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Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry dog food is meticulously crafted to provide adult dogs with the nutrition they need while addressing specific digestive and dermatological sensitivities. This highly digestible formula promotes optimal nutrient absorption, ensuring your canine companion receives the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for overall well-being. Gentle on Stomachs, Easy to Digest:Formulated to be gentle on sensitive stomachs, this dry dog food promotes ... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 200 reviewers.

Amazing change
We have a boxer, Labrador Cross, who is 11 years old and has always had a sensitive stomach. But as she has gotten older, we have had more and more sensitivity and "upset tummy" days. After a particularly bad week, I did a lot of research and this is what I was directed to - Based on reviews. After only a few days, we have seen a huge change in our dog. She loves the food. But more than that she has more energy she acts excited to eat and is acting five years younger than before. Just based on those few days, we also switched our Boston terrier who is normally a natural gas producing machine to it also. We have seen amazing changes in him too. He also loves the food and has had a lot less gas. He is also more playful and active. We highly recommend this food. Even my husband who cringed at the price. But like everything else you get what you pay for. And while I definitely was not feeding our dogs, a cheap dog food , when you have a dog with sensitivities, paying a higher price is totally worth it for your dog's well-being, quality of life, and for you to be able to know that your dog is his or her best self. by on 07/12/2023
WOW Finally!!
I've tried many brands for my rescue dog even very expensive brands. His poop was always soft serve ice cream or pudding. I'm glad I didn't give up the search. Hills Science Diet for Sensitive Stomach & Skin has improved his digestion and poop in less than one week! Poops are formed and easy to pick up! He loves it too! Gobbles the kibble right up. I've started adding a couple tablespoons of the can wet food now too! by on 07/11/2023
Solved the itching and soft stools issue
We tried a variety of foods before discovering this recipe. My two jindo mixes will be on this for life. No more soft stools or itching. by on 04/25/2023
My dog will be on this the rest of her life!
My 2 yr old Shepadoodle (German Shepherd/Std Poodle) was having trouble with soft & sometimes mucousy stools, then she started vomiting bile! So, I started her on this 2 weeks ago & all those ailments disappeared. She loves her food, too, so it must be tasty! by on 02/04/2023
My pitbull started to have itchy skin after eating
He seemed to love it but now after starting to slowly transition him to this his skin has started to peel and he's terribly itchy. I think he's allergic to chicken. by on 12/13/2022
My cocker loves it
Taffy will be 2 in Dec 2022. I have tried 4 different dog foods, she wouldn't eat any of them. Then I trie this, she loves it, should have known. All my other cockers loved it too. by on 11/27/2022
Love this!
Wish it came in small bites by on 10/27/2022
Happy dog happy life
Started my dog on pedigree dog food his whole life until he turned 3 I noticed it was causing hair loss skin irritation and diarrhea so I switched to the sensitive skin and stomach 4 months ago and I can only speak to the results and my dog is a healthier weight hair is thicker and hasn't had any skin rashes and healthy stools and no eye gunk so yeah I'm definitely sold on this product super happy customer price is high but I see the results not sure if I should eventually switch him to the regular adult dog food they offer but I'll look into that by on 10/01/2022
No Upset Stomach
My pup tends to have issues with dry food. With this kibble she has had no issues and has stayed at her weight for multiple years. by on 08/12/2022
Great for rescue pup
Adopted a pup who's coat was in pretty bad shape due to street life. Not only was she severely malnourished but there were certain areas on her that I was warned possibly wouldn't grow back. Nonetheless, Hills was recommended to start her off on but once I finished the sample bag I decided to try this one out due to the sensitivity and it has been 6 months now and her coat has improved tremendously. Her confidence shows more now, and the food does not give her gas at all as opposed to other brands that I've sampled. Overall a really wonderful product and I cannot wait to see what another 6 months will do for my princess. by on 03/04/2022
My 9 year old Blue Heeler Loves it!
My 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) loves this food. I have tried so many other brands, even other "sensitive stomach" dog foods, and he would either throw up, have diarrhea, or act generally sad like he didn't feel good after eating those foods. He has never once had an issue on Hill's! His vet always comments on how youthful and healthy he is as well, in fact most people think he is only 2 or 3 with all his energy! I will always always have him on Hill's Science Diet. :) by on 01/19/2022
Formula changed...December 2021
I've been using this particular food since the summer...2021. All was well. Bought another bag in mid December...My dog won't eat it. And, the size of the kibble has changed. No more Science Diet for my dogs. by on 12/27/2021
Just ordered another bag
My 9 year old yorkie was having pancreatitis and terrible smelly skin issues. Changed her diet to this food and her smelly coat that happened after two days of bathing was just starting to happen after 10 days of bathing. Her diarrhea and vomiting has subsided. I am so hopeful this will continue. by on 05/05/2021
Love the new kibble shape
Every vet I've ever had recommended Hill's food. This food in particular has been great for our finicky standard poodle. And she loves it even more ever since the kibble was changed to a flatter shape, which seems to be much easier for her to eat! by on 02/02/2021
I love this product
My pup vomited all the time after eating other brands. I switched her to science diet sensitive and it stopped. Shes eating better too. by on 01/21/2021
My dog loves This food and he actually Berks asked for it
I love to give this dog food to my dog and he loves it by on 01/07/2021
I dont like the new kibble size
I have been buying this specific dry food for my dog who has a sensitive stomach and skin. It's been such a life changer for her. The kibble size has recently changed and I dont like it. She's a 70 lbs Doberman. She eats fast but doesnt scarf down her food. The regular sized kibble was perfect for her because she would take her time to chew. Now that the kibble became smaller, she more than anything inhales the food. The kibble size is great for smaller dogs, but not any medium to large dog. I want to continue to use this brand but will have to consider switching if this is now the new standard kibble size for this specific bag. by on 06/29/2020
Why did you change the formula????
My pup has been eating the Sensitive Stomach formula for 5 years but now will not eat the new formulation. Why the change? The kibble is smaller and definitely smells different which my finicky pup turns his nose up to. I guess we will have to find another brand of food that he will eat... by on 05/16/2020
My dog won't eat the new formula
Our dog loved the previous formula. As soon as we switched to the new formula our dog showed little interest in the kibble and would rather skip meals. by on 05/13/2020
Why change a great product now.....
Why would Hills change a dog food after everyone loved it. The size of the kibble is much smaller and the ingredients changed. If a dog has a sensitive stomach you DO NOT MESS WITH FOOD. Please go backto the old product. I am disgusted at the change. by on 04/13/2020
Our AmStaff with sensitive skin loves it and it works!
She's maintaining a healthy weight and having reduced allergy issues since using this. by on 03/23/2020
Really helped my Yorkie's sensitive stomach.
Teddy's problems have improved and he loves the food. Vet approved the nutrition distribution. by on 11/28/2019
Changed Formula NOT GOOD
I have been feeding my dog this food for years. They changed the formula and did not MARK THE BAG! It does not sit well with their stomach. The gas is HORRIBLE! Please warn customers when the formula has changed. by on 11/26/2019
On to the next one.
We used to love this product, and it was pretty much the only thing that worked for our dogs and their sensitive stomachs, but ever since they changed the formula, one of my dogs is constantly throwing up her food. Now, once again, we have to find a new dog food that will work for her. Why change something that was perfectly fine? by on 11/20/2019
Hills should never have changed sensitive stomach formula
My dog has been using the original recipe of sensitive stomach for 10 years and now they change the formula with added sensitive skin. Unfortunately with dogs having the issue of sensitive stomach as a premium brand dog food they should know not to mess with formulas. Please change it back to the original Hill's. it's such a good product, never change what's already working. by on 11/16/2019
I will buy again
250gram per day, started on the 6% total fat bag then as dog has sensitive skin started on this one. Ingredients were spot on. Dog has pancreitis, these products do wonders with next to no relapses. Prebiotic and chicken ingredients work well. by on 09/09/2019
Horrible New formula
As the last few reviewers stated, my dog was on the ID prescription formula and I was thrilled when I transitioned her to the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin. She did great! Finally a food reasonably priced and works for her sensitive stomach. Then....without warning (HELLOOOO the dogs that eat this have SENSITIVE stomachs) they changed the formula. I have had a horrible few weeks trying to settle my dogs stomach back down. really need to let your consumers know when you change a formula for a "sensitive" dog food. If I would have known, I would have SLOWLY introduced it. I am doing that now and I hope it works but not too hopeful so I will have to change food again....NOT HAPPY by on 08/22/2019
NOT the same thing as sensitive stomach,, my dog has been on hills sensitive skin for 9 years as he has an intolerance to chicken protein and this diet was pork based and has been amazing, now it's chicken based, are you kidding me,, sigh ?? so disappointing - spoken to others who were on it for the same reason.... by on 06/19/2019
New recipe is bad for our dog
We only found out about the new recipe through an email from PetCo, suggesting we slowly transition from the old recipe to the new one. Too late for that. Our dog immediately got sick. The last time he got this sick is the reason we switched to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. We only realized it was this new recipe that caused his problems AFTER we took him to the vet and spent close to $600 for them to tell us theres nothing chronically wrong with him. Then this morning we got the notification from PetCo that the recipe had changed. This is wholly unacceptable and we will never purchase or recommend this product to anyone. by on 03/30/2019
I Thought My Dog Was Dying
I've been getting this food for my dog for years because of his sensitive stomach. When I bought the last bag I noticed the new packaging but did not see anything about a new recipe. My dog was vomiting and shaking for two days before I took him to the vet and spent $500 trying to figure out what was wrong with him since I hadn't changed anything with his diet. Then I get an email from PetCo with some very small print mentioning a new recipe and I finally understood what was actually happening. Please make this more well known so other people know to slowly introduce the new recipe and don't think there is something terribly wrong with their dog. I buy the sensitive stomach food for a reason. I'm furious. by on 03/30/2019
Dog refuses to eat new formula
Loved this food. The only food that my dog could eat and not throw back up. He gained the weight that he needed. The formula must of changed because I just bought a new bag and my pup refuses to touch it. Something about the smell of it throws him off. Going to have to find a new brand to get him to eat. Wish I knew what changed! by on 03/26/2019
Levi LOVES it and so do we!
Our Vet recommended Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin and it has worked wonders. Less gas, loose stools and licking & scratching. He must feel so much better and so do we. Thanks! by on 12/31/2018
Great product for sensitive stomach issues
My dog had consistent stomach issues, but that has all cleared up since putting her on this product. She's been doing great for four years! by on 12/06/2018
Already Seeing a Difference
I know I just wrote a review a month or so ago, but that was after my dog had only been eating it for a day or so, and was happy that he was able to digest it. After having him on it for a month or so, I'm seeing some interesting results. First, although I didn't buy this food for the sensitive skin aspect, I've noticed that he hardly scratches or bites at himself anymore! He must have had a condition that I didn't even know about, and this food has taken care of it. Second, he has not thrown up or spit up once since he's been eating this foood. His stomach just seems happy and healthy now! And third, at almost 6.5 years old, he's beginning to act like he did when he was 2! He has more energy and playfulness than I've seen in a long time. I just can't say enough good things about Hill''ve really made a big difference in our lives! by on 08/18/2018
I love this dog food
My black lab has a sensitive stomach and sensitive skin. We have been using this product for over 6 years. Before we put her on this dog food her skin issues were so severe that she would have bald patches and her gas was intolerable. by on 08/05/2018
So far, so good!!
My 6 year old Sheltie has always had a sensitive digestion, and earlier this year he developed gastroenteritis. The Pet Hospital put him on Prescription Diet Digestive Care. Once he was healed, I tried to put him back on other foods he had eaten previously, but it was kind of a gamble as to whether it would upset his stomach or not. One evening, after he had thrown up both his morning and evening feedings, I loaded him up in the car and we went straight out to get him this Sensitive Stomach formula (along with some of the soft food, as well). Poor guy was famished, and he wolfed it down - and it stayed down! Very positive experience with both this and the Digestive Care. So glad these are available for pups with digestive issues. Gonna have to get him some of Hill's treats, too! by on 07/17/2018
My dog loves this
My dog is the pickiest Eater of all time. She started to get sick and I had to take her to the vet and was told she had gastroenteritis! We've only tried it about a week but so far so good! She seems more content and happy by on 06/07/2018
Saved my dog!
My dog is special needs and is on numerous medications that make his GI system sensitive. At one point we thought we were going to have to put him down because he was getting so sick. The vet finally figured out his old food brand was making him sick. She suggested this brand. After two months our dog is back to his normal spunky self and has not gotten sick. It save our dog!! by on 01/24/2018
A live saver!
Our dog, Fortune, was rescued from a puppy mill at 9 months of age. Poor nutrition and hygiene had left her poor stomach a mess. She could tolerate chicken and rice, so finding Science Sensitive Skin and Stomach - made with brewers rice has been wonderful! by on 10/30/2017
Happy Dog
I have been feeding Hill's Sensitive Stomach to my dog for about six months. Before this, he would vomit at least once a day. Now he almost never does. Thank you. by on 08/07/2017
The Only Food My Sheltie Can Eat
When I first got my Sheltie 6 years ago the vet recommended this food. I tried switching after age 2 thinking I would spoil him with one of those "all natural fancy dry food" I slowly introduced the new food over 3 weeks and my poor fur baby had uncontrollable liquid stools. I asked the fancy shop for a better food explaining our situation and the same problem happened. After boiled chicken and rice feeding to get him back to health I've never switch off this food. This is the only food my sheltie can handle. Once in a while he will sneak into the trash or another dogs dish and the same thing happens all over again,. I swear by this food! Also he loves the wet food but its recently been pulled out of all my local stores :( by on 07/13/2017
My sweet senior Doberman that I rescued has the most sensitive tummy ever! After trying many other low ingredient foods I finally found the ONLY food (canned and dry) that my dog can tolerate!!! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach line. It has changed our life! No more diarrhea or vomiting!! He loves this food and I am beyond happy that he is feeling so much better!!! Thank you Science Diet!!!! by on 07/13/2017
Love the benefits!
I was recommended this for my dog. It is true that it is for sensitive stomachs! My dog loves it and his skin isn't as dry as it use to be! I highly recommend this! Now that I have two more dogs, they will be eating this also! by on 07/07/2017
Bad New Formula
My dog used to love this food really helped with his sensitive stomach, but now he can't stop itching with the formula. Sensitive stomach and sensitive skin are NOT the same thing. Should be kept separate, I can no longer buy this food which is a shame because it used to be great. by on 07/06/2017
Soooo hard to chew
Food sooo hard to chew dogs won't hardly eat it. It does digest fine and causes no stomach problems but wow hard to get them to eat it. The prescription I/D is great but This product is not so good. by on 06/26/2017
We went through 7 types of dog food for our Labradoodle, She is now a 1 year old. She had loss/diarrhea stools, throw up on a daily bases. Our vet said to put her on meds to help with her stomach but she got to the point were she stopped eating for days :(. We called the Vet again and they said to do the sensitive stomach science diet. I almost cried bc she ate right away and never has had a problem since! I will never go back to any other food again! by on 06/15/2017
Dramatic results!
My Labrador was having issues with a very expensive, well rated dog food brand. After a while, she just refused to eat. The vet put her on Science Diet i/d and that helped a lot, so I decided to try Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin. What a dramatic improvement. She looks forward to meal time again, and has more energy and clearly feels better. I changed over my other 2 dogs (Lab mix & Westie) so all 3 are eating Science Diet and doing great. If you have a pet who is suffering with digestive or skin problems, I wholeheartedly recommend it. For all the highly rated dog food brands I've tried, nothing comes close to the visible difference this one made! by on 05/29/2017
Good product, but dogs don't seem to care for it
This pet food was recommended after my one of my dogs appeared to have a sensitive stomach. She never seemed to be crazy about it, but would eventually eat it. After purchasing the 3rd bag, she got to the point of barely eating it to not eating at all. She will let it sit in her bowl for over a day and to get her to eat start eating, I have to start hand feeding her and this never happned until we switched foods. My other dog doesn't seem to care for it either. I do think it is a good product, but there seems to be something about it that dogs do not particularly care for. by on 04/25/2017
Amazing Product
We have an American Bully named Zadie, and she had stomach and skin issues when we first brought her home at the age of 9 weeks. She has been on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog food for over a year, and the results are amazing. She no longer has stomach issues, and her coat is incredible. We HIGHLY recommend this product to all of our friends, and family! by on 03/08/2017
best dog food out there!
My dog has very sensitive skin and ever since I started her on hills there has been no choice or doubt what she should be eating. She loves this food and the ingredients are top of the line healthy for her. Not to mention the price per bag is a savings itself. Thanks a lot hills! by on 03/06/2017
just started
I bought a small bag of this and she is on adult, science diet for low weight. I just can't think of the name. I have noticed that she has less gas. I am going to buy a larger bag when she finishes the bag she is on now. It is really working. She also eats dirt--been tested and no medical reason for eating dirt. She is not eating dirt as much. Maybe I have found the cure for her excessive dirt eating. I also used the soft food and she loved it. She is an 8 year old Weimararner. She a rescue. I used several brands and they all were recalled, except for Science Diet, by on 01/09/2017
Finally, my Standard Poodle eats regularly!
I have a very picky standard poodle. :( I have tried just about all the combinations of dry dog food out there, and even resorted to mixing the dry with some canned food, cheese, dog cookies, etc. to get her to eat! My granddaughter recommended your Sensitive Stomach and Skin diet, and I am so thrilled with the results! She eats a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening! A few times, I have added a few shreds of cheese to get her started, but it is a real pleasure to see her eat and enjoy it! She is also more active, and doesn't lay around after a meal looking like she lost her best friend. Thank you so very much. I would recommend your products to everyone!!!!! Ann Mrozek by on 11/01/2016
I love this formula, but I am not the one eating..
My dog likes the taste, but he does not like hard dog food or treats. It is a texture thing for him. He does not like crunchy. If you could make this same formula, but softer on the teeth. I think you would have a hit with my dog. by on 10/10/2016
finally the correct food
I have a 10 year old boxer who has suffered with diarrhea and flatulence the last 3year's. 8-10 vet visits. But NO MORE because of this dog food he no longer has it his stomach isn't upset he doesn't have diarrhea and he doesn't clear a room with flatulence thank you thank you thank you by on 08/10/2016
Fixed my dog's stomach pain/issues
Honestly in less than a week my dog's issues of abnormal stools and even sometimes blood were completely fixed. I was very worried so was tremendously relieved. My vet recommended this, so for me it was amazing. He is now back to his goofy, clumsy, and loving self without lethargy. by on 08/02/2016
Solved the Problem
My dog has almost no vomiting now and he scratches less--he didn't scratch much before but I noticed a difference. by on 07/13/2016
The one!
This wound up being the only food that doesn't cause my dog any stomach issues. Wish I had tried it sooner! by on 07/09/2016
Excellent quality food that my doggie loves
My doggie was easily bored with her food. Then I'd have to start the search for nutritious food she'd eat. She's been eating Hill's Sensitive Stomach for almost 3 months! That's a record . And she still loves it. An added benefit is that her coat is softer and her skin is not as sensitive to the environment as before. I'm very happy. by on 07/09/2016
My Review
The only dry food that really works for my dog and her delicate tummy! by on 07/06/2016
Why didn't I know about this miracle?
It's the first dog food that has significantly helped my 9 year old German Shepherd who has struggled with diarrhea since he was 10 weeks old. by on 06/15/2016
Great for sensitive stomachs
When we rescued our dog, he had many stomach issues. We spent many nights up with him and took many trips to the vet. We tried several different brands of dog food and even attempted to make our own food, and nothing seemed to help until our vet recommended Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. We have been successfully feeding our dog Hill's Science Diet for over a year now and can't praise it enough! Our dog looks forward to eating and does not have any of the stomach issues he had when he entered our home! Thank you Hill's for helping our family! by on 05/09/2016
Love this product.
My weimaraner has a very sensitive tummy. After years on w/d the vet suggested we try sensitive skin and stomach. It works great for both of our dogs. Coats look great and tummy issues are still under control. YEAH. by on 04/22/2016
Works for my pup!!
My dog seemed to throw up her food once or twice a week after eating. I felt so bad for her and the clean up! After talking with my bet she recommended switching to the sensititive stomach food. It has been four months now and my pup is able to keep all her food down. We are so happy with the product! by on 04/14/2016
Dogs loves it!
Our Scottish Deerhound rescue was a bit sickly and throwing up regularly until our vet recommended the SD Sensitive Stomach & Skin. Kody has gained weight and rarely throws up now. Great product for us! by on 03/26/2016
Great food
These are my babies, Timber & Dixie, they are both rescues from southern states. Timber came to us with Giardia, we did not know this & it took a little while & testing to find this out. The only thing that helped with this was the sensitive stomach food from science diet, even the meds didn't help much. I am so pleased with this food that when Dixie was old enough to get off her puppy food, which was also science diet, we automatically put her on the sensitive stomach as well. Both my dogs have beautiful coats & firm stools. I would not feed anything else. I do wish that it came in a smaller kibble though. by on 01/28/2016
Our lab recently was put on Hill's Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin food due to some intestinal issues. He loves this food and eats every piece. He used to have a top of the line high protein food and did not like it; he would go a day or so without eating it. When I set out a bowl of the Hill's brand, he comes running and is eager to eat it. Thank you Hill's for making a food that is a good quality and that my dog enjoys. by on 01/28/2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!
I have a 2 year old boxer who we rescued from the humane society. When we brought him home we changed his diet from what they were feeding him at the humane society. He had a very upset stomach, and extremely runny stools. I felt horrible for him so I decided to do my research and found Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. I decided it would be worth trying so we bought it. I would say after about a week Bubzlee was waking up the happiest dog! He literally runs for 20 minutes in the morning the moment he is let out of his kennel. I can't thank Science Diet enough for making my baby so happy! by on 11/20/2015
Sensitive stomach? No problem!
When we rescued our Boston Terrier, Bella, she had been mistreated, was very thin and had been fed dog only knows what. After several failed attempts to find a food she could digest, we tried Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. That was eight years ago and she has thrived on it ever since. No, really. "Thrived" is not an exaggeration. You can't slow her down and her skin and coat look great! We have tried a few other brands in the past (Bad owners), but always return to Science Diet. For Bella, it's the best! by on 11/12/2015
Fantastic food!
I have a finicky boxer with an affinity for puking. I've tried several different types of dog foods and was delighted that on this food, the puking has come to an end. I am also no longer having to beg him to eat his serving of dog food. by on 10/21/2015
We have tried all other brands She likesstan this the best.. by on 10/08/2015
My dog has liver issues ... possibly from another brand.
Your food seems to sit well with his sensitive stomach. by on 10/05/2015
works well
My lab has a very sensitive stomach and anything off her diet causes gi issues; this food she tolerates very well with no gi issues by on 09/28/2015
Good Product
I've only been using the food for a couple weeks and I don't see any real difference in her coat, but it seems to agree with her stomach, so that is a plus. I wish the price was a little lower, or that I could find coupons to make the price more comparable with other foods I've bought. I will probably buy another small bag and see if their is an improvement in her coat, then I will be able to make a decision as to whether the result justifies the extra cost. by on 09/24/2015
This food is just right for us!
It was recommended that we put our young Golden Retriever on a sensitive stomach diet .. and chose Hill's. Our pup loves it .. and we also use it as treats. by on 09/21/2015
Best food!
My Boxer had several trips to the vet to cure loose stools., several rounds of antibiotics later as well as new food and we are good! He loves the taste and his stools are normal. Happy dog, happy owner! by on 09/20/2015
I'm glad I found this product
I put my 1 1/2 year old Yorkie on the sensitive stomach & skin product. I have to say that so far within a week I see such a big difference on him. I have spent so much money taking him to the Vets. He suffers from sensitive stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. So far he's doing so good. The only problem with this product is the size of the pellets they are to big for him, he's a toy Yorkie and weights 6 1/2 pounds and is hard for him to chew the food, so I have to crush it. Can you please make this food for toy dogs, please. by on 09/07/2015
this product seems to be working well for our dog
Our dog had been getting sick when eating after our trip to the vet we found out she had a very sensitive stomach. The vet reccomended we try her on science diet sensitive stomach and she has much improved. by on 09/05/2015
A Quality Product I'm Proud to Give My Companion
I was recommended Hills' Science Diet by another pet owner whom I trust so it wasn't hard to make the switch in food. Other high-quality "no-grain" products upset my dog's stomach, resulting in loose stools and vomiting. Now everything is smooth, regular and my dog really enjoys the taste of his food. The cost is comparable with other top shelf brands but I'm so confident in the quality of Hills' that I'm proud to serve it to him without hesitation. Thanks for giving pets and their owners' a great choice! by on 09/02/2015
These are the features I like about Hills
My dog has a very sensitive stomach ad had diarrhea with other foods. He loves the taste of his hills food and his bowels are normal now. I wish the cost was less. We have a Greyhound , weight of over 85 lbs . Very tall big boy. He does consume a lot of food so our monthly bill is high. Coupons would be very helpful as we are seniors and on a fixed income. by on 08/18/2015
Our little girl was on a premium dog food from 8 weeks until she was a year. She had constant loose stool mixed with bouts of diarrhea. We tried everything, pumpkin in her food (did help a little), probiotics (helped a little), tested for everything, tried other foods (made it WORSE). We were truly at our wits end, there was no real cause for this, otherwise totally healthy Bulldog. During an emergency situation left her at a pet hotel and told them to feed her their dog good. Dreading picking her up because we knew she would have diarrhea, but to our surprise her stools were firm. We ask what they fed her, it was SD Sens Stomach and Skin. We've had her on it ever since. What a happy accident after all the trips to the vet and frustration. AND on a side note her tear stains (she's white) 100% cleared up as well as the redness in her eyes. We couldn't be happier. Our vet never even suggested this food. We've read online of so many others who have Bulldogs that suffer with sensitive stomach and skin and we would like everyone of these owners to try this food out, it sure worked for us. Thank You Science Diet! Jim, Chris and Tish by on 08/12/2015
Love this food
Lucci is doing so good on this food ! He is doing so good on this food , skin looks great. His belly is happy, no throwing up or chewing his skin. by on 07/03/2015
Helps with touchy stomach
My dog always had soft stools until switching to this product. She eats it well and seems to have better digestion and firmer stools. by on 05/20/2015
less stool in the back yard
Both of my dogs seems to do well on the sensetive stomach by on 05/19/2015
Vet Prevention
My 3 mini schnaunzers have stomach & skin problems that have made for costly vet bills. I thought I would have trouble getting them to eat the dry food as they usually avoid it but they really love this formula even though the size of the kibble is rather large for them. The 9 yr old has more energy and plays like a puppy with the 1 yr olds. Though the cost is high, I no longer have to buy the canned too and no huge vet bills. I will stay with Hills to keep my girls healthy. by on 02/19/2015
The Pachaging of this product!
I am a first timer with this product and I was amazed from the moment I opened the bag. I saw the Velcro closure and My dog loved the food. He is a very picky dog but I can say not anymore. Science Diet food is great from the packaging to the food. Thanx by on 02/16/2015
Helped my senior dog
The sensitive stomach brand helped my senior dog (13 years old) Now that he is older I have noticed his stomach is not as "strong" as it use to be and would become prone to diarrhea. This product has definitely helped and improved his system. My only issue is the is pricey. by on 12/09/2014
Great for my "urpy" dog
My Boston Terrier rescue seemed to have the ability to throw up for any reason-stress, excitement, to get attention, etc. Since feeding him the Sensitive Stomach and Skin dry food, his urpyness has dramatically decreased. by on 12/09/2014
No more upset stomach!
Chandler is 14 years old and almost a year ago started an upset stomach cycle that became more frequent and hard to control. I had to have him in an strict diet and expensive prescription food when I decided to switch to this product. It has been 3 months since he started with it and has been pretty stable and no more crisis. by on 12/03/2014
perfect for the sensitive tummy issue
This seems to be the only dog food that agrees with my dogs tummy issue and she loves it. I wish there was a doggy treat or can dog food for the sensitive tummy. Please by on 11/14/2014
My dog can eat again
For years, we fed our dog lamb & rice food, then I/D. She never had formed stool, and she resisted eating food. Her stomach was always upset from either eating her food, or refusing to eat. Her stomach noises would wake us in the night. When Hills Sensitive Stomach became available, she finally would eat her food (she even pesters us to feed her) and her stool is formed. At 13 and a half, this greyhound still loves to run daily. She is a much happier dog, we are sleeping through the night, and we are so grateful! by on 11/07/2014
No longer have $$$$ vet bills...
My schnauzer mix has had trouble with his sinuses and indegetion for a long time. It finally got to the point that he starting throwing up bile and blood. It was very scary and expensive to get him treated. Needless to say I never knew what a huge difference there is in dog food quality till now. My vet had me swith to science diet and all of my dogs symptoms have vanished. by on 11/04/2014
too expensive for the amount you get
This food is good...but way too expensive to stay on long term. by on 10/20/2014
Healthy Scotties
As a pet parent of dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs, I was happy hen Science Diet came out with a product to take car of both of these troublesome issues... by on 10/19/2014
This food has really helped my dogs stomach issues
We started giving this food to our 9 year old maltese/yorkie on recommendation from our veterinarian because she was throwing up bile once or twice a day. She began eating this food on the 26th of August and has not thrown up once since then. My only complaint is the "kibble" is so large and for an adult/small dog it is hard for her to eat it. We put warm water on it which helps somewhat but would love to see this food come in smaller bites. by on 09/30/2014
Glad to finaly find a dog food that helps my dog
My dog has a sensitive stomach and your dog food helps with the problems. Thank you and please send more coupons. by on 09/27/2014
dog food
Thank you, My dog really loves the dog food.,,,,,, by on 09/22/2014
This product seems to work well for my dog's skin.
I like the results of this product. My dog's dry skin seemed to have improved, however, the price is much too high. I try and get coupons, but am never successful. Your website does not allow printing of the seems to always have technical difficulties. by on 09/13/2014
My gal Trixie Loves This Food
Trixie has a sensitive stomach and I found with most other brands they are fish based Trixie doesn't like the smell or taste of them. She does however love this food and she no longer throws up. Thank you. by on 09/08/2014
LIlly loves it
vet recomended dog loves it .she runs to her food bowl when she hears it being poured! by on 09/04/2014
Helps my pits skin irritations!!
The dog stomach/skin dry dog food by science diet works great! I noticed a difference with his itching/skin irritation with in a week of being on science diet! Now after using this dog food for about 6 months he has no issues with his skin other than the normal dog scratch! I recommened it to every dog owner thats having skin issues! by on 08/27/2014
Great for my dog's stomach
My dog has a very sensitive stomach and this food is perfect for him. by on 08/26/2014
Sensitive dogs
My dog has a very sensitive stomach and dry skin. Our vet recommended Science Diet and ever since the change, our dog doesn't get as much as diarrhea like it used to, and the hot spots subsided. by on 08/25/2014
she loves it and keeps her from getting sick very good nutrition by on 08/24/2014
The cure for a sensitive stomach
We have had an issue with our Labordoddle stomach with many other foods and found this product fixes the issue of throwing up. Like that is is available at many location. Tks SD!!! by on 08/23/2014
It works, which is all I want
My Australian Shepherd mix is super sensitive with her skin and stomach. We have tried the limited ingredient foods and it has been awful for her. Either she gets a runny stomach or she smells so bad we can't stand it. We transitioned to this food about 3 weeks ago and so far I can't see any downside. The price is above the premium Pet Store food we were feeding her but in the end we were taking her to the vet due to her skin and stomach so much I am sure we will end up on the plus side. by on 08/11/2014
This product has kept my dog's skin and coat beautiful.
It is pricey but keeps my lab mix free of skin conditions, i.e., itching, biting, etc. by on 08/07/2014
This product is resposible,in my opinion,for saving the life
Gracie,our beagle, was at death's door when her vet saved her and we started feeding Gracie Science Diet . We feel very strongly that she is alive today because of the excellent quality of food she is eating. Thank you Science Diet. Victoria by on 08/03/2014
Used to be good
I have a Black Lab that has skin issues. The Science Diet Sensitive skin was what worked best for her. Then suddenly I could not find it at the local pet store or online or at the vet. They now have this sensitive stomach / skin blend. It's it a smaller kibble and it is not working for my pet's skin any more. I'll have to try another brand. I've tried numerous Science diet products and none are up to what they used to have available. Very frustrating. by on 08/01/2014
This product is perfect for a dog or cat
I would recommend this products. It is the perfect size for chewing and he loves it. I sometimes use as a treat by on 07/31/2014
Our dog had become very ill and had lost so much weight you could count her ribs. She was unable to keep any food in her. Then after a seeing a ad on TV I thought I would try your dog food when I got to the store I saw you even had for sensitive stomachs. Anyhow a year later we have a plump and happy dog. We are forever grateful for such a great dog food that it has saved our beloved dog (Sasha). She goes everywhere with us and people want to know how she became so well again and of course we say Science Diet. I tell everyone this is the only food your beloved family member should eat. Be honest they are our family and deserve the best. by on 07/28/2014
Science diet for sensitive stomach and skin
We have two pure breed GSDs, one with a very sensitive stomach and both with dry, sensitive skin. Both dogs enjoy the their food and gobble it up with nothing added to it. They have been on this food for approximately 2 1/2 months, and we are starting to notice that their skin and coat are improving, with less scratching or itching seen. We have always fed Science Diet off and on since they were puppies and now one of them is almost 14 years of age..............quite old for a GSD. by on 07/27/2014
Perfect for my dog
My dog has both skin and stomach issues and this dog food addresses them both, His food says down and his skin is healthier. A brand I can depend on. I would never give him anything else. by on 07/24/2014
Not convinced it's as good with the combination
My dog has been eating the sensitive stomach formula for 10.5 years and with the combining the sensitive skin formula, he eats less and and seems to like it less. He does not have sensitive skin but does have a sensitive stomach so why should I feed him both formulas? I am not convinced it's a good idea and will be looking for a different brand for his sensitive stomach. The other reviews on this page are from before the combination of both formulas. by on 07/08/2014
Great product!
I have been through several "top" brands of dog has a very sensitive stomach and seemed to get bored with food after less than a year. She would just stop eating. This food has done wonders on her GI tract and it's going on 2 years now! by on 07/06/2014
Excellent product.
I have two senior dogs and one has a very sensitive stomach. This food totally works for her. by on 07/03/2014
What my dog needed
My dog has had issues with a sensitive skin and stomach. He seems to be doing very well with this brand. by on 07/01/2014
My dogs liked "Sensitive Stomach"
They wouldn't eat the "Sensitive Stomach and Skin" by on 06/23/2014
Excellent quality , smells fresh..
We have 3 dogs eating SD Sensitive Stomach & Skin. They are doing great on this formula . They have various issues . Overall , no more tummy rumbling , gas , soft stool . They love the kibble . I love the quality and safety of Science Diet products .. This is an excellent formula for dogs with sensitive tummies . by on 06/17/2014
Great Product!!
All 3 of my dogs, 1 being a 60 lb mixed breed and the others are Yorkies, one is 3lbs and 1 is 10...they all eat and enjoy the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach...I would recommend it to anyone by on 06/11/2014
awesome product
my dachshund was having some serious stomach issues, so my vet decided to put him on the sensitive diet food. the change was almost immediate. by on 05/31/2014
This product literally saved our dog
This is the only product tha our dog has eaten and not had any side efeecys from like upset stomach throwing up or diaherra. This literally saved our dog after we had her on another brand and had to give her Iv fkuid at vet. I wish we couod get more coupons she has actually put on a few pouds she was always so skinny because of her breed she is on the hyper side but this has helped her so much. thank you! by on 05/12/2014
Recommended By Our Vet
We have fed our dogs Science Diet for years and years. It was recommended by our Vet so we felt safe in using it. We have no issues with it. Our current dog, Alexa, got some Sensitive Stomach when we bought it by mistake. After that she did not like the regular Science Diet, we had to get the Sensitive Stomach for her. We are not sure if it was the taste or actually felt better on her stomach. by on 05/10/2014
This makes for a healthy dog!
My border collie mix has been on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for 14 years. He used to throw up frequently until switching to this food. It seems to agree with his stomach. When Science Diet combined the Sensitive Skin with the Sensitive Stomach, I noticed that he no longer was chewing his paws after being outside. His coat is healthy and shiny. Over all for a mature dog, he's extremely healthy and I believe that Science Diet has been the catalyst to his good health! by on 05/06/2014
5 star
very happy with the skin results we have now switch our other pets to this food by on 05/04/2014
This dog food product is the best!
Our Dalmatian has had a sensitive stomach ever since she was 5 months old and decided the green tomatoes and eggplants in our garden looked too good to resist. After getting her stomach to settle, our vet put her on the sensitive stomach food. All has been well and soon will be weaning her over to the weight control Science a Diet. by on 05/03/2014
This is a new formula as sensitive skin used to be a separate bag. My dog still loves it just as much now that it's mixed with sensitive stomach. by on 05/02/2014
Works great!
I switched 2 of my dogs to this formula because one was having occasional vomiting and the other had soft stools fairly consistently. My vet recommended switching to this food for both of them, and it's made a world of difference. They both love it and their coats look great. The dog with occasional vomiting has not been sick on this food, and the younger one with soft stool now has formed, solid stool and there seems to be less of it as well, which is a bonus. This food is wonderful, and I'm wondering now why I didn't switch to it sooner! by on 04/23/2014
Helps with gas
Helps my dog with gas problems, but they keep changing it, now its sensitive stomach and skin. He has a sensitive stomach and cannot handle change. This is the second time this year there has been a change. Not good...Also, this food is NEVER on sale, so it is very expensive. He loved the original bag, not as much since it has changed. by on 04/21/2014
my boxer
my boxer had problems with orther foods since I started him on this one it has work wonderfull by on 04/15/2014
My dog loves this food
My dog was having trouble with his first food as it was troubling his stomach. My vet suggested switching to this food several years ago and he has been fine ever since, by on 04/10/2014
My vet recommended this product and it does really work!
My male Australian Shepard was having digestion problems and would throw up every night...Wonderful.... My vet recommended this product and it worked the very first time he ate. No more throw up...great product... Jackie by on 04/10/2014
Great for Sensitive Stomachs
This product recently changed from strictly sensitive stomach to sensitive stomach AND skin. The new food seems as good for my dog with a very sensitive stomach as the older food. I like not having to buy a prescription, and the product has actually helped both of my dogs digestive habits as they eat the same food. It's even helped with the "end" result (if you know what I mean), with better regularity and less odor. Enough said. by on 04/08/2014
No longer a Science Diet customer
My dog has sensitive skin NOT a sensitive stomach. It is unfortunate that Hills corporation feels the two are the same. Good bye Science Diet. by on 03/25/2014
Really helped my dog's stomach
My dog constantly had problems with an upset stomach. She had plenty of energy & felt fine otherwise, just couldn't keep her food down. I started feeding her Hill's Sensitive Stomach (I haven't tried the Stomach/Skin combination yet), and her stomach issues have decreased significantly. She loves the taste -- she dives right into it, gobbles it up and licks the bowl trying to get every last molecule of food. by on 03/19/2014
sensitive bulldog
I have been feeding this to our bulldog Mack for the past few months. He has improved 100%. Mack has both sensitive stomach issues and skin issues. He was a rescue dog and we have been working to improve his health. We will definitely continue feeding him this, I think it is helping him a lot-and he really enjoys the taste. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else that has a dog with sensitive stomach issues. by on 03/18/2014
Helped with Skin Problems
This dog food helped my Cocker Spaniel's skin problem a few years ago, but the cost kept me from buying it for her regularly. I wish money was not an issue for me, I would have bought it consistently! by on 03/17/2014
Healthy for My pet
My pet was having stomach problems and she was eating expensive dog food. After having to take her to the Vet he began to tell me she has a very sensitive stomach and even he was concerned changing dog food,concerned she may experience more problems. My husband and I decided to try Science Diet sensitive stomach, we bought it took it home and fed all three of our dogs. They didn't seem to mind but did notice it was different food. After a week of my little schnauzer girl eating this product she started playing again, she seemed energized and healthier. So the food not only didn't make her sick she was WILD like a pup again. She was feeling so much better I felt bad that I had not noticed how sick she had been. We are very thankful for this product because as Dog lovers we needed this for our fur baby:) thanks science diet for being concerned enough to make a sensitive stomach designed dog food! Love Two schnauzer's and a Shitzu by on 03/12/2014
Disappointed with new formula
I am disappointed that you added barley to the new sensitive skin and stomach line. We originally used sensitive stomach and switched to the sensitive skin when you added barley to the stomach product. Very disappointed to see you now add barley to the combined product as well. Sadly, we will be leaving the Hills family. by on 02/24/2014
Great food!!
My boxer has a sensitive stomach and sensitive skin. He either didn't like the taste of other foods or they would upset his stomach. This food has never upset his stomach and is great for his skin. If he's getting a little board of his dry food i will spice it up with a little Science Diet wet food and that makes him very happy. by on 02/04/2014
My dog enjoys the taste
This food has greatly reduced the amount of waste production in my golden retriever. Less to pick up & remove by on 12/19/2013
Great food for intestinal issues
My Husky had always had gastrointestinal issues . I switched over to Science Diet Sensitive stomach many years ago and we have never had problems since. by on 12/19/2013
Awesome for dogs with sensitive stomachs!
My two dogs have always had problems with their dog food upsetting their digestion. Ever since we had been on this product they have had no problems. I recommend this food to everyone! by on 12/19/2013
Greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs
Science Diet Sensitive Stomach seems to help everytime he has a problem. I include boiled chicken and a tablespoon of pumpkin to his dry food and he always eats everything. Highly recommend this product for dogs with sensitive stomachs. by on 12/18/2013
Great food
Our chocolate lab has a very sensitive stomach & this product does the trick. The best we found. by on 12/07/2013
my pup loved it
best food out there for dogs and my pups would not try anything else by on 12/02/2013
sensitive stomach food
I have been feeding sensitive stomach to my Boston terrier for 8 yrs now. My dog is in good health and likes his food. The food has given him a shiny and soft coat of hair along with smaller bowel movements. Before feeding him the sensitive stomach, my dog had frequent loose stools and diarrhea. This all ended with science diet food. My dog is now 8 and I am thinking he may soon need to transfer to a senior diet. When I do make this change, it will be Science Diet food! by on 11/08/2013
We love it
All I can say is that since we switched foods 2 years because my 9 year min was having stomach issues and my vet told me to switch him and my other one t Hill'sยฎ Science Dietยฎ Adult Sensitive Stomach and let me tell there has never been a problem again after about two months being on it by on 11/02/2013
My lil guy loves his food day after day!
My dog is a big part of my life, he's almost like a son to me. I've always wanted to make sure he was eating good food, with Hill's I can rest assured that he is. The food is pretty costly, but I don't mind because I know that he loves it, and it keeps him healthy < 3 by on 10/30/2013
Difficult for me to evaluate this product
It is difficult for me to evaluate this product because my pet is a puppy. This product was prescribed for my pet due to sensitive stomach and frequent diarrhea. It has helped at times and not at other times. by on 10/04/2013
This product has worked well for my pet.
It works well due to my dogs sensitive stomach other products were not helpful in providing relief to his condition. I would recommend this product to anyone with similar issues. by on 10/02/2013
My Chihuahua loves this food!
With all the different kinds of dog food available over the counter now its been a challenge trying to find the right food for my picky but sensitive 16 month old Chihuahua. After a few goes at some other foods we finally decided to go with our gut and stick with the brand we have all known and fed our other pets throughout the many years. We can remember Hill's being recommended by our family veterinarian for decades so we went with the Sensitive Stomach formula. Of course my Chihuahua loved it so she has been on it, problem free for over 4 months. The bag 4.5 pound bag lasts us a couple of months so it works well with our budget and even space in the pantry. Can't go wrong with a food that continues to keep my pet healthy and happy. by on 09/26/2013
This product does help my dog's tummy
My dog is very fussy about what she eats and she loves this food. It has help her to keep her food down and so I'm a happy pet owner. The fact that it helps to absorb more nutrients to keep her healthy makes this food the best I can give my pet. by on 09/11/2013
Have used SD for many years
I used Science Diet for 13 years for my small dog that is no longer with me. I am using it for a 4-year-old Siberian Husky that I recently adopted and she is doing well with the Sensitive Stomach formula. I will continue using this brand because it has served my pets well for so many years. by on 08/06/2013
really helps the stomach stay calm.
for 4 years my Doc has had problemms with stomach upset, as he is a nervous dog all the time. he would vomit shortly after eating, and you could hear his stomach churning. tried many things to help with little results. since being on Sensitive Stomach, he has stopped vomiting and his stomach is quiet. he likes the taste too! still a nervous dog, but now he can enjoy eating again. by on 07/18/2013
Sensitive Stomache
This is a good product and worked for my Sheltie. I buy this often. by on 07/02/2013
The best dog food for my dogs' health.
I have a large dog and a small dog. Science Diet's Sensitive Stomach dry food is the only food I can feed my dogs that they will not vomit. I tried switching them to a different kind of food to be more cost effective, but within days, they were vomiting again. I would much rather pay extra than to clean up vomit continuously. Thanks! by on 06/29/2013
No more tummy troubles
My dog was having trouble with very loose stools and the Vet recommended Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry. It stopped the loose stool in just a day or so. It really made a huge difference. by on 06/29/2013
Dramatic changes
I have two Boston terriers that would vomit, be very flatulent and have runny stool before I started the hills science. Starting the food I have noticed a dramatic difference. This food is a must for dogs with sensitive stomachs. by on 06/29/2013
Dogs love it!
My dogs love your dog food and beg for it two times a day! by on 06/29/2013
Good brand
My dog happy loves this dog food. it really helps her with digestion. She doesn't vomit anymore like she used to. Thank you for making this product that is good for my dog. by on 06/17/2013
Our corgi, Pippin, has the world's most sensitive stomach! Even the puppy chow we were feeding him would cause him intestinal distress every few weeks. We were going out of our minds trying to figure out HOW we could help him without going to the vet for expensive prescription foods and pro-biotics. And then I stumbled upon Science Diet for Sensitive Stomach. OH MY GOODNESS. We've been using it for four months now and not ONE bout of stomach distress! And he LOVES the taste! Gobbles it right up! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this dog food. I've told all of our friends with dogs about it. by on 06/17/2013
A food that works great
My boxer Rocky has a very sensitive stomach and can't digest most foods. After a recommendation from our vet to try a sensitive stomach food to control his constant issues I decided to try Hills Science Sensitive formula dog food. I was very pleased at the results and I have seen a real improvement in his activity level and skin as well. He also loves the taste. Thank You Hills for the great product.. by on 06/11/2013
Excellent product!!
I never saw a dog so excited to eat than when we switched our dog to Hill's sensitive stomach. She just loves it!! by on 02/26/2013
Worked like a charm
My dog has always had a tendency to throw up for no apparent reason - she felt fine, no pain, no other symptoms at all. It seemed to have gotten more frequent lately, so I tried feeding her Science Diet Sensitive Stomach at the suggestion of my vet. She got better immediately -- I can't remember the last time that she threw up. Oh, and she loves the taste -- she's always liked her food but this seems to be extra delicious to her. AWESOME FORMULA! by on 01/31/2013
What a Difference 2 months has made!!!
My lab mix, who is 11, began having intestinal problems/digestion issues last year. It ultimately resulted in her beginning to have accidents in the house, which she has not done since she was a puppy! She went from constipation to raging diarrhea! She had lost weight to the point that her back bone was starting to stick out. I was very worried and getting ready to head to the vets, but was very scared that it was going to be "old age/end of life". I did some research, and switched her to the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach with 1/3 of a can of Science Diet canned food mixed in in the morning. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Within 1 week her stools were normal, and 2 months later, I've had to cut back her food, as she is now heavier than she has been in a long time! She waits at her bowl for the food and will lick her bowl if there is no food in it! She loves it! Her energy level is back, and she will even play with my son's puppy when he comes to visit. Thanks so much Science Diet for saving my Maggie! by on 11/20/2012
Great Food!
I got a puppy when he was 8 weeks old and he is now 9 months old. Ever since the day we got him he always had loose stools! We got him checked by the vet and they couldnt find anything wrong with him. We went through a ton of different foods before coming upon Science Diet. We noticed a difference after the second time he had a meal! No more loose stools and he loves the food! by on 10/25/2012
Great food!
My dog has a very sensitive stomach and has many problems if he eats anything but this food. His stools are now solid again and he has put back on the weight he lost plus some. by on 08/17/2012
Healthy product
I've been feeding my princess for over one year and "we" are very satisfied getting powerful results . Sincerely , Renato & Nina by on 08/16/2012
This product has really helped my pug.
This was recommended by our vet due to stomach issues. Since Orlando has started on this, we have had zero stomach issues. We used to have to sit with him so he'd eat. Now, I put his food in the bowl and he eats it up. I really think he loves this food. This has truly been great for Orlando and our carpets!! I highly recommend this if you have a dog with stomach issues. by on 07/31/2012
I am so thankful for this food! My two standard poodles absoluetely love it and before this, they tended to get sick on just about everything....thank you for making such a value-added product to your line of dog food. Tracy, Johnny and Nugget ;) by on 07/19/2012
Best I've Found!
My dog has been fed Science Diet foods since she was adopted from a shelter. She kept getting upset stomach though and we assumed it was just a nervous stomach. I wasn't aware of the Sensitive Stomach food until my veterinarian recommended. Upset tummy problem solved! My dog thanks you and I thank you. by on 07/17/2012
Easy on the tummy
My little doxie gets an upset stomach often. He loves this food and it agrees with him. by on 07/05/2012
Amazing dog food
I had tried every dog food for a rescue dog that we got. He would always get an upset stomach and he wouldn't eat much at all. I tried all the crazy expensive brands that all the dog food websites recommend. Nothing worked. One food in particular landed both of my dogs in the vets office with bloody stools. I immediately tried sensative stomach because it was similar to the id dog food that my vet prescribed to help my dog. My dog went from not eating anything to eating as much sensative stomach as I could feed him. He ate with vigor, and it was amazing watching the difference that this food made. It is almost unbelievable how much this food made a difference. Many dog food websites say that Science Diet food is over-rated, but they are dead wrong and they quote lies as facts. I will always feed my dogs science diet. by on 06/10/2012
My dog LOVES it!
I have a very picky eater who has developed stomach issues. I bought this, hoping she would eat it and benefit from the formula. We started by giving it to her as a "treat". She loves this food and refused to eat her old food after the first day of treats. ;-) by on 06/02/2012
Keeps my dog healthy
My dog gets sick easily. This specific food was recommended by our vet. He loves his "kibs" and will eat them dry or with a little water on them. by on 05/31/2012
Science diet offers consistant quality product.
I have a German Shepard that my husband rescued from the pound several years ago. He has a very sensitive system. The smallest dietary change and he has a clostridium outbreak... We tried several foods for him until finally, we had the best results with the adult science diet, sensitive stomach. We can link any new outbreaks to the kids dropping food. by on 05/24/2012
Great for dogs with stomach issue
I have been feeding to my 2 dogs for about 6 months now and they love it. Both my dogs were having stomach issues with burping, farting and diarrhea, sometimes it was so bad you would have to leave the room. Since they have started eating the sensitive stomach food they are both very healthy and don't have any of these issues any more. Only draw back is it is expensive, but it is worth it. by on 05/21/2012
great for a sensitive stomach
this is perfect food for a dog with sensitivity to things by on 05/19/2012
excellent for dogs with sensitive stomach
i have 2 great pyrenees. when we rescued our oldest one who is now 8, he lost a lot of weight and couldnt tolerate any food that we tried. once we found science diet sensitive stomach, his weight immediately started going up and he has been stable since. i only wish there was an occasional coupon or special because it can be a little pricey with 2 dogs. it is worth the money because i dont know if our dog would have survived without it. by on 05/19/2012
Only one my dog can eat
If your dog or puppy in my case has problems with his digestive track this is the dog food for you. by on 05/19/2012