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Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Concentrated nutrition in small bite-size kibbles with high levels of protein to meet a small breed dog's unique nutritional needs. Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals support strong bones and teeth. Complete nutrition with vital antioxidants helps support a healthy immune system.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 66 reviewers.

Picky Eater Loves it
My Picky little Beagle just loves this food, its so easy to keep an eye on his intake now because he will eat a full measured amount now. by on 05/02/2016
My Dog oves the Pro Plan Focus
I wrote to you a while back to ask about a dog food for my small dog because he eats but seems like he's always hungry. You suggested Pro Plan :Focus" and sent me a coupon for a bag of dog food. I finally was about to go get the bag. My dog is picky about dog food. Gave him some and he loved it. We just started him with this dog food, lets see how it goes for the next two weeks. Hopefully he will feel full. His name is "Baby" by on 05/01/2016
My Dog Loves It
It's easy for my pug to eat it, she loves the taste! I wish it came in some more flavors. by on 03/09/2016
All My Dogs Love It!
I started feeding this when my latest rescue came to me 10 months ago with a bag of Purina. All of my small dogs Rat Terriers and Chihuahuas love it- have energy, glossy coats, bright eyes, and firm stools. My latest rescue turns his nose up on any other food, and as a small dog who was under weight when I got him, that says a lot. by on 02/21/2016
Small bred dog food
I have been using this since I found out chicken by products are not good for dogs. Focus doesn't use any. by on 01/20/2016
vet tech
Love these diets. My chihuahua is a picky eater and she loves this diet by on 01/20/2016
great food
My dog loves this type if food. She seems to be doing better on this particular type of food. I will continue to use the pro plan. I would recommend this formula to everyone. by on 01/18/2016
Focus Adult Small Breed Formula
After entering my dogs info to Purina ProPlan, they recommended I feed him Focus Adult Small Breed formula. I have a Jack Russell and he loves this food. The bite sizes kibbles of this formula are just right for him. I like the fact that this blend features chicken as the first ingredient. I usually leave a small amount in his bowl so he can snack on it anytime he desires.. by on 01/18/2016
Not Hungry
My dachshund puppy ate the Pro Plan puppy food for small breeds for about six months and quit. A few months later, we tried to feed him the adult version and he would not eat it at all. We switched to a different product. by on 12/29/2015
Healthy food for your furry child!
I bought Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice formula for the rescue dog I adopted in October. I mixed this 1/2 with her old formula. Let's just say she picked out all the pieces of chicken and kibbles of the Pro Plan and left the other stuff in her dish! She also enjoys the Pro Plan focus equally well. The kibble is the perfect size for smaller dogs. (Mine is 10lb). by on 12/02/2015
pro plan focus
My 20 lb shi-poo mix was getting a little heavy, she not only loved it but lost a pound the first month by on 12/01/2015
Daisy has grown up on ProPlan
Daisy is a Havanese> she has grown up on Proplan, first Focus puppy, now Focus small breed. she is a healthy, lively dog. by on 11/16/2015
Only Option
we have been using this for years. Tried other brands but went back to Purina. We trust and love this brand. by on 11/16/2015
Shredded Chicken Blend
Great hard food! Our picky dog loves this food :) We feed him the Focus Shredded Chicken and Rice Blend by on 11/16/2015
loveit the dogs love iti
i love the stool quality with this food. great for their coats also by on 11/16/2015
Normally Good
Normally I would give the proplan foods 5 stars. My two picky eaters both like it and I am ok paying a little more for food that is good for them. However, the last bag I purchased from PETCO had some type of moths fly out of it. It was a new bag and I had to throw the whole thing away. Very disappointed. I don't know if it happened at the manufacturing plant or at PETCO but getting a face full of moths is unacceptable. I would recommend this food, with caution though. by on 09/22/2015
Awesome Food
We feed all our dogs Purina Pro. Their costs are so soft and shiney, they look great in the show or obedience ring! by on 09/17/2015
Wonderful taste
I feed to several small/toy dogs and they eat every bit of it. by on 09/17/2015
small breed formula
We have used this formula for a long time. It has had many changes right up to the current FOCUS formula. It is liked by our dogs and it keeps them in great physical condition. All of our dogs are active therapy dogs and two of them were great lure coursing dogs when they were younger. The small breed formula is the only food they get and two of them are over 11 yrs. old. Our veterinarian is very happy with their condition and says there is no fat on any of them. by on 08/19/2015
Eye Cating
We have used the product for several years. The boys never seem to get bored with the taste. The small breed formula is perfect for their size. by on 08/18/2015
Great food!!!
My dogs have been eating pro plan for over 10 years, I show and breed my dogs and they do excellent on this food!! Great coats, and lots of energy. I recommend it to all my friends and all my puppy customers!!! by on 07/19/2015
Nothing else!!!
Puppy Chow initially and then the appropriate Purina Pro-Plan. For the life of our Boston Terrier, this has been her feeding regime. No fuss-No muss-No Bother. just one happy 6 yr. old, that more compassion and stamina than her masters can almost manage. Go Mitsy Bella!!!! by on 07/07/2015
Bob loves it!
It's just the right size for our mini-doxie's mouth. He seems to enjoy the taste too! by on 05/26/2015
Sasha loves this food
Not only does our little pup love this food we have to watch our cat because he likes to eat it as well! by on 05/05/2015
Fit dachshund
Schnitzel has been fed this product since he came to live with us as a puppy. Vet always comments that he should be a poster child on how to feed a dachshund. by on 05/05/2015
Best dog food ever!
When Laika was a puppy, we tried few different foods and she always ended up with tummy troubles. Until, we switched her to Purina Pro Plan. When on a puppy formula, she did very well! No tummy troubles and firm stool. We recently transitioned Laika from puppy to adult and it was a smooth transition. Her fur coat looks shinning and healthy. She is an active, healthy dog! She is a ProPlan dog! by on 05/04/2015
my dog gobbled it up
I bought this and was very glad to find a food my picky dog liked by on 05/04/2015
They love it!
My cockers love the small breed formula. I use the small breed puppy formula for my puppies and give samples to all my buyers. The puppies are all happy and healthy and gain weight very well. by on 05/04/2015
Nutritious and tasty :-)
I start my puppies on the Small Breed Puppy Formula and the adults eagerly consume their Small Breed Adult Formula. I never have to worry about finicky eaters. My Lhasa Apsos finish their AKC Championships from the Bred By Exhibitor class and I am proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit. Of course good quality food contributes to this success. by on 04/29/2015
Happy dog happy companion
Makes my roommate happy And keep s her healthy every day. by on 04/28/2015
Awesome Product
I really love this product and my dog does too! Best small breed formula on the market. by on 04/28/2015
My dog loves this!
My little dogs love this food! The kibble size is perfect and the flavor a definite hit in my house! by on 04/24/2015
Fits the bill.
I have been using ProPlan for years with great success. No upsets, great coats, healthy dogs. by on 04/24/2015
Great Product
I have been feeding my small dogs this product for years. They love it. They have beautiful coats, and are healthy dogs. by on 04/24/2015
Just what they need!
Switched from Purina Select to ProPlan Focus Small Breed Much better, dogs love it, stool is firm. Happy Happy by on 04/23/2015
A very trust worthy food.
We have been feeding Pro Plan dog food for over 20 years. A few years back when there was a giant recall of many foods due to a Chinese Rice problem, Pro Plan was not involved in the recall. Also we have competition dogs and they thrive on Pro Plan. by on 04/17/2015
My pomeranians LOVE the taste!
The dogs love the flavor of ProPlan and I love the higher nutrition! Feeding them high quality food is VITAL to their good health ! by on 04/17/2015
Great taste
My bichons cannot get enough! They enjoy everything about it. by on 02/25/2015
vet recomended
Have used pro plan since birth/very satisfied..... by on 02/18/2015
Great Food!
I have been using this food for my dog for the past 3 years. She has never looked this good and I can tell she feels better. I am getting a new dog and I just learned Pro Plan is what the breeder recommends. I couldn't be happier! by on 11/03/2014
Great product
I was given Proplan when I first got Brewser as a puppy. He had a sensitive stomach and this was the only food he could eat. We also liked the ingredients. We did try other brands but Brewser will only eat Proplan. He goes on hunger strikes and will not eat unless it is Proplan. Thanks for making such great food. by on 09/27/2014
Pro Plan Small Breed for Jack Russell
We own a 3 year old Jack Russell. We bought her as a 6 week old puppy. Our vet recommended Pro Plan. So we started her on Pro Plan Puppy formula. We continued to feed her Pro Plan for small breeds after she reached 1 year old. It has worked great! She walks 3 miles a day and most summer days she is swimming with our children. She has thrived on it. by on 09/15/2014
Yeah Pro Plan
Little dogs can be so picky. Bongo is 14 years old and in awesome health. He had ate Pro Plan all his life except for one short time I switched to a food that the advertisement sounded soooo good. It put him into a tail spin and his hair coat went dull and he did not have any spunk. So I threw that away and went back to Pro Plan. All 3 of my dogs are on it and I will never switch. Why would I when such good results have continued on for 14 years. Yeah Pro Plan. by on 09/15/2014
great food
Roger gets very excited when i ask him if he wanrs to eat. With Pro Plan he eats all his food never leaves any because he enjoy it so much. by on 09/13/2014
she has only had pro Plan her whole life
only food she has ever had. Started with puppy and went to adult by on 09/13/2014
It describes my dogs.
My dogs have been using this since 2004 and I believe that they have stayed healthy because of the formula specifically geared to small dogs. by on 09/13/2014
ProPlan Focus Adult Small Breed
Excellent for my healthy Bodie. He also has an amazingly shiny coat, is playful and healthy by on 09/12/2014
Great product
My kids have been eating this for years and we all couldn't be happier!! by on 09/12/2014
Not as good as once was and is quite expensive
Our mini schnauzer doesn't seem to like it as much now and the nearest supplier for us is 35 miles away. It is also expensive compared to others so we're thinking about switching to something else. by on 09/11/2014
cat food
My cat enjoy the food that I wish that it was les money. by on 09/11/2014
happy dog
had my 2 dogs on this for 7 of their 8 years. No other brand can touch how happy and healthy my guys are. by on 09/11/2014
Dinner's Ready!!!
I have 3 little darlings who race to the kitchen when I say..."Dinner's Ready!". All have shiny coats....solid stools..and bright eyes. I have fed Pro Plan for years. It is a great well balanced food. by on 09/11/2014
Pro Plan Focus Adult Small Breed Formula
My dog seems to digest it well, and what comes out of the dog is proof. by on 09/11/2014
complete nutrition
We have been feeding Pro Plan since Angel & Windy were pups (they are twin sisters, 10yrs. old). Pro Plan has provided excellent nutrition for their lure coursing career and other things. They will be staying on Focus Small Breed Formula as long as possible. by on 09/11/2014
Healthy dog
We used this with our first dog, a shephard mix. He lived til he was over 16 years old! Our 4 1/2 year old Rat Terrier is thriving on it by on 09/11/2014
Picky eater!
I thought Rosie was going to starve as a puppy before we chanced upon Pro Plan. She is now almost 10, in great shape and runs and plays and plays like a puppy. She is part miniature dachshund/part chihuahua and all attitude. by on 09/11/2014
Great for my Fur Babies
My dogs are very precious therefore I am very careful about what I feed them. It has to be nutritious as well as something they like to eat. by on 09/11/2014
Only One
Started using this at vet's recommendation two years' ago. My dogs love it, and I trust that they are eating a food that is good for them, has no unnecessary ingredients or by-products AND has formulas that change as they do. by on 09/11/2014
my dog was started on pro plan as a pup so i continued it. he is now 6 yrs old and doing well. my only complaint is the PRICE OF DOG FOOD by on 09/11/2014
My dog is in love!
My cockapoo started eating ProPlan from the time she was a pup, and the breeder sent her home with a sample when we picked her up. I have always feed her ProPlan and later switched from Puppy to Small Breed. I have tried other foods and she just spits them out. I have even mixed it up with other food and she will pick through and find the ProPlan, leaving the others on the floor. So this review obviously comes from my dog, Zoey, she has made the choice and will only eat ProPlan. by on 09/11/2014
Great Product
This is the first product we got for a friend who's dog didn't eat dry dog food and we got the dog to eat this. Great stuff by on 09/11/2014
Pugs and jugs like this!
My three dogs (1 pug and 2 jugs) Loved when I gave them this food. Was using Kibbles n' Bits but added this to it. All three loved it! If I could afford it or get coupons for it, I would definitely purchase for them again!! by on 03/20/2014
Love it!
I have my shih tzu on this food since he was a puppy, his parents are on this food as well. My dog is 8 years old and everyone thinks he is still a puppy, love this food, even though sometimes it's a lot of money, but hey if it works , it's worth it.....ร‚ย  by on 11/09/2013
Snoopy Loves it!
Snoopy started with Purina Puppy Chow. It was recommended that I switch him to Pro Plan Small Breed by someone in the Pet Food Field who has studied dog food in great length. She said not to go with the most expensive as that alone does not make it the best. This food seems to be the best for Snoopy. No problems at all. It was the best thing we ever done. Thanks Purina! I knew we could count on you! :) by on 06/15/2013
Great for my Boston Terrier
My puppy is over a year old and she started on wet food and I transition her into Blue Buffalo puppy and adult. For no apparent reason she stopped eating that. I did my research to find another food specialized for small breeds and this was the one I tried. Fiona loves it and she eats it two times a day! It doesn't always happen at Breakfast and Dinner but she eats it. She is a great weight almost 15 pounds. by on 03/20/2013