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A fast acting, quick drying, simple topical form of flea and tick control, PetArmor uses the same active ingredient as Frontline Top Spot, so you know it works.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 41 reviewers.

Works good & the price is good. by on 03/07/2023
Good value
Works as well as the more expensive brands but saves money and is less greasy by on 12/02/2022
Great product
Works well. Dogs donโ€™t mind it great price by on 06/06/2021
Love This Stuff!
We have been using this product for years and not once have we pulled a tick off of our dog. by on 12/08/2017
Not a bargain after all...
I purchased this thinking it was a generic version of the expensive brand. Generics are often just as good and when it comes to monthly treatment of fleas, I'd heard that generics work. This did. For about three days. Then our lab mix was chewing himself up more than ever. We thought something was really wrong. A visit to the vet showed it was a flea and tick problem. She said she is not at all fond of this product. This may have been cheaper but every penny was wasted. by on 07/09/2016
Great Value
Can't beat this for the price. My doxies show no ill effects after switch from Frontline last year. by on 03/14/2016
Be weary for your Chihuahua!... .
I found it was easy to apply, and had no noticeable smell. But, less than 24hr's after application, my dog "Freddie" had what can only account as an allergic reaction which turned him into a very aggressive animal. After singling out everything else that could have been different from the day before. Realizing the possible reaction, I immediately gave him a bath and within the first 5mn's of washing him...he began to be his happy little self again. I then rinsed him twice#changing water twice#, his e1 aligned again and his mood back to normal. So be Weary! by on 02/17/2016
I have two dogs and I'm on a budget . PetCareRx provides a large selection and reasonable price. Because of the large selection I can compare the quality and price of the products. PetAmor was what I was looking for it's effective and the price was good. My dogs respond well to the product. by on 11/08/2015
Easy to use
Very good within 3days clear of all fleas (on all 3 dogs) by on 06/24/2015
Costs less and works the same
This product works as good as any other ones out there, but costs less by on 02/04/2015
Dog Allergies
My dog is allergic to these types of applications - this is a different brand from what I was using, but same result. I meant to buy NexGuard (oral). by on 02/01/2015
This works just as well as the more exspensive brands!
We have been using this product for the last year and have had great success! by on 01/05/2015
We have used PetArmor on our Poodle for several years and she has never had fleas or ticks. by on 10/22/2014
PetArmor prevents fleas.
Just like Frontline Plus, PetArmor works to prevent fleas from staying on dogs and coming inside the house. The dogs are happy and I'm very happy. by on 10/21/2014
We have purchased this particular brand for over 4 years and it works great. by on 07/17/2014
Why pay more
I've used all the name brands since they came on the market but when our income got cut I decided to try something less expensive. We've been using PetArmor for the last 3 years in flea and especially high tick areas and haven't had one flea infestation or tick on our Lab.Someone else will have to tell you the difference between the high and low priced topicals,I can't. by on 07/02/2014
Pet Armor is Great!
Good value to and just as effective as the premium brands. by on 06/09/2014
Great Value!
Much cheaper than the name brands - Frontline, Advantage, etc. Works just as well as anything we have ever used before without breaking the bank every couple of months. With 3 dogs, we spend quite a bit on flea/tick remedies. When I found out from a friend who works as a Vet Tech that they sell Frontline Plus 45-88 lbs 3 packs at $50, my jaw dropped! Ridiculousness. Thankful for Pet Armour. by on 06/04/2014
This product has great features which are easy to use.
Basically the product is very easy to use and I have not had any problems. by on 11/28/2013
The product wooks good
First month seems to make things worse,after 2nd dose and so on it works as good asfrontline witch is great. by on 11/07/2013
Works well!
We live in an area where there are a lot of ticks this time of year. I have found ticks crawling, but not attaching to our dog. Happy that the product does repel them and keeps them from biting. by on 10/24/2013
Very good product
Is very affordable and easy to use. We haven't had any issues with flees or ticks ever on our pets. by on 09/03/2013
Works Great
We haven't found a single flea or tick while using PetArmor by on 07/18/2013
Spot On Product - no pun intended
This Flea product is slow to take effect and has a bad applicator, but after a few days it is good to go. by on 07/18/2013
A good product with a great value
I've been using this product with both of my dogs and so far, I don't have any complaint by on 07/17/2013
Inside Dog
I have used Pet Armor since my dog is a puppy and it works. He is an inside dog and sometimes he spend time outside in my small yard, no problem with fleas and ticks.You can tell when the month has pass, he start scrashing and that when I know he needs the dose.I have never had problems of fleas and ticks. by on 06/05/2013
Product did work
I was using K9 Advantix and saw a deal on this product, so I thought to give it a try. Wish I hadnt. In all the months of using this product my dog picked up fleas and it took forever to get rid of them. Finally having to switch back to the other product. by on 05/22/2013
Did not work during a kennel visit
I had a similar experience. Worked for about 3 mos. Could not handle a kennel visit. Going back to Frontline plus. Never found any fleas after kennel visits with Frontline plus. I switched due to price. Not worth the savings. by on 05/18/2013
Exact ingredients as higher priced one
This product has the same active ingredient as Frontline, which is called Fipronil. If you want Frontline PLUS, then you need Pet Armour PLUS, which is not offered on this site. Frontline Plus and Pet Armour Plus have the added ingredient of S-methoprene. However, most dogs will do perfectly well with Fipronil only. by on 03/14/2013
Works great. Good price.
Good alternative to other more expensive products. by on 12/08/2012
Switched from Frontline
My vet started Jeter on Frontline but I've switched over to PetArmor and Jeter remains flea-free for a lot less!! I was skeptical at first but I see the difference in my budget!! by on 09/09/2012
Just as good
armour for dogs and cats have been great for my 4 animals.Just as good as the higher priced ones. Animals have had great results and are inside-outside. by on 08/25/2012
Worked good for 2-3 months with every brand I've ever tried, it stopped working, my fur babies got immuned. It happens. I just received the Sentry Natural Defence 1terday. Stay tuned... by on 08/17/2012
Has been effective in prevention of fleas. Like saving $20 over what I used to pay for 3 mos applications. by on 08/11/2012
PetArmor For Dogs
It didn't work for us. We just found 2 ticks on our pet. We had used this product for 2 months. Going back to Front Line. We were trying to save money. We learned the hard way. by on 08/06/2012
I bought cheaper flea meds before and always wound up buying the expensive meds anyway, cuz the cheaper never worked, so when I heard the pet armor has the same ingredients as the expensive ones, I bought it, and it worked just as well, I will be buying this for now on. as theres no more need to spend extra by on 07/04/2012
Wish I hadn't bought this....
I really wish I hadn't bought this product. I usually use the competitors product (starts with an F) without any problems at all. My Dalmatian is very allergic to flea bites, and this didn't provide anywhere near the protection of the other product I usually buy. She now has a horrible patchy coat from the flea bites, a small skin infection from one of the bites being so inflamed and on top of all that the product stained her coat orange/brown where it was a applied. Bit of a mess really. If your dog is really sensitive to fleas then I wouldn't recommend this, it just didn't work on my Dalmatian at all. by on 06/14/2012
flea med
Your product SUCKS!!! I have too small dogs and they only go out to do there business! I purchased ur product a week ago and these little dog have more fleas now than they had before I used ur product!!! I will never use ur product or recommend it to any of my friends again!!! Spend a little more and get a product that REALLY WORKS!!! by on 05/25/2012
Great Product!
Tried it on both of my dogs and worked great! My mini-pin has very sensitive skin and fleas just cover him. I put this on him and he has flea-free ever since! Thanks! by on 05/15/2012
Don't waste your money
This product does NOT work. I put in on 2 of my indoor dogs and they both had fleas withing 3 days. Never did help them get rid of the fleas. Could not tell a difference from before and after application. by on 05/08/2012
Really Works!
This product worked great for my dog and I saved a ton! I am sticking with it! Keeps everything off my dog and finally a more affordable alternative! by on 10/06/2011