to put him down. He still acts like a puppy, but this winter , his hips have really given out on him and he just collapses and can't get backup. Since taking this he is able to get around much better. If anyone knows of any other medicines/remedies/exercises, that might help, feel free to email me at wdesantis@comcast.netThank-you by on 01/05/2008
Great medication
The Vet. started my 12.5 year old pointer on this due to arthritis. He hardly limps and is now running around the house and acting like his old self! I am so happy to see my boy doing much better, worth the money to know he feels better. by on 12/13/2007
I saw a BIG difference after just 1 day!
My 8 yr old Rott mix has been having pain and stiffness for about a year to the point that she would whine when trying to get up. I took her to a new vet that had me give her Rimadyl chewables for a week. Woah! After just 1 day my dog was playing w/ the kids and getting up w/o any pain and her limp was gone. What a relief to the whole family, considering we were thinking we were going to have to put her to sleep soon because she was in so much pain. 2 days after we ran out of the sample bottle I could see her start limping and having a hard time getting up again. Of course, I could do nothing but let the vet know the Rimadyl worked great and we want to keep her on it. It is expensive, but she is worth it. Our dog takes good care of us, she deserves it. by on 12/11/2007
eases my babies pain
after surgeries or dental procedures they are much more comfortable. by on 11/24/2007
great stuff
worked very quickly in bring our dog back to normal function by on 11/20/2007
Our Puppy is Back
Our 14 year old large breed is back with lots of energy again. by on 10/30/2007
Old Dog, New Again!
Our Chow (12 yrs) was limping most of the time and we could tell she was in pain. After administration of Rimadyl she is a new dog, running and playing.Thank You,Mrs. Beaumont, Utah by on 10/25/2007
excellent drug
My dog is 18 years old and I attribute the fact that she is still active to this medication. It is worth the price to know that my dog is comfortable on this medication. by on 10/16/2007
Wonderful pain relief for our dog!
Our dog experienced instant improvement! The wonder drug for aching dogs fighting arthritis. by on 10/09/2007
Rimadyl eases pain
My dog broke his leg at 3 months old and had a very extensive operation to repair it. Now almost 8 years later he is in pain. Rimadyl has helped him reduce the pain so he can be active again. by on 09/22/2007
i saw fast results on my dog when she took this med for the first time.
I like the product but it is expensive. I am having a hard time being able to afford. by on 09/19/2007
Makes my 110 yr old dog romp like a youngster
I rated this with a 5 star. My 13 yr old Wolf/Huskey has been on 1 every day in the Summer, 2 every day in the winter. With less pain he uses his hind legs more, which increases his muscle tone. With daily exercise and Rimadyl Chinook is still a slim lively white wolf at over 13. yrs old. by on 08/24/2007
It is easy to give!
She readily takes Rimadyl, as though it were a treat! by on 08/06/2007
Temporary fountain of youth for dogs
Amazing drug! My dog is almost 14 and about 30 minutes after taking Rimadyl, he's like a puppy again!(sort of) by on 08/06/2007
It works!
My dog could barely walk, but after taking this drug, he runs around like a new puppy. by on 07/21/2007
Gets him going
Gets my 7 year old daschund going when his leg is sore. by on 06/22/2007
Prices to high from vets
Product seems to work fine for my very active dog, we try to slow him down, ha, ha by on 05/31/2007
Rimadyl for elderly dog
My 14 year old dog has shown a nice improvement in her walking and perkiness. by on 05/25/2007
Makes such a difference in Jakes activity level. Thanks!
There is a noticabele difference when Jake is taking Rimadyl and when he is not. It is also easy to give because of the meat flavor chewable. by on 05/17/2007
Helps my dog with his pain.
My dog is overweight and when he plays alot sometimes he starts limping. The Rimadyl takes the pain away. by on 05/14/2007
Big change with my large Shepherd.
My very large German Shepherd Dog 150lbs and 10 years old could barely get up and I thought that his days were near the end, he is doing so much better now. by on 05/03/2007
good product
my dog likes the chewables, she thinks it is a treat and gobbles it right down by on 04/21/2007
works wonders!!
i have 2 dogs that use it. One has valley fever in his shoulder the other has shar pei fever. Works great to lower fever and manage pain. by on 04/17/2007
Miracle Drug
My 14-year old Siberian Husky has been taking Rimadyl for over a year, and it has saved his life. Before, he could barely walk down the street. Now, he runs up and down stairs, and wants to play all the time. He now has his quality of life back. PetCareRx saves me more than 50% of what my current vet charges. by