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Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Discover the perfect balance of taste and health with Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight dry cat food. Crafted with clinically proven technology and carefully selected ingredients, this breakthrough formula offers your feline companion safe and effective weight loss. Visible Results within 10 Weeks:Witness the transformation as your cat achieves a healthy weight with visible results in just 10 weeks. Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight is designed to go beyond traditional cat foods, providin... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 116 reviewers.

Did you change ingredients?
Hi, I am wondering if you changed the formula for the Adult perfect weight cat food. My Siberian is very picky, and used to love this food, despite it is chicken, and he doesn't seem to like any wet or dry chicken food.. but he liked this one, but is picky since I bought a new bag recently in July of 2023. Please let me know. Would you consider any other flavors other than chicken for a perfect weight dry cat food? Thanks! by on 07/25/2023
Feeding guide?
Good lord, people. The good news is the cats loved the food (both the fat cat and the skinny cat). The bad news is that I have NO idea how much to give them since the "feeding guide" on the can is written in 3-point font. Even with my reading glasses I can't read it. So, I came to the site to research it... and it's NOT HERE. Good lord, people, learn how to provide information for your products!!! it's a good product but if I can't figure out how to use it in under 10 minutes why would I buy it? by on 07/24/2023
Did not work
After giving this to my cat for 2 months, and using the amount directed, she lost no weight. I am now out $120 and back to square 1 on trying to get her to lose weight. The claim that your cat will lose weight in 10 weeks is not accurate. by on 06/08/2023
Pay attention to how much you feed
All 3 of my cats have taken well to this food. My overweight boy has slimmed down from a combination of this food, more play, and calorie counting. Everybody saying their pets gained weight or didn't lose is probably either not feeding the correct amount or their animal has an underlying health issue causing weight gain. People are quick to judge the ingredient list and carbohydrate content but totally disregard the low calorie count. Corn gluten isn't making your cat fat. Feeding too many calories can make it hard for your cat to reach their ideal body weight. This food has 315 kcal per cup which is substantially less than a lot of other dry foods that average around 500 kcal per cup. Play with your cat more and pay attention to the calories you're giving them. Feeding more wet food (such as the perfect weight wet which is also low calorie) is another way to slim them down. This food is a great tool you just need to know how to use it. It won't do the work for you. by on 03/15/2023
Weight Management
I was told to give 1/4 cup twice a day. Minnie has gained an enormous amount of weight so I cut it to half of a quarter cup 3 times a day. Originally she was so skinny. Now opposite but still not loosing weight. Canned food also cut down but no change now. by on 03/02/2023
Rescued starving cat!
My previous cat was an extream rescue. At first Cuddles was a skinny little girl. We had to make sure her bowl was always full, she nearly starved in the woods. She gobbled down her food, couldn't get enough. Changed over to Hill's Perfect Weight to stabilize her weight. It worked perfectly! by on 03/01/2023
My cat loves it!
I only feed her this food for breakfast and dinner by on 03/01/2023
What's in this blend?
We have two fussy calico cats but they lose their minds whenever I open a tin of the Perfect Weight wet food. Both meow, go in circles and run to their dishes when I finally serve it to them. There isn't a scrap of anything left in either dish and I swear they're licking the glaze off the ceramic too! They're mainly on Hill's science diet kibble and get the wet as a treat once a day. We offer them the savoury turkey wet as well, which they eat, but do no react in the same way to it as the Perfect Weight. I recommended this blend to a coworker who was having some issues with his cat and it's diet. His cat also went crazy for this food. I only wish it was sold in a larger tin and save us a bit money. The small tins are only slightly less than the larger tins now up here in Canada. by on 01/19/2023
great food
My two cats have been enjoying this food for months now. They really enjoy the taste and their weight has improved! by on 12/29/2022
I would buy this for my cats
I love this type for my cat sense she's 17 pounds I'm seeing a difference in her weight I recommend this food for anyone helping there cat to lose weight 5 stars by on 11/06/2022
What a change!
My cat had definitely gained a few lbs, and is a picky eater so I was nervous to switch foods. Well she loves it and the weight is falling off. Win win!! She's acting like her old self and wanting to play more. We are down 2lbs and will keep going! by on 11/04/2022
I would buy this product again
Recently started my cat on this Perfect Weight food and right off the back I noticed my cat didn't have issue with the taste even though I was concerned he would. He just ate it like normal food! We are still relatively early on using the food but we have definitely noticed a weight decline, in fact what's really great is I've noticed that my cat is more willing and able to jump up to my chest and I can catch him like we used to do when he was a bit younger!!!!! I've always been hesitant trying new foods with my cat but I kinda wish I wouldn't have been and started this a lot sooner. by on 10/12/2022
Absolute junk.
I tried Hill's Science Sensitive Stomach for my otherwise healthy, active cat based on its reputation with shelters. He promptly gained a pound he didn't need! So, I switched to the Perfect Weight dry food, and after 5 months, he had not lost a single ounce. I contacted Hill's Science and got a courteous but unhelpful reply, so I did my own research. Turns out, this particular cat food is loaded with fillers: brewers rice, corn gluten, wheat gluten. Cats have a short digestive tract, and that stuff doesn't do them any favors. As soon as I began to phase him onto to a different food, his high energy level returned, and he began to slim down within a week. It's not enough for a cat to like the taste of their food, read the fine print and see what's in it! by on 08/14/2022
Yes I buy it and nothing else
My cats love it. by on 07/31/2022
Why did Hill change the food kibble sizes?
I received a new bag of food that no longer consisted of hearts and round kibble pieces but now they are tiny, broken up pieces that barely resemble the prior product. I complained and received a replacement bag of the same stuff! What gives? Why the change? Makes feeding a specific diet more challenging. by on 05/30/2022
Won't buy again due to new kibble size and shape!
After years of dealing will inconsistent kibble size and shape, I have completely given up on this food now as they have added 70% of small heart shaped kibble in with the regular sized kibble. The point of a lower calorie food is to have a larger sized kibble to slow food consumption. My cat doesn't need heart shaped kibble. She needs a kibble large enough to chew and not inhale. I do volunteer work at my local shelters and will not recommend this any longer for the over weight cats. Was this really necessary? by on 03/20/2022
My cats used to love this dry food
My cats used to love this dry food. My question is that I notice a change in recipe. The kibble size is much smaller and breaks easily into a million pieces. It 100% looks different from any food we have purchased before. by on 01/23/2022
I hate the new "heart" shape
As far as weight loss goes I see no difference in my cats, but since this is the only cat food that all 3 of my cats are willing to eat I keep buying it. The one thing I HATE is the new shape. The old round flat pieces were not messy at all, and as soon as I saw the new "heart" shape I knew I would not like it. I have bought angular shaped cat food in the past and that kind of shape always crumbles and makes a colossal mess all over. Messy and wasteful. Please go back to the old rounded disc shape. by on 01/07/2022
Doesn't work
I have used this cat food for about 3 months, my cat lost .5 of a pound, certainly not worth the price, will stop using since it doesn't work by on 04/06/2021
In reply to person with fat cat now a skinny cat
I have two indoor cats the female always with a tendency to be overweight, her problem has always been my wife over feeding her, our males tend to self regulate, I have moved to Royal Canine due to a dental issue with one cat, have basically banned my wife from feeding the cats, if you have an inside cat if it it is overweight, the problem is clearly the person over feeding the cat, unless it has a medical condition, failing that provide good quality food at the correct amount, overweight animals is a human thing always no matter the animal horse, dog or cat, wake up to yourself and look after your animals, feed them right exercise them right and the weight issue is gone, lazy dog take it for a walk fat horse take it for a ride, fat cat feed it less or if your dog is not aggressive let it exercise the cat as I do and he gives the cat a cardio workout everyday. by on 05/28/2020
Won't use again
this product was recommended to me to help my cats maintain a healthy weight as they are indoor cats and were overweight I didn't really notice any difference in their weight however I continued using the product and to my surprise Within one-way time my cat it's nothing but Skin and Bones it seemed to happen over night I am now looking for a product to help my cat gain weight no matter what I feed him now he acts as if he is starving constantly by on 09/27/2019
I find your portion sizes is much to large for my cats,
Great quality size issue by on 08/30/2019
Works Well
I have a number of cats that eat this product. It works great for reducing weight, and I've decided to keep them all on it since they like it. by on 07/03/2019
Our cats love the Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight
One of our cats is a little on the heavy side, so we feed them all Perfect Weight, since they can get to the 1 bowl of food. They really enjoy it and continue to see benefits from this product!!! by on 03/12/2019
Cat loves it!
My cat loves this and has lost weight! by on 01/25/2019
Keeping my young cat lean and healthy
I started my cat on this food when I adopted him last year when he was a year and a half old. He was slightly overweight, and having had an overweight cat previously, I did not want to go there again! He loves the Perfect Weight, slimmed down to a healthy lean weight, and does not seem overly hungry. I love how healthy he looks with great muscle tone, and his long haired coat is absolutely beautiful! by on 12/10/2018
Lucy Loves! Definitely buying again
My maine coon lucy loved this food! and she's such a fussy eater so it's amazing she took to it so quickly. I've definitely seen an improvement as she was weighing at about 16lbs now she's back at her normal weight, 14lbs. by on 12/10/2018
I have used many cats foods but once I started this food my cats fur was soft and they actually are losing some weight. It is the perfect name for a perfect food by on 09/18/2018
My cat loved this until recently - kibble is larger
My cat has been on this for years, got him down from 22 lbs to 13. In the last several months Hills has changed the size of the kibble to about 2x the size and seems the flavor has been changed as well. My cat doesn't like it anymore. I'm going to have to find another solution - I really liked Hills Perfect Weight and what it's done for him. by on 07/04/2018
Faking Out the Kitties Works!
When I used this, Chunky Charlie and Growin' Fat Gracie both slimmed right up. I switched to Sentitive Stomach when I mistakenly thought they were throwing up from it. (Turned out it was their water fountain, which got gross so quickly I got tired of cleaning it weekly). Long story short, they porked right back out on Sensitive S & S, so back to Perfect Weight. The stuff works painlessly (or so my kitties say!) Science Diet is ALWAYS too expensive, hence 3 stars on value. (Sorry, after 40 years, I know I am paying for the name as much as the food.) by on 03/25/2018
Have two cats one 14 and the other is one and half. Is it ok to feed both the aldult perfect weight by on 02/23/2018
Have tried the Age Defying
I got the Age Defying since she is 14yrs old now. She likes it but would much rather have canned food or treats.... of course. Actually she gets the Oral Care food as her treat. She doesnt know the difference...haha. But its winter time I have a SMALL apartment and the only exercise she gets is when I PLAY WITH HER....its like having a 2yr old human... I try to give her small amounts of canned twice a day and she has about a 1/2 cup of dry at all times to eat. Always has fresh filtered water but if she sees me eating she wants my food and will stick her face right up into my bowls at times. Shes spoiled and hard to say NO to...Shes a Russian Blue, thats my excuse for her behavior...haha. I seriously will go without food just to keep her from wanting to over eat...crazy right??? by on 12/17/2017
Works for my 5 cats !
The round kitties lost weight and the stick kitties are gaining. Their coats are shiny and soft. The small flat kibble works perfectly for my almost toothless kitties. It's been several months and they are doing well. Even the kitty with irritable bowel is doing better. I was surprised because I have to leave the kibble out so it's all-you-can-eat buffet. They are all rescues of various ages and stay indoors. by on 11/21/2017
Science Diet Perfect Weight for Adult Cats
I was glad to see they finally redesigned the bag that you can reseal after opening. I quit buying the larger bags as they were too hard to keep stored and fresh. Now the new design works just like a ziplock! No problems and my cat's enjoy the chicken flavor. by on 07/12/2017
Why did you change all dry food to chicken flavor?
I have bought the perfect weight dry food for years until you changed the flavor on all to chicken...I have 6 cats that are not happy because their diet had to be changed due to them not liking chicken....I can't tell you enough how upsetting and disappointed myself and my babies have been, and sure don't understand changing most of the dry food to chicken flavor! My babies say "yuck..yuck!" by on 05/31/2017
Great product
My cats have been on Science Diet for the past 4 years and I am completely pleased with the ingredients as well as how it has kept their overall health optimal. by on 04/18/2017
Perfect Weight/Customer Service
Have always had good luck with your food. Recently there was an issue that I wasn't sure if it had to do with your product or not. Contacted customer service and was very pleased at how fast they responded! (within 2 hours) I will definitely continue to purchase your products. Thanks Stephanie. by on 12/21/2016
cats love it
my cat seems to love this food, always eating it all through the day by on 07/23/2016
Great food!
Science Diet Perfect Weight for Adult Cats is the only food ALL my cats LOVE! I would highly recommend this food. My cats love the chicken flavor, and it does keep their weight in check. by on 07/08/2016
All 3 cats love the Perfect Weight
I have 3 cats, one is 16 years, one is a little over a year, the other is 3-ish. All were rescues. Two were kittens, the 3-ish an adult. All 3 cats love the Perfect Weight. The oldest and the youngest are a perfect weight. The 3-ish was apparently not fed correctly by previous owner, since he eats everything he can get to and consequently is still a little over-weight. This is the reason why I only game a 4 Star instead of 5 Stars. I have tried other formulas of Hills Science and other brands; not all of them would eat it willingly. A previous cat that is no longer with us could only eat a certain flavor of a brand no longer available due to tummy issues. The 16 year old cat has always loved the Hill's Science dry cat foods. by on 06/29/2016
Perfect Product at Perfect Time
We have 2 cats - one was wheezing & the other couldn't put on weight. After a couple weeks could see vast improvement in both. Wouldn't buy any other food for them. by on 05/14/2016
Cat seems wired
I tried this on my 2 year old overweight kitty. Have tried 2 separate times. Both times, he gets very wired, and begs for more food right after he eats. I feed 1/2 can wet food and put out dry food sparingly. Not sure if anyone else has had this reaction. by on 04/25/2016
so far so good
my 9 year old male tabby has been on it for just over a month now..he's lost 7kg..which is good..but do notice he is asking for food always..not sure if its as satisfying as he's used to..but it takes adapting I know. And I find its hard to not give him a little extra during the day..we will keep it up and hope he begins to be content. by on 01/14/2016
Sensitive Skin and Stomach Cat Food
One of my cats had issues with both throwing up frequently and the most troubling over grooming to the extent that she had bald spots all over her body. I had her to the vet 3 times for the skin issues. Medications did not work. I switched her from regular Science Diet to Science Diet for Sensitive Skin and Stomach and both problems are resolving. She has thrown up only once and her fur is growing back. Science Diet has resolved issues that the vet and medications could not. Everyone who loves their fur family members should use Science Diet products. by on 01/13/2016
Just started using this food
I'm on week two of using Perfect Weight for my nine year old cat, Lily. She already has changed. She is begging for food less, and I'm feeding her less food than I was previously. I'm putting the day's rations in a baggy, which is helping, because living with a roommate that also feeds her was aiding to her weight gain. I'm hoping for continued success with this food! by on 10/28/2015
Cat likes taste
Sandy has gotten very picky about what she will eat. I have three bags of other brands, good brands, that she won't eat anymore. Science Diet is the only brand that Sandy has continued to eat. Also, she was having some issues with blood in her stool and the vet suggested more fiber. The Healthy Weight brand had 2x the fiber of other weight management foods. No more stool issues. The food also occasionally goes on sale or I can get a coupon so it's a pretty good value. by on 10/09/2015
A product our cat seems to enjoy.
Perfect Weight is well accepted by our male cat. It not only controls his weight, but also seems to keep his teeth clean. He never turns up his nose at Perfect Weight, but really purrs in anticipation of his feedings. Great product but a little pricey. by on 10/09/2015
Highly recommended by our veterinary.
This catfood has really helped our indoor cats maintain their weight thereby keeping them healthy. by on 10/05/2015
expensive and cat likes
expensive more coupons please cat has not lost any weight, but likes the taste so till I find something better will stick with this by on 09/27/2015
My cats love this food!!
All my cats enjoy this food quite a bit - very satisfied with this product, and thanks again Science Diet for bringing out another great product!! by on 09/22/2015
Feeding guidelines
My cat is a brand snob -- she lived on Science Diet while she was in the shelter and refuses to eat any other brand :) We switched her to Perfect Weight about a year ago, because she was slightly overweight when we adopted her and we were having trouble bringing her down to a healthy weight. I will say that the feeding guidelines really didn't make ANY difference to her weight. She actually gained a little weight when I fed her the recommended amount of food for the weight I wanted her to be at. It wasn't until I reduced her intake (with my vet's recommendation) that we actually saw results. I'm keeping her on this because it's the best way to keep her weight down, and because she really likes it (as well as the wet food). Our vet also said that her coat and teeth are beautiful while she's been on Science Diet -- she's a very healthy 10 yo! That said, I would recommend that cat owners talk with their vets about how much to feed and not bother reading the back of the bag. While the feeding guidelines might be accurate for most cats, it might just be easier to work with your vet on deciding how much to feed. by on 09/22/2015
Cats are always begging for more food.
My cats were on the light small kibble food. Had lost but gained back some weight. Switched to Perfect Weight. No weight loss and they meow constantly for more food. Prior they would only at feeding time in morning and dinner. 2 feeding times. No they are always running towards their food area, waking me up hours early and not letting me sleep. They may like taste, but its like kitty crack they always need another dose. Sorry won't be buying that again. by on 09/14/2015
Magic & Sonny love the food, I like the new "Velcro" bag!
We have been feeding our cats Science Diet dry cat food in all different stages of our cats' lives. They love it and their vet thinks they are in excellent health. On their last vet visit, since the cats are a little older, we were advised to try to maintain their weight. We now purchase the 15 pound bag of "Perfect Weight" chicken recipe. There was no adjustment period, they loved it right away. Now I like it even more because of the new convenient Velcro closure on this big bag. It is easier to pour and it will certainly stay fresher. Thank you Hills! by on 09/10/2015
great taste
Have been using the adult light and my cat loves it.She is maintaining her goal weight. by on 09/09/2015
Product produced results
As my 2 cats (ages 7 and 12) needed to lose weight since they are house cats and don't get outside exercise, I sought out a weight reduction dry food. Upon recommendation from a pet store manager to try Science Diet Perfect Weight I have found my cats to be somewhat thinner and the younger of the 2 a bit more feisty! They both love the food and while they had to be reduced in how much they were given, there isn't one morsel left in their dishes and no more little pieces scattered on the floor! I have been using this product since end of May 2015 and will stay with it. I do find it to be a bit costly for a single income person and wish it came it a larger size bag at a reduced cost, I am, nonetheless, going to continue to purchase it. So far, so good! by on 09/06/2015
Tastes too good!
I bought this food to mix in with Gracie's regular dry food, hoping she would lose a little weight over time. She's 14 and has always been a "healthy girl." Well, she picked out the Perfect Weight food and left the other in the bowl. She dropped two pounds very quickly. I took her to the vet in case there was something wrong. There wasn't. Now I'm trying to put weight back on her! by on 07/26/2015
Even though my cat is only a little over a year old, he has a tendency to be lazy and on the chubby side. I bought the "Perfect Weight" dry food hoping he would like it. He loves it!! And I'm noticing that he isn't all that interested in the wet food anymore, which is fine with me. There must be something about the new dry food that is filling him up more. Regardless, I've always fed Science Diet to all my cats and they've lived a healthy long life, so I plan to keep feeding him this formula and hopefully he will lose a pound or 2, and live a good long life, too. Thank you, Science Diet!! by on 07/02/2015
My cats like this product.
Very good product, I just started my guys on it a few months ago. they seem to like it a lot but they have not dropped any weight yet. The price per bag is way too high !!!! by on 05/31/2015
My cats only eat Science Diet
I have 2 cats and they both only eat Science Diet. I have started feeding them both the perfect weight since they have put on a little weight and it has seemed to balance them back out. by on 02/10/2015
Weight Loss
Sunshine is 3 years old F Cat. The vet weighed her in at 18 lbs. in Nov 2014. Changed her diet from free feeding SD Adult to Perfect Weight @ 1/4 cup 2x daily. Physically she is more energetic and looks slimmer. It is now 1st week January 2015 and the house scale shows she has lost 1 pound. Vet wants her to be at 15 lbs. in March. Cats can not lose weight fast. It a low process. by on 01/10/2015
bought product to assist indoor cats with weight control
Surprised that cats have transitioned to the new product easily by on 12/26/2014
Actually Works!!!
My senior female is actually losing weight!! She is more active and more playful. Great product! by on 11/10/2014
Perfect weight for my Maine Coon works well. He loves the
I highly recommend this food but it takes time to lose. Slow and steady wins the race...LOL by on 11/06/2014
My cats love this food
I have an overweight cat and a slightly underweight cat - they both love this food, so they are now healthier. by on 10/18/2014
cats love it!!
I have 3 cats, one very overweight, one large, one just is hard to feed one cat a certain food and not the others so I tried Perfect Weight and they all like it which is great! I am hoping the skinny one stays the way he is and the fat one loses some weight!! by on 10/06/2014
Science Diet Y-D
My 25 lb 10-year-old male cat seems to really enjoy his food, which was recommended by our vet. Although I really enjoy the $7 COUPONS, they are very difficult to get. The software provided does not allow me to print, as I am on a high-end Mac. They must be mailed to me, which seems a bit out-dated, as I am a paperless and environmentally friendly shopper. Please use our email addresses that are provided, so you can see what your customers are buying. I am in the marketing business and if you make coupons user-friendly, you will get a better response and A BIGGER CUSTOMER BASE to make money from! Thanks! by on 10/05/2014
Great product but a little too pricey
This is a great product. My two cats slimmed down just perfectly. The price started out great but has since increased making it a little too pricey. by on 10/04/2014
good product
i only reason i buy this,is because i learned that a healthy cat gives him a longer and healthier life. Midnight deserves it because he was found on my porch, and we all just love him. I just wish it was a litter cheaper. thank you by on 10/01/2014
Good for both of my cats
I have an underweight and an overweight cat. This food seems to satisfy both and is high quality. by on 09/23/2014
Perfect weight
Great product. My cat Bear has struggled with her weight and this food helps. by on 09/07/2014
Both my senior adult cats are maintaining a healthy weight
It is a bit expensive - I do feel it is worth it and will continue to use it - but I wish there were more coupons available. by on 09/05/2014
Loose some weight
My kitties love the taste of this food. My one kittie was a little overweight and this was recommended by his vet. Keep up the great quality of food for my pets. by on 09/02/2014
Great product
Our cats like this food and they are losing weight. I just wish there were more sales and coupons. It is very expensive especially when you have more than a couple of cats. by on 08/19/2014
Perfect weight
My girls love Science Diet Perfect Weight and it works to keep their weight at an optimum level. The formulation is healthy and nutritious. by on 08/18/2014
Samantha says: Great Taste
Samantha was getting a little bit of spread, and she has lost weight after feeding her Adult Perfect Weight. She loves it! She has lost weight and her coat looks much more glossy. Highly recommend this food. by on 08/17/2014
My cat loves this food
I really am happy to have found this cat food for my quite senior cat. It has a pleasant odor, and she really enjoys it but it also controls her weight. I know I am doing the right thing by feeding her this particular Iams food because I have noticed positive changes in her weight, by on 08/14/2014
Gracie started eating this and has lost a few pounds. She loves the taste and is more active and playful. by on 08/02/2014
Does it's job
Our cat has been on the RD to control his weight since he was 6 months old. He is now 10 years old. He weighs about 16 lbs so we try to maintain his weight. It has been holding steady for years. He definitely likes it and would eat more if we allowed. Marvin Phillips by on 07/30/2014
My Cars love it...I love the results
Our 2 cats Shy Shy and Sparkle are 3 years old, not very active and have gained a little weight over the past year..I decided to give Hill'sยฎ Science Dietยฎ Adult Perfect Weight a try. Not only did my cat girls love the taste, it did well in their sensitive tummies and they trimmed down to a perfect weight. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a cat that needs to lose weight. by on 07/29/2014
weigh loss on 10-week program
Smokey weighted in at a hefty 23 & 1/2 pounds, in a little over 2 months eating Science Diet Perfect Weight he has lost a little over 4 pounds. He is more active and is even eating less on his own. When he finishes eating I remove the leftovers, or my other cat Buddy will come along and finish his too, ha. by on 07/28/2014
A Food my Cat looks forward to
This is the first dry cat food my cat has ever seemed excited about eating. by on 07/27/2014
So Far So Good
I've only recently bought this variety of Science Diet because my older cat has put on a few pounds and I read from the Hill's website that my younger cat who is slender can eat it as well. They have been eating it for about three weeks now and my older cat, Bently, seems to be slimming down a bit. However, they don't seem to enjoy it as much as the variety they had before this one. I guess nobody likes to be on a diet! by on 07/26/2014
This product has promising features.
I haven't had my cats on this long enough to see a change in their weight. My hopes are fairly high because at least they like the taste of it. Fingers crossed, they will be at a healthier weight in the near future. by on 07/12/2014
Good stuff
My cats love this food and they also tolerate it well. It is a bit higher priced but worth it to me. My male cat has lost 6 lbs so far and has less hairballs (whether or not that has anything to do with this food ?) It doesn't smell bad and is worth a try if you haven't already. by on 07/09/2014
Perfect weight
Dieting is always hard but finding a food everyone likes is harder. Both my cats adore Perfect Weight dry. I have been able to keep there weights down and their stomachs full. by on 06/22/2014
Hill's sent me a bag to try out on Gracie and she really loves it-she has lost weight-is more playful-more energy. If your pet is a little overweight please try this out-it really works by on 06/14/2014
They have products better suited to our cats' needs
All 3 of our cats would eat this product but were sort of ho-hum about it. As for the weight part of things, either our critters are already at their "perfect weight" or we just didn't try it out long enough to make much difference. We have had better experiences with some of their other products. by on 05/31/2014
They Love it..They Really Love It!!!
I was one of those pet mom's that bought the other brands with who knows what in them. My male cat gained weight considerably (which I knew would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen in less than a year) After visiting the vet and his concerns I decided to try another cat food. I asked around and talked to different folks, then one day I noticed Science Diet came out with weight control food. I gradually introduced it to both my cats and they actually beg me for dry food now (which didn't happen before) even though it seems they are eating more of it and bowl is empty quicker than before, it shows me that they appreciate this healthier cat food than the other kind with who knows what in it. I also believe that my male overweight cat has actually lost 1 or 2 pounds since starting to feed him the new food (we are on week 3) by on 05/22/2014
We've had our cats since they were about 8 weeks old. Our
Outstanding nutrition. Our cats are healthy, strong and happy. We wouldn't feed our cats anything but Hill's Science Diet. Vet recommended and kitten/cat approved. :-) by on 05/22/2014
My Cats Love it!
I was happy to see this product offered by Hill's Science Diet because this is the only brand of cat food I will feed my cats, and because they are indoor, a weight loss formula is what was needed for their optimal health. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they like it. I thought it would be a difficult transition to a lower-calorie food, but it was instantly accepted and enjoyed! by on 05/19/2014
My cat is happy!
My three year old female is a little chubby! She loves to eat. One month ago I heard of this new product -- perfect weight. It has a chicken base. I had absolutely no problem transitioning my cat. She loved it right away, and looks forward to meal time. The only question I have is the amount. 2/3 cup seems like not enough. so, she gets about 3/4 cup each day. by on 05/16/2014
My kitties love Science Diet products.
I have yet to try a Science Diet product that my kitties don't like. Chicken is their favorite flavor. This was a new product for them. They ate it heartily!! Being that mine are all indoor only babies, this is a good product for them. Will purchase!! by on 05/14/2014
My cat's love this diet
My cats had gained weight over the past year due to an older cat in the household needing frequent feedings. After my old girl passed I knew we needed to address the weight gain of my other 2 cats. The switch over was easy - they picked this diet out over their old diet. Their coats still look great and they have lost several ounces after the first few weeks. We will continue and once they reach a more ideal weight will use this diet to maintain their weight loss. by on 05/13/2014
I'am a member of the hillspetparent club/I'am writing my
My kids, are a little on the overweight side so I started to mix active longevity and perfect weight and its a taste they love. T The grain free was their pick but a bit pricey. MY kids will be sixteen years old and have another ten Lord willing. by on 05/13/2014
Getting the cat thinner
I choose this product over the light I was using, the cat readily went for it with no problem, have been using the product for approx 6 weeks, cat has lost 1lb, so far. Bowl is usually empty by my bedtime and I don't fill it till morning, no complaints from cat and no crying that he's hungry, would recommend for indoor cats. by on 05/09/2014
I really like this food too. I always cycle through all of Hill's food types. It keeps it interesting and my cats never get tired of anything. All of my cats are in great shape thanks to Hills. I decided to try this and they like this too. What I love the most is that it is high in protein! The increased fiber helps keep them full and helps with hairballs. As to weight loss, they need more time to tell. Thanks for another great product. by on 05/05/2014
Perfect food for finiky kitties
My cat's love this diet
Both my cats had put on some extra weight due to an older car in the house needing to have extra food available. After my old girl passed. I knew I needed to get the extra pounds off. Switching over was a breeze. They picked out the new food over their old food. I was happy it only took a couple of days. They have been on the new diet a couple of weeks and have already dropped some ounces! (Excellent in cat weight loss terms) Stool quality has remained excellent and their haircoat seems to be staying the same as well. So we will continue until we get them back to trimmer kitties and then use this diet to maintain their weight. by on 05/03/2014
13 year old cat approves and is slowly losing weight
13 year old cat approves and is slowly losing weight. Feeding routine is 1/4 cup twice a day through an automatic feeder, based on the label information this is slightly less than what the vet suggested as daily calorie intake. Couldn't give 5 stars as my cat will eat any dry food so can't vouch for the taste, and while the food is a middle / upper in the price range I trust that the company provides quality food at a reasonable price. by on 05/02/2014
Great Taste
Samantha my finicky cat, loves the taste of Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight and she seems satisfied after eating it. I noticed with Adult Perfect Weight she does not bother me in between meals for extra portions because Adult Perfect Weight seems to fill her up until next feeding. The smell of the Adult Perfect Weight is not strong and her bowel movements do not smell unpleasant from this food. I love how the package has a Velcro closure which is so much easier than a zip closure. by on 05/01/2014
I mixed this with her other Hills "crunchies" but at night just gave her this. She really likes this food and I think she has lost some weight. She is more energetic, runs a little faster. I am really happy that she likes this food. by on 04/30/2014
Excited to see transformation
I started feeding this to both my cats a week ago. By the way they eat it you would think I haven't fed them in months. I decided to try science diet "perfect weight" because my male cat Papa Gino is 19lbs and as much as I love fat cats, I can tell he already has some maintenance issues unlike our average sized cat Mama Mia (8-10lbs). I'm looking forward to seeing his transformation. by on 04/29/2014
science diet great as usual
my cats have always been on science diet dry food..and they enjoyed the perfect weight food like they have on all of science diet's dry food... by on 04/29/2014
Perfect Weight
My cats love this food. They would be very happy to eat it all the time. Their bowls are empty after they eat this. by on 04/29/2014
Helped My Overweight Cat Quickly
I feed Hills and was happy to have this opportunity to try Adult Perfect Weight. I have several cats but one is an overeater and almost had mega colon she was so fat. While all the cats took to this formula right out of the bag, she seemed to know it had something in it for her. After over a week of eating this her bowels are normal now and she seems a bit thinner. She is also more active and affectionate. I really believe she feels better. I also notice less hariballs from all the cats. I think the fiber level of this food works wonders. I am anxious to see the results after a month. I would definitely give this product a try. by on 04/29/2014
Great product
Great product. My cats overall health has improved. Wish the price was a little lower. Have been looking for a different product that costs less. Having the coupon helps. by on 04/21/2014
Over the years I have come to rely on Science Diet for my
As my kittens have grown Science Diet has always provided me with products that I can depend on. A balanced growth high protein product starts us out . As our time together grows, hairball remedy comes to the rescue,weight issue problems are solved and even clean teeth solutions. Science Diet cat food is a product that I have turned to over the years. DK by on 04/21/2014
The cats seem to really like it. Just started using it.
The cats seem to really like it. I just started using it . by on 04/13/2014
Overwhelmed Cat Mom
This food put me at ease the first time they ate this food. I have one over weight cat and one at ideal weight. The morsels are big enough for them to chew, so they are taking their time eating. Loving the product, not so much the price. Now if only this would go to grain free..... by on 04/09/2014
Being a Responsible Pet Owner
My cat is overweight and the older he gets, I see it taking a toll on his health. He snores and licks all of the hair on his belly. I did the 10-week challange and learned a lot about my feeding habits with my pets which I had not recognized before. I was not taking repsonsibility for their well being, and this product gave me the control to work with my pet towards his ideal weight. It was difficult because he was used to eating however much he wanted. I am still working to retrain him with his eating habits. It is hard, but this product offers the guidance to make his weight loss a reality. by on 04/04/2014
Excellent product
We love this product,I love it because my cats love it and it has helped them to reduce weight, so I know they are healthier. We began to notice the weight loss within the first two weeks of feeding them Perfect Weight formula. From the first day I opened the bag, it's like they knew it was going to be good because they were sitting there waiting for me to open the bag, now they won't even eat their treats they used to love. They don't waste any of the food, with the optimal care formula they would have it all around the bowl on the floor, but now they savor every morsel. by on 04/04/2014
Great Product
I'd recommend this food to all cat owners! It really works. My cat lost a couple of pounds in 10 weeks. My cat loves the food and always begs for more. This food has helped him be more energetic and achieve a healthier weight. I will keep buying this product and I recommend everyone do the same. by on 03/21/2014
Sleek, Slim and Energetic
Oskar loves Perfect Weight! He had been on other light formula food without losing weight. He also didn't lose on his prescription food so when the opportunity to try Perfect Weight presented itself I jumped on it. And he jumped on the food! He couldn't wait to get into it. Honestly, I have to say he has not yet lost weight although he is getting the maintenance portion for an 8 lb. cat - maybe he is already his Perfect Weight - he is sleeker and slimmer and has more energy. He also enjoys the wet food which I use as a special treat. Thank you for another excellent product Science Diet! by on 03/20/2014
Perfect Weight Was a Success!
Ethel began losing weight the first week and lost a little over a pound during the 10 Week Turnaround program. It was a great success! She had no hesitation in eating the Perfect Weight food (was eating Science Diet Light Adult food). Ethel's energy increased in a short amount of time and continues to do so. She is a happy girl, and so am I. by on 03/15/2014
Don't kibble with me
Three of my cats have been on the Hill's prescription diet kibble for a few years. They did maintain their weight if I mixed it with an indoor cat kibble with greens. The past three months though they started pawing the prescription food out of their bowls and only eating the green enhanced kibble. I decided to try the perfect weight food for a new taste sensation and they love it. Eat everything in the bowl now and don't trash any of their kibble. I'll try the indoor formula the next time they want to try a new flavor. By the way, I had a local vet that overcharged me and a few others so much for your food that we all buy it online now. by on 01/12/2014