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Purina Pro Plan Cat Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Product Reviews

Pro Plan Cat Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula has real lamb as it's #1 ingredient, plus no added artificial colors or flavors. Optihealth has a natural prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive health. This formula is highly digestible ingredients are gentle on the digestive tract. It is also rich in omega fatty acids and zinc for healthy skin and coat.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 95 reviewers.

Life Saver!
This food literally saved my catโ€™s life and my sanity. It was on a list of things to try from her vet. Sheโ€™d been having liquid stools for several months, often outside of the litter box and in โ€œhiddenโ€ places like under beds and behind appliances. I was at my wits end. We quickly saw a turn around in stool consistency after starting this food, and no more surprises or sniffing out hidden poop! by on 12/08/2023
Great Option for Kitties with Sensitive Tummies
From time to time, we get a kitty in the shelter with a sensitive stomach and have found this formula helpful in controlling their issues. by on 07/09/2016
Picky Picky Picky
One of my 2 cats was having loose stools and vomiting, with all of the hair consumed from grooming his stomach was upset. Did some research and determined he may need a mild formula with extra fiber. The change in diet was notable immediately - we now use lamb and rice sensitive stomach instead of chicken and rice formula. by on 07/08/2016
My Cats Lila & Murphy Love Pro Plan!!!!
Changing my Kitties over to Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach was the easiest change I've made, they absolutely love it and their coats are shinier and the food is the best for their tummys. Thanks Pro Plan! by on 06/18/2016
Mr. Catnip loves this.
Mr. Catnip suffers from sensitive skin. I have seen a nice improvement since putting him on this diet. by on 06/06/2016
Really works on sensitive skin
This product has really improved my cats skin. Her coat is beautiful. by on 06/01/2016
Cats love it, Helps coat and tummy issues
Our cats enjoy this flavor (lamb and rice) and also have less hairball and indigestion issues while on it. Added bonus is the nice silky coats they get! by on 05/10/2016
old kitties with very sensitive stomachs love it
They have pancreatitis and everything upsets their stomachs. But hey hold this down! by on 05/03/2016
Excellent product!
We had a bag of this food donated to us and used it for one of our foster kitties who needed a health boost. After eating this food, we noticed an improvement in not only the way she looked but also in her litter box. This product was a great help! by on 05/01/2016
sensitive skin and stomach
been using this food once my cat started to scratch and vomit sometimes and it has help her by on 04/16/2016
Good ingredients
There were a few cats I have had that had sensitve stomachs and would often get sick after eating kibble so I decided to try this product and they have not been getting sick at all to date. by on 04/10/2016
A whole new cat!
I started my sickly cat (he has FIV, so his immune system is very weak) on this food about a month ago, and he loves it! Before, he was sluggish and antisocial, and he was losing a lot of weight. Now he's putting the weight back on, he's frisky and playful, and it's just so obvious to me that he feels so much better. Thank you for giving me my cat back! by on 03/30/2016
Two Sensitive Cats Dilemma
We tried several products for our cats--one cat has a sensitive stomach and the other sensitive skin. This ProPlan formula works for both of them and we don't have to watch to make sure they don't eat out of the other's bowl. by on 03/23/2016
Pro Plan Focus Lamb and Rice
my older kitty was recovering from a urinary tract infection. His didn't seem to want to eat his usual Pro Plan chicken and rice so we figured his stomach was just not right. so we tried lamb and rice..perfect! He regained his desire to eat and love the flavor. we now mix the two and everything is great! by on 03/16/2016
Amazing cat food! Great great product!
I have a 2 year old cat that after about a year starting having a skin issue. We could not figure out what was causing her to want to eat herself raw. I came across a deal on this cat food and decided to give it a try. After 1 bag, all of her skin has grown back and she has stopped trying to chew herself. Magical! That is the only word I can say about this great product! It is like having a whole new cat because of this! Highly recommended. by on 03/11/2016
Great diet
My cat loves his dry food! He stopped vomiting after eating when we started this diet. by on 03/08/2016
Stanley does really well on this!
WE have a kitty that has digestive issues and we tried the sensitive formula with him and so far he is doing well on it. We are keeping our fingers crossed. by on 03/03/2016
All my cats love it but one needs it the most!
We almost lost our four year old Siamese to pancreatitis and liver failure. She is no longer vomiting and has regained all of her lost weight. All three of my cats love this food. We tried various products while she was recovering including some even more expensive. This was the best one. She loves it and she keeps it down! by on 02/27/2016
Descriptive title!
My cat suffers from allergies and vomits often. Eating this food has really cut down on her vomiting and itchiness!! by on 02/24/2016
My cats love it
I have two cats with sensitive stomachs and I bought this a few weeks ago and they have had a better appetite and less throwing up. by on 02/05/2016
Great for my cat with a sensitive stomach
I switched from Hills to Pro Plan Focus and I am so happy I did. My cat loves it and she has much less stomach upset! by on 01/07/2016
Works wonders!
My Sweetpea was constantly throwing up & upon a visit to the vet, found out she now has a very sensitive stomach. I've switched her to this formula and she is 100% better! by on 01/06/2016
Seems to work really well
I had a bag recently donated for a cat in our rescue which had really bad skin issues, after two weeks of feeding this food you could really see an improvement. by on 01/06/2016
It's my favorite for them
As a person who works in rescue and comes across kitties with different ages and medical issues I find this product the best overall for all of them. by on 12/31/2015
Hope it does the trick
We are trying this on a kitty with sensitivities. She loves the tast. Hope it shows in her health! by on 12/28/2015
Heaven send
Our cats love the taste of it, one never has been a dry food eater but since switching them to Focus he gobbles his dry food and turns his nose up to the canned food. by on 11/04/2015
This is the only dry good my cat can eat without getting sick. Unfortunately my Petsmart only carries, small and super large bags of it and I have to travel a distance to get ,t. by on 10/20/2015
Fur softer than ever
I bought this for outdoor cat and she loves it. It has also softened the feel of her fur. by on 10/10/2015
Works better than an expensive RX diet!
I have a 15 tr old siamese, normal weight is about 14 lbs. He was very very sick for months, *00 in testes to find out he had 3 different viruses going on. Vet placed him on an expensive Rx formula from a competitor. Well, when your feeding 5 cats it hets expensive fast!. I decided after a month to try this and now he is after 6 months back to his normal weight. All 5 have beautiful coats, oh and no more furballs! by on 09/09/2015
Check labels carefully. :(
I picked up ProPlan Sensitive Stomach HERRING and Rice instead of LAMB and Rice. I know. My bad. But I'd opened the bag before noticing my error, I can't return it, my cat is diabetic and I cannot change her diet, I'm a senior on a fixed income, I've just wasted $30, will have to replace the bag, and this month my cat eats whilst I scrimp. The packaging is so similar. I feel a fool. by on 08/29/2015
Great Food for IBS
We use this for all our adult rescued cats, that come into our sanctuary with bowel upsets or food allergies..... This lamb/rice is easy to digest and helps to cool down any intestinal upsets. by on 08/06/2015
Good for cats and cats love it
I try to stay away from seafood based products due to high protein levels and this product is great. by on 08/04/2015
It works.
One of our cats had problem with patches of fur falling out. After 2 weeks of supplementing his diet with this, the improvement was quite noticeable. by on 07/21/2015
Am very happy to be serving this readily accepted food to my 4 felines of different ages: 11, 9 years & twin boys 14 months. I'm still unhappy w/the large bag access. Am wondering if there is any headway on pkg. access? I have reported this before quite a few months ago. by on 07/14/2015
ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach
I have several cats who are picky eaters with sensitive stomachs and they love this product. by on 07/10/2015
It worked
We tried this on one of our adoptable cats who had a sensitive tummy. No vomitting on this food. by on 06/13/2015
Great for the kitty with the finicky tummy
Nothing's worse than a cat with constant belly troubles... this has been a life saver for some of the more troublesome felines. Highly recommended for the cats who just can't seem to calm the tummy. by on 05/18/2015
No more paper towels needed
One of the cats I adopted had always had trouble keeping her food down. I was cleaning something up at least once a day. I switched her to Sensitive Skin and Stomach and three weeks later we have had no problem since. by on 05/17/2015
at last!!!
Have been feeding my cats Lamb & Rice for over 30 years and 4+ cats (Eucanuba-sorry). It's been 2 years since I could purchase the Eucanuba and have been searching cat food. Many brands they wouldn't even eat; others they ate but didn't really like. They have been really enjoying their food since I found this last week. I thank you and CC & Sami thank you. by on 05/08/2015
Great features
We used this with a special needs cat and had no problems and he loved it by on 05/06/2015
Sensitive tummies
I have a cat who tends to throwup her food after eating. This helped her. by on 04/16/2015
Too much poiultry in this -- not a good choice for
If this is adertised as sensitive stomach it should be poultry free -- but it is not. Disappointed by on 04/06/2015
works great
We have a rescue that had terrible diarrhea. This has cleared him up by on 03/26/2015
Can Food coming soon?
I bought this cat food for my cat to give it a try and so far so good! He was Currently on a hypoallergic food that was crazy expensive to see if he has a food allergy, hoping he can handle this food and I see no reaction. I hope this line will eventually come out with a canned food because my kitty loves his canned food and I hate that he's only eating dry currently. by on 03/25/2015
Digestive Upset Resolved!
We have a few senior kitties that recently were going through digestive issues. Putting them on the Focus Adult Sensitive Skin and Stomach resolved the issues within 2 weeks! The kitties are feeling much better with more energy! What a great change. by on 03/24/2015
special formula
After learning my cat had developed an allergy to chicken. It was almost impossible to find a cat food that the first ingredient was chicken. Was so glad I found this Sensitive skin and Stomach Lamb and Rice formula. My cat loves it!!! by on 03/23/2015
Sensitive Stomach: Problem Solved With Focus!
Two of my cats - one a senior and the other a youngster - suffered from frequent vomiting, occasional diarrhea. After ruling out any underlying medical problems, I first tried I/D but became frustrated with their lack of interest and efforts to eat it. I tried Focus Sensitive as soon as it came on the market, and they took to it immediately. My two other "normal" cats also like it - so it works for all of them. The diarrhea problem is long gone - and no more vomiting. I do hope NestlePurina keeps this formulation - I would be in a tough spot if it was not longer available! by on 03/23/2015
Rescue Cats Love It!
Prior to trying Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach Lamb & Rice, I frequently had a problem with several of my cats vomiting their food. I thought I would give it a try. It has settled their stomach and it's much easier for them to digest. They're happy because the love the food and they're feeling better. I'm happy because I'm not cleaning up the messes anymore. Thank you, Purina! by on 03/16/2015
Good stuff for sensitive tummies ...
We have a couple cats who suffer from IBS and have sensitive stomachs to boot. We find mixing this food into their dry really helps attracts them to eat ! by on 03/04/2015
Great for finicky stomachs
Our kitties that have digestive issues are glad to have this product. by on 03/01/2015
Boru's Favorite
I have a rescue cat Boru who has a sensitive stomach and sensitive skin, you food is the only one he can eat consistently and he LOVES IT! by on 03/01/2015
My cat has been on several foods and she couldn't seem to digest them very well so I talked to someone that knew about animals and gave him her symptoms and he said try this and my cat loves it and she has been on it a year or a little over and has only vomited once with a small hairball. Even all her hairball have disappeared. She is one happy kitty! by on 02/22/2015
Great transition!
We are thrilled to be able to use the same food local shelters and the PetSmart habitat uses to help cut down on any gastrointestinal issues that often crop up after rescuing/fostering a cat! by on 02/13/2015
Really helps cut down on Upset Stomachs
This food really helps reduce vomitting in cats. We've also noticed a difference in our cat's skin condition and coat since using this product. by on 01/20/2015
Great outcome
We have a rescue cat that has a very sensitive stomach and would not tolerate certain foods. Since being on this product she has show a lot of improvement and seems to enjoy life better. by on 12/11/2014
Has made a world of difference in the overall heal
We have been feeding both wet and dry food to our two Siamese and have noticed a world of difference in their appearance and behavior. We had been feeding a very expensive prescription diet before. by on 11/27/2014
Sensitive skin
My cat's hot spots have gone away since feeding this product. by on 10/27/2014
Great to know what the food is intended for!
Buddy, being an older cat, has become quite sensitive and gets an upset stomach quite frequently. I tried other cat food recommended by my vetinarian, but Buddy would not eat it, also being a picky cat. He seems to love the Pro-Plan Focus food and tolerates it extremely well. It is the only one I will buy now! by on 09/29/2014
Big Paws Up!
We adopted a cat from a shelter in MA 3 weeks ago. The shelter is very lucky in that Purina donates the food, ProPlan. Big Paws Up, Purina, you rock! My other, older cat, has digestive issues. We bought Purina ProPlan because we didn't want to disrupt our new cat's digestive system with a new food on top of a new change in home. We selected sensitive skin and stomach to help my older cat. They are both thriving! My older cat prefers this to the Blue Buffalo food we were feeding him. They are both digesting the food well and both have gorgeous, silky fur. I highly recommend this product. by on 09/27/2014
Works great for cats with IBD
Two of my cats were recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease. My vet suggested trying a sensitive stomach food or else they would have to eat prescription. Tried this food. It's wonderful. No more vomiting and they have both gained back the weight they lost. Love this product by on 09/26/2014
Great for a cat with a sensitive system!
The cats love this special formula for sensitive skin and digestion! It is easy on their system and they seem to really love the flavor! by on 09/25/2014
Food she can eat
This is the only food that I have found that Sugar doesn't get sick on. I have tried other Sensitive System foods, but this one is the only one that she can eat. by on 09/19/2014
Great for digestion
Our 10 year old kitty was becoming more & more sensitive to her foods. We switched her to this Pro Plan sensitive skin & stomach and it had a wonderful affect on her. She now eats happily & her issues with digesting and keeping food down has noticeably reduced. by on 09/17/2014
Excellent Food!
My cats have been on pro plan for 14 yrs. and they love it and I wouldn't change for anything by on 09/14/2014
Excellent Benefits and my cats love it
I am so happy to find a healthy food that my cats love. by on 09/13/2014
Cats love
My cats and my foster cats love this food! I feel good about giving this to all of them! by on 09/12/2014
The only cat food, my cat can eat !
My cat, kit KAT, has lots of stomach issues. This is the only cat food that he can tolerate. by on 09/12/2014
This food helped my cat's sensitive skin
My cat had very sensitive skin. From the time she was born she kept sores on her. I couldn't find any thing to help. I finally changed my cat's food to Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula. by on 09/12/2014
Thank you Pro Plan!
From the day I brought little 4 pound, 7 month old Emily home, she would eat her dry food, or wet food, it didn't matter, and 20 minutes later would vomit. It was obvious she was reacting to the food and it didn't matter which brand I tried, including the prescription brands. I believe it was the reason she was surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society in the first place. After all, it's not fun cleaning up vomit piles several times a day. Finally, I thought I would try the Pro Plan that was being used in the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet adoption center where I volunteered. It has been 7 years now since I switched to the Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula and Emily no longer gets sick after she eats. She has gained weight and the other 2 cats she shares the house with don't seem to mind it either. I love the fact that Pro Plan comes in many different varieties to meet many needs. My son even remarked that he felt their coats were much softer and I believe they are shedding less. I have recommended Purina Pro Plan to many people and credit it for allowing Emily to be the healthy, happy kitty she is today. I also feed the Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Kitten formula to the foster kittens I take care of because I feel it gives them the very best chance to grow up strong and healthy. It would be less expensive to use the Purina Kitten Chow, which is a good product, but after seeing how great my own cats have done on the Pro Plan, I feel it's the best choice for the kittens in my care. I definately recommend the brand to the new pet parents when the babies go to their forever homes. by on 09/11/2014
Pro Plan Sensitive
I have bought every dry bag brand of cat food for my cat Midnite. She was sensitive to it as vomiting and loose stools always occurred. I was at the end of my rope so thought I would try this kind and voila! It works! She is very satisfied and happy! So am I! Thank you! by on 09/11/2014
Silky fur results!
I started my rescue cat, Boo, on this product as soon as he came home with me. He had a bit of dandruff and his fur was on the dry side. I didn't notice the change right away but realized after a couple of months that his fur had become silky smooth and no more noticable white flakes. Our newest rescue has long black fur and the quality of his coat has improved as well, since he came to live with us. Our older cat who has a sensitive tummy had problems with other brands for sensitive stomachs, but thse have cleared up since she started on Pro Plan. It's wonderful that I no longer have to try to feed my gang separately - they are all thriving on this blend. by on 09/11/2014
It has real ingredients
Tony was having stomach problems, and had been vomiting quite a bit. I could not find a food that he would eat and not vomit until I. Found sensitive skin and stomach. After months eating this food Tony no longer vomits often. Matter of fact he very seldom vomits any more. by on 09/11/2014
pro plan
All my cats love hard to find one that works for all. by on 09/11/2014
Cat Gobbles Down Food
My cat is allergic to chicken and scratches all of his fur off when he eats it. ProPlan Lamb and Rice is the only food that contains no chicken and my Cat loves the taste and has all of his fur. by on 09/11/2014
Kitty's tummy is cailmer on this food
Kaylee, my snow bengal has had colitis all her life. Vet prefered to have it controlled by diet, when she was younger and I continue to do the same.She has been on a few different brands, none of which she was very fond of.The stuff she did like made her sick. This is the first time in 11 years that she likes the food and it does not make her sick. by on 09/11/2014
Finicky Lovers Food
Nine cats can't be wrong, including the finicky ones. One of my cats has a sensitivity to poultry products (soft stool problem) so I have to limit his poultry intake. Luckily the other eight had no problem switching to Lamb and Rice from Chicken and Rice. This particular cat is very finicky and would not eat the other brands of low-poultry or poultry-free food that was offered. Everyone is happy with soft, flake free coats. by on 09/11/2014
A life saver for my cat with IBS disorder
All of my cats eat Pro Plan food but I have a special kitty with an IBS disorder. He is very limited on what he can safely eat. Pro Plan sensitive stomach is a life saver. It does not upset his stomach and he loves it. It works well with his medication. by on 09/11/2014
Great food for Lucy!
I have a little tortoise shell kitty who has a sensitive tummy and this Pro Plan Dry food for Sensitive Stomachs works out perfect for her. by on 09/11/2014
Fantastic Dry Cereal
I have a cat who cannot eat any type of dry cereal without throwing up. I saw the Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach and decided to try one more time. Amazingly, he can eat this brand and does not get sick plus my other three cats love it. He seems to really love the taste of it because he is always eating on it. I am so glad I decided to try one more cereal. I will never feed him anything but this dry cereal. Thank you Pro Plan. by on 09/11/2014
Helped with hairball issues.
Was only food that helped my Persian with hairball issues. Tried many others that had no preservatives or by-products and he still had problems with diarrhea and not wanting to eat when had hairball. My Calico does well on it too. Recently switched to the Herring version of this food. Hope it helps as well. by on 09/11/2014
Lamb lamb lamb!
My Bengal cat eats ONLY your lamb-based 'sensitive skin/stomach'...not because he has ANY skin or stomach issues, but because lamb is the singularly most important ingredient for my cat's nutrition an well-being. Thx to ProPlan, I have an extremely healthy, happy, playful cat. Don't ever stop making lamb the foremost ingredient in this product! You're the ONLY company that provides this top-notch formula. by on 09/11/2014
Finally Help for a kitty with a Sensitive Stomach
My foster kitty Oliver has suffered for years with food sensitivity and so I decided to try Pro Plan. Oliver loves his new food and he seems to be tolerating it very well. by on 09/10/2014
Healthy great tasting food.
This is the go to food when new incomers come in, that way it helps with the tummies from switching foods. The cats like the taste and flavor from this food. by on 09/09/2014
For the love of lamb
Not bought for sensitive stomach issue but another great flavor to try by on 09/06/2014
My cat loves this!
My one cat has a very sensitive stomach and would often throw up the previous brand. We switched her to ProPlan Sensitive Stomach and she not only loves it but it completely settled her stomach down as lamb was easier for her to digest! by on 09/05/2014
No more itching!
The vet said my cat had a food allergy since all his itchiness was around his face and head. They recommended a hypoallergenic cat foot that cost $60 for a 10 lb bad!! It did not do anything! I tried this brand based on my sister's recommendation (she worked at a pet store) and miraculously he is not itchy and acting more like a cat! LOVE this product! by on 08/06/2014
Skin problems completely eliminated.
I have a 5 yr old white long hair persian cat. She has a very light, pink, skin and is very sensitive to food and sunlight. I have had her on every prescription food that was made with varying results, most not that good. I did a little internet research and came across Focus - Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula. I thought that there was no way that this comparatively inexpensive food would help my cat's skin problem, since the most expensive prescription foods did little to help her. I tried the food and first of all she loved it and immediately wanted more. I noticed an improvement in her digestion and bowel movements. I also noticed a marked improvement in her skin in about a week and it continued to get better each week. Now 6 months later, she has gained several (much needed) pounds of weight and her skin and coat are both beautiful. She has had no problems of any kind since we started her on this food regimen and I would recommend this food product to any cat lover who has a cat with sensitive skin. thanks ron by on 05/15/2014
His Tummy Trouble is Over
I bought this for my Ragdoll boy who was throwing up way too much. ร‚ย My vet suggested changing him from a poultry based food to lamb. ร‚ย I found this Pro Plan Lamb and ordered it. ร‚ย It has now been three weeks and his vomiting has been drastically reduced and for the first time in years, his stools are firm. ร‚ย The rest of my Ragdolls eat a variety of foods, including Focus Indoor Turkey & Rice. ร‚ย Since my sensitive tummy boy is retiring soon and will probably join the rest of the crowd, I may transition everyone else to just Pro Plan too. ร‚ย My boy's coat has improved as well. ร‚ย Now, if only you made a lamb canned food to go with the dry... by on 03/12/2014
Awesome Food!!
I was feeding my cat blue buffalo and it wasn't agreeing with her. So I thought I would try pro plan and she feels so much better. She has got soooo much energy! She has been playing a lot! by on 02/23/2014
Great Product. The cats love it!
My male Ragdoll (Mister Blue) has very sensitive skin and stomach. ร‚ย He was over a year old when I got him, and I was feeding rest of my herd, including 2 other Ragdolls, Purina One Hairball Formula. ร‚ย They all have hairball issues from time to time. ร‚ย  Mr. Blue was still throwing up a lot, so I switched to ProPLan ร‚ย Sensitive Stomach. ร‚ย This worked wonders for the vomiting, but hairballs were still an issue. ร‚ย I now feed a combination of Pro Plans Sensitive Stomach, Pro Plan Hairball Formula, and Pro PlanLong Coat Formula, ร‚ย  I have since adopted another older Ragdoll, a retired breeder, Victoria. ร‚ย The Ragdolls, Maine Coon and all of my various mixed breeds & alley cats, all love the food and are doing quite well. ร‚ย Even the short haired ones have soft, silky fur. ร‚ย The vomiting and fur balls are no longer a big issue. ร‚ย  by on 02/06/2014
Great combination
I have always purchased ProPlan Dog food. When I started having foster cats and three of them had severe hair loss and one very bad stools,I purchased ProPlan sensitive skin and stomach. Over a period of time their fur grew back and the one cat started having normal stools.After leaving the rescue I kept all my foster cats,now everybody loves eating the food and they all have beautiful shiny fur. by on 01/14/2014
My cat can keep this food down!
I have a cat with a very sensitive stomach. I have tried numerous products, wet and dry. I have fed Pro Plan now for a week and he is keeping it down so far. I am very happy and so is Andy, my cat. I hope that it continues! It is pricey, but if it works, I will cut corners to buy this product. Sure would be nice to find some coupons for this product now and then. Thank you, Kathy and Andy by on 11/23/2013
Dandruff killer!
My cat Henry had dandruff issues and he shed quite a lot. He sometimes also had problems at the litter box. He had been eating the Purina One line of food since he was a kitten. And last year I started giving him one can a day of the Purina Pro Plan wet foods (which he loves). But the dandruff started getting a bit worse and the fur on his back was very coarse. So I looked over the food options when I went to get him a fresh bag. I spotted the Lamb in the Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula and thought I would give it a go. He LOVES this food! And just half way through the bag, the dandruff is not even an issue and his fur is softer than ever! I'm not even sure he was this soft when he was a kitten! I'm recommending this to all my friends.ร‚ย  by on 05/19/2013
stopped the puking
My cats are 10 years old and have been eating Authority cat food since they were kittens. ร‚ย One of my cats has always thrown up more than the other but in the last few months she has actually started throwing up every time I fed her. She lost a lot of weight and her skin became dry and she began losing hair. My cousin who is a vet told me I had to change her food. I was in the pet store for over an hour reading labels when the sales lady recommended Proplan ร‚ย for send active skin and stomachs. AMAZING! No more puking, she has energy, no more dander, and her hair is growing back! AND both my cats love it! THANK YOU! by on 05/04/2013
amazing product
We recently took in a stray, possibly lost cat, who we found outside under our porch in -20 degree weather, she was so thin and terrified. We took her in (even though we already had 3 cats), gave her a warm loving home and obviously began feeding her the same food our cats were used to (Friskies seafood sensations and rise & shine). As we made her one of our family we continue to look for her original owners, seeing as she was spayed and declawed (i do not like that she is declawed). Her stomach could not handle the regular food, and she would throw up constantly, i am not sure if it was an allergy or just the fact that she has a sensitive stomach. Since we purchased Pro Plan, Adalynn has not had any ร‚ย puking incidents. And now all four of our cats are eating Pro Plan. Highly recommended product! i plan to continue purchasing this product, and possibly let my kitties try the soft food and treats also :) by on 02/25/2013