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Hill's Science Diet Senior Age 11+ Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

As our feline companions gracefully age, their nutritional needs evolve to support their changing physiology. Hill's Science Diet Senior Age 11+ Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food is crafted to cater to the unique requirements of cats aged 11 and above. This specialized formula promotes healthy aging and ensures senior cats remain agile, alert, and interactive. Tailored Nutritional Composition -Hill's Science Diet Adult 11+ dry cat food boasts a special ingredient blend carefully selected to addre... Read More

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My big male won't eat this
I mix this in with his prescription urinary/metabolic. He ate the first bag (maybe the old formulation) but he actually will pick the other food out and leave this in his bowl or push it out onto the floor. This is too expensive to throw it out. I will not purchase more. by on 08/27/2023
cat wont touch it.
cat wont touch it. and he eats almost everthing i give him. probably the smell judging by his reaction by on 07/19/2023
Noticeable results! This diet has helped my cat a lot!
I bought this for my 12 year old cat a couple months ago. He was on the 7+ formula for adult cats but i decided to switch to this formula, given that my cat is a senior kitty. Due to his breeding, he's had health issues in the past and had to be given shots at that caused loss of his fur. As he aged, the fur didn't really come back. I also noticed that he was rarely playing and showed little to no interest towards play. Ever since he started this diet his fur is noticeably coming back, and he's playing again!! I've had him since he was a couple weeks old and it seems like his younger self is back. This formula works and my cat loves it! by on 03/02/2023
We only buy Hills for our 22 yr old cat
Hills science senior cat food is the reason our cat is living a healthy, long life. He just turned 22 ! by on 12/02/2021
We will keep our cat on this product the rest of his life.
A couple years ago our male cat "Buster" started to gain weight. We put him on Science Diet Perfect weight dry and he soon lost 2 lbs. He's now 11 and we are fostering a small dog. Buster was scared of her at first and mostly hid under the bed. He lost about a lb. We then found Science Diet 11+ dry and tried that. He is now used to the dog and no longer hides. He loves his new dry food and has gained back the weight he lost. After only 2-3 bags we've noticed his fur is glossier and softer than ever. He loves the small pieces, we think he can eat them better. Hard to believe that this food has made such beneficial changes so quickly but it has! We'll keep him on it for the rest of his life. by on 12/03/2019
I don't know what you all "improved" but cat isn't having it
My cat doesn't like the new formula. I successfully transitioned get to your kibble 2 years ago and she never had a problem with it. But this new formula??? She won't eat this. Period. She doesn't like the texture and size of it now. And I specifically switched her to your brand because it was easier for her to consume. So now I have to start this whole process of finding her a food she'll actually eat over again. Thanks. by on 05/30/2019
My senior cat likes this but kibbles are too big.
My post diabetic cat is extremely picky. She is almost 17 years old and has very few teeth left after oral care by our vet. Upon trying to change her food from dry to wet, she refused wet food completely. We returned to kibble style and happily discovered she likes this variety. But, we have one problem. The kibbles are too big! What are you thinking making a senior food with large kibbles? I'm afraid she will choke on a whole piece in the future. She struggles to break her food into small pieces. So, I rated this product 3 stars. Shrink the size and you have a 5 star product for any senior cat. by on 01/03/2019
Daisy is young again
I started feeding this food to my 13 year old calico. For a long time Daisy did nothing but sleep, eat and sleep some more. Once she started eating this food, she has become a kitten again. She runs, plays with our shepherd and stalks me everywhere. The only problem is that our five year old cat loves this food too! by on 03/23/2017
My Review
My cat of 21+years recently passed away. I believe that her long life was due to the fact she was on Science Diet all her life. I changed her food as her needs changed. Our 7 year old cat is and will always be on Science Diet, and I hope she lives just as long full life. Thank you Science Diet for making such a great product. by on 02/07/2017
I like the title because I KNOW what to look for.
As my two very different cats aged, I found it hard to find a food that both would eat, and meat their nutritional needs. I stumbled upon Science diet cat food for cats 11+ ages, and both seemed to like it. I bought Science Diet for indoor cats by mistake one day, and found the nuggets were too big for them, and they wouldn't eat it. I called the company wondering if they changed their formula, but I misread the packaging. Thank you for letting me take the package back, and for sending me coupons for the Science Diet both cats love. AND, they seem to be healthier as they age. I'm going to stick with what works for them. Thank You. by on 12/06/2016
My Review
I buy this and other Hills dry cat food for mature cats. by on 09/07/2016
Great for older cats!
My little feline friends have been enjoying this for quite some time now, wouldn't even thinking bout changing it on them. Easily digestible. by on 07/14/2016
2 flavors of Age defying Science Diet
I started my 14 year old male cat on the regular Age Defying food about six months ago. He is a very picky eater, always been very thin. First off, He really liked the flavor, I had him on a mix of Sensitive Stomach and Oral Care before, which he was ok with, but he and my other 2 5 years old cats REALLY love the flavor of Age Defying food. We noticed a considerable increase in Watson's (14 year old male) activity level and a weight gain within 2 weeks. He seemed more playful and happier. If only the other cats would not mooch from his bowl all was great. Last week we picked up INDOOR Age Defying food by mistake. The 2 pellets look different and boy do they taste different because not one of my 3 cats will eat the INDOOR formulation. After 4 days, I when back to store and bought a bag of regular Age defying and everyone is back to eating well. Please do not stop making the regular Age Defying formulation! I have had 6 cats now and struggling to keep weight on older cats is always been a huge issue in our house. We have used Hills for 28 plus years for 6 cats and all have live to be at least 15 years old. thanks, Leslie Miller by on 06/02/2016
I am SOO happy with the new Velcro closure on the bags of my cat food! My cat is also doing much better since switching to Hills Science Diet! by on 05/02/2016
Size too big for older kitty
I was disappointed the size of the kibble was so large. Abigail had been on a "special" prescription Hill's product and the kibble size was perfect! Small enough for the few teeth she has left to munch away. Surely Abigail isn't the only "senior" kitty who is missing a tooth or two or three... Needless to say I was disappointed as Hills has always been a favorite. by on 03/28/2016
My cats won't eat it
My cats would not eat this food. I put this food out for 2 weeks with their old food to transition them. After I stopped mixing this with their old food and put this out by itself, they would walk over and smell it and walk away. The food amounts hardly changed over 4-5 days, so I discarded this food and started on something else. by on 02/04/2016
My senior cat loves it!
I changed my 16 year old Maine Coon to the Age Defying formula and he loves it! He has started jumping up to the back of the couch again to sun himself, grooming a bit more, and begging for food at 6 am every day - meowing at me and dashing between my legs until I feed him. I'm so happy I've found a senior diet that he appreciates! by on 12/16/2015
Good for my old cat.
I settled on this cat food after trying others because my cat seems to thrive on it. She is 16 years old. Her coat is shiny and she doesn't vomit very often like she used to. by on 10/14/2015
haven't had it long, but so far, my senior cats love the
The taste and the small kibble size is great for my 2 senior cats. by on 09/26/2015
My cat loves the little bites
My cat seems to love her food, however, sometimes she throws up. by on 09/15/2015
My senior cats love Hills
We have 4 cats, 3 that are litter mates and 15 years old. They have grown up on Hills and are enjoying healthy lives. Once we switched them from the original formula to the senior 11+ formula, we noticed our one that suffered bone breakage and joint issues from an accident with a car became more active. She seemed to regain her enthusiasm for life that had slowly tapered with age after the accident. When we bring a new bag of Hills Science Diet into the house, we have cats sniffing and scratching the bag, wanting it opened immediately. All of them are healthy, happy and giving us memories we will have forever. by on 09/01/2015
Helps my cats live a long, healthy life!
I have seen such a dramatic difference in my cats since I started feeding them this food! They are so much more active, their bodies are lean and healthy, their stool quantity is greatly reduced, and their fur is so sleek and shiny! They are all in their teens now and I know I have many more years with them because they are in such good health! by on 05/19/2015
Proof of the Age-Defying description
I started to give my cat this food when she turned 17 yrs. old. She has thrived on this food. She has no health issues. Good appetite, regular elimination and still goes up and down the stairs when she wants to. So grateful there is a food that is specific to her needs. She will be 19 yrs. old in May '15. She still has most of her teeth but I do give her some soft food to supplement her dry food diet. However, she loves the dry food and eats regularly. Thank you, Science Diet. by on 12/17/2014
My cats love it.
I have a litter of feral cats and have fed them Science Diet since they adopted me. Although they are getting older they still love your product and are healthy and active cats. by on 10/16/2014
Excellent food for keeping cats healthy
Hill's Senior 11+ Age Defying dry food has proven to be a superb diet for all three of my cats (now ages 16, 15, and 12). Prior to "graduating" to this particular variety, they ate other Hill's Science Diets appropriate to their ages, and they have enjoyed good health and have maintained a proper weight despite their indoor lifestyle. They enjoy the food and are always eager for it when meal times roll around. I highly recommend Hill's foods to my friends and acquaintances. by on 10/01/2014
re: Healthy Cats
I have had cats for over 30 years and only until I changed to Science Diet were my cats really healthy. Before Science Diet my cats were plagued with urinary crystals...this last batch of cats has been on Science Diet from kitten on up (3 cats total) and they are healthy...Can't find a better reason to stay with Science diet. by on 09/11/2014
My older cats love this food.
My oldest cat loves this food. He still acts like a kitten. Eat, play and sleep. by on 09/01/2014
This product is very good for my cat.
The food is very good for my senior cat. He is more active and is very healthy. by on 08/24/2014
Owners of 3 cats
Our vet suggested we start using your product years ago and we did. Its the only thing we we feed our 3 cats. by on 08/15/2014
Product is good on their stomachs and keeping their weight
Tried other products and my cats (both) would constantly throw them up more times than we felt was right. It happened on many different products we tried till we tried Science Diet. It does happen on occasion but not very often now. One cat has been having urinary tract issue on occasion and I am going to next try your urinary dry cat food to see how this goes. Very quality product. by on 08/12/2014
This product improved my kitty's overall condition.
My kitty, Tigga, showed marked improvements with her overall health when I started her on this product. by on 07/06/2014
This product is amazing!
We have been feeding this food to our senior cat for about 7 years. She is now 18+ and very healthy at her age! She is spry, energetic, and playful. Her coat is still thick and shiny and her vet says she has the teeth of an 8 year old. I would highly recommend this product-it lives up to it's claims! by on 06/01/2014
Excellent for older pets
I have five cats, all between 12-14 years old. After a few weeks on the adult age defying dry food their fur and litter box habits improved remarkably. by on 05/30/2014
Good product
My cats really like it. My cats are 11 & 16 yrs old. This food is good for their age. They seem to be doing good on it. by on 05/15/2014
I only wish it were more palatable for her
I have trusted Hills Science diets for years since I work in the Veterinary field. I only wish this particular diet had a better or "enhanced" flavor or smell since cats eat by smell rather than taste so much. She is very difficult to feed and getting her to eat this was easier than others I wasted money on. She gets 1/4 cup morning and night. Her coat is beautiful and her eyes are just starting to get a "cloudy look". She is 14 yrs. young. by on 04/28/2014
Age Defying helps my cat stay young!
My 13 year old cat, Friday loves Science Diet Senior Age Defying cat food. It helps her to stay active and healthy. My friends all can't believe shes 13 years old! She looks and plays like a much younger cat! I won't feed her anything else! by on 04/27/2014
Great Product!!!!
My cat Lady was nine when she got attacked by a dog and lost her back leg. After her second surgery the vet recommended Science diet senior. She is about to celebrate her fourteenth birthday and she loves her Science diet senior. She is in great health and her coat is so beautiful and I owe it all to Science diet senior. by on 04/16/2014
Kibbel Size
We like this dry food because of the small kibbel size. It makes it easy for my 19 year old to eat dry food. by on 04/03/2014
My old man loves this food...
My geriatric fussy feline loves this food. The tiny kibble is easy for him to chew and it is very palatable. I noticed a change in his energy and his coat became even shinier. I switch between this and the indoor age defying to help with hairballs. Thank you. by on 02/14/2014
Great product for senior cats.
My 18 year old cat has more energy than she has ever had. by on 02/03/2014
When I think healthy I think Science Diet.
I have been feeding my kids science diet for over forty years one of my eldest live to 26 years of age. Now take 26+ times 7 that gives you an adult kitty. by on 01/29/2014
good quality
Our 2 senior cats love this food and still act like kittens! by on 12/20/2013
The small size makes it easier for the senior's to eat
I have tried many brands for my picky cats and when I gave them Science diet senior dry, they loved it. I try different brands from time to time with promotions, but they like Science Diet. The price could be lower, but I am happy that my cats Sly and Charisma eat it by on 11/30/2013
Special for seniors is good
I like to serve this cat food made or the special needs of my most senior kitty. He enjoys it and I think it is good for his health. by on 11/06/2013
Age Defying for seniors
15 years and counting, this food has been a nice balance for health and nutrition. Her fur looks better than before and she is loosing a little bit of weight which is good for her maturing body. by on 10/19/2013
Not as tasty
My cat doesn't like this as well as the adult sensitive stomach dry food, but I guess this is supposed to be better for her. She is 21 years old. by on 10/10/2013
Even my SUPER picky kitty loved it..
Thought it was a bit expensive but they don't need to eat as much. They weren't getting filled up on the Other brand, just kept munching. This satifies their appatite. Filled up and purring! by on 10/06/2013
Keeps our cat young
Our cat will soon be 16 years old. She has slowed down some, but still enjoys life and has no health problems. by on 09/26/2013
My cat likes this food.
While it is important to feed my cats with healthy, age appropriate food, it is sometimes hard to find a food that they will readily eat. Hills Science Diet dry for adult cats is well received and my older cat really likes it. by on 09/26/2013
The cat likes it.
The cat seems to have few digestive issues, and he likes it. by on 09/24/2013
Amazing food
My cat spaz is 12yrs old and recently was sick and ran a high cat temperature of 106. She wasnt eating and had a few infections. My vet switched her to this food for her regular diet and she has just thrived! She eats it freely and loves the taste of it. She is healthy again and loving her kitty life. It came highly recommended by my vet and now I highly recommend this to all. by on 07/10/2013
My finicky old cat turned his nose up
I had such high hopes for this dry cat food formula. My senior cat needed a change in his diet. However he is a very finicky eater and went on a hunger strike. Thankfully there is a money back gaurentee. I'm sure other older normal cats would love it, but mine didn't. by on 06/30/2013
Turns my senior cat into a kitten again
My 15 year old cat had been healthy throughout her life. She started acting differently-not herself. She began vomiting a lot & had trouble with using the litter box. I took her to the vet & her blood work came back that her kidneys were slowing down but with the proper nutrition she could have many years ahead of her with a great quality of life. No prescription food though because she could be fine if she had a healthy lifestyle. I asked the man at the local pet store if there was any special sort of food he could recommend. He said he had luck with the Science Diet Age Defying for Senior cats. He reminded me that it came with a guarantee and also that it was developed by veterinarians & who would know more about feeding your pet healthy. I bought a bag and within less than a week the turn around in my cat was fantastic. She got her "kitten face" back again & began to play like she did when she was younger. (We do have 2 younger cats that help to keep her at a good weight by exercising her a lot) Next trip to the pet store I thanked the man & told him how good my cat was doing. Ever since then she has been her old self. No litter box issues or vomiting at all-except an occasional hairball-she is a Maine Coon. by on 05/22/2013
I have fed Sol, my lovely rescue cat with Science Diet for the last 6 years since her vet recommended. While she was recovering for an awful sickness, her vet told me about Hill's food, a better food to help her during her recovery. She survived the impossible and since then she is eating Hill's. She successfully transitioned through the different formulas as she aged, and now, she love the"improved" formula. She is healthy and active, like a young kittie, and she is almost 12 years old. by on 05/21/2013
Cat won't eat "improved" fornula
I have fed my rescue cat Science Diet for the 14 years I've had her. She successfully transitioned through the different formulas as she aged but when I put the "improved" fornula out for her, she wouldn't touch it. I thought she was sick and I couldn't figure out why she wasn't eating, then I saw the "improved" banner on the bag. I went to the store and found a bag of the old stuff and she gobbled it up like always. I'm going to hoard as much of the old formula as I can find, but I'll eventually have to find another brand for her to eat because she won't eat the "improved" formula. by on 04/24/2013
Great product for a senior cat!
I came across Age Defying about 2 years ago at my Vet's office. Thought it would be a good choice for my then 13 year old cat who had always eaten SD foods. She had be showing signs of aging and was slowing down. I even called her our grumpy old lady. I loved how small the kibbles were and she took to it right away. It did seem a lot easier for her to eat. It wasn't long before I started noticing her running around the house like she did years before. She actually wanted to play! Something she hadn't done in quite a while. Now she's an energetic 15 year old who just had a check up. The Vet said she looked amazing for her age!! by on 04/22/2013
My senior cats act young again
I have 3 cats (4m, 13m, and 17f). Since switching the seniors to age defying SD, they have not acted so young in years. Every month that goes by the 13 yo male gets friskier, more adventurous, and more playful with his younger brother. His new "thing" is wanting to go on walks around the house on a leash. Three years ago I didn't know if the same cat would make it another year. Vets wanted to do major surgery on him. Luckily I found better alternatives and focused on his diet and getting him mobile. I never thought I would see that same cat do laps around the house. I also can't emphasize how helpful it has been reducing his weight to a healthy range. In just the past year, he started having problems keeping moist food of another brand down. I switched him to the adult moist SD knowing the dry food had been so helpful and he is no longer having the digestive issues. I have had both my seniors on the hairball and weight control formulas before as well. It's just something about the age defying that really works for them. My 17yo female does sometimes have more hairball problems then when she was previously on the hairball specific. Otherwise, it is the best product I could ask for to give my senior cats. My senior cats went from sleepy, old cats who didn't want much to do with me, other than the obvious feeding, to interactive, loving, cats that act more like they did in their youth. I also have to really try to keep the 4 yo out of the seniors' food. I've put him on the adult SD version, but he loves having exactly what the older cats eat. by on 04/01/2013
My 4 cats love it!
Although I bought it for my 17-year old cat, Blanca, all 4 of my cats (ranging from 4 to 17 years of age) LOVE it. The small kibble is easy for her to chew. It's keeping her energy high. To give her variety, I also feed her Science Diet's mature adult turkey wet food, which is low in protein. I'm amazed how many other brands have senior cat formulas that are high in protein, which is harmful to their kidneys. by on 02/26/2013
Nobody liked it :-(
My two 15 year old cats have always eaten Science Diet, and when I saw this I thought "Great! Something maybe better for them!" Brought it home and put it out next to their regular food and it went untouched. Even my two younger cats ignored it. Should have returned it, but put it out for the ferals. Someone ate it at least. Guess I need to stick to what they are used to, but thought you'd like to know my cat's reactions to it. by on 01/20/2013
Sidney likes Science Diet and thrives on it.
My cat, Sidney, has always been a Science Diet eater. He is 20 years old now and still has clear bright eyes and a nice shiny coat. He has been healthy throughout his life and given us the best a pet cat can give. by on 12/11/2012
I now have a 15 year old kitten!
My 15 year old female long haired tabby had started to look scruffy. She lost the sheen and shine of her coat, and her coat was not as long and smooth. I started feeding Age Defying, and even though she is extremely finicky and partial to seafood flavored dry foods, she took to this right away. In less than 6 weeks her coat is growing out with more shine, sheen and softness, and is fuller. Her energy level has gone WAY up and she is acting like a 3 year old again even in 90 degree humid weather. I could not be happier with this product. by on 10/08/2012
Both of my old cats are healthy and happy
I have two old cats (female 13+, male 11+) and they are both thriving on Science Diet Senior Age Defying food. The old lady had become a little grouchy (as old lady's sometimes do) but after switching to "age-appropriate" premium food she's a happy old cat again. by on 10/03/2012
I love giving my cat the best
I have used Science Diet for over 20 years. I love the product and feel great knowing that i am giving my cat the best. by on 08/08/2012
Helps with my cats digestive problems
My 14 year old cat has problems keeping his food down. With other brands, he gets sick within an hour. Hills Science Diet has cut down on this. I've tried both the Sensitive Stomach and the Age Defying. I think he liked the taste of the Sensitive Stomach better, but I was told at the pet store that this formula would be better for him because of his age. by on 07/08/2012
My TomCat loves this food
My boy, Tom, who is a spunky 12 years old absolutely loves this food. I never thought that I would see the day when Tom preferred dry food over wet food. Tom tried to bury his grocery store food and asked for this product instead. by on 06/30/2012
She loves it
she can't wait for her bowl of food. Eats every kibble even without teeth. by on 06/11/2012
Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying food really helps
Our older cat, Rufus, who just turned 12 was looking rough and was just laying around like he did not feel well. We started him on the Hill's Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying dry food and within 6 weeks, his coat was fuller and smooth and he had more energy. I highly recommend anyone with older cats try this formula. by on 06/10/2012
it's great
My 17yr old cat is very picky about her food and a lot of food makes her sick. She had been on Science diet since we found her, but all of the sudden it started making her sick, no matter what variety I tried. When the Ideal Balance came out I decided to try it, and it didn't make her sick. I happened to see this at a new store in the area and decided to see if it would work because of her age. She seems to be awake a lot more now. Usually when I would give her food she would start eating right away, but after having this if I put the Ideal Balance in her bowl she just looks at me until I give her the Senior +. This is her favorite food. I'm glad I can keep her on Science diet again . by on 06/09/2012
My cats enjoy the taste.
My two cats enjoy the taste of this product. But then, they like all the Science Diet dry cat foods. by on 05/28/2012
Great product for senior cats
Always pleased with Science diet. I have used a variety of Science diet products for my animals and find them to be beneficial for their overall health regardless of what may be going on with them. This product is no different. I recommend this product to anyone that owns a senior cat. by on 05/27/2012
My Senior Cat Loves This Food!
My cat can not wait to eat this food! He is a very picky eater so I am happy I found something he loves to eat. Since purchasing the age defying food, my cat has had more pep in his step and is a happy camper. His coat looks nice and shiny and he races around in the morning. Pretty good for a 12 year old I think! Vet says it will be better for his kidneys then his old food was. I do wish this food cost a bit less though. Give it a try. by on 05/23/2012
Tasty food
Actually, my cats liked product alot. They accepted the taste of it well and ate it so quickly that I wish I had purchased a larger bag. They seemed to be energetic when eating this food. by on 05/22/2012
Age Defying.......
My two older cats really enjoy Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food. They both like the taste, which I have to say surprised me. They haven't taken to SD kibble in the past. The smaller kibble is beneficial and easier for them to consume. I really noticed a difference in activity levels and alertness. My 18 year old was actually playing like a kitten again, which I haven't seen her do in years! This food obviously makes them feel better, I highly recommend it for older cats and I will continue to feed it. The only drawback is the price, but you get what you pay for. SD - please make more coupons available! by on 05/21/2012
Cats love it
We have 2 cats: one 10 other 14. We have always fed them Science diet dry food. This is excellent cat food and they love it. I definitely like the small size since it makes it easy for them to chew. I wish the food came in some different packaging. I store the food in jars once the bag has been opened because it is difficult to seal the bag. Pouring the good out of the bag is also a complicated chore; the cats are just waiting for me to spill the food.. by on 05/19/2012
an aging population here loves it.
I now have 3 out of 5 cats in the senior "over 11" population. I was afraid that they wouldn't like it, the food change that is. Joke's on me - they and the little ones (6 months and 3 years old) all squabble over who is going to eat it. The oldest cat has thyroid issues, and I'm hoping that this age-oriented food will help him regain his pretty coat and the playfulness I miss so much in him. The other two haven't shown signs of aging yet so I'm pinning my hopes on Hill's to keep them young and healthy. Thank you for the R&D that led to this diet. by on 05/18/2012
I've found the fountain of youth for my cats
I have 2 cats, one is 7 and the other is 13. They both had gotten sluggish and slept all the time and barely picked at all the other dry foods I gave them. Then I started feeding them Hill's Science Diet Age Defying food and they love it! The nuggets are smaller and much easier for my cats to eat.They don't throw up at all and they would often with other foods. Most importantly, their energy level has improved. They are much more playful and alert and not sleeping all the time like before. I can really see a difference in my cats health since starting Hill's Science Diet Age Defying formula. And I love that it isn't that much more expensive than other foods I had tried and they actually enjoy eating it. It is definitely worth every penny to make my cats feel good. by on 05/17/2012
Great nutrition for hair and skin health
My cat, aged 18 years, had great looking fur: very lush and shiny. Also, he had little problems with arthritus. Thank you, Hills Pet Nutrition Joyce Zollinger by on 05/17/2012
Sacha, my 18 year old cat loves it!!! she purrrrsss every time she eats it. Thank you for such a great meal. by on 05/17/2012
This product is difficult to find.
I have a 13 yr old cat that has a very sensitive stomach. Science Diet is the only brand that I've found that is gentle on his stomach and also minimizes his shedding. by on 05/17/2012
Sparkle Plenty
Since starting on Hills Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying, Miss Nina's coat sparkles as much as her personality. (I keep having to edit as she's "helping" me type this...) She zooms around the house the way she did as a kitten, sleeps on my head, and chases her younger sib Chloe Cat. You'd never think she was an old lady cat at 12 years of age! She likes her dinner so much, she demands an audience while she eats - silly cat... Proper diet is an integral part of pet care. My furbabies have eaten Hills Science Diet most of their lives, and it shows. by on 05/17/2012
Great product
I was having problems with my cat vomiting after eating. This Science Diet for 11 years + is easy on the stomach, and my cat does not vomit after eating. by on 05/17/2012
For a picky senior cat a great food to enjoy
Excellent food. My cat loves the Senior +11 age defying food. He is too picky and dosen't like to eat the same food all the time but he loves this one. by on 05/17/2012
Great product that meets my female cats needs.
My two female cats adore this food. Always clamor for it, but still seem to be fit. by on 05/17/2012
Great formula
Very palatable to 17yo dsh.Healthy weight,good coat ,great energy and interest maintained.Good elimination,too!thank you very much for such a helpful product. by on 05/17/2012
Great product.
The only food we have found that does not cause digestive problems. We've tried cheaper brands, but always come back to this one. by on 05/16/2012
Super for older cats
Both of my cats are 17 years old and in great health for their age. For at least the past 6 years they have been on Science Diet Hairball Light formula. I switched to the Senior formula 6 months ago because of their age and was worried about the hairballs (one of my cats is very susceptible to them). The age defying formula seems to be fine with hairball control but also made a huge improvement in their coats, no more knots. Since they hit about 16 yrs old knots in the fur has been a problem. This product isn't cheap, but nothing good is. by on 05/16/2012
Wish it came in hairball control formula
For many years I fed my two cats the Science Diet Light Hairball Control formula and it worked well for them. Since I've switched to the Senior Age Defying, they seem to be having some issues with hairballs (one in particular) which hadn't been a problem before. They like the senior food and I like that it's developed for their aging little bodies, but I do wish there was a hairball control formula in the senior recipe -- then it would rate "5" stars and a "Good" value for the money rating. by on 05/16/2012
19 years and going great!
All seven of my 10+years cats like Senior 11+ Hills food. But Nick ( 19 years this coming August) is special-he has only 2 teeth. He was skinny until I discovered he liked dry 11+ soaked in water (or, better yet, chicken broth). He asks me for it 5-6 times a day and has gained 2 pounds! by on 05/16/2012
My 18 year old Kitty...
My Lil Black Kitty was having some intestional issue and hadn't been eating her hard food. After examining her teeth and gums and tongue I saw nothing that would inhibit her consumtion of hard food. I had thought she was getting spoiled by her wet food in her old age and limited that..she noticable became thinner and her fur had lost its upon some research I choose Hill Science Dry food and bought a bag from the local pet store. She ate it up immedietly and kept it down wich was the best thing I could of hoped for. She now enjoys this hard food as her staple as well as the wet food wich might I add there is not a very good selection for old kitties @ the pet store chains nor are there ANY TREATS available. Her fur is full and glossy now she has gained some muscle back and Mommy is no longer worried Thank You Thank you!! by on 05/16/2012
Helps maintain youthful appearance and activity!
Our 16-year-old cat has eaten Hills products for most of his life, changing formulas as his needs change. He is a distinguished looking tuxedo cat and obviously thriving. by on 05/16/2012
highly recommend this food
my 17 yr old cat loves this food and she is definitely feeling friskier and her coat is shiny and beautiful. Thanks, Hills. by on 05/16/2012
Great food for older cats
I have two senior cats and started feeding them this food because it seemed like every other food was upsetting one cat's stomach and she was more lethargic than usual. As soon as I switched to this food I noticed an increase in energy and her stomach doesn't seem to be upset anymore. Both cats seem to enjoy the taste, even my finicky cat! by on 05/16/2012
Excellent cat food
My cat seems to LOVE this cat food. He just turned twelve and we switched him to the Senior food last year. by on 05/16/2012
Vet recomended
Took my babe to the vet in she said i need to find a food w/ omaga fat it. Yours had 3.5. It was easy to transfer her over an she likes it. You see my 'Midnight"will be 22yrs.this month on the 25th.and i want her to live a quality an healthy life to the end,thanks to you she can. I've had her since she was 3days old as mom put her out of the litter. Now 22yrs.later she's still here with me,TLC and good age defying food. Thanks,,Tigg in fla. by on 05/16/2012
My 12-year old cat is acting young again!
My 12- year old cat loves this food! Since he started on it about a year ago he is much more active and plays like a kitten. He loves watching the birds and squirrels outside now while before he just kind of ignored them. I am very pleased with this food but I do think it is expensive. I know my cat is worth it but it would be nice to drop the price a little. by on 05/16/2012
This product prolongs life!
I fed my cat this product for almost 15 years now. I believe it has kept him healthy. I fed him Science Diet since he was a kitten and it has paid off, as he is very healthy as he approaches the age of 15! by on 05/16/2012
More life
My cat, age 12, has had a hard time digesting other cat foods. She would throw almost every other food up. This one however she does not and she has more energy in her. Ive missed 5 years of her life because she was at my moms. But now i feel like i haven't missed much. Shes back to the spunky girl i know and love. by on 05/16/2012
A good product.
I knew Chloe was getting old. But she was sleeping, what I thought was - way too much and she was looking downright ragged. I knew I had to start her on specialized nutrition. She is more alert now and definitely has a better coat. Thank you, Science Diet Senior Age Defying formula! by on 05/16/2012
Great product for aging cats
My cats have noshed on Hill's Science Diets since kittenhood. Cats are now aged 17, and two 20-year-olds. Vet says their blood tests are 'amazing'. Hill's Senior diet is well-liked, even though kitties' appetites have abated somewhat with age. I can't say their longevity is due solely to Hill's hard food, but that is the ONLY hard food they have eaten their whole lives, supplemented with some canned foods. by on 05/16/2012
This product is great
Our two cats have been eating this product for the past 30 days. We have noticed improvements in both of them. Will continue to buy Senior 11+. by on 05/16/2012
From kittens to mature adults
Our 2 cats are 12+ years old. Have been feeding science diet since they were kittens, feeding the age appropriate food as they matured. Recently changed from hairball formula to senior 11+. This formula is easy to eat and digest. Both cats are smart, happy, and healthy, with beautiful coats. Would highly recommend the entire line, from kitten to senior varieties...... by on 05/16/2012
My 14 yr. young Cat loves it and I love that! You'd never
I only wish it had the larger near triangular shaped morsels that the Mature Adult Indoor has because they force him to actually chew his food which is good for his dental health. by on 05/16/2012
I purchased a bag of Science Diet because my cats seemed to be in a slump from eating other popular brands of dry cat food. One of my cats even vomits some of those brands. I previously purchased Science Diet dry a few years ago, and although the price for a large bag is a higher than some other brands, it's well worth it. Quality has always been better than quantity, but, Science Diet does give enough for a month out of the largest bag. I will also try other products in the near future to see if my cats will enjoy it. Hairball and Indoor is on my to do list. Thanks! by on 05/16/2012
Feel like I am doing right by my pet
my 13 year old, outdoor cat looks and acts like a much younger feline. She has been eating the age defying formula for over 2 years. Great coat, clean teeth, energetic, and affectionate. What more could I ask? by on 05/16/2012
This product is perfect for cats of my cat's ages.
My two girls love the taste of Science Diet and have been raised on it! by on 05/16/2012
Excellent Food
Our cat is by no means lethargic but since our other cat (who was 19) passed, she hasn't done much playing. However, she is definitely spunkier these days since we've been feeding her the 11+ senior dry food. by on 05/12/2012
Good for senior cats
Have tried other brands of food for senior cats, but this is the only one our cat really will eat. She is 12 and not very active, so her weight is a concern. This has proved to be much healthier for her. by on 05/12/2012
Science Diet is a trusted pet food. I believe it helps my cat age slower. Anything for him. by on 05/12/2012
My three older cats easily digest this food.
They seemed to have slimmed down a bit and are more energized. I think that Science Diet is well worth the extra money I pay for it. They are more satisfied and I am happy with the quality of their coats since changing to Science Diet. by on 05/11/2012
What a difference!
Started feeding Meeka, our 11 year old indoor cat, Hill's Senior Diet Age-Defying formula and within two weeks began to notice an increase in her energy level, more interest in playing and interacting with us and less time spent sleeping. It's as though she has a new lease on life! Love it and will continue to feed it to her. Thanks, Hills Diet, for extending my cat's quality of life. by on 04/20/2012