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Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice Puppy Dry Food contains calcium, phosphorus and other minerals help build strong teeth and bones. Vitamin A and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, promote healthy skin and coat.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 238 reviewers.

Savory sounds like it is really tasty

I bought this and my dogs liked it. We recommend this at all our meet & greets by on 07/07/2016
Great alternative protein food!

We come across dogs frequently that don't take to the chicken based foods and we know we can depend on the Lamb formula to give them great taste and nutrition! by on 07/06/2016
Dog Loved this Food

Our Pitbull is a very picky eater and it is very hard to find dry food he likes. He really loves this food and it seems to be making his coat look much heather as well by on 07/02/2016
Everyone likes this

I've been feeding all my hounds for twenty plus years Pro Plan dog food and never had anyone turn up their nose. by on 06/29/2016

We have been buying this food for a while, but the last bag we purchased is full of crumbs. I expect this at the bottom of the bag, but it's all thru the food. I don't know what to think. by on 06/20/2016

My dog loves this food! His coat seems to be shinier since switching also. Pro Plan is my new go-to food! by on 05/16/2016
Great product

I bought this and we had our dog for over 6 months and she did not like any food that I bought. I was so happy that she liked it and is happy. by on 04/22/2016
Delicious or so my dogs thought so!

My 4 dogs really liked this product better than another one I was feeding them. So if they eat it and want more I have to believe they do! by on 04/01/2016
Fantastic Food!

Our rescue group feeds this blend to all of our dogs. They love it and it keeps their coats healthy and shiny. Most importantly, they maintain a healthy weight. Our fosters really appreciate the fact that Purina products can be purchased from such a wide variety of retail stores. This is a great food and we wouldn't feed our dogs anything else! by on 03/25/2016
ProPlan Savor Lamb & Rice

Dogs love the taste and we've noticed softer, shinier coats. by on 03/20/2016
Savor Adult Shredded Lamb & Rice Formula

I have been using Purina Pro Plan for years. I have tried many different brands on my Greyhounds and the Pro Plan seems the best for them. They do not suffer from diarrhea, their coats are brighter and more of the food is digested, so less mess in the yard! by on 03/09/2016
Weight loss and better energy!!!

I moved in with my boyfriend and told him his Golden Retriever Henry was overweight. He replied, "MyVet says he's a good weight." I reminded him I just graduated and changed his food to ProPlan like my dogs and he lost 15 pounds! He is much more active and very happy. I will always feed our pups Purina. Best dog food ever! by on 03/08/2016
My dogs love

I have been buying for a couple months and my dogs love by on 03/01/2016
Dogs Love this Food

Great for dogs with skin problems and they love it. by on 02/29/2016
Makes my dogs gassy

I tried the chicken formula and it made my dogs gassy .. so I tried the shredded lamb with the same issues. So I had to go back to the Pro Plan original by on 02/27/2016
Great product

I bought this product and my dogs loved it. Good price by on 02/22/2016
Extra Large breed as stream Sensitive Stomech

I have a huge boxadore that is 110lbs of all muscle according to the vet. He has the boxer's sensitive stomach and can't handle most brands and foods. Even the salmon doesn't work with him. But I thank God I found this. I have gone through so many brands and minds and this is the only kind he can truly eat without problems. It has even improved his skin and coat. He has even gotten more playful and energetic for a 6yr old. Like I needed that with a puppy and a toddler. I am just happy Tyson is acting like his old self again and can keep up with the puppy now and my toddler at times. I exstreamly recommend this dog food. All the dogs love it especially the chunks of shredded lamb meat. by on 02/20/2016
Dogs love it!

Our large crew of foster dogs absolutely love the Pro Plan Savor line! It is by far their favorite! by on 02/19/2016
Both Dogs Love It

We switched a couple years ago and the results have been awesome. Both of our digs love the food and their energy levels have definitely risen. by on 02/15/2016
Great for Finicky Pooches!

We use Pro Plan, but have issues with dogs who are picky eaters. That problem was resolved when we tried to use "Savor" dry dog food. While we usually have to add table scraps to get finicky Penelope to eat, we just added a tad of water to her Savor dry dog food and she ate well. by on 02/08/2016
Dachshund Loves It

I received a sample of this food for my dog and he gobbled it right up. by on 02/04/2016
All of our dogs love Lamb and rice shredded blend

We always have at least one dog who does not have a favorite food. This is everyone's favorite! by on 02/04/2016
Good for Protien Sensativities

Our dogs love this and we recommend to clients how are looking for their dogs that have issues with chicken. It tends to be easier on the tummy then a lot of other foods out there. Nice to know there is an alternative this is high quality. by on 02/02/2016
All Purpose

Have been using these foods for years. Various flavors and sizes. All of my dogs have been big fans. Very tasty! Cost effective. Good nutrition. by on 01/19/2016
Good Food

I am a small animal veterinarian and I feed my personal pets Proplan foods. They maintain good weights, have shiny hair coats, and great energy. I have used several formulations and all were well accepted. by on 01/19/2016
Pawsitively Purrfect Proplan

I have had my 2 Poms on Purina Proplan for about 5 years and I love they way their coat looks. They are seniors over 8 years and they act like puppies! This food is great at maintaining their weight as well! by on 01/18/2016
vet asst

my dog has always liked the flavor of this food and is very easy to digest, never has he vomited or had diarrhea from this food! thank you. This food is also a good price for the quality you recieve by on 01/17/2016
Healthy choice

We have tried several brands for our GSD. she is she sensitive to a lot of food, which shows in her bowel movements. With other brands she has loose stools and seems to need to go more frequently. With purina pro plan, her BMS are not only smaller, less stinky, and solid, she also is very regular and scheduled (3 times a day). by on 01/17/2016
Love my food!

When the food first changed to 2 different pieces I was worried about my personal "kids" eating it! No worries there I have 2 kids and I go through the big bag every 8 days - they love it - Savory all the favors are great! Thanks for continuing the great products! I recommend your food everyday. by on 01/17/2016
Switched our dogs to this . . . and we're staying

Our dogs are both in the 'older' category, one is 8 one is 14 .... we started them on this recently to try to provide more of the type of nutrients older dogs need, including glucosamine mixed into the food. Both dogs really like the food, they took to it immediately and love dinner time ! by on 01/16/2016
A fantastic dog food!

I used to buy this where I worked as a veterinary technician and it's wonderful! All 4 of my collies are on it, and their skin and hair coats are gorgeous! Everyone always asks me what I feed. I now buy it at a pet store, but it is so worth it! by on 01/12/2016
Great Food

The dogs that cant eat chicken do so much better on lamb by on 01/02/2016
My Dogs' Favorite!

I have many fosters and owned dogs and it's hard to find one specific food that everyone will eat. Everyone eats this, with no tummy troubles! Even my super picky Chihuahua will eat it! (She picks out the meaty pieces and leaves the kibble for the big dogs.) by on 12/28/2015

Been feeding this to our English setter. She was diagnosed at less than a year old with hip problems. She does not let that slow her down she is a great hunter and family member. With this food we are able to manager her weight, based on her active level for the day. She never puts "winter weight" on because of the food. It's an overalls great reliable food for our setter. by on 12/22/2015
Great value for great price

some of our fosters use this exclusively for their pets and they love it for the price! by on 12/05/2015
Yum Yum!!!!

My girls love their food. Was introduced to the food as a sample. My girls" coats are shinny and bright. by on 12/02/2015
Our dog loves it!

Someone recently donated a bag of this flavor to our rescue and our foster dog, Emie, goes crazy for it :) by on 11/30/2015
Our dogs love this!

Our dogs love it! They won't eat anything else but they do prefer the tender morsels. It's quite funny to watch them pick pieces out. by on 11/27/2015
Awesome product

I absolutely love proplan and so does my pup. She can't ever get enough and begs for more! This product and proplan like is phenomenal. And it always keep her coat looking great! I will always continue to buy proplan for my dog and future dogs! by on 11/21/2015
good for our allergy dogs

we have a limited amount of food that some of our dogs can eat.......this makes a great food for them by on 11/20/2015
Dogs love it!

Dogs love the taste, no fussy eaters with this food. by on 11/18/2015
my dog loves carvers

love the coats on my dogs carvers are the best treats by on 11/16/2015
my dogs love it!

My yorkies love the chewy bits! They are all active and healthy with good weight. by on 11/16/2015
I Feed this to my puppies

I breed and show bulldogs and Brussels Griffons and I use the Lamb and Rice with both puppy breeds. It keeps everyone's digestive systems working great. by on 11/16/2015
good food

this is great food, wish nuggets were smaller. Been using this for years. by on 11/16/2015
Great ingredients

We were given some of this to use at the shelter and the dogs love it by on 11/10/2015
pro plan

I rescued a 3 month old german shepherd that weighed only 10lbs. her coat was dull and falling out and she was so malnutrition that she could not stand up. I started her out on Purina Pro Plan right away and she picked up weight fast. Her coat became so shiny and thick and today she is an 8 yr old beautiful and healthy girl. by on 10/31/2015
Dogs love it!

All of the dogs here at our rescue love this food! by on 10/27/2015
My dog just tried this

he loved it. I love how healthy Pro Plan is for pets! by on 10/14/2015
Great Features

I bought this for my personal dogs after using other lamb and rice products and they love it. by on 10/14/2015
My Dogs Love Pro PLan

I have been feeding my dogs Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blends Lamb & Rice formula for 19 years. They are healthy, happy dogs. They absolutely love it - never have to coax them to eat. They are vibrant dogs with beautiful coats - even my vet comments on how beautiful their coats are. Our oldest dog, Peanut, will be 16 this year and she is still as active as ever, bossing around the rest of the group like always. I'm so happy to have this great Purina product for my dogs. by on 10/05/2015
Rescue dogs love this food

Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue feeds this food to it's rescues dogs. by on 09/20/2015
Savor helped

I bought a bag of Savor Shredded lamb and rice by accident. It was the best accident I have done. I have 1 of 12 Shar-Pei that is allergic to almost every food I have tried to feed her. This Helped so much. Thank you. by on 09/18/2015

I am satisfied I have feeds for two years. I find that they look good. by on 09/18/2015
great product

My dogs have been on Purina Pro Plan since they were puppies. I have never fed them anything else so I can't really say how they would be on another product. But if it isn't broke why try to fix it. There coat is slick and shines like its wet. by on 09/17/2015
pro plan lamb and rice

Use this for all my dogs show and pet Scottish Terriers show dogs ranked in the top 10 scotties every year. CHYSCOTT SCOTTISH TERRIERS by on 09/17/2015
Fantastic product

My English bulldog Harley had been on pro plan lamb & rice for 13yrs before we had to put him down Aug 1st 2015. I firmly believe that food helped him to live for 13 yrs. That's a long time for a bulldog. by on 09/17/2015

I needed a high quality affordable food for my three Border Collie mixes. I decided to give Purina a try because of the seemingly earnest philanthropic nature of their business as evidenced by their St.Louis, MO operations. My dogs do well on this formula. They have shiny coats, maintain appropriate weight, and do not produce excessive waste. They also salivate when they hear me open the food container, they love it! by on 09/13/2015
Great all round dog food

I purchase this for my personal pack and have been doing do for over 8 years. They love it and it does an amazing job keeping their coats shiny. by on 09/11/2015

Our first time using became the favorite over chicken. by on 09/07/2015
All Around Excellent.

Our rescue loves all the formulas of Purina Pro Plan Savor (chicken, beef, and lamb based); but this is probably our very top favorite. (With donations, we hope to feed Purina Pro Plan exclusively!!) Complete, well-thought-out nutrition makes us feel great about feeding this to our foster dogs, and they thrive on it! Top quality ingredients and the Purina brand make it all the better. And on another note, I am proud to feed this to my "personal" dogs, as well. I have always fed my dogs Purina products and had excellent results, and Pro Plan is, of course, the top of the line. Personally, I am thrilled to recommend Purina Pro Plan to our adopters. by on 09/05/2015
Dogs Love this Nutritious Food

My foster lab was a picky eater upon arrival to my foster home. He needed to have good food because his coat was in bad shape and he was underweight. He enjoyed his meals with the Pro Plan Savor shredded blend. The Lamb and rice formula helped his coat to get back into shape and his digestion was good. by on 08/12/2015
Feeding My personal pets

I tried this blend recently for my personal dogs and they love it. I feel like I am "treating" them, because the fluffed up pieced make it appear that are being fed more. by on 08/06/2015
My dogs love it!

Many pets are allergic to chicken. The Pro Plan Shredded lamb and rice is the answer to that! by on 08/05/2015
They've all loved it so far

We offer this to the dogs coming into rescue. They seem to love the taste and are thriving on this food!at by on 08/03/2015
My dog loves the lamb!

My dog was becoming bored with her food and so I tried this to give her a change of pace and she loved it! by on 07/15/2015

I started feeding this about 2 months ago as an upgrade from purina one. I thought it was going to be the same, but there are small differences between them which yield very different results. My dog gained 5 lbs in 2 months or so, 22 lbs from 17. He is a miniature australian shepherd. I had to reduce his feeding amount to a cup/day + 1/3 can wet topper. I don't understand why he is gaining so much weight on this food, but he is. He is an agility/fly ball/frisbee/hiking/ chicken herding/rabbit chasing dog, and the extra weight has slowed him down. I give it 4 stars because there is an excessive amount of grain that, imo, changes the ph of his stomach. He hurls if he isn't fed at the same time every day. He was raised on a higher end food, but protested its flavor. If he won't eat it, it's not worth anything. An emaciated dog is a sick dog. Since he loves it and will eat it, I think it's the best food available, and I can relax a bit because the professionals at purina have hundreds of years of combined experience keeping dogs in top condition. Please work on stomach acid balance, though. In all your foods. I may try the sport 30/20 stuff, I hope it's not a complete waste of time. Dogs work best on empty stomachs and that isn't possible when they throw up on an empty stomach. by on 07/14/2015
Great kibble

My bunch loves the chunky kibbles and great taste. by on 07/06/2015
The dogs love it.

Our dogs love this product and it is very healthy for them. by on 07/06/2015
great for skin and coat

This food makes the fur grow back in real soft. Great to use on mange dogs. by on 07/02/2015
Works for all my dogs

I have 3 dogs and one of them is very picky.she instantly eats her pro plan by on 07/01/2015
All the dogs just love it

I have not seen one dog turn up his nose, they all absolutely love it and their coats are silky and shiny, just beautiful. by on 05/22/2015
Great food for almost everyone

A few of our dogs have food allergies and the lamb is a great alternative to chicken. We've had great results on it for almost everyone. Though for some the lamb is a bit to rich and we did get some bathroom issues... by on 05/18/2015
Great Product!!!

Recently I purchased this product for my personal boxer as I could not find a food that agreed with his system and his skin/coat. This has been a lifesaver. Feeding this to my foster crew has been amazing so I thought why not try with the boxer. I was previously feeding a high end brand found only at a specialty store (when available) and I thought why not try it for him. THANK YOU for the great product. My boxer has been happy, has energy and his skin/coat has been gorgeous. (he is a white boxer) His system also has handled the food perfectly making clean up easier. by on 05/12/2015
This is a great Food for the Seniors!

I am so happy I got this food for my seniors they are more alert and they love the taste! by on 05/11/2015
Great on the Sensitive Tummy!!

I have a dog with digestive issues and since putting him on this diet, he has truly become a new dog!! He doesn't have the urpies and upsets he has had and truly enjoys the taste!! So happy to have him back enjoying meal time!! by on 05/08/2015
Best food for my TWO

Always looking for good food that my two Collies enjoy that is good for them. This makes them so happy. by on 05/06/2015
great maintenance food for senior dogs!

Switched from a much pricier food and could not be happier with pro plan! by on 05/04/2015
Outstanding product for overall health of dogs.

I use your product line and am excieted every time you introduce a new product because we can rely on your research before putting on the market. by on 04/29/2015
Great Product

We feed Pro Plan Shredded Lamb and Rice all the time and my dogs love it. by on 04/26/2015
Great Food, Affordable price

I have fed my dogs Purina Pro Plan for more than 20 years. All my dogs have great body condition. This food agrees with them and they love it. Previously I fed my dogs food from the grocery store. This food is far superior to that food and my dogs seem healthier since I switched. by on 04/25/2015
Pro Plan adult Shredded Lamb & Rice

We switched to this about a year ago-we love it!! They like the taste and it keeps them healthy with shiny coats and happy tails! by on 04/25/2015
Great looking coats

I have been using this formula for years and switch to Sport Performance in the winter when the hounds are hunting and more active. They never skip a beat on either formula. by on 04/24/2015
I've been using pro plan 10 years or more

Even though it is not inexpensive I find my beagles do very well on it. I find it worth the money by on 04/24/2015
Finished my Champion Saluki feeding this!

I have used Purina for years. I always start my puppies on Purina and have wonderful coats and great stools. I show my Salukis in Conformation, Coursing and am working them in Agility and Rally. by on 04/24/2015
Like this Savory Combo

Have fed this food for years to all of my dogs and have had very good results. Never had a problem with upset stomachs or loose stool. Dogs are always eager at meal time. by on 04/24/2015
Eager Eaters

Have been feeding my German Shorthaired Pointers this dog food twice a day all of their lives. There is never a morsel left. In fact, they carry on if they are not fed on time even adjusted for daylight saving time! by on 04/23/2015
Good value

I have used Purina products for over 20 years. I have found them a steady provider of good nutrition for my dogs. Whether running beagles or birddogs I have found a formula appropriate for the needs of my dogs. I have appreciated Purina's investment in research, product development and breeder support. I continue to utilize the Purina Pro Club services and recommend Purina products to friends and prospects. by on 04/23/2015
satisfied user

I've used your brand for several years - my dogs like the product & I like the results.. by on 04/23/2015
Great Food!~

I bought this for my dogs for years and they love it and do very well on Pro Plan by on 04/23/2015
All the dogs love it.

I operate a small boarding Bed & Breakfast for dogs and everyone that boards here is switched from their regular dog food to Pro Plan Lamb and Rice. The dogs love it and I have never had an upset stomach with the switch. by on 04/23/2015
Not So Sure

I have only fed my dogs Purina for years, but I'm getting a little cautious. by on 04/23/2015
Excellent product

I have bought this product for years. The dogs coat shine! It will always be my go to for dog food. by on 04/23/2015
Great product with wonderful results!

I have been feeding ProPlan for 11 years now. It fuels all my show dogs and puppies. We have been very pleased with the results we have gotten from this product! My adults are all on ProPlan Shredded Blends Lamb and Rice. We recently came home from our breed's national specialty with multiple class placements and a Best In Sweeps winner! Thank you Purina for providing great nutrition for our dogs! by on 04/23/2015
Adult Lamb and Rice Formular

We receive many dogs who have a big need for easy to digest food. It is very interesting to watch as they eat this food and observe the changes in their coat. One can also see the improvement of their energy and overall attitude. by on 04/22/2015
Good for Life

My dogs have been enjoying Purina Lamb and Rice their entire lives. From my gobble-everything-in-front-of-me springer spaniels to my do-I-really-want-to-eat-this collies, I never have to coax. My dachshund maintains the stamina to run agility at day long trials and step into the conformation ring the next day without missing a beat. All their coats are shiny and their skin is supple. by on 04/18/2015
Best choice

We recently adopted a dog from a shelter. When we got him he had really bad flaky dry skin and many scars / scabs from previous abuse. Almost immediately we noticed a difference in his skin. There are no more flakes and it shines immensely. He doesn't itch anymore and all of his scabs and scars healed up very well. His body mass is a lot more evened out and he is one happy, spoiled dog now. He loves feeding time and pro plan treats as well! I definitely recommend this food, it really helped my pup regain his health! by on 04/17/2015
My Dogs Love It

It's great and they eat it more than they do can food. My little one loves to eat the Lamb pieces first. It is just an all around good food and with all the other problems with other foods, it's safe to stay with a Purina brand. by on 04/17/2015
Superb Dog Food

We have always fed Purina Pro Plan and it shows in our dogs! by on 04/16/2015
It just has to be the best......

I can't tell you exactly for how long, but I know it has been many years that I have been feeding the Adult Lamb & Rice Formula. I have been breeding & showing since about 1984 and I believe as our Danes reached maturity (body wise) we would switch.....and move them up from their Pro Plan puppy formula to the Adult Lamb & rice; and I have to say we always had great results. Over the last 20+ years we bred about 10 litters and to the best of my knowledge neither we nor any of our puppy buyers ever had issues with any of the Pro Plan kibbles we either sent home with the puppy buyers or with the adult Pro Plan kibble(s) we have recommended. by on 04/16/2015
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