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Prednisolone is a pet medication that is used to treat allergies, inflammations, immune system and autoimmune disorders, and diseases in dogs and cats. Prednisolone is also used to help treat Addison's disease and adrenal gland disorder.

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Great Value, Ships Fast
Two of my senior cats take PrednisoLone daily and we have been purchasing it through PetCareRx for over a year now with no issues. The cost per pill is more affordable than other online pet pharmacies and I'm always surprised at how fast it arrives. Obviously, the cats don't necessarily enjoy taking it, but why would they? Sometimes we hide it in a Churu or soft treat - thankfully the pills are small and easy to work with. by on 08/19/2023
Pet Meds at Great Prices!
Great price and fast delivery! by on 01/16/2023
Worked well and on time delivery. by on 12/17/2022
Fast and Accurate
Every order has been on time and accurate. Thank you very much. by on 05/15/2022
Ordering is easy, and quick. Great service. by on 12/27/2021
After paying a ridiculous price at my vets, I got home and checked Pet Plus. The difference was about $40. by on 06/17/2020
Easy ordering
I like that I can get refills from home, and no hassle to order. by on 05/17/2020
Convenient. by on 01/28/2020
Used for cat with asthma
I've been giving this to my cat for years to help control asthma. by on 02/15/2019
Works good but is way too expensive.
Works good but is way too expensive. by on 06/18/2018
2.5 mg twice a day for my cat.
My cat was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome two years ago. After four visits to the vet for diarrhea and loss of appetite. It was either put her down or try Prednisolone. She still has bouts once or twice a month, but this medication has kept her at least comfortable. She is now almost 17 years old and we are wondering how much longer she will tolerate this medication. We were told it may affect her kidneys or liver eventually. by on 03/08/2016
Identical to my Veterinarian's supply.
Identical to my Veterinarian's supply. Saved a few dollars.Pleased my Veterinarian was on board purchasing from Petcare.My dog is a Standard Poodle.You did not list the three breeds of Poodles. by on 07/10/2015