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Hill's Science Diet Small Bites Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Science Diet Small Bites Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food is a specially formulated diet designed to meet the energy needs of adult dogs during the prime of their lives. With its delicious lamb flavor and high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients, this dog food offers a nutritious option for maintaining your furry friend's health and vitality. Nutritional Benefits -Crafted with high-quality protein sources, this dry dog food supports lean muscle development in adult dogs. Th... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 61 reviewers.

??Our Pug's favorite??
Everything about Hill Science is great!! If you truly want your pet or pets to grow with all the proteins, nutrients & all the other important things they need to be healthy as they grow up....... Then it's Hill Science..... Hill Science with a flavor, my pug, can't resist.... I love that because he is getting everything he needs in a dog food with a BOMB of a flavor he absolutely loves!! by on 07/02/2023
Would definitely buy again. My corgis love this food.
Great thing about it is my dogs are looking forward to eating it! Zero wasted food. Their coats are shiny and healthy looking now! by on 10/31/2022
Outstanding commitment provides a long healthy life
We are so fortunate that our breeder recommended Science Diet lamb and rice. We have used ONLY this dry dog food and are very happy to say our English Bulldog just turned 13! We would never think of trying anything else and are hoping for more years with our handsome bully. by on 04/23/2022
Hill's Best Food
My dad use to work at Hills Science diet about 30 years ago. So we would feed our dogs this food. I feed my corgi Hills now too and he loves it. Most corgis are kinda chunky but mine is not overweight. Could be due to the dog food or maybe I don't over feed him. Either way this food is great. by on 06/17/2021
I buy this product on a regular basis
Best god food for health and skin. My American Bully and my Amstaff both have allergies. Before eating Hills Science diet, they both shed terribly and their hair would fall out. My vet recommended Hills. No issues since 2016. Love Hills Science diet and their products are wonderful !! by on 03/21/2021
Mini Aussie LOVES it!
Boo can't wait to eat! He loves it! by on 01/03/2021
Love the new resealable bag!
We've used this for 10 years for our Border Collies. They love it! I'm so excited for this new resealable bag with this Velcro like strip, it is awesome! No need to crumple or fold the top down anymore! No more ripped bags spilling out dog food! Thanks for the upgraded bag! by on 03/04/2019
staple in my home
It's all my dogs eat. Primarily because its all I feed them; but they eat it well and have a healthy live. recommended by my vet over other brands full of marketing hype. by on 07/29/2017
The One & Only
We have Catahoula Leopard dogs. A female, Kayo, who is 1.5 years old and a male, Routt, who is 6 months old. The breed is known for an extreme amount of energy and their herding/tracking/hunting ability. Our dogs have grown up with Science Diet and will continue for the years to come. One look at our two dogs and one sees their health and muscle. Even our vet is in agreement and I see it every morning at the park. They run and play with such joy! Beau & Emily by on 09/25/2015
I want to give my dog the best, so I feed her Hill's Science
I adopted my dog after she was rescued off the streets. It was obvious that she had been abused and was starving bad enough her ribs showed. As soon as I adopted her and talked with my local vet about what food would be the best not only for overall health but so she can reach a healthy weight and maintain that weight. Hill's Science Diet was the best choice. My dog, Starlet went from a sick looking 4 pounds to a very happy and healthy 10 pounds. This company is a leader in making food for dogs that is healthy and innovative. by on 09/02/2015
My dog loves it
Quality product. My dog always enjoys her kibble. Size of the food is perfect for her. There is always a sale or promotion on her food. by on 08/04/2015
I purchase the product because I believe is a lot healthier than the other brands. I hope I am not wrong. And also because it is made in the USA. by on 11/18/2014
my dogs love this food
The small bite food is great for both my older dog to chew and my other dog who eats too fast. by on 10/19/2014
Our dog really adjusted to this food quickly and she had more energy. by on 09/09/2014
Roscoe will only eat your brand
I got my dog when he was 12 weeks, hes 2 now and only eats your brand. I can only get Hills Science Diet at a pet store so thats a pain cause theres not one near me. by on 08/28/2014
this product is great
We have tried other brands of the lamb dog food and Science diet is by far the best one that we have tried by on 08/20/2014
Good ingredients and evidently taste.
My dogs eat this product with no difficulty. They are eager to eat at each of their planned meals and quickly eat every bite of their food. by on 08/12/2014
I like the tiny nuggets for my small dog
My dog is very picky and will not just eat any dog food. I am glad I found something healthy for him that he does like to eat. by on 08/06/2014
Best Choice for our Girls
I feed my chihuahuas Hills Science Diet small bites dry dog food because of all the brands I have tried, they seem to like it best, and because they always have great check ups, so I know they are healthy and well-nourished. Kristin by on 07/23/2014
my dog love it
Since my dog switch to Science Diet her stomach is doing very well. by on 07/21/2014
Dog loves it!
My border collie is a bit of a picky eater but he has always loved science diet lamb meal and rice small bites. My dog seems to have less gas and seems healthier over all with this food. by on 07/17/2014
god value
Our dog likes the food. The small bites helps her digest better as well as mixing with moist food. She is healthy and at a good weight. by on 06/22/2014
to expensive
with the last price hike, it puts this food out of my budget. I am still using it but will switch to purina one after this bag is gone. I have four dogs and cant afford your food any longer. by on 04/30/2014
We Always Come Back
I'll admit that I have tried other dry dog foods to feed my two smooth collies. I fall prey to reviews touting other foods. However, I always come back to Lamb and Rice Small Bites. Why? Because I can count on the quality and my dogs' well being when feeding them this food. I don't have to worry about loose stools, food left in the bowl or a bad bag of food. I have made myself a promise to stick with Lamb and Rice from Science Diet. by on 04/27/2014
My Shetland Sheepdog is doing great on this product.
We started our Shetland Sheepdog on the Science Diet Lamb and Rice formula when we adopted her at 7 months of age. She was very thin when we brought her home. She started gaining weight after the 1st month on Science Diet. We switched her to the adult lamb and rice formula at 12 months of age. She is now at a normal weight, has lots of energy, and is very healthy. We feel Science Diet has done their research and are a well established manufacturer of high quality dog food. by on 04/26/2014
Shiny coat healthy Daisy
Everyone notices Daisy's shiny coat. She is sleek with bright eyes. She still has a lot of energy at age 5. She likes to run and jump. She eats the small morsel size eagerly. She has been eating science diet since she was a pup. I do think she needs a switch to another ingredient mix occasionally but always get the small kibble. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of wet mixed with the dried. Dogs do get bored with same food and need a little adventure. Science diet I have the most confidence in. by on 04/20/2014
Excellent dog food
I would like to say a big THANKS to science diet for Lamb meal and brown rice small breed for my Mini Poodle. I have tried every food possible with high protein qualities.. Guess What my dog cannot handle high protein dog foods. Science Diet is the first food that he does not vomit or get sick. Some dogs just cannot handle high protein foods even though some dog advisors recommend high protein diets. Keep up the good work Science Diet I will definetly recommend your quality foods. Thanks by on 03/11/2014
This product is healthy and my dog likes it
My dog has always had Science Diet dog food at different stages he is now 7/1/2 years old and I put him on Adult light small bits because he was gaining too much weight. He is a long hair dashshound and too much weight would hurt his back. He loves the dog food and even likes it as a treat. I like it because it is healthy, keeps his weight down and he loves it which makes me happy.. by on 09/26/2013
You Go Dawg
He's over 12 years old - has been on Science Diet since he was a puppy - He is still going strong. by on 09/08/2013
Has been great for my dogs sensitive tummy.
I have 3 dogs including a schnauzer who has a sensitive tummy. We have tried her on several foods all which have proven to be hard on her, causing her to vomit. This is the only food I have found that agrees with her and she loves it. by on 07/18/2013
my dogs love it! They look better, they feel better, I
I am so happy I switched to Science Diet for my dogs. I have seen such an improvement in there coat, there eyes, they are happier. by on 06/30/2013
great product
this is the only dog food my pug will eat. and he absolutley enjoys it! i love the ingredients in it and it's healthy for him. science diet all the way for my finicky eater! by on 07/28/2012
No skin problems
I have tried all types of dog foods and Science Diet is the only one that my English Bulldogs can tolerate. They have beautiful coats and don't losr hair. They also don't have a lot of flagrance. by on 07/17/2012
vet highly recomends brand
My dog is a poodle with "poodle skin" and the lamb and rice formular helps with her skin condition. Plus she likes the taste! by on 06/17/2012
Great food = Great health = Great dogs
With complete obsession, my heart and soul I did invest So it's only appropriate I feed them only the very best Each morning they express excitement as we take a stroll Knowing their favorate food is waiting in their bowl Rewarded with Science Diet treats when good behavior they display When my dogs get the very best, I know everythings okay! by on 05/28/2012
Science Diet keeps my pets Healthy and Happy!
We love what this food does for our four dogs. They are all healthy, happy and youthful. We have four "rescue" dogs that are part of the family to us and although you do pay a little more for this product, our dogs are worth it! by on 05/23/2012
This is a great recipe for my dog
She is happy healthy and shee loves the food. The size is great as she eats it with no issues, and she is always eager to get fed. Couldn't be happier about her food. by on 05/21/2012
My dogs love it
I have four adult dogs; three bassets and a border collie mix. These guys love their small bites lamb. It is easy to digest, and the dogs greet each day like a special occasion. They woof it down, do their business and then relax for an hour or so. No enticement is needed. They love the food. In fact the food has to be securely stored in order to avoid the dogs overeating. If they could rate the food, surely they would give it a 5+. by on 05/21/2012
great value, great taste
my 3yr old pug dog loves this food. it provides him the nutrients that he requires for his active day. he is able to maintain a healthy weight and smooth coat of fur. he/we will be a science diet dog food client for life! by on 05/18/2012
This product is much better than one of your rivals.
I put my dog on a different pet food, which is quite popular, and really promoted at the pet store I go to. She was eating like I hadn't fed her in months, and she was losing weight. I put her back on the Science Diet Lamb Meal and Rice Small Bites, and she has gained all her weight back and looks great. She is almost 14 years old. She loves the dog food too. by on 05/18/2012
Healthy Product, Affordable value, Top Quality my dog
I know many think that food for a pet is just food. But thats so not true. This food is top quality and my dog loves it! He doesnt leave a speck of food in the dish. This makes me happy because i know im doing something for my pet that is beneficial to his well being and livelihood. My pet isnt just a pet but a member of our family and i take great pride in caring for my family so feeding my dog Science Diet's Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe Small Bites i know im doing the best thing for him and ensure that he remains healthy and has a long life with us! by on 05/17/2012
Long Term User
We had a Shih Tzu that lived to 17 years of age and always fed her Hill's Science Diet dry food. We started out with the Hill's puppy food, then the lamb and rice, and finally to a Hill's Prescritpion Diet because of joint mobility problems. We now have another Shih Tzu that we started out again with Hill's puppy food and now that she is a two year old dog, she gets Hill's Lamb and Rice food every day. She has a smooth coat of hair that is full and soft, which is due in large part to her diet. We are firm believers in feeding our dog the best, and Hill's is the only brand we use. by on 05/17/2012
our dog boston
We switched to science died with our Boston terrier and within a week his coat was shiner and he has not had any heat sores on his body like he usually does during the summer and he just loves the flavor! by on 05/17/2012
This is a great product!
My dog she's enjoying this SCIENCE DIET HILL'S dry dog food very much. She's normally didn't eat much of dried food its self, I always have to mixed it with wet food then she'll it. But since I gave her this great products she just eats and doesn't needs anymore wet food! But I still give her SCIENCE DIET HILL'S wet food also. It's great too! I would recommended. Thanks SCIENCE DIET!!! by on 05/17/2012
Dogs really loved this product!
I had only thought of Hill's Science Diet and Hill's products as only for dogs with health problems and the food was not very tasty having had one dog that had to eat Hill's R/D wet food and did not particularly care for it. I was surprised that my dogs loved this product. They gobbled up every bite and wanted more. So I continued to buy this item and they continue to love it. I trust Hill's to produce a balanced and quality pet food and they have not disappointed. I like the wide variety of items offered. by on 05/17/2012
Would not use anything else!
When I started shopping for a corgi puppy, I visited several pet care centers after talking to my vet about foods. I read packages and talked to clerks, but I decided to go with what the vet recommended. (My budget is limited and initially I thought Hills Science Diet would cost me more than most other foods, so I had checked other brands.) Chiquita Bonita, "Chickie" has been a great addition to the family. As a puppy we started with the lamb and rice formula. I chose it over others because of the smell. I believe the smell of the food helps my dog smell good too. Her breath and body have no offensive odor and she seldom gets a bath upon the advice of the vet. When she was ready to move to adult food, we stayed with the lamb and rice formula in small bites. She still loves the taste and eats eagerly. The vet is very pleased at her weight as corgis have a tendency to get pudgy. Hills Science Diet has made it easy to keep her at a safe healthy size. Her coat is sleek and shiny, her eys are bright and she is a picture of health. Chickie is now 5, and when it is time to move to food for less active dogs, we will stay with HSD because I can't imagine any other food is better for her. Thanks for your attention to detail and the good health of pets. by on 05/17/2012
My Dogs Love This Food
My fiance and I have 3 chihuahuas and they absolutely love this food. Unlike other brands, they go straight for their food when it's chow time! :) Would definitely recommend this food to my friends and family. And can't beat the price either!!! by on 05/17/2012
So happy to have found this food!
This is the only food I have found that all 3 of my dogs LOVE, and believe me, I tried them all! My little one has a sensitive stomach and it took me a long time to find a quality food that she would actually eat and wouldn't upset her digestive system. Thank you, Science Diet! by on 05/17/2012
Smokey eats this food twice each day and loves it
Not having tasted the Lamb and Rice Small bites, I can't give a tasted test review, but Smokey seems to like it a lot. by on 05/17/2012
Lamb and rice small bites
My english springer spaniel is 2 and 1/2 and has been eating lamb and rice small bites since the age of 6 months. She loves this food. She finishes her bowl every morning. she has a great coat and is in good health, which I attribute to this food. I have been using Science Diet dog food for over 17 years, including my current dog and my previous Old English Sheepdog, who lived to the ripe old age of 14. by on 05/17/2012
The small pieces are ideal.
Otis loves this brand. He likes the small pieces mixed with fresh apples & carrots. by on 05/16/2012
Kirby hated this dog food.
I took Kirby my Black Lab to the vet cause he got bit by an insect and his face was swollen, he had an upset stomach and dysentary.. The vet recommended this food but he spit it out. He wouldn't eat it. Either would the other dogs. It was a waste of money. by on 05/16/2012
Picky dog will eat finally
My 3 yr old recue is a very picky eater. She seems to love Science diet a lot. We have only tried the lamb and rice but will broaden out to other kind soon. by on 05/16/2012
I own 3 very different dogs and they all agree on your
I own a 3 year old miniature chihuahua, 6 year old whippet, and a 8 year old chow mix bread, all three are very picky and after many years of trying different brands, flavors, wet and dry foods, this is the first brand I've found that all three dogs like and I like the quality. I've thrown away or given away more dog food than some people will ever buy. It's great to know I can finally buy one high quality brand that my very finicky dogs enjoy. Thank you. by on 05/16/2012
My picky dog likes his Hills Science Diet
I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that my dog likes Hills Science Diet dry dog food (the Lamb and rice) He is pretty finicky and won't eat most brands. My best friend said that her dogs wouldn't eat Science Diet dog food but I decided to give it a shot anyways and Yes my dog loves it! I am now on my 3rd bag and am very pleased. I like knowing that my dog is getting a nutritious meal and I like that I can get it in a non chicken formula since I suspect my dog has a sensitivity to chicken. by on 05/16/2012
This product is very high quality
We have several breeds of dogs that we feed this to and it is a great product for all of them. We recommend this to all people who adopt our puppies. by on 05/16/2012
My dogs like the taste
Ever since I first got my pups, I have given them hills science diet food. That makes me feel good because I know the formula is the right formula for their needs. They are energetic and their digestive system is doing great. They don't have tummy troubles or anything. Their coat is smooth and shiny and they are happy when they eat it :) by on 05/16/2012
My dog's favorite!
My 5 year old MinPin has eaten onlyScience Diet her entire life. She prefers Lamb Meal and Rice. Science Diet is a great value for a 5lb. bag. We had to buy another food when we left ours at home on vacation. Poor Izzy ! She ate hardly anything and had an upset stomach all weekend. She was happy to get home and have some good food. She has even learned to open the cabinet where her food is stored, and scratch the bag when she wants more. Science Diet dry food is nice and crunchy, which helps to keep her teeth clean, and not messy like some wet foods. I don't plan to feed her anything else - ever! by on 05/16/2012
It is easy to bite
I noticed when my dog first tried this kind that it was easier for him to chew. He doesn't have a reaction to it like he did to the other kinds we'd tried. by on 05/16/2012
Both furry kids love this stuff!
We have two dogs--one Jack Russell "Terror" and a Boxer. Both LOVE this food! It is difficult to please two doggie palates but they both look forward to eating dinner. Plus we have seen a tremendous improvement, particularly in the little guy. Before Science Diet, his coat was coarse and he had very little energy. Now he is driving the neighbors nuts, constantly barking at squirrels and tearing around the yard with his sister. It has been remarkable to watch his transformation. Great product. by on 05/16/2012
My babies love this
My doggie loves this as the small bites are just perfect for her. My other ones love the regular size bites. I have used the lamb and rice formula for 12 years. by on 05/16/2012