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Arthritis isn't just a problem for humans. As your dog ages, inflammation and osteoarthritis conditions can cause pain and discomfort for your pooch. Phycox Canine Joint Support is a unique formula packed with packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation in your dog. Phycox has been clinically tested for efficacy and veterinarians trust the formula for its unique benefits. Your pup will love the tasty treats, and you'll love watching her play like a puppy again.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

Phycox is Great
Phycox is a great product which has restored mobility for my dog. It has allowed her to jump up on the bed, which is something she couldn't do before using the product. I am now a regular customer. by on 08/20/2018
Works Well
Gracie, my 8 year old, part Australian Shepard, and not sure what the other part if; because we got her from a shelter (her mother was AS). She has had hip problem since one year old and we have had her on Phycox since 2 yo. She has good days and bad days. It seems to work. by on 04/24/2018
Only product that works
We have a fairly large dog who has had total hip dysplasia since the age of 8 months, and she is now 9. This is the only product I have tried that actually works for her. Because of her size, I keep her on a dose of 2 a day and even in the cold months very rarely see her limp - and this was a dog that was bunny hopping when she was at her worst. I take her either completely off or give 1 a day in the hot summer months so that she doesn't get completely immune to it (not sure if she would but don't want to take any chances). I give it to our 15 year old dog as well for relief of arthritis (she was an agility dog). They love the taste and have never had them refuse to take it as I have other products. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has a dog in pain due to similar degenerative diseases. To us, it has been a miracle!! by on 01/17/2014
Easy to give
Our vet recommended this product for our 10 & 13 year old labs. Can't really tell how well it is working yet, but it is an easy once a day treat that contains ingredients beneficial to helping maintain/improve joint health from which our older dog suffers. Both dogs readily accept/eat this treat which is a big plus. Hope over time that we will see positive results. by on 12/02/2013
Dog loves these "treats"
My dog loves these pills, he thinks they are a treat. These help his mobility, he's 12 and not as agile as he used to be. by on 09/22/2013
Dog loves these "treats"
My dog loves these pills, he thinks they are a treat. These help his mobility, he's 12 and not as agile as he used to be. by on 09/22/2013
Excellent joint supplement
I have a 15 year old golden retriever taking this product for over 3 years. This product was first purchased through my vet but it is much cheaper through PetRx. I use the granuales as it is an even better value than the chews. My pet loves it and I do see a difference when he is not taking it. I have to supplement with Previcox (rx) but this really helps him have more non-medicated days. I have tried other supplements, but I really prefer the Phycox due to value and the non-inflammatory ingredients. by on 08/08/2013