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Your Thorough Guide To Mometamax For Dogs And Cats What Is Mometamax for Cats and Dogs? Ear infections are quite common in pets. As pet parents, we've seen the familiar signs of our cats and dogs shaking their heads and scratching their ears. These ear infections are typically yeast or bacterial. The condition is called otitis, and treating it can be as simple as using Mometamax Otic Suspension! What Is Otitis in Dogs and Cats? When your cat or dog has excessive bacteria or yeast in their e... Read More

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Works great
This has been our go-to ear drops for our allergy dog for years. Works great. by on 03/21/2022
Happy Dogs
This product is excellent for their ears. The results are instant. by on 09/23/2021
works good
I have two labs and they are always in the water. They get ear infections and this really clears it up. I think it is a little pricey but it works. by on 03/30/2016
Mometamax Knocks Out Yeast!
I would have rated higher for ease of use, but the label does not indicate whether the product can be warmed before applying to the ear. My dog (a Dogo Argentino) does not like anything placed in her ears but is more tolerant if the product isn't cold. (I don't know anyone who likes a shot of anything cold in their ears.) Having this information would have been helpful. Other than that I am very satisfied. I paid half as much for twice the amount I got from our Vet. by on 01/07/2016
Best price I could find.
One of my dogs has chronic ear infections, and we put in this product 2X a week for prevention. I bought two bottles for a few bucks more than one at the vet or other online stores. by on 07/08/2014
Mometamax works
Mometamax is a prescription medicine for ear fungus infections in dogs. Initially a different vet prescription which did not clear up my dogs ear infection. My current veterinarian prescribed "Mometamax" and oral medicine and the ear infection started to clear up. Because the ear infection was not completed gone my vet prescribed another bottle of Mometamax. I looked online for a better deal and found Mometamax at found double the size for about the same price my veterinarian was charging at "PetCareRx"!!! PetCareRx even contacted my veterinarian for me to get the approval!After it was approved by my veterinarian for my dog, PetCareRx shipped the medicine to us immediately!I highly recommend checking the prices on PetCareRx for any medication you may need for your pets! Carola T., Colorado by on 03/16/2014
Great for inner ear problems
I have had great success with this product in stopping ear problems with my Lhasa. When things start brewing in her ears and they start to smell and she scratches at them a few drops and she is as good as new. Saves on vet bills. by on 12/19/2013
this product has great features
works well in curing my dogs ear infections as directed by on 10/20/2013
Works well, excellent value
My pug is often prescribed this for tendency to have skin and ear infections. And it was expensive! When I saw its price on this web site, I was shocked and very, very happy! Fortunately, my vet provided a prescription for a bigger container, so next time her skin is showing signs of irritation, I will be able to treat it much more quickly... and less costly! by on 07/17/2013
Mometamax is great!
My chocolate Lab and Chessie have had chronic ear infections since they were puppies. Medication from their dr never seems to clear the problem up completely. This is the first time they seem to be symptom free. Used it for only 7 days instead of the 14 days required by their dr medication. Also like the fact that it is all in one and I don't have to put meds in their ears as well as an oral anti-biotic. by on 09/27/2012
I have a coon dog that has yeast infections in her ear and this is the ONLY product that has helped her, my vet has stopped selling this in office I am very happy to have found this online and at such a good price... by on 01/20/2012
Not sure ...
Vet gave me this med to use on my kitten for ringworm. Not working yet .. and I'm afraid it's too strong for the little one. by on 11/03/2010
This works!
My pug has had repeated problems with ear infections since he was a puppy. Our vet has tried soooo many things but the inflammation and infection always came back. Finally, this is a product that has helped! by on 05/20/2008
My dog has persisistent yeast, her ears no matter what we try...I've tried this product & the Baytril Otic & this product is FAR SUPERIOR!!! It's the Only thing that works & it works well! by on 12/13/2007