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O.N.E. Tender Selects with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

At Purina ONE, they believe that by discovering a cat's true nature, we can gain a better understanding of their needs. Nature shines through in our science when it comes to making Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Salmon Flavor. The blending of both nature and science allows us to discover key ingredient and nutrient combinations. Together, they create an optimal protein level with real salmon as the first ingredient, and other high-quality ingredients to make a positive difference you can see in your cat... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 125 reviewers.

My cats love

All 10 of my cats enjoy Purina One Salmon and Tuna. I do wish there were MORE products that did not contain wheat products in them by Purina One, as I have a cat that is highly allergic to wheat and this is the only product that does not contain wheat. I am sure the rest would enjoy all the products, but I can't try them. by on 06/30/2016

Great cat food my cats love it

I have two cats that just love Purina one Salmon and Tuna. My vet tells me for being a couple of 12yrs. they are in great health. Thank you for a great product. Keep up the great work. by on 06/27/2016
They love it!

I happen to buy this on sale at my grocery store. I had a coupon for it and thought, what the hay. I opened the bag a few days later and both my cats loved it. They hardly brought their heads up out of their bowls. It was a hit here! Thank you Purina!! by on 05/25/2016
An older cat

We got Mocha when she was 4 years old and now she is 11 years old. She loves Purina one and has stayed very healthy. I recommend Purina One. by on 05/16/2016
Excellent food my cat enjoys

My cat is two years old. She never had tried Purina. I got a free sample. Soon as I opened it she starting rubbing against leg and meowing. She enjoys ever time she eats. Purina is the only brand for her now. by on 05/13/2016

My cat loves it,i have always bought Purina products for my pets. But my cat only will eat Purina One. My dogs now eat Purina dog one. by on 04/30/2016
Monika Picked it out

My cat Monika went through several foods and just would stop eating it so i puck up this food and she eats it all the time and even meows if she runs out of it. by on 04/17/2016
Romeo's Favorite!

Quite a fussy eater but Romeo loves his seafood! More of a surf then a turf guy. This food rocks it for him...thanks for the healthy food by on 04/06/2016

I gave my cats the purina one salmon and tuna flavor and they devoured the food in an instant. It seems they know a good quality versus a store brand. by on 02/17/2016
Long Time Favorite

Quite some time ago I tried Purina One challenge for cats and it lived up to its promises. So when I received a cat from my grand daughter I knew how to bring her up to par and give her the best possible coat and health. It's all she will eat. Recently I fostered a cat who had to have his teeth removed so he could only eat wet food. He was thin and sickly and the meds made his stools very loose. I mixed the Purina One dry(after softening it with chicken broth)with the wet and he regained normal stools even with the meds and put on some back muscle. He loved it. Thanks Purina by on 02/10/2016
The dog loves it too..

I moved in with my boyfriend and his two cats. He was feeding them other brand name food. They did just fine with it. I switched to this food after reading great reviews. Yes, it's a bit more expensive, but they are FAMILY. Since then, my shepherd mix has also moved in. She scarfs the cat food! It's that good! Dry dog food - meeeeh. Purina One Salmon! YUM! The cats also enjoy her canned food as a treat. by on 01/30/2016
George's favorite

Switched from a cheap brand the first owner was using about a year a ago. Within two months his coat was much fuller and sleeker. Loves the food and has been healthy and happy. Refused to eat Iams but loves Purina! by on 01/19/2016
Food that my cats really like.

When I shake that bag of cat food my cats come running. by on 01/16/2016
Finally found one she will eat

Tried several different brands of dry cat food and my cat only likes this one by on 01/04/2016
Execellent food

My cat was 6 mo. old when I got him. I used other brands of food for a while but he had digestive issues. We switched to Purina One. He lived to be 21 years old and just passed away this year. Thank you Purina for giving me the best gift of all. 21 years with my black kitty! I know my other 3 will live long and healthy lives as well. We buy no other food for them except Purina One. by on 12/29/2015
Both cats loved it from the first bite!

I've been buying more expensive "designer" cat food for my two adult cats. Even the "picky eater" loved Purina One from the first bite. The salmon/tuna mix was especially aromatic. I appreciate the attention to nutrition and the value. I'm switching to Purina from now on! by on 12/28/2015
Cat loved this

Funny, my adopted adult cat wouldn't even take a bite of the Chicken and Turkey flavor, but he took right to the Salmon and Tuna flavor. Unfortunately, I wasted $13 on the other flavor, but Purina followed up on my review and said they are sending me some coupons, which is better than most companies would do. Anyway, kitty likes this, and Salmon is the first ingredient. I'm not a cat food expert, but I think this is a good food, and well-packaged in a sturdy, thick plastic-felling bag--much better than the old paper bags. He seems to be staying at a healthy weight. Thanks! by on 12/13/2015
Great product

When my husband brought home the poor pathetic cat he rescued from the park we weren't sure which food to feed her - haven't had a cat for a bunch of years - we have 2 chihuahua's. I went to my Pet store and they recommended a 4-star Surf & Turf cat food (very expensive) but I tried it. She ate it but here's the story - we had to watch our next door neighbors cat while they were on vacation and that's when I was introduced to Purina One/Salmon & Tuna flavor. I left out a bowl of it on the counter while I went to another part of the house - I was going to take over the neighbor when I came back in the room there was Gracie just eating away. I did a little test - I put her expensive food in one bowl and Purina One in another - separated about 4 feet - let Gracie go and she went immediately to the Purina One! Needles to say I have switched to Purina One and I donated the expensive bag to my Vet... Thanks and keep up the good work! by on 12/06/2015
At my house, we only serve the best --- Purina One is #1, paws down!

Over the years, & the many pets I've had, I have tried many different foods, but I have to say, when I went to Purina One for both my cats & my dogs, the bowls are gobbled up the moment they hear the rustling of the bag! I had several cats (down to just one now) & some of them had very finicky stomachs, but when we went to the Purina One Salmon & Tuna brand dry food, they all seemed to love it & rarely had any stomach upsets. If they did, it was more likely a treat they may have been given than the food. The morsels are small, which I like, & so do they apparently, especially one cat that had some teeth removed...he could eat this with no problem which was an added bonus. I have just one now, Kitty-Kitty, but he devours this stuff. If he could, I bet he would give a good cheek rub to the makers at Purina to say thank you. I also have 3 dogs, a chug (Peanut), a toy poodle (Cash Moolah) & a lab/shep mix (Buddy) that absolutely love the new Purina One Smart Blend with turkey & venison...they simply love the soft chunks, as they pick those out first, then finish up with the hard triangular pieces, but the bowls are always licked clean. Thank you Purina for a superior quality food that without a doubt, makes me the best mommy ever in their eyes for serving up the "good stuff" to all my little happy & healthy furkids... when their happy, I'm happy! by on 11/29/2015
cats love it

one time I had 9 cats.. age ranging from 2-18.. All enjoyed their food. no health issues except for the normal again process. by on 11/23/2015
Cats love Salmon and Tuna flavor

My 10 cats really like Purina One Salmon & Tuna flavor and will eat it consistency. I have tried the other flavors, but Salmon & Tuna is their favorite. It is nutritionally balanced food that meets their needs. I appreciate that it is reasonably priced, too. by on 11/03/2015
never get sick always healthy only go to vet for yearly and shots

my 7 rescue cats love love love this food. never any leftovers by on 10/15/2015
Only cat food my cats will eat

My cats will not eat anything but the Tuna and Salmon flavor by Purina One. I've tried other brands- they just turn up their noses. They had rather not eat as to have to eat anything else. by on 10/04/2015
Nine cats all enjoy!

We have tried other cat foods and then again other tastes. I have nine cats different ages and all enjoy this one product. Buy cat food twice a month and only buy Purina One Salmon and Tuna. by on 09/23/2015
Only Cat Food I use & recommend

in 2001 I met someone who had a cat that was only fed Meow Mix. The cat looked sick, he was losing his fur and very thin. I brought in Purina One put a bowl of it next to his food & he chose Purina One, within a short amount of time he was gaining weight & stopped losing his fur. I feed feral cats in my neighborhood & they all look healthy. by on 09/18/2015
Healthy happy cat

We started Boka on the kitten formula and at one yr. old switched to this. He loves it. No problems at all. Rarely does he spit up and his coat is smooth and shiny. He's a spunky, funny little fur human to us and we'll continue using your products forever. Thanks for coupons. by on 09/17/2015
Best Cat Food Ever

I've used Purina One since my cat was 3 months old, he is currently 9 years. He's an incredibly picky cat when it comes to his food, but this is one he loves to eat. He was lost for about 2 years, and when we found him again, we immediately put him on Purina One and within the first two weeks his coat was shiny again and very soft. He's always had positive health checkups and I completely attribute that to his food. Thank you for making a quality product! by on 09/02/2015
All my cats love this food!

I have a picky eater and she loves Purina One. I recently adopted two new shelter cats and had no idea what they were fed before. They absolutely loved Purina One from the very first moment. And thanks for not adding food coloring to your food. From a very happy cat momma! by on 08/29/2015
Try as I might, I could not make this coupon print.

Try as I might, I could not make this coupon print. by on 08/18/2015
Rescue kitties love P1

we tried a few different foods for our two rescue cats Milo and Lilly. And we found P1 and they just love it. The salmon and tuna is the fav. Won't ever buy anything else. by on 08/17/2015
Purina One Salmon and Tuna

My 14 yr old love it. Seems to stay down. Had him since he was 5wks old. I also got a kitten 2yrs ago and she loves it as an adult. This is a great cat food. Thanks Purina One. by on 08/17/2015
Purnia One is the one !

Zoe dove right in and didn't come up for air for minutes. The Salmon and Tuna a definite hit ! by on 08/14/2015
My cats love Purina One Salmon and Tuna

I have seven cats. It is difficult to find a flavor they all enjoy, and are eager to eat. Purina One, Salmon and Tuna flavor is the one they all like. Their coats are healthy and shiny, their eyes are bright, they love to play. Their vet checkups are always good. I'm not about to change that. by on 08/14/2015
My 5 Cats love it!

I have 5 cats, ages 3 to 17 years old. They all love Purina one Salmon and Tuna. I like to find a food they all like and stick with it. My one male only eats dry food and can't wait until I come downstairs every morning and feed them. They are all healthy and happy cats. by on 08/07/2015
My cats love the taste

I have four cats. All four cats went straight to the food bowl and started eating. They love the taste. Great catfood. I recommend it to everyone. by on 08/06/2015
My cats love eating Purina One

My Cats love eating Purina One Salmon and TunaThetyy find it tasty and its nurtrish for them. by on 08/06/2015
Long Healthy Lives

I was adopted by a family of feral cats 17 years ago and fed them Purina One dry food along with wet Fancy Feast Classic. All cats were spayed and neutered and given shots immediately. The mother cat became my personal assistant and lived primarily indoors. Her two male sons lived exclusively outside. Mama lived to be 16 years old. One outdoor male, Fireball, lived to be 15 years old. The other outdoor male, Rocketman, lived to be 17 years old. For the minimal investments of their sterilization surgeries and preventive shots I had complete vermin control outdoors and they kept my yard free of other feral cats. All of them were sweet stress busting companions as well. I have been adopted by a new family of feral cats and hope that Purina One dry and Fancy Feast Classic will offer them the same health and longevity. by on 08/05/2015
They like it!!!

Have been feeding our two kitties Purina One Salmon & Tuna in one dish and the food we used to give them (also a good one, but not Purina) in another dish side by side. The former food gets snubbed almost all the time... and they both go for the Purina One... and demand more when the bowl is empty! I've always felt that Purina was a good company... and I'm glad our kitties love it!!! by on 07/30/2015
Hidie came out from under the bed

I have a rescue cat that hides so much I named her Hidie. We had her for 2 years now since a kitten and I would have to pull her out from under the bed to check up on her and its no lie that when she hers the bag open she come out and a few times she would be waiting for me as i got out of bed in the morning by her bowl....I dont know what is in the product but its gold and if my cat is happy then i'm happy. thanks!! by on 07/27/2015
my cats favorite food

This cat food is very good... my cat love's it and enjoy it too. by on 07/23/2015

Our cat has eaten this for all 5 years that she has lived with us. by on 07/19/2015
Cats love this

I tried many brands of cat food and to my mind there was no difference. However,my cats seem to be much smarter than me and turned their noses up to everything but the Purina. I am not sure just exactly what you have created but keep doing it. by on 07/10/2015
My cats are healthier

My 2 cats are healthier now since I changed from 9 lives to Purina. My daughter told me about it and i'm happy she did and so are my cats. by on 07/07/2015
It is a Treat

My cat loved those tiny expensive treats. Now she prefers the Salmon and Tuna in their place. Eats them immediately. by on 07/02/2015
Cats really enjoyed, but saw no change

My cats get so excited when they get this, so the taste is great for them. Looking at the benefits listed on the bag, I would say it is average on what it says. I noticed no changes either way. I recommend on taste, and that it did not have any negative effects on them. #ONEswitch tried for free from Influenster!! by on 06/24/2015
Long Healthy Life

We have had many pets during our lifetime together, Cats and Dogs, always using Purina products and all of our animals have lived over ten human years each. With most of them living at least fourteen years, or even more in human years. We discovered that the new addition to our family loves fish products, and now with Purina Salmon and Tuna she is so darn happy. She eats more, and plays hard, we also know with Purina the quality is high and guaranteed, along with our trust and appreciation for there product. Purina is more then a product, they are honestly part of our family and our tradition. Trust is a very big part of our purchasing priority... by on 06/10/2015
Healthy food they enjoy!

After years of trying a variety of dry cat foods and having my cats get upset stomachs or refuse to eat it I finally tried Purina ONE Salmon & Tuna - Dry Cat Food! I actually saw an interview with someone from Purina explaining in detail about the food and decided to try it. WOW! My cats loved it and even after a few years they have had no issues whatsoever and still look for it everyday! Thanks Purina!! by on 06/04/2015
Great choice even for picky cats!

I received this product free for testing and reviewing from influenster. I have a picky cat. Typically, she will only eat wet food and certain dry food. She definitely prefers wet food, so I was a little skeptical about her eating the Purina ONE dry food. She actually loved it and (sometimes) even preferred it to her wet food. Purina ONE has officially become my new go to brand for dry cat food. With so many flavors and benefits, I definitely recommend it. by on 06/02/2015
Kitties both love it

We have tried numerous dry cat food, but Purina brands seem to be the only one both cats will eat. by on 06/02/2015
Both of my cats love it!

This is a quality food that I can actually afford and they love it. by on 05/30/2015
Ok... I was a skeptic...

I received this product free from influenster for review, but these are all opinions. I never would have tried it if I had not received it, but I can say now that I am so happy we received this! We have 2 cats, one elderly big one, one young little one. They like to share food bowls even though they have their own, so we give them the same food. My cats are so much different, in a good way! My older cat is happier, he purrs way more and he's much more active. My little cat is happier to be around people and loves life more in general. They both seem to enjoy the taste, at least they haven't complained yet! by on 05/29/2015
I wish my cat could write this review.....

but since my cat can't write this review I will do it for him. It is the only food he will eat. I feel good about feeding it to him as he also has a sensitive system as well. It digest easy for him and no fur balls. If Necco could chose for himself this is the brand he would pick . Thanks Purina. My out door boys like it too! Signed Happy Cats , Happy Owner by on 05/27/2015
The best for the price !

My cats were eating Pro Plan but having multiple cats I could no longer afford it . I started Purina One and they were just as satisified and healthy I made it a permanent switch . I adopted an exotic shorthair with chronic eye issues . Since I started her on this food eyes are clear and bright ! Keep up the good work ! by on 05/26/2015
Just r right for her!!

My cat seems to love this food!! #ONEswitch I like how it's small enough bite s too so it's not too hard on her teeth! Can't wait to try the other options!! And Purina generously let us try a free bag! Awesome! @PurinaONE @Influenster by on 05/20/2015
Awesome product

I received this product for free in return for honest review from Influenster and the views are my own . When I received this product I couldn't get the bag open fast enough.She normally eats store brand or other brands but when she smelled this she started clawing at the bag and really went to town while she was eating . Normally she will take a few bites and walk away not this time ..She ate every bit of it and wanted more . I would happily recommend this for cats . by on 05/19/2015
A Wonderful Change!

My cat of 10 years had recently been suffering from constipation and painful bowl movements and based on what I was currently feeding her, I was recommended to change to Purina One. What a difference! In just a few days she was back to her normal self without the pain and discomfort and with much more vitality and her coat just shines! Great cat food with wonderful results! by on 05/18/2015
Quality Product from a Trustworthy Brand

I have 2 cats that were both rescued. One cat is particularly persnickety when it comes to feeding time. There's not many brands/flavors that this cat will eat. So when we received a sample of this from Influenster, I was excited when she came right over, sniffed the food, and much to my delight, began eating! My other cat, who does not seem to mind whatever I give him, also enjoyed this. It was nice to see them both eating at the same time, the same food! by on 05/17/2015
My cats love it

I first tried Purina One for free from Influenster. My cars normally eat Blue Buffalo and have always liked it b I tri d Purina One thinking they wouldn't like it or it would upset their stomachs but it didn't. Both of my cats devoured the food and do everytime I feed them. Purina One is great quality and affordable. Give them a try? by on 05/17/2015
Salmon and Tuna dry food

Our fur babies loved this food!!! They are eating less then with our old food so they must be getting more out of it. Their coats are shiner. When we first switched foods one of the kitties threw up after eating it the first time, but after that they were both just fine. So I think it was just the switching of foods. I think this is going to be our new go to kitty food. * I recived this product free for testing and review.* by on 05/16/2015
great new cat food

I received Purina one in a box from influenster to try. My girls loved it after eating what I put out they began to sniff the bag looking for more. I have noted the energy levels in my older cat are better. I certainly don't mind making the switch. Disclaimer: I did receive this cat food for review purposes. It in no way affects my opinion. by on 05/08/2015
Excellent cat food!

I have a rather picky cat when it comes to her dry food. I received a bag of Purina ONE complimentary for testing and review purposes, but this is my own opinion and experience. Ellie (my cat) LOVES this food. Sometimes she will leave dry food untouched for days until I have to throw it out, but she goes right for this food. I have also noticed that her coat is shinier and cleaner looking since she started eating this. I will definitely continue to buy this food. We have officially made the switch!! #ONEswitch by on 05/08/2015
Great Food for Great Price

My cat loved Purina treats, so when I got offered by Influenster to try this for my cat I was excited. She ate it and loved it like her hard treats. I gave some to my friend to give her cats, and they loved it as well. It's a cheap alternative, but a healthy alternative. The ingredients are a lot better compared to other brands this price. by on 05/05/2015
Great food for a picky cat!

I received a sample of this product to test from influenster. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on the testing of this product. My cat is extremely picky, so I honestly thought he would not eat it. I was wrong. My cat absolutely loved this food. After about a week, my lazy cat seemed to have noticeably more energy. I will be purchasing this product again. by on 05/03/2015
My boys love it!!

I was given this product by @influenster to give to my cats to try it out. It was a hit!! They loved it instantly....obviously the taste was good and the bite size pieces were easy for them to chew. the bag was convenient with the re-closeable seal. It is definitely something I will be purchasing for them in the future!! by on 04/30/2015
Purina One Salmon dry food

My girls are sisters, under 2 years old. This is their absolute favorite food. They love it more than any other. I would defo recommend this product Meow from my happy girls by on 04/20/2015
He loves it

My indoor cat loves this food, but in all fairness, he loves most food. While he has been on it, he hasn't had any digestive issues, and his coat is very shiny. I am very satisfied with it and the price, compared to other brands. by on 04/06/2015
great product!!!

My cats absolutely love their new cat food. They look so much healthier since I switched them to it. Their fur is even got more shine to it. by on 03/28/2015
True love

My cats truly love Purina One Salmon & Tuna. They are all fish eaters. I am on a fixed income and it is expensive for me, so I mix it with regular Purina Cat Chow and they have a special meal! by on 03/25/2015
Quality food my cat enjoys

My cat, Ezzy, is about 15 years old. She has had Purina One, Salmon and Tuna, since she was little. She is active and healthy. She still eats her food with vigor. I wouldn't give her anything else. by on 03/11/2015
Shiny Coat

I started using Purina One as I was told that Purina One makes the cats coat so shiny. Very True. My two cats love the different varieties. They mostly get the Salmon and Tuna, but sometimes we do hairball. Great food for my 2 cats by on 03/09/2015
My cat LOVES it!

I buy this because my cat loves it probably because real salmon is the primary ingredient. I liked it because it provides good nutrition. by on 03/03/2015
My girls love it.

This is the only dry cat food my three year olds have ever had. My only complaint is now it is only available in seven pounds size bags. by on 08/30/2014
Loves It

This is one of the only cat foods tat my Toby loves and his three brothers and sister will eat. This food is always top on our list. by on 08/14/2014
changed food

changed all my animals food to blue buffalo. They were getting il. they got better after changing thier foods. But sadly April went to rainbow bridge a few months ago. by on 07/16/2014
My cats love Purina One!

My cat,s Elvis and Kitten, love Purina One cat food. Elvis is 8 years old and still acts like a young kitten most of the time. Kitten is 4 and the Salmon flavor is the only one she will eat. I have tried other brands but my cats prefer Purina One and have been eating only it for years now. They get all the nutrition they need from this great product. The price and quality can't be beat! by on 07/16/2014
Cats love it

So i've tried a bunch of different foods for my 3 cats, some very expensive. One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach and would often get sick off of her food. this is the one food that all the cats seem to enjoy and it goes down and stays down. by on 07/16/2014
My cat Amerillo !

My cat Amerillo will just not come up for air when she eats this dry food. We have tried other cat food on her and every time she will turn her nose up at it walking away in discuss but when we gave her this cat food we noticed a huge change in her she eats as if your going to steal her food and she has made our house like a 3 ring circus i am in no way making this up so do i recommend this cat food they got 2 thumbs up from me! by on 07/16/2014
my cats love it and they seem to be very healthy

My cats are indoor cats and they love this food. I think the salmon flavor suits them wonderfully! by on 06/18/2014
Meat first product

I originally bought this product because meat was the first ingredient listed. I stayed with this product and other Purina products because my cat seems to enjoy the taste ! by on 06/17/2014
young and old... all seem to enjoy this.

After trying several vet recommended foods for our elderly overweight, Jupiter. I gave up buying it as the skinny cats ate it and the fat cat did not. The fat cat, Jupiter, likes what he likes and while I only add a little to his bowl, he is constantly ready for more. We are making him walk and play, but no weight loss is happening. If I were almost 20 in cat years, I wish my owner would treat me so well. by on 06/16/2014
My Cats Love Purina Cat Food

All my cats love the taste of Purina Cat Food. They like the flavor of any of them. by on 06/15/2014
Salmon and Tuna

We feed our two cats--Bird and Grace--a variety of Purina One products; but their favorite is the Salmon and Tuna flavored. Both are rescue cats who came to us looking scrawny. Grace in particular had a very thin, scraggly coat. On a diet of Purina One, her coat became full and healthy. Both maintain a healthy weight. by on 06/14/2014
Purina One gets ten 5-star votes

Blues, BB Queen, HipHop, Stevie Ray, Janis J, Bo Diddley, BeBop, Etta James, Jazz Aria, and Cowler LOVE Purina One! by on 06/14/2014
All time favorite

I have tried just about every cat food that is out there and Purina One is their favorite. One of my cats is very finicky and will not eat anything else. by on 06/13/2014
I will only feed my pets Purina

We've always fed our pets Purina starting with our Black Lab, Zeke, who lived to 17 years. Now we have Sabrina and her two Kittens, Teddi and Tony. Sabrina is 18 and the kids are 16. Purina is a brand I trust with THEIR lives. They have never steered us wrong, nor fed us bad food. Although Sabrina is getting up in years, she is still healthy, still plays like a kitten at times, and still loves her Purina food. by on 06/13/2014

When my cat, Mr. Whiskers, first tried this cat food, I couldn't keep him away from it. He sadly left me last year and we buried him on our farm with all of our other pets that we have loved and lost over the years. But, he really did enjoy this cat food and I would highly recommend it. by on 06/13/2014
Quality Food That Makes HeLthy Cats

We can see a difference in the health of our cats when we feed them Purina One. Their coats are fuller, softer, and shinier when they eat it. by on 06/13/2014
Tigger finishes all of this food and he is picky!

I know this is a well balanced formula so I am glad that he finishes all of it with gusto. He is very picky and getting a little older so I am glad he enjoys it. I will definitely buy it again! by on 06/13/2014
Tigger Loves This Cat Food

Tigger loves this cat food. He eats it any time of the day when he's hungry. It's the best! by on 06/13/2014
Boots likes all Purina products

Purina One is just one of the Purina dry cat foods Boots likes. I usually only purchase Purina because I believe it's good for my cat and he really likes it all. by on 06/13/2014

Our Maine Coon cat Bob, is quite old, and just as finicky as can be. Constantly trying to get him excited about eating. Finally enter Purina One Salmon and Tuna. I set it out for him to try. Honestly didn't give it high hopes. I figured he'd turn up his nose. Nooo!!! he sat there and ate every bit of it! Eureka! So to say I am pleased...well...that's just and understatement! Thanks Purina...Bob's a happy kitty now, with his new fave food!! by on 06/13/2014
My cat loves this food

I know he loves it - he told me so!! ok - maybe not by talking - but if you are a cat lover - you know what I am talking about......... by on 06/12/2014
My gang know the difference

With four cats in the house and an additional 7-10 strays on a given day, I have plenty of taste testing! Three brands are always available inside. Purina One Salmon and Tuna gets refilled 3:1 times against the other two. Outside in the back where there are 3-4 cats each morning, the Purina One is preferred over a canned/dry mix that is not Purina One. With the remaining front cats, unfortunately there are too many so they don't get to taste it very often. I could make car payments for what I spend feeding the cats in my world! Purina One tops them all by on 03/12/2014

I adopted my cat and I saw all the great reviews so I started her out with this and she just gobbles it up! The shelter said my Domestic Short Hair was a picky eater, so you guys did a great job and good quality and taste to win her over! by on 02/12/2014
Purrs all around!!!!

My two girls love this cat food. I notice a big difference when I open a bag of it after having fed them something different. They really respond to it!!! by on 01/16/2014
My cats love this cat food.

I adopted my cats as kittens from a shelter. I asked them what they recommended, they said Purina One Kitten Food. That's what I bought and they loved it, they never ate anything else. When they turned one years old I knew I needed to switch them to adult food. I was hesitant because I thought that it would be a big hassle, plus trauma for them. For their health, I knew they had to switch to the adult food. I thought staying with Purina One was a good choice, if I could get them to eat it. I chose the Salmon flavor, and to my surprise they loved it! They are now three and a half years old, very healthy and active. They have never eaten anything but Purina One, and they never will! by on 01/15/2014
Purina One is what my cats love!

We have 4 cats. A 7 year old, a 2 year old, and 2 6 monthers. Every month I switch out what flavor they have . One month it will be salmon and tuna, and the next month it will be chicken and rice. They all ADORE the salmon and tuna flavor. I wish my stores carried the 22 lb bags, but we usually get two 7 lb bags, or one 16 pound bag. Thank you Purina One! by on 01/04/2014
Good Stuff for my kids

With 20+ cats from 1 year old to 15 years old, I can't keep the cat bowl filled. They never seem to get enough and I go through about 20lbs a week. It might be a little more pricey than the regular dry stuff but I feel confident knowing that there is a meat protein source as the 1st ingredient and not just a protein meal product first. I've never had a Purina product my kids wouldn't eat. The only drawback is the wet food can pricing - too costly for me with the amount of cats in my family. Words of wisdom: see the Vet regularly for shots and health, be kind and friendly to your feline children and give them plenty of fresh water, Purina One and /or Cat Chow. They'll be healthy and loving for a LONG TIME. by on 01/03/2014

Greetings, thank you for creating such quality cat food. My two cats love this food so much, that they scratch at the bag until they open it themselves !!! by on 12/21/2013
My cat demands it!

My 6yr old male Maine coon loves this so much that if I try something new he will show his displeasure by nipping the back of my heels! He is very healthy and his heavy thick coat always looks beautiful. Thanks Purina for keeping my "baby" healthy! by on 12/09/2013
Love this cat food!!!

This is the only cat food I have fed and will ever feed my cats. They love it and come running when they hear me get it ready for them in the morning and at night. Love the fact that the first ingredient isn't a by product but actual chicken, turkey, or salmon. by on 12/05/2013
Picky is an understatement

I have one particular cat that wont eat anything. Not even fresh Chicken, beef or shrimp. I had gone through bags and bags of different cat food. One day someone gave me a small sample size bag of Purina one salmon and tuna. I thought, yea she wont eat this. I went home and forgot about it. But my meskina knew something was up. Wile I was out of the room she took the small bag from my purse, ripped it open and at every last piece. I walked in to her licking the bag. I knew then I found her complete food. by on 12/05/2013
Purina one salmon and tuna dry cat food

Purina is one of the best cat foods I have used. My cats love it. It makes there coats soft and shiny. And is healthy for them to. by on 12/05/2013
Finicky cats love this

I have two cats who are very picky about what food they eat . But they love this cat food so I will continue to buy it. Thanks for a great product!! by on 12/05/2013
Love how shiny my cats coat is.

What a difference in my cat's coat! I have people ask me all the time what we feed her, because her coat is so amazing. Glad I switched. by on 12/05/2013

my Lola loves purina one

Only food my Lola can tolerate. She will only eat dry food. This is the best. by on 12/05/2013
excellent food!

changed my cat food to purina one and his skin is so much better! sleek, shiny and soft! by on 12/05/2013
my cat absolutely loves this food!!

i have 2 cats and this is their first choice above the rest!! i got a sample months back and they loved it so i decided to buy it wont get anything else! both of my cats eat alot so it works out well!! by on 12/05/2013
always pleased....

Purina One is a quality food that my cats all love. by on 12/05/2013
Love this product!

Only food my cats loves! I used to buy meow mix and my two cats didn't seen to really like it.... food lasted in bowls for a long time. Now with this kind I have to monitor their earthing. They'd easy it all day! by on 12/05/2013
Excellent food for a reasonable price

I have fed Purina One to my cats for over 15 years. I have found it is definitely the best value for the money. And my cats love it. I especially like that the number one ingredient is chicken and not corn like many foods by on 12/05/2013
The only cat food I feed my cats

Purina One Salmon and Tuna Dry cat food is the only food I feed my two female, adult cats. They love the taste and I love the benefits to my babies. My husband accidentally bought the wrong food once and we had to return it to the store as my cats refused to eat it. We trust Purina and it has been a member of our family for years for both our cats and our dogs. by on 12/05/2013

This is a great food. My cats love the food a lot. He go crazy over it. If I put another food he flip the bowl over. Great food by on 12/05/2013
They will eat no other dry food!!

The feline matriarch of my household decided several years ago that this was the only dry food she wanted. Over the years I have adopted a few other cats and all have easily & eagerly taken to eating Purina One Salmon & Tuna. There are even a few homeless kitties who frequent my front porch seeking Purina One. The way all the cats - my cats as well as the visiting cats - seem to love Purina One lets me know that I am feeding the right food! Great nutrition as well as great taste (or so I've been told!) keeps my cats healthy and happy!! I have tried different flavors when my grocery store is out of Salmon & Tuna but their little noses go up and they won't touch it Purina One Salmon & Tuna is the best!! by on 12/04/2013
Awesome food that all of the kitties enjoy.

I buy 22 lbs every week. They were eating the chicken, but the store was out on day and I bought the Salmon, you would have thought they were eating salmon off the grill, they loved it. They have been eating this for 2 years now. by on 11/27/2013
Great product

All 6 of my house cats love this food. It works for all ages from the 16 year old to the 10 month old. The vet is impressed with their overall health, I would whole heartedly recommend. by on 08/11/2013
Purina One works for all 4 of my kitties

I originally started my feral kitten, Snooks, on Purina One Kitten formula when I first rescued him. He took to it immediately and I logically followed through to regular Purina One as he became older. Subsequently, we adopted 3 other kitties and they all seemed to follow suit. I've tried, minimally, with other Purina brands, but they all seem more than satisified w/Purina One. Marcus, my 2nd rescue, is sensitive to chicken flavors, so I stick to the salmon and tuna. All 4 kitties have thrived on Purina One, and I wouldn't change their happiness w/it for anything. by on 08/06/2013
Quality food for picky cats

Over the years I have had many cats, most recently 22 that included many strays that came each day. My cats (3) love the Purina One Salmon & Tuna as they also love salmon and tuna out of a can. They don't seem to be know the difference. One day a couple of the strays came inside and found the Purina One and that was the end of that. Stray or not they wanted the best so I started to give it to all the strays and their condition improved so much. Their coats became silky and their tummies rounded out. Thanks so much for a wonderful produce. by on 07/19/2013
Purina comes through again!

Since I am 73 years young, I have had many pets during my lifetime. I now have two cats and one of them is very picky and only wants to eat things that have Tuna in it. I brought home a bag of Tuna and Salmon and he dug right in. Purina has been in business for many years and I have always trusted them to provide great food for my healthy animals and they have never let me down. Purina One has again hit it out of the ball park with their Tuna and Salmon! by on 07/17/2013
Picky felines first choice

I have a very picky cat! He will turn his nose up at other food, but really loves the Smart Blend! by on 07/11/2013
My cats favorite

I have tried other brands, even more expensive ones, but this is the only brand which all three of my cats prefer. It keeps them at a healthy weight and acting frisky! by on 07/10/2013
Best Product Around

My 5 cats and a visitor loves Purina One salmon cat food. It is all they will eat. We buy the big giant bag to make sure we don't run out. by on 07/10/2013
cats are crazy for this food

My two cats are completely insane over this food. I have never seen them act so out of their minds when it is feeding time. My cats literally try to jump inside of the bag when I open it. I think they would live in the bag if they could. They hunt for any tiny little piece accidentally dropped on the floor after they are done inhaling their meal. When it is time for breakfast or dinner, these cats act as if they have not eaten for days even though they are given a generous amount twice a day, every day. They will not eat the food that is 3 times more expensive than purina one smartblend. by on 09/22/2012