HomeoPet Nose Relief Drops
HomeoPet Nose Relief Drops
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At a Glance
Reduces upper respiratory problems including sinus infection and inflammation
Can be used on all cats, dogs, and other small mammals
Safe, gentle, and 100% natural

HomeoPet Nose Relief Drops

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At a Glance
Reduces upper respiratory problems including sinus infection and inflammation
Can be used on all cats, dogs, and other small mammals
Safe, gentle, and 100% natural

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Itchy, red eyes. A drippy nose. Upper respiratory infections are no fun. HomeoPet Nose Relief is formulated to relieve all types of respiratory problems, including sinus infections or inflammation. HomeoPet Nose Relief also helps relieve nasal drip and red, wet eyes. It's an all-natural formula that's gentle and safe for cats, dogs, and other small mammals. Give your pet relief.
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Is Homeopet Nose Relief Safe?

HomeoPet Nose Relief is a homeopathic medicine designed for healthy nasal and sinus tract in animals like cats, rabbits, and dogs. The HomeoPet brand takes pride in the fact that its line-up of specially-crafted homeopathic medicines is developed by licensed bio-chemists, veterinarians, pharmacists, and homeopaths. According to the company, all HomeoPet medicines, including Nose Relief, are safe because ingredients in its medications are at 6c and 30c potency. This potency measures how dilute an ingredient in the drug is. In this context, 1c means that a particular ingredient has been diluted in a ratio of 1 to 100, 2c means diluted at a ratio of 1 to 10,000, and so on. Each successive c adds two zeros to the end number, making it safer with every successive c. Therefore, 6c and 30c are quite diluted and should be entirely safe for use on pets.

Does Homeopet Nose Relief Work for Guinea Pigs?

HomeoPet Nose Relief is homeopathic medicine to provide healthy nasal and sinus tracts in animals. The medication is formulated to help with a runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes. It's an easy-to-dose oral liquid medicine intended for adult pets and puppies, kittens, and young animals. While the packaging shows animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds, it can be administered to all sorts of pets, including birds. According to the company, the medication is also suitable for small mammals like ferrets, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Such small animals should be dosed according to their body weight. Animals that weigh less than 1lb should be given 2 drops in at least 8oz of water per dose, and animals between 1-20lb should get 5 drops in the same amount of water.

How Do You Open Homeopet Nose Relief Bottle?

The HomeoPet bottles come with a safety ring that keeps the medicine sealed until opened to keep it safe from contamination. This safety seal is a round lip that you will find at the bottom of the bottle cap. You can open the bottle quite simply by twisting the lid with a bit of force. However, sometimes it's not as easy. In case the cap doesn't twist off easily, HomeoPet suggests pushing down on the safety seal to separate the seal from the cap. This will allow the lid to twist and come off easily. HomeoPet medicines are designed to last for 3-4 weeks for pets under 20 lbs on general dosage. Having a tighter cap ensures that the medication stays protected from contamination and oxidation when storing for long.

What Is Homeopet?

HomeoPet is a line of homeopathy medicines designed for curing various ailments in animals and pets. HomeoPet medicines are FDA approved. The brand takes pride in the fact that the entire line of medication is manufactured using an FDA-registered process and FDA inspected facility. Additionally, HomeoPet makes it a point to let you know that its manufacturing plans meet all GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards. Coming to homeopathy, this particular field of medicine was discovered by a German medical doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, in 1796. This field of medicine believes in the theory of like cures like. This means that if a particular substance of causing health issues or symptoms, consuming a small amount of that same substance to kick off the immunity to attack the substance and make your animal healthy again.

Can You Put Vicks on a Cat's Nose?

If your cat is suffering from cold and flu, it's natural for your mind to wander towards Vicks VapoRub. However, the main ingredient in Vicks is Camphor, which is commonly found in topical ointments. Bear in mind that the skin readily absorbs camphor, and it should never be applied to dogs or cats to prevent the risk of camphor poisoning in them. Clinical symptoms of camphor poisoning include depression, seizures, skin irritation, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. In some animals, it may also result in death from respiratory congestion or seizures. Therefore, it's recommended to stick to medications that are proven safe, like HomeoPet Nose Relief.

Is Homeopet Nose Relief Safe for Dogs?

Yes, HomeoPet Nose Relief medicine is non-sedating and safe for all kinds of dogs, including puppies. However, the dog parent must stick to the dosage chart provided by the brand. Moreover, the medication needs to be diluted in freshwater before administering to small animals. According to the brand, there have been no known side effects to date. However, the medication improves the dog's condition in as little as one dose in some cases. If the medicine is continued at a full dosing schedule, the symptoms may aggravate. Therefore, keep an eye on the condition of your pet before continuing with the next dosage. If your pet appears to be back in health after a dose or two, consult your veterinarian before continuing the dosage.

Can I Give My Dog Benadryl for Runny Nose?

Benadryl is effective in drying up runny noses and watery eyes. Therefore, yes, in theory, it would help your dog who has a runny nose. According to the AKC, the medication is relatively safe and effective when used according to a veterinarian's instructions. Keep a close eye on your dog after dosing Benadryl to ensure there is no adverse reaction to the medicine.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 6c&30c, Kali Iodatum 6c&30c, Gelsemium Sempervirens 6c&30c, Natrum Arsenicosum 6c&30c, Muriaticum Acidum 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water

No side effects.

Made in the U.S.A.

Use three single doses daily when first using HomeoPet Nose Relief Drops and cut back when symptoms start to improve. Remedy may be discontinued when symptoms are no longer present.

Dogs/Cats - under 20 lbs): 5 drops
Dog -20 - 100 lbs: 10 drops
Dog - over 100 lbs: 15 drops

Store in a cool, dry place.

HomeoPet Nose Relief Drops is manufactured by HomeoPet LLC
Option UPC/SKU
Nose Relief Drops 704959147020

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