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Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small & Mini Breed Chicken Recipe Dry Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Give your grown cat a delicious feast with the balanced nutrition he or she needs. Hill's Science Diet Adult Healthy Cuisine Poached Salmon & Spinach Medley combines the delicious flavors of real salmon and tender spinach in a mouthwatering sauce. The precise balance of key nutrients provides adult cats with quality protein for lean muscle, and clinically proven antioxidants for strong feline immunity. If you want to keep your kitty happy during the prime years, this adult cat food made with nat... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 13 reviewers.

I would buy this product again
My dog feels so much better and fuller on this dog food! by on 12/20/2022
Excellent Product
My 12 year old cockapoo suffered from horrible digestive issues and skin rashes. She is going on her 2nd week of feeding with HILLS product and is doing so much better. No more tummy gurgles, throwing up, or gas. I've even noticed that her poop does not have that awful smell to it! We are now FAITHFUL customers of the Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin food brands! Thank you! by on 06/11/2021
Healed 14 month old Poodle Mix skin and stomach issues...
Our 14 month old Poodle Mix baby always suffered from some digestive or itchy skin issues and we were constantly trying to find solutions thru her food and vet recommended treatments. Over 6 weeks ago, we purchased a expensive, human grade, non GMO boutique dog food hoping this would solve her problems since the 3 other dog food choices only made it worse. She gained more weight on this "grain free" food, her coat became dull and dry, she was bloated and her behavior was not normal. I couldn't believe it since the ingredient label read so healthy for our puppers.. Well.. she slowly stopped eating this boutique dog food and we were stuck not knowing where to go next. Our vet recommended Hills and after careful review we picked the sensitive formula for our angel.. and without even a proper transition with her old food, we have seen so many positive transformations. Her bloat is gone, her poop is normal and firm, her coat feels like velvet, her energy and personality are back to normal and she is eager to eat again. Her itchiness as calmed down too. I'm thrilled and hoping this continues.. cant wait to take her back to the vet and tell them of all the great improvements! Thanks Hill's.. by on 11/22/2019
I love this food, so does my doxie.
My weenie has IBS and has bloody poops now and then. On this food he has it very rarely now and is feeling so much better! Honestly would not feed him anything else. by on 09/22/2019
Using this for 2 years
My dog had good luck with this food only to find out, they've changed this formula to chicken and rice. No longer chicken and barley. I've checked other Hills brands and did find chicken and barley, different dog picture now. So I'll see if my dog is ok with it. by on 04/25/2019
ok so my dog has a sensitive stomach. he has been on this food for almost 2 yrs. The food was recently upgraded in formulation and i was nervous as to whether it would continue to work. Well science diet has out done themselves this new formula is outstanding and he loves it now more than ever and it still performs the same!!!! adding chicken as the first ingredient was genius!!!!!!! the old formula he would eat it only to survive with the new formula he eats it cause he loves it!!!! thank you science diet!!! also the new package is super cute and makes it easier ti find!!!! by on 03/05/2019
Wow great product!
I work with a dog rescue in Dayton Ohio called luv4k9s. I was given a foster Cairn Terrier that had lost a lot of hair and was diabetic, and a dachshund with irritable bowel syndrome. We tried the food after all else failed and within weeks the Cairns hair started coming in and the dachshunds had no more diarrhea. And still having no problem. We are so happy that we found this food and have stuck with it for all the dogs that come through our home. Thank you so much for making such a great product. by on 02/21/2019
Her fur is so soft and silky
She loves the flavor her fur os so soft and her tummy seems to have calmed down by on 09/14/2018
Never stray again!
I originally purchased this food just after rescuing my dog because he had skin allergies and tummy upset that seemed to be caused by his diet. His symptoms cleared up, he tolerated the food very well and seemed to love the taste. Unfortunately, I allowed other dog parents convince me to purchase some of the boutique grain-free brands because they were supposedly better for him. I tried several and he did not tolerate any of them very well at all, often getting diarrhea and gas. We are now back to this food and we both couldn't be happier. This food is awesome! by on 07/23/2018
My dog will eat this dry food before she will eat wet food
I have a 6 pound Biewer Terrier who is very particular about what she will eat. I have tried all kinds of food, moderately priced food as well as expensive food only to end up throwing it away. She was also having episodes of diarrhea and gas. I tried Hills and she will eat it before she will eat the wet food. Also, her diarrhea and gas are much improved. She really likes the Hills dog food and I'm not wasting dog food and money. by on 07/23/2018
great for toy breeds
i bought it because my chihuahua was having stomach issues and she was itching alot. its great because the kibble is tiny for small dogs and it helps with skin and stomach problems. i gave it a 4/5 because it didn't help with itching but it did help with her stomach. by on 12/13/2017
Amazing results
I have a westie that was throwing up 6-8 hours after eating. Health check up revealed no issues. Vet suggested that I switch food. I found this and she's been on it for 2 weeks and not one incident of throwing up. I'm very pleased with the results. by on 12/07/2016
Great for small dogs
We tried several foods, dog would occasionally vomit in the a.m. switched to this and noticed huge decline in this occurance. Ran out of this food, and tried old food and vomiting came back. Our store only carried the larger kibbles, but one day ran into the hills rep. and asked if they carried the sensitive stomach in little kibbles...and he had this stocked for me the next week. Our pup loves this food, if your store doesn't carry ask them to add it our yorkie/chihuahua love it! by on 09/06/2016