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Hill's Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner Adult Wet Cat Food Product Reviews

Now Science Diet wet cat food comes in a pouch that’s easy to open and easy to feed. With delicious chunks in a decadent gravy, even the most picky eaters will love this soft and tender cat food. Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust, this food includes clinically proven antioxidants vitamins C+E for a healthy immune system. It’s the perfect option for adult cats ages 1-6 who are ready to switch from kitten food. Serve this gourmet daily nutrition as a balanced meal b... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 762 reviewers.

Kitties loved it!
My cats absolutely loved this wet food! It's nice & tender, they finished it up quite quick! Love the wholesome ingredients too! by on 04/14/2021
Too expensive
Nearly twice as expensive per ounce as the 5.5. ounce cans. Will not buy these pouches again. by on 09/20/2020
Perfection in a bag
My cat absolutely loves Hills Science Diet. She even hears the bag open and she comes running! by on 07/19/2020
Love at 1st bite
My cat really enjoyed this food. It was moist with chunks of chicken with gravy. She loved it at 1st bite. I highly recommend this food. by on 06/01/2020
Great cat ffod
Look at my cats enjoying the Hill's Pet Nutrition cat food. They loved it. I went out and purchased more for them. My white cat has an issue chewing hard morsels. This food was so tender he was able to eat it without issues. by on 06/01/2020
I have never seen my picky kitty take to a new food so well. The ingredients were clean and fresh and mister whiskey gobbled it right down. The pouches were perfect size with no waste!!! by on 06/01/2020
Cats hated
My cats we're not having any of this food. They walked away from it as soon as I put it down. Maybe they are just picky. But I've never seen them walk away from any food whatsoever! by on 06/01/2020
Both Maine Coon cats wouldn't eat it
I have 2 Maine Coon cats. They smelled it, but both wouldn't eat it I'm sorry to report. by on 06/01/2020
Nom Nom for cats!
My cat loved this food - he is usually somewhat picky, but ate this right away. by on 06/01/2020
Every bite GONE!
I have 4 casts and feed them Hill's Science Diet Light dry cat food. I love the way it transformed the coats and health of the cats I adopted, so I was looking forward to trying the tender chicken dinner moist food. I divided a pouch between 4 small paper plates. The last several times I had offered wet food, the cats would either ignore it or eat the gravy and then leave. To my surprise, I went back to the plates a couple of hours after feeding and found not a single speck of food or gravy on any of the plates! That is quite a testimonial from my cats! And because I have 24 years' experience feeding Science Diet dry to my cats, I trust the nutrition and can feel good about what I am giving them. by on 05/29/2020
Wonderful product, my cat loves it!
My cat is very picky, but loved this cat food. I love the fact that it's good for him and that he loves the taste. by on 05/29/2020
hill's science diet tender chicken dinner
my 2 cats did not like this pouch of food at all and they really aren't that picky, they just licked the gravy off the chunks and walked away. by on 05/28/2020
She finished in a Snap
Sophie loved her Chicken dinner and finished her bowl very quickly. Made with wonderfully natural ingredients smothered in gravy I had no worries feeding this to my girl. by on 05/27/2020
Thomas loved it.
Thomas didn't take a breath, he absolutely loved it and he's a picky eater. I love that it's good for him. We definitely have a new brand Hills because Thomas means the world to me. by on 05/27/2020
Adult tender chicken dinner cat food
The adult tender chicken dinner cat food was very well recieved by my 5 cats. The package was easy to open and the food was enough for a large helping. My cats really enjoyed their dinner. by on 05/27/2020
my cats absolutely loved this sample!!! by on 05/27/2020
Cats enjoyed it.
My cats ate it super fast so they must have enjoyed it. Nothing was left in the bowl. by on 05/27/2020
Best Quality
Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food is some of the best quality wet food I've seen. It was very moist and the cats ate it very fast. I like that it is healthy for the cats. by on 05/27/2020
Cats loved this food!
Our cats are very picky, however, for this brand, they loved it! Yes, even our picky female cat names Maple. She gobbled it right and no tummy issues! Usually, other brands make her stomach upset, this brand was amazing! by on 05/27/2020
My cat loved it
My cat is just a little over a year old and she loved Hills wet food pouch. Everything a cat could want in a wet food; good consistancy, strong smell, great taste (I'm guessing because she ate it and was looking for more). by on 05/27/2020
Gravy abundance
Hill's Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner has the right amount of gravy to tender bites of chicken that my cat loves. My cat is a eat the gravy first than moves on to the kibble. This Tender Chicken Dinner was really appetizing looking and had a delightful aroma. I have bought this for my cat several times since trying it because she really enjoys eating this product. by on 05/27/2020
Looked good
I was hesitant to give this to my pet because it arrived super hot in the mail but I did go out and purchase one and he loved it. At least the gravy part. by on 05/26/2020
Happy Kitty
My cat loves Hills Science Diet cat food. The chicken flavor is her favorite. It's very tender. She's a picky cat and won't eat just anything. I like the ingredients in Hills Science Diet so much that I've switched her to this food only. She so happy and is doing really well on it. by on 05/26/2020
My cat is very picky, and when i opened this he came running. I put it on his favorite plate, and he ate it all! It was very easy all the way around. by on 05/26/2020
My cats love the chicken dinner
I gave my cats the tender chicken dinner as soon as it arrived from bzzagent. They devoured the packet. I highly recommend Hills pet nutrition. by on 05/26/2020
Well cat's definitely love it!
As soon as I received my sample and opened it the cats who were in a completely different room came running! Apparently the aroma definitely attracts them! They gobbled it up pretty fast! by on 05/26/2020
This was a "miss" for my Miss M
I was excited for her to try this new flavor from Hills and served it to her when it arrived. My former feral licked off its gravy and refused another bite. I wound up giving the remainder to the strays who still hang out in the yard. They seemed to have enjoyed it. I would recommend for others provided their cats like the taste. by on 05/26/2020
Nutritious and delicious
We received the Hills Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food. Upon opening the can my cat came running. It obviously smelled appealing to him. Once I sat it down he gobbled it right up. Sometimes if he switches food it has some side effects on his tummy but this food did not give him an upset stomach as some others have in the past. He loved it so I bought him more and still after two weeks he still loves it. I would recommend this to anyone. by on 05/26/2020
Love it
My cats love any canned cat food so I was excited to try this product by on 05/26/2020
Picky Cats will only eat this now!
My cats are the pickiest eaters I know, and as soon as they tried this I had to go out and get more, because they will no longer eat anything else! by on 05/26/2020
My cat loved it!
high quality food. My cat loved it and ate it all. by on 05/26/2020
My cat likes it
My cats seemed to like it. I'm not a cat so I don't know what it tastes like. I just know that they liked it and wanted more. by on 05/26/2020
They loved it!
Running a rescue we have many different palates! But one thing the could all agree on was the taste of Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food! We've had to add it to our shopping list as well as our wish list! by on 05/26/2020
My cat didn't like.
Looked good but my cat didn't want anything to do with it. by on 05/26/2020
Cats love it!
I love the ease of opening the package. The size of the serving was great! The cats loved it and licked the plate clean. by on 05/26/2020
My finicky feline loved it!
My cat loved the taste and texture of this food! I liked the high meat content. by on 05/26/2020
My cat's really enjoyed this food. I will definitely purchase. by on 05/26/2020
Loved It!!
My cat loved it! She goes crazy for chicken and it was like the moment her little tongue touched the sauce and chicken she said thank you! by on 05/26/2020
Cats LOVED this
Left it up to the most picky critics - My 6 cats - They absolutely LOVED it - not a single crumb left. Overall very happy with product by on 05/26/2020
Mystery meat?
We usually feed our cats dry science diet, thought we would try this to replace their regular wet food. They ate some of it, but I personally like to be able to see exactly what I'm feeding my cats, and this just didn't look like anything familiar by on 05/26/2020
Great product
My cat loved this food so glad he got to try it for free through buzz agent i now buy it for him by on 05/26/2020
My cats loved it
My 2 cats Smokey and Simba really enjoyed Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food. They have good ingredients in their products. by on 05/26/2020
Loki loves it!
My cat Loki enjoyed this food! I like the larger chunks and had just enough gravy for my cat to enjoy. by on 05/26/2020
Hill's Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner for Cats
My cat loved this food. I gave it to him, and before I knew it, he had eaten every bite of it! by on 05/26/2020
My Cats Loved It!!
My Cats are normally picky eaters but as soon as I put the bowls down they devored it ! by on 05/26/2020
My 5 cats fought over who was to get to the bowl first!
I have five rescue kitties that I feed very well. When I first opened this pet food, Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food, the smell must have enticed them down the stairs and into the kitchen! All of them wanted a taste! by on 05/26/2020
Definitely A smash Hit!
I was sent a sample of Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food. My cats absolutely loved it. All they left behind after eating were empty bowls. They normally leave a little food behind. by on 05/26/2020
Hills's Science Diet pet Adult chicken Dinner Cat Food
I received Hill's Science Diet Adult chicken dinner for cats for free as part of a sample for Buzz Agent. I had to split the dinner into to 3 as all 3 of my cats were hovering over me as I was opening it. They ate it up real quick and also enjoyed the little gravy that came with it. I would recommend this wet cat food the little pouches are perfect size for one cat, not too much pet serving. will definitely try different flavors of this brand. by on 05/24/2020
Disappointed in my Cat's reaction
To me it looked fine. Smelled like cat food of course but it looked like it had real cubes of meat. He liked the gravy but even the next day the chicken cubes remained. by on 05/24/2020
Crazy for Chicken Tender Dinner!
My cats went absolutely for the Chicken Tender Dinner sample. They could smell it when I opened the package and came running. Somehow they knew it was something for them. The were following me to where I put their food bowl with the meowing. They devoured it in record time and of course wanted more. I would say it was a hit! by on 05/23/2020
My cats love it
My cats was curious while i was opening the bag. After giving them a couple of pieces they loved it. Almost like eating a treat. I will purchase in the future as well as recommend to others by on 05/22/2020
Loved it
My cat loved this food and he is very picky. We will be making this a daily Neal. Thank you by on 05/22/2020
Got my picky eater to eat
My cat lucky was so so happy. He's very picky . So really seeing as how he ate all of the Hill's pet nutrition adult chicken dinner . He must have liked it. by on 05/22/2020
Good food
Only one of our 3 cats liked the Hills pet nutrition chicken cat food . It's great food but cats will be cats by on 05/21/2020
No telling why
My cat didn't want anything to do with it. It seems like high quality food and I like the fact it's in a pouch, it seems like less waste. by on 05/21/2020
Clean plate
My cat Peanut gave this product a clean plate satisfaction guaranteed! Peanut loved it! by on 05/21/2020
Was a hit!
My 4 cats all tried this and loved it! It didn't irritate them in any way. I wish there was more in the packet, but it was definitely a hit! by on 05/21/2020
good food
I have four cats and they are picky about what they eat but I fed them a little bit of this and each of them because since I got for cats and they loved it they gobbled it down. by on 05/21/2020
Big chunks lots of gravy
Lots of big chunks of tender chicken loads of gravy . My cat loved it I will be buying more . by on 05/21/2020
Hills Pet Nutrition
My babies enjoyed it,would buy it by on 05/21/2020
picky cats
It's science diet so I know that ya a great quality food. My cat is just a picky eater. I shared the remaining contents with a friend. by on 05/21/2020
Hill's Science Diet
The package I received for my cat was a perfect size. My cat (Pixix) did enjoy the taste. & seemed content after the serving she had. The food was a good consistence of wet, with no issues with chunkiness (easy for a cat to chew & swallow). Easy to read ingredients & facts of the product. by on 05/21/2020
quality food
Looks great, my cat loved this food, lapped every last drop by on 05/21/2020
She never walked away from the bowl.
My cat is very picky when it comes to just about everything. She refuses all treats so I use soft food as her treat. Usually she will beg and plead, then sniff and walk away. When I put this soft food down, she sniffed, sat down and didn't walk away until the bowl was clean. I change up her "treat" every so often for variety but she has never just sat and chowed down on any soft food I put down for her. It seems I have found a new "treat" for her (good thing she doesn't know it is good for her). by on 05/20/2020
Cat was purring
My fat cat is very picky with her wet food. She got to sample the Hill pet pouch and she loved every drop. She was purring the whole meal. by on 05/20/2020
My cats devoured it!
Obviously my cats love dinner time, but the day that I brought out this tiny packet of food they both looked very sarcasticly at me... until they smelled it and then I had to have my kids come hold the cats until I was done serving it. As soon as we let them go, it was off to the races! The food was gone in seconds. I loved how much the loved it, I loved that it didn't leave a huge a mess, and I love that they didn't have smelly wet food breath afterwards. by on 05/20/2020
Cat loved it
My cat enjoyed this cat food very much. She is very picky about wet food that she eats, but enjoyed this very much. by on 05/20/2020
Enjoyed - fa-meow-osly
The chicken dinner was quickly gobbled down by the cats and I will probably be picking up more in the near future. The pouches made serving it easy and efficient. by on 05/20/2020
Kitty loved it!
My cat absolutely loved this! Perfect sized bites, enough gravy to make it moist but not runny. It has become a part of our feeding routine and my cat couldn't be happier! by on 05/20/2020
Nice looking food, but my cats weren't crazy for it.
I like and trust Hill's brand and food, and visually this looked like good quality food with the right amount of moisture. Cats are known for being somewhat picky eaters. One of mine is food motivated and will eat almost any thing, my other is more selective in her diet. Unfortunately, neither really took to this flavor. My food motivated cat did finally finish the portion, but in a much longer time then their normal food. I chalk all this up to the unpredictable whims of cats and would still recommend and buy products from Hill's. by on 05/20/2020
The kitties loved it!
The kitties devoured the Hill's Science Diet Tender chicken dinner. They absolutely loved it! I used the coupon off the package to get more. by on 05/20/2020
Rock wishes there were more ??
My cat loved this ???????? by on 05/20/2020
my cat was not impressed
Quality ingredients are listed on the package however that does not mean it's what a cat wants. My cat is not fussy about most foods but he would not eat it. One bite and he walked away. Pricing on the food measured the same with other products that had very similar ingredients but still if my cat refuses to eat it there is no value. by on 05/20/2020
Dont understand quesriom
She didn't care for it by on 05/20/2020
Left my cats begging for more!
I feed my cats a mix of soft abs hard food. Unfortunately, I find that a lot of soft cat food has lots of fillers. As soon as I opened the packet my cats ran in the kitchen. As soon as I got it on the plate, they gobbled it right up. So I would say it's a win. I'm happy to give my cats a soft food that has healthy ingredients and from a brand I trust. by on 05/20/2020
Cats loved it!
This sample was easy to open for those that are on the go. Great quality ingredients, and my cats loved it. I would recommend! by on 05/20/2020
its the cat"a meow!
My cat loved this food. I have already ordered more. by on 05/20/2020
Kitty happy dance!
My cat loved this cat food. The morsels are more tender which is great since he's a little older. by on 05/20/2020
Great easy way to feed cats!
My cats loved the tender chicken dinner. I love it because the smell wasn't bad compared to can food. I definitely would recommend to friends and family as a easy, quick and healthy way of feeding cats. by on 05/20/2020
My picky eaters love it
My cats recently sampled Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food and it was a definite hit. All three came running and all 3 ate it right up. The pouches are extremely convenient and very easy to open. I like us better than canned cat food because all you have to do is squeeze no utensils are required. My cats like both the meaty morsels and the gravy. A great treat to add to their diet. by on 05/20/2020
Happy cat
My cat was pretty happy with this cat food. I really like that the food was in chunks, instead of the puree that you usually get in this kind of package. by on 05/20/2020
Chicken dinner
My cats loved this chicken dinner. From the way they ate it all without hesitation or picking through it leads me to believe it was the best they had. It was easy to chew and didn't cause any digestive issues. Very well liked and my cats loved it by on 05/20/2020
Finiky Cat
Our cat Loki generally is a picky eater. I started out with just the gravy and then moved on to a small pile of the chicken dinner by itself and then with his dry food. He really seem to like it better mixed together. by on 05/20/2020
My kitties loved it
My cats absolutely loved this!! by on 05/20/2020
My cats are picky eaters so this review might be slightly biased, but they weren't huge fans. by on 05/20/2020
Two Paws Up!
My cats absolutely loved the Hill's Adult Tender Chicken Dinner! They are super picky eaters and prefer chicken based food over seafood! My cats ate all of this food and licked their bowls clean! The packets of food are so much easier to use than cans! No mess and I'm not using a million spoons to scoop food into their bowls! I also like that the packets are easy to dispose of. Where I live, you cannot recycle cat food cans! Win win situation for my cats and I! by on 05/20/2020
My cats favorite!
My cats went crazy over this! We have switched just to keep them happy and full! by on 05/20/2020
Cats Love It!!
I feed this to my 2 cats, I actually added to a hard food, and they went nuts, they ate it all. I think they really love the gravy, as they licked that up first. by on 05/20/2020
Hearty meal
My cat loved this product. Not mushy, the square chunks were easy for my cat to eat. by on 05/20/2020
Picky Patti Approves
Our Sally cat will turn her nose to nearly every wet food offered. She does that cute and annoying swipe the bowl off the counter in protest. Not this time! Sally ate the whole packet and sat, waiting for another serving. by on 05/20/2020
Hill's Science Diet
My cats are older and really enjoy wet food. It is a treat as they do not get it very often. They both really enjoyed this. by on 05/20/2020
Cat loved it
This was a great cat food that my cat ate all of instantly. I love little packet came in. by on 05/20/2020
Great stuff
My cat absolutely loved this sample of hills nutrition. I recommend this product because it's filled with great ingredients that are healthy for your cat and I love how it has real chicken pieces in it by on 05/20/2020
still not sure
my cat ate half of it so I'm not sure how he really feels about it. he never went back to the bowl to finish it so I dont think he liked it. I wish he did be cause I would definitely feed it to him because that's a good brand but it's a little pricey. by on 05/20/2020
Look Great, but my cat is too picky
The product looked great and I thought my cat would love it, but unfortunately he turned his noise up and refused to eat it by on 05/20/2020
Cat loved it
We offered this pouch to our cat and he loved it! He can be picky at times for food. by on 05/20/2020
picky cat loved it
This is one of few wet foods my cat liked. She is very picky, thanks for the opportunity to try something new. by on 05/20/2020
Good but....
I liked the idea of it being in a bag and it is easy to serve but all my cat did was just pretty much just licked the gravy. He did eat some of the food but not much. It might be better for other cats but it's not the greatest for Tiger. by on 05/20/2020
Cat like it
Cat likes it. I like that it has enough gravy because moisture content is something that I look for in cat food. by on 05/20/2020
He loved it by on 05/20/2020
Quality Product
Happy to feed my cats something good for them by on 05/20/2020
Cats loved it
My cats really liked this food and they have been picky with wet food lately. Looks like I will be buying this one from now on. by on 05/20/2020
My picky cats
Quality looked good but my picky trio wouldn't eat it. They played with the pieces but eventually walked away from them. by on 05/20/2020
My cat loved this! He usually doesn't like chicken, but devoured hills pet nutrition tender dinner. by on 05/20/2020
Hill's Pet Nutrition Chicken Dinner Cat Food
This is a quality food that my cat absolutely loved! Watching her eat this and afterwards playing let me know this is great for her! by on 05/20/2020
My cats loved it!
I have three cats all of which get dry food daily and wet food as a treat. They absolutely loved this wet food. But unlike the cans you get normally, this was in a pouch which made feeding it to them much more convenient and less of a hassle and mess. Not to mention, this is a brand I can 100% trust. by on 05/20/2020
Cats were happy!
I don't know much about the cat food other than I liked the package it came in and my two cats gobbled it all up . by on 05/20/2020
I wish my cats would eat this
I wish my cats would eat this. I know it has quality ingredients and is good for them. They like pate and found the chunks in this cat food too large. They licked the food, but wouldn't eat it. Very, very spoiled. I would rate it a 5, but they want pate and would, therefore, rate this a 1. So I averaged out ratings and gave it a 3! by on 05/20/2020
Tates a fan!
Our furbaby absolutely loved the adult tender chicken dinner cat food we purchased for him! He went straight for it and ate every bite! I love that I can see what's in it and I know it's good for him. by on 05/20/2020
Hill's Tender Chicken Cat Food
I've always fed my cats Hill's pet food. This particular one is no different as far as quality. I like buying this brand because I can always count on it to be nutritious and reasonably priced. My older cat is very wet food motivated. He enjoyed it very much! I'll probably pick some up on my next trip to the pet store. by on 05/20/2020
Home run with the cats!
All my cats absolutely LOVED Hill's Pet Nutrition Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food! As soon as I opened the package they were swarming around the plate waiting for me to serve them. They loved the taste and texture of the little bits, and cleaned up every bit of gravy! This is going to be a staple for them from now on. I received a sample as a BzzAgent for my review of this product. by on 05/19/2020
Hills Adult Tender Chicken Dinner Cat Food
My Rae loved the smell of the Hills Chicken Tender Wet Cat food.She loves the taste and only took her not long to eat it all up. by on 05/19/2020
My cat loves Hills Tender Chicken Dinner
My cat was screaming the minute I opened the packet , he couldn`t wait to try it . Then he ate it all , I have started feeding Hills Chicken Dinners all the time now . My cats coat is shinier and he looks overall more healthy. I found the pouch much easier to open than canned food and more convenient to store by on 05/19/2020
Cats find this delicious
My cats Marley and Britney both liked this food. They ate the food and the liquid that came with it. Often times Britney will drink the liquid and leave the food sit but, not this time. Both cats were able to digest this food and they did not have any emesis. by on 05/18/2020
My cat loves Hills Pet Nutrition food!!!!
My cat loves Hills Pet Nutrition Tender Chicken Dinner!! For starters it wasn't messy at all. I just pulled open the package and dumped it in her bowl. She's usually picky but she ran to her bowl immediately and started chowing down! The food looked great and smelled amazing!! I highly recommend this product and will continue to buy it for my cat Nebula! by on 05/18/2020
Gandalf LOVED it!
My 8 year old Gandalf was more than happy to try the Tender Chicken dinner. Gandalf is an eating BOSS. He's a HOSS! His food drive is worse than my dog's. For his supper last night I treated him to your Tender Chicken and he absolutely gobbled it down. I'm not sure he even chewed it? The packet was gone in just a couple of minutes, and then he settled in for his evening nap. Highly recommend this chicken dinner....Gandalf approves and wants more! #MEOW by on 05/18/2020
Pretty good stuff!!
This was a really great product. My cat went crazy over it, to bad I didn't have any more then one pack. by on 05/18/2020
They licked the bowl clean!
Both cats loved this food! They have always loved wet food but I hate the smelly cans. This is a great compromise! by on 05/18/2020
My Cat Was Happy!
My cat usually will only eat anything with tuna so I was surprised at home much she liked this. It was good quality and she loved it for dinner. I'll have to get more! by on 05/18/2020
Smokey loved this! As soon as I opened the package, he rushed in the kitchen with a meow and scarfed it down. I also like to mix this with his dry cat food because our vet says as he ages it's better for his digestion. It's his new favorite meal! by on 05/17/2020
my cats loved this product. I have never tried it before now, and I recieve a small sample to try. I am so glad I did. It's so much healthier for my cats than what I was feeding them! Costs more but totally worth it. by on 05/17/2020
Kitty Approved
My cat loves wet food so she dived right in. It was gone not long after the dish was on the floor. I forgot to take a picture but she seemed pretty pleased as far as cats go. by on 05/16/2020
Hills Pet Chicken Dinner Cat Food
I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this cat food, however, my super picky kitty thought that the chunks were way too big for a cat food. He only l