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Purina Pro Plan Extra Care Food for Indoor Cats Product Reviews

Pro Plan focuses on nutritional solutions for the specific needs of indoor cats--including controlling weight, hairball formation, and litter box odor. Maintains a healthy weight for less active indoor cats with 15% less fat than Pro Plan Adult Salmon & Rice Formula. Helps control the formation of hairballs when fed exclusively. Uses natural fiber to gently and efficiently move hair through the digestive tract. Formulated with a special fiber blend to help reduce litter box odor. Complete nutri... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 30 reviewers.

picky cats
Our cats are very finicky eaters...I think most of them are anyway! They eat every morsel. Their coats are beautiful and their bathroom habits stay very normal. by on 11/06/2020
We love our pro plan
Long time pro plan feeder for our dogs and new cat parents. Our new addition, Clemson, loves his pro plan wet and dry. He goes crazy for his pro plan treats too! As a stray Clemson came to us pretty beat up. After taking him to work (I'm a veterinary technician) getting him the medical attention he needed, we immediately put him on pro plan. His coat is now shiny and healthy, maintaining his weight well being a house cat, active and according to his blood work as healthy as can be. I can't speak any higher of all the pro plan lines! by on 01/20/2016
Good Value
I wanted to try something healthy for my three cats by on 10/20/2015
Pro Plan Cat Food
My cat has been eating this food for almost 20 yrs. to bad this food wasn't soft because he's having a hard time eating it now that he's older and doesn't have all his teeth. by on 10/20/2015
Crunching Cats!
Majority of my cats like this food, I can always hear one of them crunching on the food no matter what the time! Day or night one of them is eating this food! by on 09/17/2015
Love the salmon
Since switching to this my cats coat has never looked better by on 09/17/2015
Our cat LOVES the Pro Plan Salmon
Our indoor cat, Mr. Rango, will only eat the Pro Plan Salmon & Rice, in fact He insists on us serving him this , because he refuses to go near any other substitute offering. by on 09/01/2015
Helped with allergies also
Our cat has chronic allergies and Proplan has been the only brand to alleviate this. Our cat also enjoys the food and I credit the ingredients. Very happy. by on 07/28/2015
good quality
I bought some of the indoor cat food and my cat realy likes it. by on 06/19/2015
Indoor Care Salmon & Rice
Please don't go "Grain Free" on this food. Its the only dry food I can get her to eat, despite trying other flavors and other brands. By mistake I purchased regular and not "Indoor" and she would not eat the regular Salmon & Rice. I don't understand all this "Grain Free". Doesn't it strip fiber needed in their diet? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Thank you. by on 03/11/2015
My Cats Won't Eat Anything Else
I've tried many different brands of cat food, but this is the only one that works for me and my cats. It has the high protein and immune boosters that I look for in a cat food and the apparent excellent taste my cats look for! If I try to feed them any other food, they completely ignore it. I've never had a cat food that my cats were so adamant about it being the only thing they eat. I buy this at our local pet supply store and it is always a reasonable price for all that it does for my fur babies. by on 01/30/2015
Greatly reduced kitty presents! Salmon & Rice Indo
After a LOT of trial and error and a LOT of kitty vomiting (sorry, but there you have it), I switched to a completely fish protein source and settled on Purina's Focus Salmon & Rice as the best. My four cats, ranging from 2yrs to almost 16, all like it. It really helps the allergy/hairball situation. Highly recommend. They also eat the canned. by on 10/10/2014
Remarkable Outcome!Indoor Salmon and rice cat food
My cat has been eating indoor salmon and rice for nine years now.I get compliments from the Vet on his check-ups,he looks so healthy,shiny coat,excellent health maintains healthy weight.When he reaches 11yrs.I will switch him to the Senior Formula. by on 10/05/2014
Great selections and flavors
I have been buying this brand for 5 years now. This is the only brand for my cat! by on 09/14/2014
My cat is in love with this product!
I purchased this product because my cat very rarely goes outside and I felt he needed a product that was more designed for his needs. I am SO GLAD I did. He has NEVER been enthusastic about food in particular, but this product changed all that. He will run toward the bag and pouce on it trying to get into it when it's feeding time! by on 09/14/2014
All three of my cats are inside only
It's the only dry food they have ever had and all seem to thrive on it. Purina never lets you down! by on 09/13/2014
Great taste
I have had our cat on indoor ProPlan for 13 plus years now and never had any problems. She loves the salmon and rice formula and has stayed very healthy except for thyroid removal. by on 09/12/2014
Orion's view
Orion like wet food and eats Proplan as as a dessert. His buddy Soda eats Proplan as his main diet. Orion by on 09/12/2014
My cat tried this dry food for the first time. After a few days her coat got shinier. I couldn't beleive it. She seems to like the taste too. by on 09/12/2014
My cats love it
I love feeding them a better dry food, made for their indoor life by on 09/12/2014
good food!
Free feed our cats this and have for fourteen years. by on 09/11/2014
Mine wolf it down.
While the packaging changes (and if the formulation does to) my 4 love Purina Pro Plan. by on 09/11/2014
Nutritious and delicious
It is the only food my cats will eat. They like all of the different flavors, but their favorites are salmon and turkey by on 09/11/2014
Pro plan adult salmon and rice
We couldn't find food she would eat until we tried this. It was recommended by the pet store. Cassie LOVED it from the start! by on 09/11/2014
My three boys LOVE this food!
I have three altered male cats ranging from age 6 to 16. They all absolutely love it and I love that it is so nutritious for them. by on 09/11/2014
13 years old and goin' strong
I rescued a very sick kitten from the woods.Infected with every parasite you could imagine, polluted with fleas, so sick. In her early days while trying to find the right food - we tried so many but every single one had given her terrible gas.A co-worker fed her dogs ProPlan and suggested trying the kitten formula. That was 13 years ago - Faelyn (a.k.a. Bear) has been eating ProPlan dry without the slightest bit of tummy or gastric upset. She had a kidney removed at 8 years old - but is still living the life of a very happy healthy girl. My other two cats, who also were rescued but at 3 weeks old (they are now 10 years old), also are doing very well on ProPlan. by on 09/11/2014
Best Food Ever
During my research on what food to go with before I adopted my 1 year old Domestic Shorthair Cat, I stumbled upon your website and looked around. I was very pleased with the selection and once I was finished reading about The Pro Plan-Focus Indoor Care Adult Salmon & Rice Formula I knew I had found my cat's food. To my delight I found out that The Haven-Friends for Life feeds the cats Pro Plan Focus so I could continue feeding him at home with a food that he was familiar with. I have to say that I am very satisfied with the results that I am seeing. My cat is healthy and his coat is nice and shiny and healthy looking. He has great energy and he loves the taste. Everyone is happy and I can breath easy knowing my cat is getting the nutrition that he needs. Thank you for making a great product by on 11/13/2013
salmon & rice they love
I buy this for my long hair cat and he and she likes it very much I don't have to feed them again or all day and they sleep good at night by on 10/18/2013
Great Product
I started feeding this to my cat about 2 years ago, he is stil l loving this food. I will tell you he is one picky cat but when he loves something you won't let it go. I love this food for him because not only is meat the first ingredient but its also a great food for him. I not only buy him the dry food for him to eat but he also eats the can food. My cat has had a sensitive stomach from time to time and being on Pro plan he hasn't had any issues to this day I am glad that i made the switch great nutrition for a great price. I would recommended Pro plan to any one who has a cat. If you have a dog they have great food to. i have my dog on pro plan can/wet also. by on 02/16/2013
This product has been great for my cats.
I was feeding my cats another brand of cat food and found that they were getting sick on a fairly regular basis. I tried the Pro Plan Salmon & Rice Formula, and they have not been sick since. They love the flavor, so I have no problem getting them to eat it. by on 01/05/2013