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Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend Beef and Rice Dry Food for Adult Dogs Product Reviews

The Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend Beef and Rice Dry Food for Adult Dogs offers the perfect balance of nutrition needed for maintaining your dog's good health. Delicious Food with Unique Texture Dogs Love -Our Savor Adult Beef and Rice Formula features real beef as the first ingredient, combined with wholesome rice and whole-grain corn. The tender shredded bites create a unique texture that dogs love, making mealtime enjoyable and satisfying. Balanced Nutrition for a Healthy Digestive Sy... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 129 reviewers.

I use this as treats!
The kibble is big enough to use as treats and I like that it is nutritious food that he enjoys. by on 02/08/2024
Very good
My dogs love this flavor by on 10/22/2023
Picky eater
My dog is a very picky eater he did seem to enjoy it and I like that it's healthy for him by on 11/26/2022
Dogs love it!
Whether it's the Pro plan shredded chicken or shredded beef, my 2 large furbabies love it and this has will remain their favorite. by on 08/17/2022
Must be Yummy
I have a karelian bear dog mix and he has allergies to a lot of poultry so I originally had him on orijen and it was good but once I moved home it became harder to find. It took me months to find one that would not upset his tummy and he would refuse to eat all the time. Purina pro plan beef and rice is amazing has the normal nuggets and freeze dried real beef. Now if I'm not up by ten on my own he makes sure I am because he wants his kibble. :D by on 07/06/2022
New Dog Food for My Furbaby!!!!!!!
This is an amazing dog food for our 13 yr. old Lab. He needs probiotics & has a digestive issue. This fdog food makes him a lot spunkier than normal & he LOVES the little chewy pieces the BEST!!! THANKS! by on 10/27/2020
Great information
I'm happy that I tried this. My dogs don't seem to have a preference on flavors, but they do like the food. by on 07/07/2016
Wants to eat all the time.
I used to get my Dachshund the chicken & he would usually eat (1cup) once a day. I decided to switch it up because of the lack of interest. I bought the shredded beef and all he wants to do now is eat!! He wins a couple if hours later for more & I'm not having to break up the meal times. He has gained weight, I guess because I now give him 1 2/3 cup a day. What is it that makes him crave this food??? by on 06/23/2016
My pups love it
We wanted to try something different and this worked out well. by on 06/05/2016
A Greyt Food For Greyt Friends
I bought this brand a couple of months ago and I have 3 happy greys. Excitement fills the air when my girls hear the rattle of their food dishes. Their tails go round and round. They can't wait for me to fill their dishes so they can begin their meal. It is so much fun watching them. by on 05/11/2016
Great price
I bought this for my rescue dog and she loves it, also bought the meat treats by on 04/12/2016
Good quality food
I used this food and my dogs did well on it. Skin and coat looked good. They maintained a healthy weight and had good energy level. by on 04/01/2016
Yay beef
I love my beef food for my dog! He does great on the food and loves it! by on 04/01/2016
Dogs Love it
Been using this food for several years And dogs love it! by on 03/08/2016
Our dogs eat this food so fast, they clearly love the flavor and don't even know it's good for them! by on 03/05/2016
picky dogs
Tried to switch up from the lamb and my dogs didn't really like by on 03/02/2016
Loved by our companions
We bought this for our companions to switch it up between Chicken and the Beef and they loved the Beef by on 02/26/2016
Retired Racing greyhounds and ProPlan
We have been feeding ProPlan to our retired racers and fosters for over 20 years. They are happy and healthy and love it! by on 02/26/2016
Pro Plan Savor Shreded Blend Beef and Rice Formula
We here at Baby Dog Rescue had a "first!" We had a dog who was allergic to CHICKEN! Having PURINA Pro Plan Shredded Beef and Rice Formula sure fit the bill! HE LOVES IT! And, NO MORE ITCHY! THANK YOU PURINA! by on 02/24/2016
Dogs love it!
Our large crew of foster dogs absolutely love the Pro Plan Savor line! It is by far their favorite! by on 02/19/2016
Dogs love it!
I bought this food for my older dog and we moistened it with broth and he loved it! by on 02/04/2016
Dogs Like It
Tried this formula with some foster dogs and they enjoyed it. by on 02/02/2016
Great for Large Breed
We have started to use this for some of our larger dogs. They love it!! I love the results !! by on 01/27/2016
Feeding Indoor Golden
She loves eating this food, the chunks of meat in the food are awesome. by on 01/17/2016
Shredded rocks
My dogs love the addition of shredded bites in this formula by on 01/15/2016
Dogs Love it!!!
We have bought this dog food numerous times and the dogs love it. by on 01/14/2016
Awesome texture my Lab ladie LOVES!!!
I bought this dog food about 8 months ago since the store was out of the food my Lab was eating at the time when I came home with this food she went crazy. Shes a picky eater but loves this dry food soooo much I never went back to her old brand her coat is like silk she has more enengy the switch was very easy on her tummy. It's well worth the money it's a great buy I dont even have to mix wet food in with her dry food as I did before with her old brand she eats this stuff rite out of the bag I will never buy anything else Id like to try the Chicken and Rice to see if she loves it just as much as the Beef and Rice! Thanks so much proplan!!! by on 01/06/2016
Live it
Looking forward to results rowdy needs better food by on 12/06/2015
Our foster loves this!
Someone recently donated a bag of this formula and our foster, Sydney, loves it! by on 11/30/2015
good smell to the food
my female was not so much picky but when i mixed this food with the other food i prefer her to eat as i love both eukanuba and Pro plan she would eat it with the pro plan in it so it is a great food by on 11/16/2015
My dogs love this stuff. They like the soft pieces! by on 11/03/2015
All the pups loved this food
Although we want to keep our pups on the same diet to keep tummies settled, changing from chicken to beef or other as long as it is the same brand is fine and the pups really enjoy the Pro Plan Beef by on 10/29/2015
Dogs Love it!!!
Dogs begged for more.They couldn't get enough of this delicious treat. by on 10/11/2015
Complete Nutrition
This is a food we feed many of our rescue dogs, the nutrition is well balanced and everyone seems to like it! by on 10/01/2015
great ingredients
Have been using this product for awhile and the dogs love it. by on 09/18/2015
Dogs are so so with it
Have purchased 4 bags so far and the dogs pick at it, but are not really liking it. by on 08/31/2015
Good description of food.
My dogs have a tendency to be picky eaters. They had no problem cleaning their dish! by on 08/19/2015
Dogs Love it
Had some of this donated to our Rescue and the dogs love it, would recommend it to anyone. by on 08/03/2015
The best dog food on the market!!
At Carolina Boys Feist Dog Kennels we love the Pro Plan Savor. Our dogs hunt so great after putting them on the Pro Plan. by on 07/27/2015
Dogs love it
The dogs really love this food. They eat right up. by on 07/24/2015
Dog and Owner approved
Our dog has been on Purina Pro plan since he was a puppy. He always seemed to like it and the product has always been high quality. by on 07/21/2015
Great Product!
I fed this food to my dog who wasn't eating well and it has made a huge difference! by on 07/08/2015
Great taste
A pallet load of Shredded Blend Beef and Rice was donated to our rescue group. We found our foster dogs loved it so much, we had to purchase some for our picky eaters once the free food was exhausted. by on 06/03/2015
Terrific Product!
My dogs love this dog food and wait impatiently for me to get it in their bowls. by on 06/01/2015
I never write reviews but this is an exemption
I would be the dog mom that had to mix wet food with dry food in order for my dog to eat dry food. I'm a college student so buying two kinds of food was over my budget. My dog would wait until he was probably starving to eat his dry food (and I was giving him prestigious dog food brands) but he's just a brat. I came upon pro plan, big bag for my 90 pound chocolatelab/pit mix. And he LOVES IT! I mean as soon as I put his bowl down he starts eating ALL of it! Thanks pro plan for letting me invest money on just one type of dog food, and making it delicious and affordable! by on 05/28/2015
Great product
We started one of our rscues on this about a month ago. He was underweight and lethargic. Within a week his coat, energy and appetite were vastly improved. by on 05/21/2015
Pup Pleaser
We had a bag of Beef and Rice donated, and the dane pup, Padre, couldn't wait for me to open it for a sample. I keep this mixed with Purina Grain Free Select that he has loved in a dish for his snacks during the day. by on 05/15/2015
All my dogs love this food. No finicky eating here!!! by on 05/08/2015
Great product
My German Shepherds are picky eaters, I had to switch their food several times before I tried this one and they love it! by on 05/04/2015
My picky eater loves it!
One of my dogs is a very picky eater and he doesn't enjoy much dry food. I don't like wet food because of the mixed reviews on dental health that I've read so I've been trying to find a dry food that he will actually eat. I saw the Purina Pro Plan rebate form and filled out their questionnaire and they recommended the Pro Plan Savor in Salmon. My dogs have never enjoyed anything seafood flavor so I opted for the Savor in beef and they loved it! Even my picky eater ate it and walked around looking for more. I've already purchased more in addition to my rebate bag! by on 05/04/2015
The Yummiest!
My dogs love the Savor, jump when it is time to eat! by on 04/30/2015
Your product line by far is the best.
Your product line as a whole is the best on the market for the everyday pet owner. by on 04/29/2015
Best food on the market
My spaniels are high performance dogs and need to be in the best condition possible that's why I feed them Pro Plan. I recently lost my dog of a lifetime just two months shy of sixteen. He was on Pro Plan for his entire life I wouldn't consider another brand. by on 04/24/2015
Love Shredded Line!
I've fed Purina products for 30+ years- great Quality & results- my dogs love it! by on 04/23/2015
Savor Saves
For years I have fed my beagles Dog Chow throughout the year. During the winter months and when running my beagles hard, I would increase the amount of dog food to provide the needed nutrition. Another person in our beagle club told me that had starting switching to Pro Plan during the winter months and found the needed portion size was actually less than the amount of Dog Chow fed during the remainder of the year. I did some simple math and determined, if this was true, feeding Savor through the winter months would actually provide a savings. I found I was able to maintain the portion amount and my dogs held up very well during the winter. by on 04/23/2015
Crunchy and tasty
I started my mastiff litter of ten on pro plan savor shredded blend lamb and rice and then changed to beef and rice, same shredded blend. My 'keeper' puppy is doing so well growing exactly as he should be for a giant breed baby. I recommended all my puppy families to continue to use this product. The nutrition guideline was exactly what I was looking for for my mastiff litter. by on 04/23/2015
Good dog food
I used this and the Chicken mix also dogs just love it, I switched to Purina one and the dogs stopped eating, Bowls were full of food when I went to feed them, so had to go back to Pro Plan Savor, so must be a good dog food, since dog approved. by on 04/17/2015
Savor Adult Shredded
Dogs were a little slow in accepting this food because of the different texture of the shredded product. Some were spitting out the shredded and just eating the kibble and the rest was wasted. Finally switched to Sport and they like this much better. by on 04/15/2015
Great food
Purina pro is our food of choice and our dogs love the product! The combination of soft and hard food makes them think they are getting treats with each meal. Highly recommend this food for our adopting families. by on 04/10/2015
My dogs love it!
Not only is meat the first ingredient and it full of protein, my dogs love to eat it! by on 04/08/2015
Very good!
My dog really loves this one. Great choice for a dog food! by on 03/30/2015
Great product
My Shepherd/Husky has a very sensitive stomach and this food he loves and he has had no problem with in 2 years of using it. by on 03/27/2015
Soft Bites
My senior Lab prefers this bran. I guess she prefers the BEEF over the lamb :) by on 03/18/2015
Foster dog loved it
I was given this food as a donation and the foster dog LOVED it. by on 03/02/2015
Dogs love it
Normally we get the chicken and rice formula but my husband got the beef by accident. The dogs loved it. Nice big pieces of beef by on 03/01/2015
Great Overall Food!
I feed 7 dogs this brand exclusively. Good weight management, nice coat and my dogs love feed time. by on 02/25/2015
Excellent Purchase
We bought this last week when our store was sold out of the Sport 30/20 in the Purple bag. What a nice surprise. Everyone in rescue really enjoyed the beef flavor. I was worried about the change in diet if you know what I mean. The Rescue dogs really surprised us with (to put it delicately) nice easy clean ups in the runs. We will be buying this one again. Thanks Pro Plan for another great blend. by on 02/20/2015
Product Review
This is a favorite among many of the dogs in my care. It's also very affordable when feeding multiple pets. Highly recommended. by on 02/18/2015
One of the Best
Have been using this product for about two weeks now and it quickly became the favorite and food of choice! by on 02/18/2015
Animals Get boost to the system
We used this food on the animals that come in and are somewhat under fed. The immune system get a jolt abd improves the ability to recover from poor diet or no diet at all. by on 02/05/2015
Dogs love it
I wanted to give my dogs a change in taste but staying with the same general food. They loved the Beef and Rice Shredded Blend. If they are eating well and are happy, then I am happy. by on 02/04/2015
great food
This is very palatable cat food and healthy as well! by on 01/16/2015
Dogs love it!
Our dogs loved the donation of the Beef a Savor! They took to it instantly! by on 01/16/2015
great idea
beef is very common flavor however this food seems to still be sensitive enough and tasteful enough for my picky eater by on 01/12/2015
Grew food for my labs!
My labs love the taste and I love the results. My labs keep a consistent weight and digestion by on 01/07/2015
Keeps my dogs healthy
I own 5 dogs, and show all of them in dog shows. Finding a food that doesn't break the bank but keeps them looking healthy and fantastic wasn't easy...until we found Pro Plan. They love the taste and I love how they look. A win-win for all. by on 01/02/2015
My dogs love it!
My dogs are picky eaters and I have been trying to find something GOOD for them that they will eat. I gave them a free sample I got and they LOVED it. by on 12/05/2014
He Loves It!
I bought my first bag yesterday. My dog "Fritz" is almost 15 years old and has gotten picky about what he eats. I've been feeding him good quality dry food for years now, changing the brand from time to time. He gets leftover people food and plenty of Alpo Snaps & other treats. I started to add canned food to the dry, and then eventually had to feed him both separately. Lately he seems to rely more upon the treats for his meal and only eats the dry if he has no choice. To the point, I fed my friend's dogs for a few days, and noticed how appetizing the food looked, which led me to Pro Plan Savors. He has always fed his dogs quality food, so I figured that I would try it. When I got home he was hovering over the food dish so I knew he was hungry. I loaded the bowl halfway and several minutes later it was empty. I wasn't sure if he was just hungry, but a couple of hours later I noticed he was "licking out" the bowl, so he got another half of a bowl. He is my best friend, and I thank you for your product. I will still "spoil" him with treats and people food, but now I don't feel guilty whenever I walk past his food dish. by on 12/04/2014
Dogs like
We use this for most of our rescue dogs. It's easy to digest and dogs like it. by on 11/27/2014
Dogs chomp it up.
I have tried all pro plan items. And our 150 rescues love them all. Very healthy for them. by on 11/20/2014
Great title!
We've used Purina Pro Plan for over 10 years. Our dogs are healthy and happy. We love this product but it's getting really pricey. We have 2 over 100 pounds and buy a new bag every 3 weeks. by on 11/20/2014
Yay for this savory mix!
My two dogs actually fight over who will get to eat first. This is an amazing recipe. by on 10/27/2014
Great formula for dogs who love beef
Like humans, many dogs like to switch the flavor of their foods. Although we often feed the Chicken and Rice formula, switching off to Beef and Rice is often a treat for our Lhasa Apsos. The never tire of the selections available to them and do great on all. by on 10/20/2014
pro plan adult beef and rice
my larger rescue dogs love this product great flavor by on 10/10/2014
Love pro plan
We buy nothing else but pro plan our dogs love it. Both dry and canned. by on 10/10/2014
High quality dog food
Give this high quality adult food a try, you won't be sorry. by on 09/29/2014
Dogs love the Beefy taste!
I bought this for my own dogs to give them a change and they loved the taste. by on 09/25/2014
My Pup cannot wait for mealtime~~
My Lady Girl has never been more excited for mealtime until we discovered Pro Plan Savor Adult Beef & Rice Formula. She also loves the weight management blend. Shhh, don't tell her she is on a diet!!! by on 09/23/2014
Best food hands down
Very picky eater tried numerous foods, loves this food. She loves the meet pieces and then eats the kibble and her coat looks amazing as well. My dog is full of energy and the vets love her health by on 09/13/2014
Ingredients don't up set the dog at all.
I have been feeding Pro Plan Shreaded Beef, Chicken, or Lamb for years and I am very happy with this. by on 09/13/2014
Smells Like Any Other Dog Food
I have two Dobermans and they are admittedly spoiled. They won't eat this dry or really any other dog food dry. They will eat it sometimes if I mix it with a can of Pro Plan dog food. Can Purina not make a dog food they will eat as readily as they do dog treats? They love Beggin' Strips and even Meaty Bones. Please make a dog food that doesn't smell like any other dog food. by on 09/13/2014
My pup loves the taste!
My Golden Retriever loves this food and I am happy knowing it is good for him by on 09/13/2014
my dog Taylor loves it.
Taylor was 3 years old when we got him. He is now 7. I wanted to feed him the best. Purina is a total feed company. Dog food is one of its many products. I trust them to provide the best for my dog. Taylor has been eating pro-plan for 4 years & is very healthy & happy. by on 09/12/2014
Did not care for the taste at first. I had to mix it with canned food in order to get. Them to eat it. by on 09/12/2014
Great food
My dog has been on this for 2 years now., and he's very happy and healthy! by on 09/11/2014
adjusting well
We recently switched from Adult Chicken and Rice shredded food to the beef and rice. we did not have any problems. by on 09/11/2014
Best for the price
I changed to this brand because I have a dog that has chicken allergies and a sensitive stomach and it works wonders. by on 09/11/2014
chewy pieces!
I buy this product for my dogs because it is a great blend of hard and chewy pieces, it gives them a variety of texture which I feel is good for their teeth and palate. by on 09/11/2014
Less clean up in the yard! But a little pricey
It has probably been 3 years since I switched Murphy (St. Bernard) and Piper (English Pointer) from Dog Chow to the Pro Plan Savor Beef and Rice formula. I did the research and for this price point it seemed the protein levels and fillers were right where they needed to be for my dogs needs but, as a truck driver delivering corn to your Davenport Iowa plant I got to see the in's and out's of what the actual ingredients were and looked like (Not very pleased with the pictures of the vegetables and meat you put on the bags, then actually see what those vegetables look like coming off the train car or the chicken meat and bone meal coming off the semi truck.) All that aside I realized through all the QC testing you do including the aflatoxin testing on the corn, that your standards are set higher than human food so for that I thank you because these dogs are a huge part of our family and we feel like we owe them the best that we can afford! by on 09/11/2014
My dogs love this food!!!
I have 4 dogs all mixed breeds to large and 2 small and they all love this food. They have been on this for 8 years. I feed them a mix of the regular adult food and the weight management food. All of them are happy and healthy!! by on 09/11/2014
finishes every bite
I've been cycling between the chicken and rice, beef and rice, and lamb and rice with my dog Apollo for six years. He's never gotten bored with it and always finishes his bowl. Best of all, the vet has reported his weight as "ideal" every single time he's had a checkup since he was a puppy. by on 09/11/2014
Only Pro Plan
All of our foster dogs look great after being fed pro plan! We always promt ProPlan to our Adopters! by on 09/11/2014
Good formula
Both of our dogs Shelby and Cameo love this dog food by on 09/11/2014
A Surprise
We needed to find a product with only beef for a dog with allergies. Unfortunately, after purchasing this formula, we realized it also had chicken in it. by on 09/11/2014
Love this product!
Our team members loves this product due to its high-quality protein that has beef as the first ingredient. by on 09/08/2014
Beef and Rice
The animals respond well to proplan food and we often use this at the shelter. by on 09/07/2014
Dogs Love It
I don't normally feed beef dog food because it can cause ear infections and skin issues with dogs. We had several bags donated to the rescue, and I have to say the dogs LOVED IT! I couldn't believe how much the dogs loved it, we had some dogs we had recently obtained from a hoarding situation and this is all they would eat for several weeks. by on 09/07/2014
What dog will do for BEEF!
This food was given when a dog we did not know was in need of care. The dog's diet changed and this food caused NO stomach upset. The dog was happy to dive into the bowl for each feeding. Buy Savor Beef and Rice for the love of the dog!~ They will LOVE you for it! by on 09/06/2014
Love the Beef
The dogs love a change in flavor and this is perfect by on 09/05/2014
Dogs love it
I switch on flavors to keep the dogs from getting bored, they never turn down any ProPlan food. Besides knowing they love their food, their coat is so shiny, eyes are bright, they have more energy and just look amazing. by on 09/05/2014
My Dogs Favorite Formula
My dog is a picky eater, and after trying multiple different dog foods, she was finally happy with Shredded Blends Beef and Rice. She LOVES IT!!! by on 09/04/2014
my dog says ok
my 13 lb dog likes shredded pieces. i wish purina added more shredded pieces. my dog likes purina brands food but not others. by on 08/10/2014
For Love of a Dog
I wanted to thank you for making a food my dog would eat. We just got her from the SPCA, she had been injured and had a leg amputated, and is underweight. She wouldn't touch the food the shelter sent home unless I mixed it with something. I read up on different foods, and compared ingredients. We choose ProPlan Savor because of the texture variations. She loves it. It is the first time since we have had her that she cleans her plate without bribery. I want to thank you twice, once for the great food, and one for the work you do to help save animals. Without rescue efforts, my happy, lovely dog would have been put to sleep before she had a chance to live. by on 08/01/2014
my dogs love it
I brought this for my two older dogs and they both love it !! by on 03/19/2014
My dog loves this brand and flavor.
Bought this brand a couple months ago. Switched from Purina One to the Pro plan and my pup automatically separated the two foods. She seems more energetic and happy.ร‚ย  by on 03/17/2014
Picky Eater
My Jack Russell Terrier is a picky eater but he loves the shredded blend beef and rice. We don't buy anything but this. by on 03/17/2014
dog food review
My dogs loved it . They are very picky will only eat original Beneful but they tore into this by on 03/17/2014
pro plan
this dog food is perfect for my hunting lab. going to try on my chiweenie by on 03/17/2014
Dog loves it
My dog used to be on iams dry dog food en refused to eat it suddenly tried beneful and other dog foods didn't like it so tried Pro Plan and loves it. Won't eat anything else. by on 03/04/2014
No thank you!
Not enough real food, nothing but fillers. Add more and i will be happy. by on 01/31/2014
Actual healthy dog food.
I recently switched my dog over to this. ร‚ย It's the only dry food I know of he will eat. ร‚ย The first listed ingredient is beef, not corn meal. ร‚ย That's good, my dog IS NOT A CHICKEN! I find it disturbing how many low quality cat and dog foods are on the market, with ingredients such as by-products, bone meal, and other garbage being the primary ingredients in cheaper varieties of dog food anyone who wants their dog to be healthy should cough up the extra money because this is at least made with real beef. ร‚ย Since canines are true carnivores they NEED a high quality food that meat (not by-product, broth, or meal) is the first ingredient listed. ร‚ย Note that the first ingredient is also considered to be the most abundant ingredient used in the food you feed your dog (or cat). ร‚ย If it says corn meal as the first ingredient congratulations you are feeding your pet chicken chow. by on 01/11/2014
My dog loves it
I have a maltese/chihuahua mix. When he was a puppy I fed him canned food and then got him on beneful, he liked it but i just switched him to pro plan about 3months ago and he absolutely loves it! I see his hair shinier and he seems more energetic. by on 10/23/2013
The best
So glad to find a food that my dog will actually eat and is good for my senor Boxer. by on 07/29/2013
Overall good
Pro Plan beef formula. I like the chicken formula a little more, but I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nutritious dog food. by on 05/06/2013
Pro Plan Savor
I have been feeding my yellow lab Pro-Plan products sense he was puppy he's seven know just switched him to the new Savor he is primarly on the dry as a treat from a hard day's work he gets a can of wet. he loves it he is very healthy, I trust Purina products to make great dog food that is safe and a great food that allows my dog to stay fit and healthy. would never think of switching. by on 02/05/2013
My dog loves it
I started feeding my 3 year old husky this last year and he loves it. by on 12/11/2012