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Hill's Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Chicken Recipe Cat Food is meticulously formulated to address two common health concerns in adult cats: urinary system health and hairball formation. This dry cat food is designed to provide comprehensive nutrition while specifically targeting these areas of feline wellness. Urinary System Support -Cats require optimal levels of magnesium to maintain the health of their urinary system. Hill's Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Cat ... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 49 reviewers.

Fantastic food for managing both issues and cat loves it!
This food has been a saviour for our very fluffy Ragdoll cat with urinary and furball issues. There have been no trips to the vet since starting this food and our cat absolutely devours it! by on 07/16/2023
Formula change
We used this after our male cat had PU surgery. Recently I noticed the food smelled bitter and my female cat started throwing it up almost immediately after eating it. When I went to the store to get a new bag I noticed it now says "hairball" in the title. I don't know why anything was changed but now we're having to transition to a different food. I just hope this doesn't cause my male cat another blockage. by on 04/26/2023
Kibble is way too big
I have used Hills cat food for many years. My cats love the food but have a hard time biting the large pieces. I do not want to change brands but I am looking into other urinary foods with smaller pieces. Please think about adjusting the size of the kibble. I believe that would help a lot. by on 03/19/2023
Why do you not offer a wet food like this? I would like to be consistent with ingredients. by on 12/29/2022
Excellent service and customer service. by on 12/19/2022
Quality/Product Change
Buyer of Science Diet for over 30 years (prescription and non). Urinary formula/quality/product recently changed. Similar to other review but different, kibble when eaten crumbles and cats refuse to eat the crumbs. The crumbs are not in the bag. Appears but not certain as if the kibble may be larger so there is more waste when the cat eats. Either that or a quality issue. Don't know. Sadly, will have to search for new product for one of my cats since there is too much waste (especially in light of the cost) unless Science Diet can address this. Can you please provide some insight? What am I missing? by on 12/01/2022
Mostly Crumbs
Not sure if it was a botched run or the bottom of the barrel but the expensive bag of food I purchased is mostly crumbs and my cats won't eat. Frustrating and disappointing a company would find this acceptable to market and sell to customers. by on 11/25/2022
Great product, scary advertisement
I adopted a foster cat that had a really tough young life. It took me trying a lot of different cat foods & after cleaning up a lot of hair balls, I finally did some research & spent the money on Hills Science diet. Total turn around!! I got the dry & wet food & started immediately. Within a couple of days I could tell her coat was softer & maybe even a little fuller, which worried me bc she's an inside cat, so I get to clean up her hair balls. To my surprise she LOVES the wet food & isn't picky about the dry food either! I'm completely satisfied with her diet now, we've been through about half a bag of the dry & a can every day of the wet & I think she's a happy girl, FINALLY!! But, I do have one complaint, while the kitty on the front of the bag is gorgeous, it's kinda scary to wake up to in the middle of the night, maybe the sweet kitty repping the company could be a tad bit smaller!! I can only imagine what my cat thinks when she wakes up & sees this starring at her, bc it really startled me lol by on 09/09/2022
Bad batch every other bag..
Seems like every other bag I get for my cat the food is bad or old or something.. It definitely smells worse than good bags sometimes.. My cat will know right away, I'll put some in his dish and then he will smell it and then just stare at me like "really? A bad batch again?" The dates are always good on the bags so idk why it goes bad so often. I only get the smallest bags too. by on 08/26/2019
excellent if your cat has urinary problems
My cat is rescued and is on a controlled diet specifically for urinary stones. he has been on this food for over a month and his stones haven't given him a problem at all. his coat is healthy and he loves the food in the seafood flavor. the wet food is amazing too, he eats it like there is no tomorrow coming. He will be on this food for life because of the urinary problems but he loves it so im happy. by on 04/02/2019
Great when consistent
Lately we have purchased a few lots that have not been same as the normal formula. Smell and consistency is different. Kitty will not eat. Returning another lot where the food wasn't mixed thoroughly. Again smelled different than normal. Appears hills is having trouble with quality by on 03/16/2019
My cat likes it!
I have a sterelised cat with long hair and this food is ideal for my cat. Kibble is bigger but he likes it ( prevents tartar). by on 02/05/2019
Hairball control really works.
My 4 cats really love this food. it really helps the hairballs. you should see them every morning waiting for me to feed them their science diet canned meat. by on 07/02/2018
Beware of oily coat!
It has given our older kitty a very oily coat. by on 03/14/2018
My cat loves it.
Give her two cans a day. Weight 9 LBS. by on 01/24/2018
No more urniary problems, and the cats like the food
We recently acquired two adult cats, and fed them regular cat food. One soon was unable to pee and yet tried to pee constantly -- everywhere. We switched to Science Diet Urinary and in a few days he was much better. In a week he was cured. Both cats like the food. by on 12/25/2017
Made Cat Very Ill
This food made my cat extremely sick, to the point where she had to stay in the pet hospital on IV fluids because she was dehydrated from vomiting. We know it was this food because we removed it from her diet for a couple days, then tried it again, and she began vomiting again not long after eating it. by on 11/19/2017
Love it!
About $800 later last year, I find out Smokey had kidney stones, well, his vet recommended the urinary care, and Smokey hasn't had any more stones since, and PJ hasn't gotten one ever. Thank you Hill's! by on 10/03/2017
have a cat with urinary problems helps a lot all the others eat it and with hairball help it is great by on 08/31/2017
Good but not good....
I bought this dry catfood in August (Spooky has eaten your canned product for about 3 years and everything is fine there) ... I was glad to see the combo 'Urinary' and Hairball Control. Last week when I opened the bag I was delighted to see that my old cat LIKES it. The problem IS that NOW Spooky has thrown up at least 3 times in the past week. Big hairball in each puddle. I am so disappointed. NOW what? by on 08/27/2017
Healthier cat
My aging cat had a urinary infection a couple of years ago. Since she was already using this brand and loved it, The veterinarian recommended we use the Urinary care moving forward to keep her healthy. We continue to use Hills high quality product today by on 05/15/2017
Cat and people preferred
Thank you for the Velcro seal on the cat food!!! This is so much better than fussing with a ziplock. Also my cat loves it :-) by on 05/01/2017
I love cats so much I intend to buy only science diet by on 03/05/2017
Size of kibble is half of what is was.
Super disappointed that the size of the kibble is now half the size it has been for t past 2 years! I liked it when it was big as it made my cats have to bite it and hence, it would act like a tartar remover and keep their teeth cleaner! Will have to find a different product now. by on 09/11/2016
He's like a new cat... happy!!
Buddy is a long-haired, orange, healthy 5 year old cat, that fills my home with love. He loves to groom himself, kind of self-soothing. He has had hairball problems (pain, vomiting, isolation) for years, and nothing seemed to be the magic bullet to give him relief. When I found out that Science Diet was coming out with this formula, both my vet and I were very excited. He's been on this food for 2 weeks now, and is already finding complete relief of his past agony. He passes his hair comfortably in his stools, and is indeed a very much happier, more playful cat. It is fantastic to see him find relief, and I thank you ever so much for this product/food. We're a happy family!!!!! by on 09/02/2016
Cat loves it
I've tried many different brands and varieties but Savory Chicken Hairball Control is all my cat will eat. by on 07/27/2016
My cats love it!
My cats love this food. It has helped them with hairballs. The only complaint I have about it is that the pieces of kibble are so large. My cats have trouble chewing it up and will sometimes spit it out. Some of the other flavors of Science Diet are very small kibble. I wish you would make all of your dry food the smaller size. by on 07/10/2016
Great for my 14 yr Old Cat!
I buy these for my 14 yr old cats. One of my cats only have 2 teeth, so has difficulty chewing dry food. They are fed Science Diet Hairball Control or Urinary Tract, in the morning, and the Science Diet Hairball Control wet food in the evening. Since sticking to this regimen, they haven't had a urinary tract infection in years. by on 07/09/2016
Great product
My cat loves this product! He begs for it all the time. by on 07/09/2016
Keeping Middle Age Cat Healthy
Recently heard about Science Diet cat food for hairballs and urinary health. These are two big concerns with our 6-year-old furbaby, Ollie. So glad to see that Hills is addressing these concerns in one formula. by on 07/08/2016
Recommended by Vet
This product great for male cat that has urinary problem. Monthly coupons printed from website assists those on fixed incomes. Highly recommend this product. by on 06/29/2016
Good Product
I use this because I have 7 male cats and although no one has had urinary problems, I want to do my best to keep it that way. by on 06/29/2016
Great features!
I love that there is a specific product to help with health issues that affect cats on a daily basis. by on 06/29/2016
Vet prescription WORKS!!! )))
Thank you for your speedy reply. Now I understand why the bags are not recyclable... disappointing, but not everything can be recycled. I can re-use them for waterproof containers, paint drip protectors; and moisture barriers under barn-cat nests and garage storage pallets. Wouldn't it be fun to ask customers for more uses? My 7 cats all like the Urinary control mix. My Vet prescribed it to instantly solve a urinary crystal formation problem for one of them, and is preventative for all the others. Thank you for inventing this. Blondie, Mimi, Goldie, KittyBoy, Hansel, Gretl and Kitty Grey by on 06/28/2016
So far so good!
My cat has had urinary issues for a long time. We go to the vet and put her on this prescription stuff when she has a flare up. She gets better but once she gets off of it, she starts having issues again. My vet switched me from the food I normally feed to this urinary food. It's been about four weeks and so far no issues! She seems to like it too so that's good! by on 06/23/2016
Very good product!
Our new cat has been on this for a week, she's one, and she's doing a lot better! Her weight is up, more energetic, no hairball problems, and super easy to scoop in the litter box! by on 04/14/2016
My cats love this and it has significantly cut down on
My cats really like this food and it has cut down on hairballs, which makes me so happy! by on 12/17/2015
Cats love
Both our cats love this food we feed them both wet and dry ,our female waits for the dry by on 10/02/2015
Adult Urinary Hairball Control
I'm glad Hill's came up with this new food in their line. I really like that this diet is targeted towards two very common conditions. Been using this on 2 male cats since it came out & so far so good. Our vet was good with it too.The kibble is a bit large but it helps make them slow down when they're eating. They have a tendency to eat too fast & vomit immediately after. I also incorporate the canned formulation with this & they just love it. Also, there are less hairball issues since being on this diet. I have noticed when they urinate, they have a nice stream of urine & seem very comfortable! I highly recommend this diet. by on 09/15/2015
cats love the taste
cats love it.... we are new to this product and I am hoping it does what the vets recommend. The cost is high because we have 7 cats and 2 of 7 must eat it. There is no way to separate all of it can be costly. by on 09/12/2015
My cat would back me up on this one.
The Science Diet wet cat food is the only cat food that doesn't give my cat any problems with digestion. The only two drawbacks are that the hairball control doesn't seem to work for my cat, and there are very few sales or discounts available for the wet cat food. by on 10/24/2014
Picky eater that loves to lick herself!
My cat is a VERY picky eater and she doesn't eat much when she does eat. However, she must love the taste of her own fur because she licks herself wet every day which causes problems with hairballs. She was bringing them up every day until I started her on the hairball wet and your dry food for sensitive stomachs. She will only eat the chicken flavor and now only has a small hairball once in awhile since I started her on your food! I know I'm happy and at 14 years old she is more active, so I'd bet she's happy too. by on 09/29/2014
My kitty loves this food
My kitty eats the adult 1+ dry indoor food. I received some coupons but since I had so much dry cat food, I didn't want to waste the coupons. I decided to buy canned food since my last cat really liked the wet prescription food. Since my kitty will eventually have hairballs, I decided to get the hairball wet cat food. She loves it so much, now I can't get her to eat the dry food! by on 08/20/2014
The hairball formula works!
Tried this product. Works well for my cat. Mixes well with his prescription diet foods. He loves the flavor too! by on 05/01/2014
great product
I have 3 cats, 2 of them suffer from hairball issues. I started adding in alittle of the wet hbc to thier diet and their issues have reduced greatly. I went from picking up vomit daily to maybe once a week! by on 12/20/2013
Great for cats who need quality food and more liquid in
One of my cats had a major urinary infection due to stress. Even though he was on a mixed wet/dry diet, he wasn't drinking enough water. So needed to change him to 100% wet diet. Both he and his littermate brother weigh about 14 lbs. (Orange tabbies.) Besides being a good quality food, they are getting enough liquids and no more infection issues. The value is good too. Their previous wet food would require more cans than SD recommends and thus would cost more. They are getting a good quality food for a good value. For the most part, they like the food...always excited when the can pops open. by on 11/24/2013
The product is well liked and well tolerated by my cat
Since she is older, we have had to stop on demand feeding with dry food as she was vomiting every feeding and loosing weight. She now only vomits every 3 days or so. by on 09/19/2013
Awesome For Cats
My cats love this stuff! We call it gushy food - highly recommended by on 06/17/2012
My cat loves this product.
My cat, Sami, had a cough from the time we adopted her. She would have some really awful coughing attacks that worried us. Our vet checked her and felt it was a hairball problem, she never coughed while at the vet. He put her on medication for hairballs that helped somewhat, but she still had the coughing frequently. We began feeding her the canned hairball control food, and her coughing fits have almost disappeared, so I believe it has really helped her issue. by on 05/16/2012