Nylabone Wishbone
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Designed for hard chewers
Promotes dental health
Infused with natural flavor
Veterinarian recommended

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.

  • Bailey Girls Owner
    My pup is one year old and she loves this. I originally got her a gumma bone because I didn't think she was such a chewer, and she tore it apart within seconds of me giving it to her. Now this bone is perfect. She loves it and so far it has lasted!! by on 06/20/2010
  • Wally's Fave
    At first ,Wally wasn't sure what it was, But after encouraging him to pick it up...he started chewing on it and love it. The design makes him able to hold his T bone with his paws, chewing one end to the other end without problem. by on 01/08/2010
  • Pittbull Pleaser
    My 4 yearold Pitt, "Cleo" loves the wishbone Nylabone! It lastsmonths, and that says alot when a power chewer like my dog playsand chews tons before she needs a new one! I recommend this toall dog parents who love to see their pets have safe fun... by on 02/08/2006
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