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No more chewed-up shoes and furniture
Promotes dental hygiene, strong teeth and gums
Tastes great, lasts for days

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • My dog loves these bones!
    Our 2 year old pit bull/shepard mix absolutely loves these bones. She always has 2 of them lying around and alternates between them; keeping one under her paw while she chews on the other one holding it between her paws. Big benefit is she doesn't whine and try to hide it like rawhide. Would recommend this highly. by on 08/20/2011
  • My American Eskimo loves it
    My dog seemed to know the minute the mailman delivered this something good was in the box, he did lots of tricks to get the bone and has been rolling around chewing on it for the last 2 hours. Great item! by on 05/07/2011
  • Love this product!
    We found nylabones after our first lab destroyed anything she could chew. Rawhides were consumed in minutes. She took to the nylabone very quickly and our lives changed. We have used them faithfully since with additions to our family. Our beagle/pit mix and our chocolate lab chew on them after they eat. Petsmart is no longer carrying the souper size and very few of the original brand. they have changed to the softer products and our dogs eat them in less than a day! Glad to have found this site for products and savings! by on 09/30/2010
  • Great for Chewers!
    My German Shepherd loves this bone! She chews on it for hours on end. We had to get her the Super size, after she chewed the Wolf size completely. This is great to keep your chewer busy and happy. by on 03/21/2008
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