Image of KBroVet-CA1 Chewable Tablets

A liver flavored chewable tablet for dogs containing Potassium Bromide.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.

A LIFE Saver!
My seizure dog was having cluster seizures even with pheno. Vet recommended adding this and he has been seizure free for over a month!! by on 11/30/2023
My package was finally delivered and itโ€™s in good condition by on 04/19/2023
Happy Pup
This medication cuts back in the number of seizures my dog has. Donโ€™t know where we would be without it!! by on 03/18/2023
Meds are filled and shipped very quickly. I appreciate the efficiency! by on 01/21/2023
K-BroVet and PetCare RX
This medication is a life saver for my seizure dog. She hates taking the liquid form so to have this in pill form that I can just put in cheese and give to her is a game changer. I would also like to say that PetCareRX is the BEST online pharmacy I have ever used. They respond to emails in the same day and they really care about what you need and if something is urgent. They have quick turnaround and shipping. They have the most amazing customer service reps around. I really can't say enough great things about this company. by on 08/19/2022
Use only if your dog has epilepsy
Since my vet put my corgi on this medication I have been looking for the best price. This is it. by on 07/12/2016
This product is 1/2 the price with the Pet Care Plus than at the Vet!!
My baby is on 4 medications for seizures and that can get very expensive not to mention prescription dog food. By joining the Pet Care Plus I can get her food and one of her meds, the potassium bromide, from Pet Care RX for about 1/2 the price than the vet. Her other meds are human seizure pills and as far as I can tell Pet Care RX does not sell those. I wish they did!! They get her prescription for me from her vet and ship it quick. I have had no problems at all from Pet Care RX. by on 05/05/2016
Dog Loves The Taste
My dog has epilepsy and has seizures 1-4 times a month. He loves the taste and thinks it's a treat. The tablets are scored in both directions and are easy to break into halves or quarters. by on 05/02/2016
This product works well, but has side effects.
Our dog has been taking K-bro vet for about 4 months, and his seizures have been very well controlled. He was on phenobarbital for 4 years with poor control. The K-pro vet is less expensive as well. However, our dog has experienced some side effects from the med, including strange behavior such as walking in circles, wanting to go outside frequently, decreased appetite, and increased barking. The symptoms seem to be diminishing some as he adjusts to the med. by on 04/06/2016
excellent product for an excellent price
PetRX has saved me tons of money already. After becoming a PetPlus member I receive my dogs seizure medicine for $20 a month. My local vet was charging me over $90 for the same thing. It is a prescription only medication so you have to have your vets information so PetRx can get authorization to fill the prescription. My vet even authorized some refills thru PetRx which made it easy to refill the medication after the inital fill. I have been very pleased with this company's product and customer service. by on 02/13/2016
Works great as a combination medication
My peke has epilepsy. I switched him from phenobarbital to zonisimide and potassium bromide. He went from having cluster siezures every 2-3 months to being seizure free for over a year! by on 09/12/2015
This product works for our dog
We have used it for years after Phenobarbital use did damage to Niko. He rarely has seizures. by on 08/20/2015
Great price and invaluable product
This is part of an medication regimen for Sam, my Lab, and it's working well. by on 01/29/2015
Product doing a fair job.
My vet put our dog on Potassium Bromide when his seizures starting getting closer together. He's been on it for maybe 6 months. For now the Potassium Bromide seems to be doing an okay job. Although it's "liver" flavored my dog doesn't like the taste. by on 09/17/2014