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Hill's Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Big dogs need lots of love, and Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Puppy dry food is specially made with a delicious chicken flavor and an optimal level of calcium for controlled bone growth: a unique developmental need of large breed puppies. Give your large dog his or her best start in life so they can grow to their full potential with balanced minerals that promote strong bones and strong teeth. This dog food made with natural ingredients uses DHA from fish oil to support your large dog's eye de... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 33 reviewers.

Good food but received a suspect bag
Cane Corso loved this, ate bag every 1.5 wks. The newest bag he wouldn't eat unless he had fasted almost 10hrs. Eat anything else and other kibble no issues. It had a different color and smell to it. Might have been off or contaminated. Chewy refunded us and we tossed it. Switched to a different brand. Too bad, prior bags seemed good but it's too expensive to buy and try again. by on 07/10/2023
33 lb bag reduced to 30 lbs
The feeding amount with the new formulation has been reduced from 6 cups to 5 and 3/4 cups a day for a 13 to 18 month 100 lb puppy (we have 2). This may lead to some slight hunger issues. Not happy with the formulation change and the reduced packaging size of the product. This is a price point, and feed amount consideration. This is making us reevaluate the purchase and use of your product. Will you again be reducing the size and formulation of the product in the future? We were very happy prior to these changes in formula, feed amount, packaging size, and cost. Thank you by on 05/15/2023
Only the best for our pup
We got our girl at 7 weeks after she had gone through a pretty intense case of parasites. After two weeks on the prescription diet, we decided to switch her to the large puppy meal and she love it. No more diarrhea, super shiny coat, and seems more full after meals. She's now 7 months, and we plan to stay part of the science diet family! by on 06/08/2022
Hills Science is the best....
My puppy is a large breed and eats at least 2-21/2 of this every month. she does not like to eat pure dry food so i always have to mix it (4 cups dry food and 1 can wet food). I started feeding her Hills Science when she was 2 months old and i had just gotten her from a breeder. She had come with a bad case of worms/diarrhea and would not eat anything but water and bland bread or rice, i tried various foods but she wouldn't even touch them. My vet introduced us to the Digestive Care ID Diet both wet and dry and she ate date to my surprise so when she got better, i transitioned her to Large Breed Puppy Diet above and never went back to any other food. Thanks Hills Science for providing such wide varieties of top quality products for a variety of circumstances and needs for our furry friends and providing us parents with some peace of mind. by on 02/20/2022
Lab Mix puppy loves the lamb and rice
After adopting a shelter puppy, our vet recommended we switch to large breed puppy food. Our pup - a mutt of large breeds- lab, gsd, AmStaff - LOVES the lamb and rice. He's filling out and growing! by on 06/12/2021
After spending a ton of money at veterinarians for my 6 month old goldendoodle bringing in stool samples and then getting the hills i/d from the veterinarian for my pup, I remember that I had another dog once, a royal standard poodle that had almost same soft stools. I had her on the hills large breed puppy lamb and rice and she did fantastic on it , so for past 3 months spending money , clear no parasitic stools, I bought her the large breed puppy lamb and rice and after 1 day stool started to look form but still soft, but after 5 days, much better and now 12 days later completely normal. Thanks wish I thought of it sooner ! by on 10/13/2018
Puppy is now thriving
We tried several grain free "healthy" options for our GSP pup and he hardly ate any of them. He wasn't keeping his weight up and just didn't look as healthy as he should have been. We switched to this food and now he eats great, looks amazing and his energy is through the roof! Very happy we found it. by on 09/06/2018
Puppy Loves This Food
I was feeding my puppy a high end pet food and he seemed to do ok on the food but had soft stools and bouts of diarrhea. We took him to vet to check for parasites and he was clean. Vet suggested we switch to Hills Science Diet. What a difference! Puppy no longer has diarrhea. He absolutely loves the food. He now actually sleeps outside the pantry door just waiting for his next taste. We are very happy. by on 05/26/2018
Same as everyone else, kibble too large and hard
As the other reviews point out, this kibble is very large and hard. I thought it wasn't really an issue for a large breed but noticed my puppy (15-week old Great Pyrenees +35lbs) wasn't eating nearly as much as the bag recommends. I decided to test this by cutting the kibble in half before feeding him (yes it was tedious). I used kitchen shears and had to use two hands to break some of the pieces even though I'm far from a small guy. He immediately ate twice as much as he was before, far more quickly and easily. He loves the taste and I liked the nutrition profile and price but the food is just too large for younger puppies. It's probably fine for older pups or dogs with strong jaw mechanics, but for mine, it's just too much work to break each piece in half so he can eat a healthy amount. I'm not sure how they settled on this size with any amount of testing on real puppies. by on 05/25/2018
Energetic happy puppy
I started my Collie puppy on this when she was 3 months old. She absolutely loves it and is growing beautifully. She is 6 months now am very pleased with her overall health and energy. by on 05/05/2018
Great Quality--Affordable Kibble
I bought this after having my Husky puppy on an expensive brand. She had diarrhea until I put her on this food. She gobbles it up in minutes. This is great quality kibble that won't break your pockets and will keep your puppy happy and healthy. by on 04/11/2017
So far so good
I have a baby Great Dane, today six weeks old. His mom lost milk early, so with only 4 and half weeks, we switched to Science Diet and he loves it. He eats in a split of a second. by on 02/08/2017
Great for my large puppy
I started buying this for Solomon when I got him at 6 weeks old. It digests well and sits on his stomach well. No gastric problems whatsoever. by on 07/11/2016
Awesome food!
My 10 month old English Mastiff weighs 145 lbs and he loves this food. His skin, coat, and teeth look amazing. I like that it is lamb meal & rice and have never had any gastro issues. by on 04/20/2016
Great Value Size Packages
My Puppy has been enjoying this food every sense she has been eating on her own for the past 10 months of her young life I love the nutritional value it has for her health!! by on 10/28/2015
our family pet loves his food
my little dog runs every time food is in his bowl loves all your product by on 10/07/2015
Like the age breakdown
Like the product, but price is a little high. Need to have more sales on product and offer coupons. by on 10/02/2015
The best dog food
I use Hill Food Science and I started using it when my puppy started having medical issues, the vet at the veterinary recommended the brand . My puppy responded well to it, so I kept giving it to him. by on 09/26/2015
This product is great for my dog
I have a Rottie pup. She was previously on another, more expensive brand, but had a bad reaction to it so I switched her to Science Diet. Very shortly after switching her skin stopped flaking and she had a lot more energy. Not only that but I am constantly getting compliments on how shiny and soft her coat is. by on 11/07/2014
this product has great features
My puppy's hair grew thicker and shinier after switching to Science Diet.It did not leave a rotten aftertaste when i sampled it ,convincing me they use fresh human grade ingredients,properly store it and move it through the warehouse system before it gets old and still price competitively.Unfortunately my store stopped carrying the science diet line.Thankfully the other lines are equal quality. by on 09/15/2014
Excellent Great Dane Puppy food
We have a Great Dane puppy and this food was recommended by our vet for large breed puppies. Feeding directions were spot on per the doctors directions. Our pup really enjoys the taste and eats currently 6 cups per day. I like that is good quality and available at most stores. by on 08/23/2014
excellent choice for a lg. breed puppy
I acquired my chocolate lab puppy when she was 6 wks old since her dam couldn't care for her. The dog food my vet recommended was on recall, so I checked the USDA website for recalled products and found Hills Science Diet was one of the few brands that was not on the recall list for the past 3 years. She has thrived on this food, and I will be switching over to the adult equivalent next month by on 08/18/2014
Product is great!
My puppies have only eaten this food. They love it! I like it but wish coupons were available more often. by on 08/08/2014
Good Food / Dog Likes It
Very Good Product and Great Value for the money. Was recommended by a friend and my pet enjoys the food. by on 04/08/2014
My dog loves this food
Science diet large breed puppy lamb and rice gives my dog a beautiful shiny coat. He also seems to enjoy this food more than others' we have given him. The ingredients in this pet food make me feel like I am giving him something that is healthy and good for him. We will continue to feed our dogs Science Diet. by on 03/19/2014
Our GSD puppy loves this food.
Fritz, our 4 month old GSD puppy has been on this since weaning. We have had no problems with him eating it. He cleans his bowl in no time. Our other dogs are bichons and have had skin problems in the past. They started eating this when we brought Fritz home and have not had any problems since. by on 02/04/2013
Finding the right food for my puppy.
This product was recommended by the breeder and our vet always recommends Science Diet. At first he was eating fairly well but he's not a chow hound like our 12yr old lab. He is 81/2 mos old now and it has become more and more of a struggle everyday to get him to eat much.. We live in a hot climate and I know it affects their appetite, but we are training him for hunting almost everyday so he has been pretty active We intend to stay with Science Diet but I need to find a food that he will eat. We want him to look like a Lab, not a greyhound. Help! by on 08/20/2012
At last found one!
I have two St. Bernard puppies and tried different products for them and they all made them sick or they were never interested but when I switched to science diet they loved it and started eating again. Love it and Thanks by on 07/18/2012
Our German Shep. Puppy Gideon thinks it's yumalicious!
Gideon has lots of energy as a playful pup. It is good to know he is getting the nutrition that he needs for the "whole" dog. We have no trouble getting him to eat. The only draw back to this food is the price at our local pet store. Donna in PA by on 07/10/2012
Perfect for healthy and active puppy!
I love this food for my puppy Riley! The quality is so important when I am working to have a very active puppy and one day running partner. He enjoys every meal, his digestive systems functions properly and he has maintained an active and happy lifestyle! I recommended Hill Science to my parents for their two small yorkies! Y'all are amazing! by on 06/02/2012
My dog loves this food
My Siberian Husky enjoy this food. She finishes his bowl in less than 40 seconds. by on 05/17/2012
Great Product
The large breed puppy food is excellent for my Great Dane Apollo. It is just the right balance of protien for his growing bones. by on 05/16/2012
This is a great product
I have two puppies I was having a hard time feeding. My St. Bernard was losing her hair due to the corn in other foods, and my German Shepherd was throwing up. I decided to try Science Diet puppy lamb and rice, and I was shocked by the difference. Within days, both dogs were picking up weight and their coats were so soft and shiny! After only 2 weeks, my St. Bernards hair is almost completely grown back and is very thick. I would absolutely recommend this food! by on 05/16/2012