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Revolution Plus is a safe and effective monthly topical medication that provides 6-in-1 protection for cats. Revolution Plus kills fleas before they lay eggs, and kills ticks for a full month. In comparison to Revolution for cats, Revolution Plus kills 3 types of ticks (black-legged tick, Gulf Coast tick, and American dog tick) for a full month. It also prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms. Revolution Plus is easy to apply and is a quick-drying

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Good service, quick delivery by on 04/21/2023
Revolution for cats

I've tried many different kinds of flea products. Revolution is the only one that works 100%! Worth every penny. by on 03/09/2023
Love this product

Amazing customer service. Used this product for 6 years and has been great. No issues with fleas or parasites. by on 03/06/2023
Fast and easy!

Awesome product and super easy to apply. by on 02/13/2023
Quick And Easy

Up pops a text with a coupon and a reminder to reorder. They contact my vet. It's quick and easy! Love it. by on 09/20/2022
Works Great!

My cat has feline allergic dermatitis (basically heโ€™s allergic to fleas) and this is the only stuff that works for him. by on 08/28/2022
Revolution Plus for Cats

Found this product to be the best for keeping all the critters away and the pets 100% flea and parasite free by on 07/14/2022

Working good, easy to apply by on 06/24/2022
Never flees on my cat

since he was a kitten we've been using this formula. Great product,safe to use and effective. Worth the investmnet. by on 03/10/2022
Flea protection

Product works well and goes into coat well. No oily residue like some other products. by on 01/23/2022
Revolution is my Choice for my cat

I have been using Revolution on Ulysses for several years. It really works well. by on 01/10/2022
Great prevention

I have used this for years and itโ€™s always been great for my cats! by on 12/24/2021

It's a Wonderful product! This is the Only product that goes on my cat! Works like a charm!! by on 11/25/2021

Product has served my cats well. This October however my orange tabby had 4 ticks on him in one day. I know ticks are bad this time of year but my daughter freaked out! They were not engorged and deer ticks so we just pulled them off & disposed of them. by on 10/29/2021
A Very Good Product

I believe it works well. My cat went missing for a week and when he return he didn't have any fleas or ticks. I will keep purchase this products as it seems to work very well for my indoor cat. by on 10/27/2021
Works in florida

If it works in Florida it will work anywhere by on 09/23/2021
It works!

It works! Just wish it wasnโ€™t prescription only! by on 06/18/2021
New for Us

We switched to this product for our 2 cats this summer on recommendation from our vet. Both the Seresto collars and Advantage drops stopped working and the cats both had fleas on them. The switch to this product worked! We are happy with it so far. by on 08/26/2019