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Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Grain Free Tender Salmon & Yellow Pea Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

At Hill’s, we study pets’ biology to understand how nutrition impacts digestive & skin health. Prebiotic fiber is important for the gut microbiome, the unique mix of bacteria essential for a healthy digestive system. Vitamin E, Omega-6s & other nutrients help maintain & protect skin. Hill's® Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach & Skin Grain Free dry cat food provides precise nutrition for digestive health & optimal skin care.• Prebiotic fiber (FOS) to fuel beneficial gut bact... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 185 reviewers.

My cat was throwing up every day. As soon as he started eating the sensitive stomach and skin food, the throwing up stopped. by on 06/09/2023
I would not buy this again
I have two cats that I feed this to. But it has changed several times as far as the size, color and taste. My cats are not eating it as much because of the changes they have made. by on 04/30/2023
Both cats love it
Two cats with different food preferences but both like and want this in their bowl. by on 02/05/2022
Best Grain Free cat food
Best Grain Free cat food by on 07/06/2021
My cats like this food!
my one cat with the sensitive stomach has not thrown up once since I started feeding him this food. I bought the dry grain free salmon flavored. I normally feed them wet food - it is much healthier and better for them; however when I am working long hours I need to leave them dry food. And this is the one my babies and I prefer by on 04/02/2021
I would not buy this product
Pellets are too big and are like small rocks, too hard! You want to get your cat dentures get this product. by on 01/02/2021
Change back to previous recipe
The Egg & Rice was the absolute best recipe. My cat is super sensitive and intolerant to so much. He did amazing on the previous combo. Ive tried now all your other 'sensitive' range and they make him ill. Extremely devastated. by on 07/15/2020
Don't buy
I agree with others, my cat will not eat it. In fact, that is why I am on this site. I was looking to see if I accidentally bought the wrong kind. But now that I see everyone else's comments, I realize you have changed the recipe. We have used Science Diet for years!!! Now have to look for something else. Very sad! Especially since I spend $45 on a bag of food that my cat will not eat. by on 03/28/2020
Bring back the original recipe. The new formula is horrible
This was my boy's staple diet, have been purchasing for many years as my cat has digestive issues with meat products, his system does not digest meat very well leaving him with constant diarrhoea. With this new recipe (chicken&rice) it is causing him diarrhoea. I have to now search for a product which has no meat protein! Hill's you are loosing loyal, long term customers, surely that would affect the company's bottom line! Are the eggs too expensive? Is that why Hills has changed the recipe to chicken? more cost effective? Listen to your customers Hills and bring back the old recipe! by on 02/05/2020
Please change it back!
I echo the MANY reviews on here that ask for the egg & rice (no chicken) recipe. My cat shares the struggles of these other cats. He's allergic to chicken; it took my husband & I a couple of years to find the right food. The egg & rice (sans chicken) recipe was the perfect food for him. Aside from his chicken allergy, we have discovered that he cannot properly digest seafood-based food and he won't eat any other proteins. Please please please offer a chicken-less egg & rice recipe. by on 02/03/2020
So far, so good
We are new to Hill's so can't comment on the old formula but our 3 cats seem to be doing really well on this one. I'd personally prefer chicken to pork so hope they don't go back to the old formula. Their coats are looking great, vomiting stopped and they absolutely love the taste. by on 01/09/2020
Change back to the old formula without chicken PLEASE!!!
My cat did great on the old formula kibble but he cannot have chicken so here we are looking for another food for him. I join the many others in begging you to return to the old formula and also the old shape. One of my cats has lost some teeth and can eat this shape but not others. I hope you are reading these reviews! by on 01/06/2020
Beware the changed formula - so disappointing
This new chicken formula simply does not work for my cat with a sensitive stomach. The egg and rice version has been fabulous - for years - and suddenly, no longer available. What a regrettable manufacturing decision. I will search brands other than Hills for now. Please Hills, bring back the ingredients that work! by on 12/26/2019
Please return to the old formula!
My cat has skin and stomach issues and loved the rice and egg formula. Now that you have changed it to chicken, he won't eat it! Please return to the old formula of rice and egg. If you know anything about cats, you know that changing their food is not an easy process! by on 12/09/2019
Bring back egg and rice formula
I have a tiny cat that refuses to eat most of the time and the egg and rice formula was the one thing she would eat. She won't eat the chicken and rice so I'm going to have to search for a new brand of food. Bring back the only version and just have two different sensitive stomach flavors!! by on 12/05/2019
Try Essence Ranch and Meadow
You need to try Essence Ranch and Meadow cat food. Like so many others, this new formula did not work for my cat's allergies. After months of trying different foods I finally found Essence brand Ranch and Meadow. It's protein sources are Boar, Lamb, Pig and Goat. My cats allergies have disappeared. I highly recommend that you give this food a try. It saved our cat. by on 11/27/2019
Why the change in formula?!
LOVED the egg & rice product, it was the only product on the market that helped my cat with his allergies... why the change?! My cat is now symptomatic again and am lost to find a replacement! :( by on 11/13/2019
Recipe has changed
I bought the rice and egg formula of sensitive skin and stomach, because my cat was always sick with any other dry food. She loved it and stopped being sick. I didnt realise you had changed the recipe. Last night we fed her the new recipe and this morning she had been sick. She doesn't seem to want to eat the new recipe. Please bring back the old recipe. by on 10/28/2019
New formula not working for my cat, Zoltan
I got Zoltan from a shelter in 2014. After speaking to a vet about his diarrhea, he suggested this product. It worked wonders for Zoltan until the formula changed. To date, I have tried several different products without success. Please, go back to the egg and rice formula. Please! by on 10/13/2019
Beware: called the same thing but diff formula!!
I was told it was new packaging. Fed my cat and he started vomitting again. Looked at the packaging close up and realised it's now chicken, not rice and egg. Now i gotta search online to see where i can find the old formula before it all but gets sold out. WHY change something that works instead of adding another?? There's a reason why we buy it for our cats coz nothing else worked. How did the manufacturer think, ok, lets change the formula for all these cats who cant eat anything else to a NEW formula, will work?? Not happy by on 10/13/2019
No longer Egg and Rice
We had been buying the Egg and Rice for our cat with terrible skin allergies. Our vet told us that chicken is often an allergy trigger, so when we found the Egg and Rice, we decided to give it a go. While on the Egg and Rice, he was less itchy, was no longer licking all the hair off his tummy and forelegs. No more bumps and scabs. And no steroids! It had been a long time since he had hair on his tummy without the use of steroids. I noticed that he was starting to get itchy and bumpy again. Thought it was change of season, possibly. Until I went to the pet store with my husband this last time to buy the food. He usually will stop on the way home from work. He went to pull the Sensitive off the shelf and I told him, no, we get the Egg and Rice. He told me he always gets the Sensitive. He did not realize the formula changed. Now we are going to have to start the long search again to try to find a food that will help him. Why did you have to change a formula that worked? Looking at the comments, it was working for many cats and they are in the same boat we are. by on 10/12/2019
I have used Hills for years!
Hills really makes a difference in the health and appearance of your cat! I have used Hills for years and am still amazed at the change in my adopted kitties! by on 10/11/2019
Why change the Formula???
I adopted my boy with instructions from his foster carer that her vet had put him on this food to stop his terrible digestive issues. I was able to get 2 bags of the old Formula before the switch and now after the new formula changed he hates eating, has terrible constipation and is in a lot of discomfort where he was fine before. Please bring it back! I don't know why you would feel the need to change this! by on 10/04/2019
Please I beg you change the formula back to egg and rice. No chicken! My cat won't eat nothing else. It's his only favorite food. He can't eat chicken. ?? by on 09/21/2019
Terrible new formula!
My senior cat was throwing up and pulling out hair so we switched her to this product with the egg and rice recipe (no chicken) and she was doing fantastic. Now that the formula has changed to chicken and rice she is sick again. I am now stuck looking for a new food. Change it back! by on 09/18/2019
Please return to old formula! Egg and rice
For allergic Cats was the best solution, new formula is not working! you already have portafolio with chicken, this was differential product , please return to old formula by on 09/17/2019
Do NOT BUY!!!!
This food is so full of nothing cat went straight into being diabetic after being on it for 2 the label,nothing healthy or balanced in this expensive food..if you can call it food by on 09/16/2019
Why did you change the recipe!?!
My cat started losing his fur and vomiting every time he ate, we decided to try this and it WAS the only food that worked. His fur grew back beautifully and he quit vomiting. Now since the recipe has changed he is back to throwing up and losing his fur again! Changing the recipe was a horrible idea! by on 09/10/2019
New Recipe!
This was the ONLY food that my girl could eat, she was throwing up blood, lost weight, the egg and rice is what worked, she cant have PROTEIN an you added the CHICKEN, since this was changed we are back to throwing up, not eating and poor thing looks ragged.... I am at a loss... i have tried everything that i can, an nothing works. by on 08/30/2019
Change it back!
The change of ingredients and shape has caused our senior cat to stop eating!!!!! If following the new trends of having chicken in the product.....then keep the old one and create a new one. Very disappointed in your company. by on 08/26/2019
Ingredient change
This was the only food that worked for my senior cat and my young cat with food sensitivities. When they changed the ingredients, my senior cat started to throw up again. We can't have two separate foods because the cats will eat each other's food. I now have to continue to trial and error with my senior cat. VERY disappointed in the ingredient change. by on 08/26/2019
Switch back to the old formula please
I had been using Sensitive Stomach on my cat with inflammatory bowel syndrome and it was the only food that I found that didn't make her sick. The prior formula was eggs, not chicken. Now that there's chicken in it, which she doesn't digest well, she spends hours and hours gagging and trying to vomit. I'm stuck shopping around for a new kind of food after spending the past 3 years with your previous formula. If anyone knows of a good food, please let me know, because there is nothing good or unique about this food. All the good reviews are for the previous formula. by on 08/19/2019
New Formula Not Recommended
This WAS a good product. For years it is the only food my cats could eat without getting sick. After they changed the formula, my cats are now getting sick everyday. Find something different, this food isn't worth it anymore. It use to be a unique product when it was just egg and rice, but now that they changed the formula to include chicken, you can have your pick from the 100s of other varieties of food. by on 08/19/2019
Go back to old formula please
I have a 20 year old cat who is having issues keeping the new version of this food down. Taken him to the vet and they say he is still in great health considering his age, but cannot find the reason for him throwing up almost daily. Got worse when the new formula came out. Can you please just start selling the old one? My cat did so much better on that one. by on 08/17/2019
not sure...
I bought the first bag just over a month ago. The difference with both of my cats was immediate. They had been vomiting their food more and more (they're brothers, but the skinny one has had trouble for much longer). As soon as I switched from Science Diet Feline Dry-Light, they stopped vomiting. But, after I bought the 2nd bag, the skinnier one started vomiting some again. I noticed a difference in the food, between the 1st and 2nd bags. The food in the 1st bag had been slightly darker, and a bit more moist, chewy instead of crunchy. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. by on 08/15/2019
Please bring back the egg and rice sensitive stomach food!!!
As mentioned by cat owners in previous reviews, the chicken and rice sensitive stomach new recipe is NOT a good substitute for the previous egg and rice recipe. Two of my cats have extremely sensitive stomachs and the egg-rice recipe was the only food that doesn't irritate their stomach and make them throw up. They also changed the size from a small, easily digestible bite, to a larger piece. Please bring the old formula back!!! I bought 6 bags of the older formula and am about to run out. by on 08/09/2019
Formula changed! Need egg and rice recipe!
I am in the same situation as other reviewers. My cat has a lot of allergies, and especially to chicken. This was the ONE food she could eat and not throw up. Why on earth did you change it? by on 07/24/2019
Bad cat food
Cat won't eat it. by on 07/22/2019
Egg and Rice ONLY Please!
I ahead used Science diet for over 30 years with all of my cats and dogs. I have two cats now that did super well with the egg and Rice formula. Neither cat can tolerate chicken which makes it very difficult for them to eat different brands. Please for the love of all animals bring back the egg and Rice recipe. I have bought enough of the rice And egg to last a couple of months but after that I have no idea what to do. You have made this formally very happy with your product for years into someone who can no longer buy your product. Shame on y'all. by on 07/13/2019
Ruined a good product
My cat is allergic to chicken and the previous formula of Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin was one of the only dry cat foods that he could tolerate. I spent months trying to find a food he could eat before I tried the previous formula food several years ago and it was great up until today when I saw this new formula and noticed the prominent photo of a chicken leg on the bag, which made me stop and read the ingredients (good thing as I would have bought it not knowing). They've gone and added chicken so it will be like almost every other food in the world that my cat can't eat. I am very angry and upset. The choices for poor cats who can't tolerate chicken are slim and have just gotten slimmer. by on 07/08/2019
NOT happy about the original Sensitive Stomach formula being
Four cats that loved the egg and rice version of sensitive stomach formula but they really do not like this formulation or the larger size of food pieces. Bad move on someones part making this change by on 07/08/2019
Beware!!! They changed the formula and it is not the same!!!
My cat has eaten the egg/rice Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food for 10 years. I thought it was just new packaging but they have now added chicken. There was no time to even try to transition the food. She refuses to eat it. She is extremely finicky and this was the only dry food she would ever eat. I'm now up to 8 different kinds of dry food and she refuses them all. It's been a week since she has a regular meal. Please bring back the old formula! by on 07/05/2019
They Changed The Flavor
One of our cats has eaten the Sensitive Stomach Egg and Rice flavor for the last 10 years. They have now changed the kibble size and flavor of the Sensitive Stomach to chicken. My cat won't touch it. We didn't know there was a change of flavor so there was no time to even try to transition. When we first got her 10 years ago, we tried at least 15 different cat foods before finding one she would eat and that one was the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach egg and rice. I'm so disappointed Hill's has totally changed this food. I'm now worried about my cat who is refusing to eat due to the change in the food. I contacted customer service via chat and told them the issue. They suggested I call Hills but why would I do that when I had just told their customer service person the issue?? There is no where to find the prior flavor version of the Sensitive Stomach. by on 07/02/2019
Unfortunately my cat doesn't like the chicken and rice
My cat will only eat the rice and egg food! Wish they would still offer this as an option instead of the chicken and rice! by on 06/29/2019
Not just a new look - new recipe
Disappointed that there is now yet another chicken and rice food at the stores. My cat has a sensitive stomach and diarrhea from chicken. The egg and rice version was one that my cat could tolerate and I would just feed to both cats. Unfortunately there is no other product like this original version. Why would your make such a big change and offer no non-meat alternative? The staff and the pet store only thought it was a new look on the bag. So now the hunt begins for a replacement. by on 06/21/2019
So sad they have added chicken
The old formula was a lifesaver for our cat's allergies, but the new formula has chicken, which our cat is allergic to. Now we have to find a new food for her. Bring back the original formula. by on 06/11/2019
My cats won't eat the new formula
My cats have been doing extremely well with "Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Rice & Egg Recipe Dry Cat Food" however, they won't eat the new formula even after trying for several months. It just sits there in the bowl. I really wish you all would go back to the old formula. by on 06/02/2019
Multiple cats
Cats are like people. They have their own unique tastes. Thank you for having multiple varieties!!! by on 05/04/2019
Please bring the egg and rice formula back!
The old formula with the egg and rice worked well for our kitty that has multiple allergies. Unfortunately, our cat is allergic to chicken and can't tolerate this new formula. Now we are struggling to find food that doesn't cause stomach upset. Please being back the egg and rice formula. by on 04/28/2019
New Packaging should not equal recipe change!
Not sure why the new packaging should mean the product itself changes - but it did! My cats will not eat meat and are picky eaters. I have no clue what to feed them now since I can't find any brand with an egg and rice recipe! by on 04/16/2019
Please make old formula available again!
My 13 year old picky cat has eaten the old formula with egg and rice for years. It has greatly reduced the amount of vomiting after meals. I'm very disappointed that the new formula only has chicken and rice. Please consider having both available. by on 04/13/2019
Guess we shop for cat food, AGAIN!
Received new order yesterday. Cats won't eat it. Something has changed and don't see anything on label to indicate so. SIGH, guess we are shopping for cat food, AGAIN. by on 03/29/2019
Formula Change
My cat has been battling stomach issues for a while now before we discovered he's allergic to chicken, and fish, and duck so their egg and rice formula was great when our vet recommended we try it a few months ago. His stomach issues have improved greatly in just a few short months. Now the formula has changed to include chicken and I won't be able to use it anymore. So many cat foods are chicken and rice or salmon and rice that is was great to have a formula for cats with sensitive stomachs who may not be able to have those things and now we'll have to start the search over again. by on 03/27/2019
Go back to the old recipe!
My cats LOVED the rice and egg recipe. They will NOT touch the new chicken and rice recipe sensitive stomach and skin. Now I'm going to have to find a new food which we all know is not easy! by on 03/25/2019
solved my cat's throwing-up problem
One of my cats had developed an issue throwing up shortly after a meal. Nothing could solve it until I bought this food for sensitive stomachs -- it's been a week and he hasn't thrown up once yet. Plus both my cats love the taste! by on 03/24/2019
NOT Just a Fresh New Look!!!
Beware!!! The "look" isn't only thing that has changed!! The entire ingredient list has changed and chicken has been added. Have been buying this food for years for my cat who is allergic to chicken. He and our other cats loved it! So upset they have now added chicken to this recipe and offered no other alternative that has NO chicken!!!! by on 03/22/2019
Switch Back to Original Formula
My 16-year old cat will only eat Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach original formula. She hates the new formula and I now have to try and hoard the old formula so she has something to eat. Why not offer both? by on 03/18/2019
They've gone and changed the formula of a Science Diet food AGAIN. Just so you know. Just to make chicken the first ingredient to pacify current trends. I have bought this for my sensitive skin kitty, I liked that rice and eggs were the main ingredients. They are certainly not going out of their way to make it clear that it's a new formula on the new packaging. You have to have your old package to compare what's in it. I even asked the dumb Petco employee and she assured me they "had" to mark it as a new formula, so this was just new packaging. B S. If you click on the new packaging on this site, you can eventually find a small blurb with some very limited info about the changes. I am only giving this 3 stars because if you give something a one star review, hills won't post it. Did you know that? I gave them a one star review when they changed their prescription k/d formula and made my kitty with chronic kidney disease throw up. They never posted it, contacted me to talk about my issues, I did not have the time to deal with them, and they contacted me again to tell me they assumed my issues were "resolved." No, they made my chronically ill baby sicker, and my issues were not resolved. So it's just more screwing around with formulas from science diet. They're not going out of their way to tell pet parents, so I wanted you to know. I have fed science diet for a long time because I can't find any food for my pets' requirements, but they are far from ideal. Hopefully this new formula continues to be good for my kitty. Hills track record with changed formulas in the past has not been good, from pets not liking the new food to it not working as well. My issue is them changing the formula at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. by on 03/08/2019
Long term user, but won't be able to use with new formula
I have been using this formula for a long time because I have a cat that is allergic to chicken-this was the only thing that didn't make him throw up. The new formula is all chicken.There needs to be a chicken free alternative. I'll have to find another brand to use now. by on 03/08/2019
Change of food
Go back to the old sensitive- the new one is causing diarrhea by on 03/05/2019
Hill'sยฎ Science Dietยฎ Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin.
I was beside myself as how to get my cat to quit throwing up almost as soon as she had eaten. She is an old cat and I never thought about stomach sensitivity until I saw it on the internet and figured she had something she couldn't get over. When I saw this, I decide to try it. And right from the start she stopped throwing up unless she has a hairball that won't go the other way. Maybe about once or twice a week. I am 90 years old and in a wheelchair. So it's extremely hard to take care of throw ups. Science Diet Sensitive stomach and hair has been a blessing to me. by on 02/23/2019
Scabs are gone
My 12 year old cat had scabs on her back. After 2 weeks of being on this new food- stomach and skin- they were gone and she's playing!! Thank you!! by on 02/17/2019
Great food
I love hills. They always make great quality food. This one works great for my cats and they all love it. by on 08/23/2018
So happy I found this!!!!
My cat would have constant diarrhea after eating. I tried several stomach sensitive foods and this was the only one that stopped it. I have two cats and they both love this food. by on 08/16/2018
LOVE this product for my senior cat!! Will keep buying
I put my 17 year old senior cat on this food about three months ago and have been so happy with the results. Not only does she empty her dish (which she hasn't done for years) but she is no longer vomiting. I wish more vets and forums would advise that it is not normal for your cat to vomit daily. If they are you really should change their food and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Science Diet Sensitive Stomach! My senior cat has put on weight and has a much healthier looking coat and more pleasant attitude. I only wish I would have found this product sooner, but now I will feed her nothing else! by on 08/16/2018
Highly Recommend
My cat used to get many scabs on her back and neck/head area and no shots or medicine cured it for her. I decided to give this food a try and the scabs eventually went away after a month of her eating it! She's more playful now do to this as well. Highly recommend if your cat experiences the same thing! by on 04/18/2018
Amazing. HIGHLY suggest
We have never had a long haired cat before and had no idea that sometimes they are prone to developing skin issues where it basically feels and looks like they have scabs all over their body. Our cat Khaleesi was in terrible discomfort and we had no idea what to do. I figured it had to be a diet thing however so I looked into foods for sensitive skin and found this. I paled at the price but figured if it helped her heal it would be worth it. Well we started mixing it into the food bowl with the normal food all of the cats eat and within days her skin instantly started looking better and after two weeks of consistent feeding of this product, her skin is almost entirely cleared up. She isn't in pain and her skin and coat look so beautiful. I'm so thrilled for her and I'm definitely telling everyone I know to buy this food. I'm so happy with it. I'm sold on the brand now. by on 01/06/2018
no good
my cat start losing hear after 2 weeks on this food by on 12/18/2017
good variety
I buy this every month for 2 cats about 7 years old. One is a hunter and the other pretty stationery. They both have beautiful coats. We recently changed to sensitive stomach and mix it with indoor food. Both very healthy and active. by on 10/02/2017
have a maine coon that has problems eating to fast and this controls his digestive system by on 08/31/2017
I love the title.
My little Sami has a hot spot on his lower right front leg. I firmly believe that being on this food is helping his hot spot heal. Thank you. by on 08/28/2017
Just Awesome
I have three cats, after only three months of using this cat food I have seen major improvement in their skin and fur. They used to get sick constantly on their old food and almost never have issues now with sensitive stomach problems. Seriously, this product is worth every penny I only wish I had switched sooner. by on 05/05/2017
Great for my 'scaredy cat'!
My cat has been using this food for about a year, because she's so scared of everyone and everything, this is the only food she's been able to eat and not have problems keeping down--or in! When Hill's says it's for sensitive stomachs, they mean exactly that! Thanks, Hills! by on 03/27/2017
My Review
Bought this for years my cats seem to throw up at times an it works on their stomach. by on 01/11/2017
Saved my Cat
I have 2 cats I adopted. One is my big boy, Peanut, and the other is my little Princess LeLe. She always had stomach trouble, constant diarrhea and throwing up. I have had several Veterinarians run tests, but they never really found anything in her blood or urine. So I went on google and put her symptoms in and Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin popped up...I got it immediately and she loves it and is not throwing up any more and her stool is getting better as well..thank you so much...she was really small and I thought I was going to lose her but not anymore!!! by on 12/17/2016
My Review
My 11 yr old cat does real well on this one and the hairball one. The only problem is two times the bag has split like a crack which causes food to spill out. by on 10/24/2016
Happy tummies!
Both of my kittens were strays and were having horrible gas and diarrhea - one of them even had blood in his stool. I brought them to the vet, got tests done, put them on a round of anti-diarrheal meds, gave them pumpkin and probiotics...spent a ton of money in the process! I ended up doing some research and switching their food out to exclusively Science Diet - it took about a week and a half and the change was amazing! Their stools firmed up, the gas stopped and they seemed a lot happier. This food saved me many more trips to the vet and a lot of stress! It's definitely worth a little extra money and one bag lasts quite a while. by on 10/01/2016
Rescued kitty tummy problems solved at last!
Last December of 2015, a poor malnourished kitten was found abandoned along side the highway, in the freezing rain/snow with no where to go. Too sickly even to go to the vet, he needed to get his strength & anemia resolved. Strength renewed, he still had issues with food. He suffered from stomach upset & gas to the excess! His stools were pasty & he wheezed. Several cat food brands were tried. Even very expensive cat foods! Which only made his condition worse! After MUCH research, Hills cat food kept coming up for digestion problems. After he reached a year old and was neutered, we were told that we could switch to an adult cat food. We switched to Hill's Sensitive Skin & Stomach, Egg & Rice cat food. Immediate results! After gradually switching to Hill's he was even able to eat to his heart's content. (He now eats the recommended amount suggested on the bag, because he was eating a bit too much to his heart's content.) NO MORE GAS! NO MORE WHEEZING! NO MORE SLOOPY STOOLS! The awesome bonus is that he looks gorgeous in his new coat! Thank you Hill's for helping our abandoned kitty get the life he deserved! by on 09/06/2016
pieces way to hard
helped loose bowls but have to hammer pieces so cat can chew them. Wish u made pieces smaller by on 07/11/2016
great food
the food is great the cats really like it and do not have trouble. its the price that needs to be lowered, because I nor buy it without a coupon and hills does not give discount to people that are ssenior citzens or disabled by on 07/09/2016
My cats love!
I have 4 cats, and this is the only food they will eat. I've tried to change their food for cost reasons, and they literally couldn't stomach the change. I wished there were more coupons for this food though, as it is very expensive! by on 07/03/2016
The name says it all, Sensitive.
I have been buying this for seven years. Bella will be 9 soon. When she first came home with me she was nervous and got sick. She has been fine ever since because we take care of that little sensitive tummy. by on 07/02/2016
Relieves stomach upsets
On the advice of my vet I started using Hill's Adult sensitive. My cat Kit has had stomach flareups for years, Using this food has made such a difference. Thank you Hill's. by on 06/29/2016
Finally found a healthy food my kitty loves!
My kitty, Maggie Mae is very finicky with a sensitive stomach so feeding her was a challenge. I've tried countless brands. She will NOT eat canned food and only liked cat dry "junk food". I feed our doggie, Scarlett, Science Diet sensitive stomach dry food and noticed Maggie's intense interest in the dog food. So I decided to try the sensitive stomach for kitties. Within one day she was totally into Science Diet, forgot all about the dog food and the cat "junk food". I feel great that she's getting the proper nutrition and actually loves her food! by on 06/29/2016
Life saver!!
Our poor Toothless would puke after every meal while on chicken based food. After switching to this she hasn't puked yet! Thank goodness for this product! by on 03/26/2016
Healthy cat
My rescue kitty vomtted 3-5 times a week after eating dry food. Poor kitty was losing weight and ruining the carpet. Now I feed my cat Hill's Science for Sensitive Stomach and Skin. Kitty is now super shiny, no vomitting and at a healthy weight. Thank you! by on 03/21/2016
digests well. no upset tummy
My cat is very sensitive, Bonita with other foods but not this one. Loves the taste and is reasonable. I also work at a vets office and get many cat foods but I choose this one. by on 12/17/2015
My cats LOVE this food, and I do too!
One of my cats is a domestic short hair, 3 years old and the day we got him he shed like CRAZY. After just a week on this food, he barely shed at all! I also have two 2 year old cats with very sensitive stomachs and they would throw up pretty much anything.. but they love the taste of the food, and they haven't thrown it up once! by on 12/17/2015
My cats love this food!
None of my three cats need this food for sensitive stomach or dry skin; however, they LOVE the taste. It is the only food I buy. by on 09/18/2015
Easy to chew and digest...
I started feeding this about a month ago to my older male cat after he developed stomach upset on another diet. He is also incredibly fussy making finding a diet a challenge. I do want to add that he is healthy, but has been fussy all of his life. Well, he absolutely loves this diet. It is very easy for him to chew and digest. He is active and healthy. No more stomach problems. His coat glistens. Most importantly, we are going on a month, and he still is loving it. Thank you for another great product. by on 09/17/2015
So glad I found this...
I never write reviews, but this food has saved my kitty! My cat is 5 years old and ever since I've had her she has had a very sensitive stomach. She would vomit at least 5 times a week, even though there is nothing physically wrong with her. I would try out many different types of food and nothing would help. I have been feeding her this for about a week now and she has not thrown up once! It makes me so happy, and I know she is much happier now. She actually ENJOYS eating this, which was never the case before. I would always end up throwing away half of the kibble she left in her she gobbles up every last piece! I may just be imagining it, but I also feel like her fur is much softer now, even though it has just been a week :) So thankful I found this brand, my little Navi is happy too! by on 09/15/2015
My cat loves this food.
We tried Hill's for sensitive stomach and skin. Our cat's skin was very dry. After about a month we noticed a big differance in her skin and fur. Her fur is shiney and the flakes are fewer. She has been eating this food for over a year. She loves it. Great job Hill's. by on 09/01/2015
Consistent appeal over the years for all of our kids
We have had between 4 and 6 cats at one time over the past decade, for a total over 9 cats over the years, and we have always fed Science Diet (and Prescription Diet for those with special needs). Our oldest girl has always gobbled her food and then thrown it up. Not sure if it was the food, the speed with which she ate it, or both. So, many years ago we tried what was then known as Sensitive Stomach, now Sensitive Stomach and Skin. She is the pickiest of our entire "clowder". If you put down a treat or something she doesn't like, she will scratch the floor around the food and look at you with total disgust. But she, and the others that aren't on prescription diet, have always loved the taste of this, even when it changed names and presumably formulations. And she almost never throws this up. I also do think that the small round pieces cause her to eat a little slower. But all of the others have always consistently liked this food too. The food for our non-prescription population has always been a mix Sensitive Stomach and another Science Diet foods in an attempt to appeal to everyone. I just wrote a separate review on other Science Diet foods that we attempted to put in the mix, without success, but Sensitive Stomach has always been there and we will never take it out since they all consistently like it. by on 07/10/2015
My cats love it!!
All of my cats have had digestive issues for years...I have tried several brands of food and this one has helped them so much!! Thank you. by on 05/15/2015
This product helped my cat
I have a cat about a year and half old that was having trouble digesting food. I bought what is considered the best foods in the market and he continued having upset stomach. Finally we went back to the Vet and she thought for a moment and then suggested Sensitive Stomach & Skin- Dry from Science Diet. I changed the food and he started to get better. And he still doing good with the food. I also started with the wet food for all my 4 cats. They all seems to do well with it. Thanks! by on 01/16/2015
much needed answer to tummy issues
My little sphynx had digestive issues and our vet couldn't find anything wrong with him. I switched cat food many times. I finally tried Sensitive Stomach and Skin. All tummy issue went away. Yay! by on 12/29/2014
Good product
I have a long haired wonderful cat who is 7 years old. Always a problem with hair balls even though she is groomed frequently. This product works for her better than the hairball formula. Vet always says she has a beautiful coat and is very healthy. Thanks. by on 12/23/2014
My cats love the taste
Since my cat has been eating Hill'sยฎ Science Dietยฎ Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin my cat has had less stomach issues. My cats love the taste, a little too much actually. by on 12/02/2014
Picky Kitties
It took us the longest time to find the perfect food for our eldest cat. Almost every kind of food that he had he would throw up. Once we tried this particular one he stopped. That meant he was feeling better and I no longer had to clean up his throw up. That makes me a happy. by on 11/04/2014
this product keep my cats happy
My cats always had sensitive stomach nothing seemed to work to their contentment and keep them healthy and their coats shiny and clean! by on 10/23/2014
Hill's Sensitive Stomach great for my cat
After switching from a big name brand because of frequent vomiting to the Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry cat food, my cat has had few vomiting episodes and is eating more, her coat feels softer and looks shinier to me, and she seems more happy than she had ever been. Thanks so much to the Hill's team for your great product! by on 10/21/2014
Great Product
Great Product I know this is the best food that I can provide to my animals! by on 10/21/2014
The Sensitive brand really works for my cat Callykitty.
Before we tried the Sensitive brand, Callykitty had very dry skin and flakes all over her back. After using it for less then a month we noticed a big change. Not only are most of the flakes gone, her coat is very shinny. This stuff works and she loves it! by on 10/20/2014
Our cat loves it!
We searched for many months to find a dry food that our cat's stomach could tolerate. We tried several of the high protein, natural cat foods on the market but they caused our cat to have loose, runny stools. We found this sensitive stomach formula from Hill's and within a few days our cat was back to his playful old self again. As long as it works, we'll keep buying it. It's a really great product! by on 10/19/2014
The cats Love it!
It really helps the cats not barf all the time and they like the taste by on 09/18/2014
I feel it's a bit pricey.
My old lady [cat] was up-chucking alot with the dry chow for no apparent reason~ she's strictly an inside gal... even grass was making her ill. After my Vet ck'd her out, found nothing out of norm.... we decided we'd try S.D. sensitive stomach with her. She loved it !! She has only gave it back [up chucked] once in the two wks. she's been on it, good for us both !! I do feel it's a bit exspensive tho !! by on 09/15/2014
Science Diet C/D
"Smokey The Bear Davis," loves his food and let's us know when it is time to eat daily. Since C/D has been his dinner of choice, we have had no problems or visits to the vet. My only suggestion would be to have coupons more accessible. We appreciate the value and worth of this product, but would love to see a lower acquisition cost. Smokey, Mom, & Mike Davis by on 09/14/2014
only brand we use
Great results with my cats sensitive stomach , he can have dry food again that he loves! by on 09/11/2014
Sensative Stomach
Used your product for years as my cat has had a sensitive stomach since kitten. by on 09/09/2014
too expensive!!
My cat loves it
My cat had digestive issues but is doing wonderfully on this product. by on 09/07/2014
My cats love the taste!
I have a DSH and a Bengal. I have them on sensitive stomach and dry skin formula because we live in an area of very cold, long winter! It helps there skin so much! by on 09/05/2014
the small size is perfect for my cats and the freshness my
I use the sensitive stomach and skin and I have persians it is the best food I could ever give them I have tried several other they either don't like the taste or have had a reaction to the food I will always feed Hill science diet. by on 08/24/2014
Love the skin feature of the product
My cat is a picky eater...but seems to thoroughly enjoy the taste. He does seem to be scratching less since I began using the product about a month ago. by on 08/11/2014
Great For Sensitive Kitties
I feed Hills Science Senstive Stomach and Digestive along with wet food and my two kitties love the taste. I love the quality and hope more stores will start carrying the Hills Science Brand. Right now I have to drive 25 miles round trip but this quality food is worth it. I love how the bag closes with a velcro like strip and keeps the food fresh. by on 08/06/2014
This product helps my pets stomach
My pet does not have any diarrhea while being on this food, any other food makes her sick by on 08/03/2014
Switch back to JUST Sensitive Stomach
Long story short, my cat, Chloe, is allergic to (what seems like) everything under the sun. After searching for about 3 1/2 months for the right cat food for her, I finally came to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (NOT SKIN) and it was amazing. When I heard that Science Diet was changing the food to Sensitive Stomach & Skin, I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. Three days later, Chloe was itching and biting herself again. I'd rather not go looking around for another 3 1/2 months for a different type of food, but I will if I have to. PLEASE bring just the Sensitive Stomach back!!! Plus, it was nice being able to have all three of my cats eat the same thing. by on 07/29/2014
My cats love this food, one of them gets an upset stomach
Great food! My cats love it and one had stomach issues but not anyone after eating this food. I keep both of them on this diet as its easier than trying to feed each one a different type. by on 07/24/2014
Makes for one content cat
We had shopped around for a cat food for about a year and found most brands didn't sit well with our cat. Overall health, he was just okay. We noticed, however, his litter box use wasn't - to put it kindly - consistent. Either his food wasn't meeting his dietary needs, or it wasn't working for him. We tried Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and within the week we could see he was much more at ease. Going on a year and a half now, he is happier, his coat is softer and the litter box problem has been no more. He loves the food. Every new bag we bring home, he is all over us with meows, purrs, and leg rubs until we put the bag down so he can nuzzle it with love! by on 07/12/2014
Gracie was a Flame Point Siamese living in my daughter's back yard with her three kittens. She was starving. When I started putting food out, she always let the kittens eat first. I admired her for this. It took several days of sitting quietly before Gracie approached me and presented her rear end for a pet. Gracie, who had been shot three times with a pellet gun and had a sensitive stomach, stayed with the kittens in a spare bedroom for a long time to avoid conflict with my daughter's cats. When my circumstances changed, Gracie came to live with me. Hills Science Diet for a sensitive stomach was always the best food for Gracie, although I admit to trying to make a couple of changes through her long life. by on 07/10/2014
All our cat will eat, no throwing up and maintain weight .
This is all our cat will eat now, she used to eat only Hairball control. As use has aged she needed this change and it really performs well keeping her healthy. by on 06/18/2014
Excellent food
I tried many different foods for my cat that was always vomiting it wasn't from hairballs - tried that food along many other foods for a sensitive stomach. The formula was at first just for sensitive stomach but have had no issues with the change. I recommend this food to many people. The only down side with food is the price, but it works so I cant complain. by on 05/10/2014
My cats love it!
My cats (all four of them ranging in age from 3 to 13) all love this food. If the bowl gets empty, they just stand around and stare at me. The only downside to it is the price........wish it were cheaper. by on 05/05/2014
sensitive stomach
Our cat has a sensitive stomach causing him to get sick. Since we switched, he has only been ill 1 time! by on 04/24/2014
Sensitive stomach for vomiting
After watching my cat vomit most meals undigested for five years, I bought Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, dry. She eats it right up and she has only vomited once-- and that food was nearly digested. I am just sorry I didn't try it earlier. I would highly recommend this product for any cat who vomits directly after eating -- after checking with your vet, of course. by on 04/21/2014
Appearance and size good
Good texture, size of pruduct is very good, Packaging is convenient and choise of bag sizes are good options. by on 04/20/2014
Both of our cats enjoy the taste and we like the nutrition
We will always feed our cats this product, but since we are both on Social Security, it is a high expense for us. by on 04/12/2014
This product is new
I am happy that you now have a combined product for sensitive skin and stomach. Before, I would purchase two bags, one sensitive skin and one sensitive stomach and mix both together. Recently though, I asked an employee of the store where I buy the products and was told that sensitive skin and stomach is really the same ingredients as sensitive skin and I don't need to buy the new combined product. I would like to hear what you have to say about this. I have been using your products for more than 10 years. Thank you, Cats by on 03/12/2014
Only Brand Picky Cat Will Eat Without Coughing Back Up
Our kitten arrived to our door April 2001 and she has been eating Science Diet Sensitive Stomach since the vet recommended in 2002 when she kept vomiting all over the house. She is an indoor scaredee cat classic tabby and loves the flavor and nibbles all day on this food. Thank you Science Diet for your research and product because our cat remains a Science Diet cat because she is still active and her coat is beautiful. She is almost 13!!! by on 02/25/2014
The product is excellent for our cats of all ages.
Our cats like the kibble size. There is not much we do not like about it. Our cats are active, alert and their coats are shiny not dull. by on 12/19/2013
vet recommended
My vet has recommended this product for my cat. It has been of great help. by on 12/17/2013
It helps his coat. It helps him to not throw up. I only wish
It's a very good dry cat food. I just wish Hills could make it grain free. by on 12/07/2013
I love the informative lable
Not to long ago we found out we had a kitty with severe stomach issues. After trial and error I ended up in the pet store one day reading labels. And after about a half an hour ( the pet shop staff probably thought I was nuts) I finally decided on Science Diet, Sensitive Stomach, it has worked for our little girl! She stopped most of her throwing up, and she has no problem digesting. she loves the taste! The first time I put it into her bowel she nearly climbed over me to get to it :) The only problem we have is trying to keep the other cats from eating it for her! by on 11/20/2013
The product is great
I've tried different types, hairball, etc and the sensitive stomach seems the best for them -they are indoor cats and it seems to help. I do change to another type, but always stick to Science Diet. by on 11/13/2013
Only food my cats can eat!
I have tried many other sensitive stomach foods and this is the only one that my cats don't vomit on. They have a healthy weight and coat as well. by on 11/12/2013
Keeps the sensitive tummy happy!
My 13yr old cat has been on Sensitive Stomach for years. Recently, I tried to switch him to a different formula to save a few dollars. His stomach problems immediately began again. As soon as I switched him back to Sensitive Stomach, his tummy settled again & he hasn't been sick in well over a month.The few extra dollars is well worth it to keep his stomach happy. He's also got one of the best coats I've seen on a senior cat, & has the energy of a cat a decade younger. I would never dream of trying to switch his food again. by on 10/30/2013
Only Brand I use
Tried a few other brands for my 7 year old cat Pixie, This dry food is the only brand that he will not throw up! I like it because its the best quality & So good for him to get the nutrition he needs as he has had a sensitive stomach since he was about 2ys., I won't use any other brand by on 10/27/2013
Cat loves it!
My cat has a very sensitive stomach. This is the only food she can tolerate. by on 10/26/2013
Excellent Choice
My cat developed a sensitive stomach around age 7 (she just turned 11), frequently vomiting all her food & losing weight. She'd been on Hill's Adult Formula since age 5. I saw this formula and tried it. She liked it & vomited less. I've been mixing 3 Hill's dry formulas together for 3 years for variety & each primary function: Sensitive Stomach, Hairball & Optimum Care. She loves it, maintained her weight and rarely vomits hairballs. Her coat is shiny, and her teeth are clean. Great combination ! by on 10/20/2013
Amazing results!!
My 7yr old male Bengal has has issues with throwing up his food periodically for years now and I have tried every food out there. This is awesome! I noticed him not throwing up the first week we switched him. He has now gone through his first bag and has gained healthy weight, his coat is soooooo soft, and his overall appearance and well being has improved tremendously! I HIGHLY recommend this product for those kitties who throw up a lot due to sensitive stomachs. by on 10/04/2013
Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Saved my Couch!
Several months ago our 3-year old cat Mojo started tossing his kibbles around the house, my new couch being the popular spot for his regurgitated food. Having just been given a thumbs up at his yearly exam, Mojo's vet suggested we try a cat food for sensitive stomaches. Mojo has been a Hill's Science Diet consumer since he was a kitten (he eats less and fills the cat box less than with the cheaper brands), so we sampled Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and voila! The case of Mojo's kibble tossing solved. Thank you Hill's Science Diet. by on 09/30/2013
Perfect for both of my cats
This product is great if your cats have a sensitive stomach. I have tried many other products in the past but find that this one agrees with both of my cats digestive systems. One of them is even a finicky eater. by on 09/29/2013
Has helped our cat's instestinal/digestive issues
Our cat has had intestinal/digestive issues since she was a few months old. She had constant gas and frequent diarrhea. This product completely eliminated the gas issue, and has helped solidify her stool. I highly recommend it for cats with similar issues. by on 09/26/2013
Kitty feels better AND smells better!
We adopted a three year old male cat from the local shelter. He smelled pretty bad when we got him and his feces was kind of runny at times. We figured this was probably due to being in the dirty shelter and having a poor diet. We started feeding him a really expensive brand of food and got him all cleaned up. After a month or two he still had a really strange odor to him, he would have loose stools at times, and then he started vomiting every once in awhile. We took him to our veterinarian and she said that Herschel was fine but she suggested that we try switching him to Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach. She mentioned that she had a kitty that had a sensitive stomach and did well eating this food. We changed Herschel and our two other cats to the Sensitive Stomach variety of cat food by Hill's Science Diet. They all took to it instantly. Since the switch Herschel's coat is softer, and shinier, he hasn't had any bouts of vomiting, he rarely has loose stools in the litter box, and he smells great! I love being able to snuggle him without having to feel like I need to hold my breath. I had fed Science Diet to the group of kitties that I had raised prior to these ones. I never had any problems with it, I just had thought that after 18 years there must be advances in the pet food industry, and I could now afford something more expensive so I chose a more expensive brand. Science Diet is tried and true. I won't be switching from them again! by on 09/26/2013
This product is excellent
Our household consists of 6 cats ranging in age from 1 year to 16. They have had stomach issues but since I switched to the sensitive stomach formula this is a thing of the past. All the cats love the formula, I ran out once and tried another brand, that was a mistake, they would not eat it.The cats are happy and more playful and above all because they are not having stomach issues very very healthy. Our vet is quite pleased with the results. So am I and so are they. Excellent product I highly recommend by on 09/07/2013
Big cat doesn't translate into fat cat
Our Misha is 3 1/2 years old and she is already 13 lbs. When we rescued her a year ago, she was overweight, but since changing her over to Science Diet and monitoring her intake, she has lost her excess weight. She's still a big girl at 13 lbs. (Maine Coon mix), but is now a healthy 13 lbs. She loves the taste of her food and looks forward to mealtime. She's one happy cat. by on 08/24/2013
Sensitive Stomach Dry Food for Cats
I have several cats who are related and they all have sensitive stomachs. This product really helped us out. Have tried many different types of food, none of which worked or helped (grain-free are the worst). Sensitive Stomach isn't perfect, but the cats love it and the vomiting is much less. by on 07/02/2013
Great for sensitive tummys!
One of my cats has a sensitive stomach due to poor nutrition as a stray kitten. I used to feed the regular Adult Dry but he had chronic digestive problems that would come and go. I tried the Sensitive Stomach and it worked!!! He loves the taste and I'm able to feed it to my other cat too without any problems. Great product!!! by on 07/02/2013
Good for my cats stomach issues.
My cat had issues with a sensitive stomach and throwing up a lot. Since we switched to the sensitive stomach formula, she has improved greatly. by on 07/01/2013
Upset stomach my kitty does not have anymore....
My kitties Finnies and Fiona love Science Diet. Finnies used to throw-up all the time and so I was using regular Science Diet Fiona had no problem but Finnies was throwing up and I tried Sensitive Stomach and finally he was not throwing up anymore..Yeah!! The dry food makes my kitties fur soft and shinny!! Their litter box never smells and that tells me it is great food they do not need wet food for there is a lot of protein in the dry food. So thank you Hills Science Diet for caring about animals.. I would love a gift would my kitties by on 05/29/2013
Instant improvement!
My cat had been vomitting quite regularly, and the vet told me it was most likely stress, but I thought for sure it had to have something to do with his food. I bought a bag of Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and the barfing stopped! My cat's fur is softer than ever and he seems to have that twinkle back in his eye. I highly recommend this food for a finnicky cat with tummy troubles. by on 04/24/2013
Cat loves the food: I love the new way to close.
My 14 yr old Maine Coon eats the Sensitive Stomach and Hairball Control food, and does very well. My dog is on the canine sensitive stomach. (runs in the family!!). I love the new way to close the bag! So much easier than trying to press those ridges together. You know it is closed! Good Job. by on 04/06/2013
Helped during hospice
My oldest cat was needing extra care during his last few weeks of life. We noticed he was creating intestinal gas as he ate his bargain brand dry food. He was also have very loose bowel movements. We offered him the Hill's Sensitive Stomach dry food and he thought it was a treat! He stopped producing all that gas and started having more normal stools eating this food. Thanks for providing a product that helped my cat be more comfortable during hospice care. by on 03/29/2013
Mixed Breed Problems
After watching AP's "Cats 101" I realized that I had a 3rd generation Cross Breed African Wild Cat on my hands. I got her at 2 months. She's now 11. I always had problems with her digestive system. The program explained her to a "T." For the last 4 years she gets a combination of HSD Sensitive Stomach, Hairball Control and Mature Adult. Problems gone. Well Worth It ! by on 03/19/2013
Love it.
One of my cats has a sensitive stomach and always has. Both cats eat it and love it. I love that the litter box doesn't smell so bad now! Also, the new velcro top bags are genius! So much easier than the zipper-type. by on 01/30/2013
After a lot of searching, this is just what I needed.
I have two cats, one of whom I rescued as a feral stray kitten. From day one, she had serious problems with constipation, and when she did manage to get it out, she would bleed from behind, and no foods seemed to quell it. An X-ray with my vet showed it was so severe that the blockage in her intestines could be deadly. I tried everything, all of the most expensive brands, dry and soft alike, with no real luck. But when I finally tried this particular food, the problem faded away, and now she eats and digests just as normally as any other cat. It's a tad pricier, but in the case of my cat, it's absolutely worth it to see her in less pain and so much happier. Definitely recommended! by on 11/10/2012
Sensitive Stomach Works
One of our cats would vomit often, more than just hairballs. We already fed our cats Science Diet Dry Cat food so we knew they liked it. We found the sensitive stomach and gave it a try. All 10 cats just love it, and the one that would vomit often, now only does once in a while with a hairball. by on 08/21/2012
Finally, something he likes that doesn't make him ill!
I went through a lot of foods before finding something that Dasher could eat and enjoy without getting sick! I find it disheartening, however, that this food is often priced several dollars higher than the other adult foods in the Science Diet line. I was out of work for a while, and those few dollars add up quickly. The bag is already smaller, does the price REALLY need to be higher? I will keep buying the product, as it works for my dog, but if I ever get another, I will try a quality food with a price point that stays the same across the line. by on 07/31/2012
My cats love the taste. They have been Science Diet kitties
We adopted two fostered cats from our local rescue. One of the cats had--delicately put -- stinky odors. The vet recommended Science Diet Sensative Stomach food and the problem was gone. Both love the taste. Only wish you could get the same amount in each bag as the light formula...I run out faster. by on 07/17/2012
The only thing my cat will eat
I work at an animal hospital so I understand the importance and value in feeding my cat high quality food. In addition to being a high quality, vet recommended food Science Diet also taste great my cat loves her food and won't eat anything else. I am also a firm believer that she is as healthy as she is at age 9 because she has maintained a healthy weight and eaten a high quality food. by on 07/06/2012
Our 2 cats are so happy now!
Even though our 2 cats are 8 & 9 yrs old, we have found that for them, the Sensitive Stomach formula really has made a difference. They both seem to eat slowly but for some reason frequently they throw up what they just ate. Since switching to Sensitvie Stomach, maybe it happens only once a week. It used to be 3 or 4 times between the 2 of them. Thank you for this great product, I just wish it could be a little less expensive. by on 05/18/2012
My cats all wanted to eat this!
My vet recommended the Sensitive Stomach food for one of my cats who had diarrhea. I purchased the dry and canned food to give them a variety. She loved it right away and the rest of my cats were ignoring their regular food and eating this one, and it agreed with them all. by on 05/18/2012
Cat's LOVE it
I have three indoor cats ages 2,6 & 9 and I've switched them all to Science Diet sensitive stomach, as I have one that has to have it. They all love it - their bowls are emptied and they are ready and waiting when they hear me walk into their room to fill their bowls. The quality, nutrition and science behind this food is what keeps me coming back for more! by on 05/17/2012
Helps my cat digest food better
My cat was often throwing up and I thought it was hairballs, but nothing worked. This food helped him keep his food down. by on 05/16/2012
This product has really helped my cat.
Several years ago my cat started vomiting quita a bit after eating. The vet suggested dry food versus wet which is all he ate at the time. I switched to dry in stages and his stomach was a little better but still not right . Then a vet suggested Science diet for sensitive stomach. This did wonders. My cat, Shadow is now 14 and he loves his food and keeps it down. He has been on it for about 6 years and loves it. by on 05/16/2012
We've used Science pet food for over 25 years for at least 3
Over the years we've used Science pet food (wet & dry for the cats; dry for the dogs) for at least 3 cats & 2 dogs. Although the price sometimes has given us pause, & we've looked at other brands, we always end up buying Science. Our many vets have all recommended the brand, & for all these pets the results have been animals whose coats always look healthy & whose aging has been relatively easy. by on 05/16/2012
This product is excellent for nutritional value!
I have been using this product for years now as recommended by my vet for all 3 of my cats. It keeps their stomach in check as well as no messy episodes in the litter box! I tried some more expensive brands which did not do well for one of my kittie's well-being, he was in misery of not being able to go to the bathroom. After an expensive visit to the vet for medicine, I put him back on the Science diet sensitive stomach & he is back to normal & no painful meowing! I"m so thankful for your product to be able to care for my "fur kids"! by on 05/16/2012
Less stomach issues!!!
Several months ago I slowly switched my cats to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach from another, rather expensive brand. They were having digestive issues including vomiting. Our vet suggested the sensitive stomach formula and since the switch, we have had a reduction of about 85% of the vomiting, and believe me, thats alot with 5 cats! Only one still refuses to eat the food...we are happy with formula, however, our only complaint is that there appears to be a reduction in the quality of their coats, less glossy, more sheading... by on 05/16/2012
Perfect for my cat
My cat occasionally has stomach issues that has taken me to the vet several times just to find out he is perfectly healthy but has a tummy issues sometimes. I started mixing Science Diet's sensitive tummy in with his regular food and have not had any problems since! by on 05/16/2012
The cats all enjoy the taste
This food has been easy on the cats stomach and they all like the taste of it by on 05/16/2012
This is a great product for your cat with special
Adopted a cat from the shelter that had intestinal surgery. Vet recommended Hills food. She has recovered fine and loves her Hills. by on 05/16/2012
Easy on the stomach!
I have a little calico cat that has a hard time digesting food. She used to vomit several times a day after eating until I tried Science Diet sensitive stomach. She loves the taste and keeps it down. It is an excellent product! by on 05/16/2012
Satisfied with the Results
My 2 long-haired cats were both rewarding me regularly with hairballs and regurgitated food. I switched them to Hill's Sensitive Stomach and seldom have to deal with those issues anymore. They eagerly sit by their bowls for more! by on 05/16/2012
Excellent dry food for cat's with sensitve stomachs
The dry food is all my cats eat. They do not get upset stomachs from it. They love the taste. You can't go wrong with this food for you sensitive stomach cats. by on 05/16/2012
I have a much happier cat now.
Since switching to this food, my cat no longer has 'accidents'. by on 05/16/2012
The only dry food I have found that doesn't upset my cat's
We adopted a cat rescued after Hurricane Katrina. We don't know how long he was surviving on his own, and what he was eating and drinking. When he came to us he couldn't keep most foods down. Sensitive stomach Science Diet is the one food that he seems able to eat. I have tried other Science Diets, and other brands of cat food, and they have not worked. My other three cats get the benefit of eating a healthy food. by on 05/16/2012
Helped my sensitive cat with her tummy troubles
My cat used to be a stray and came with all the health problems a neglected cat usually has - sensitive stomach, diarrhea, worms, skin rash, constant throwing up, etc. Over time, all of her issues got straightened out except her stomach issues. The only food that works for her is science diet sensitive stomach. It is a bit expensive but totally worth it. I wish this came in different flavors but my cats still enjoy it! She still occasionally throws up about once a week, which is better than multiple times a day by on 05/16/2012
An AMAZING pet food!
Abbie and I have been constant companions since we adopted her 4 years ago. We have struggled with her digestive issues since then. Until we found Hill's sensitive stomach that is. She has never been sick or lethargic, plays, runs, and has actually lost a little weight! She loves the taste and won't eat ANYTHING else. I can't say enough about this product, thanks! by on 05/16/2012
This food works well with my bobtails in keeping their stools firm and their backsides clean. Would like to see more sales and coupons for SD Sensitive stomach tho since this food generally runs higher than the others. by on 05/16/2012
Adult Sensitive Stomach Cat Food is the best!!
I adopted my cat, Shazam, from my local animal shelter, when he was about 5 months old. He has always regurgitated and vomited his food, until I started giving him Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Cat Food. The Sensitive Stomach blend has allowed him to keep his food down almost all of the time. He is healthier and happier which makes me healthier (less worry) and happier!! by on 05/16/2012
They love it!!
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