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Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Discover a revolutionary approach to pet nutrition with Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion, a delectable blend designed to promote your furry friend's overall wellness. Crafted with precision and care, this dry dog food is tailored to address the intricate balance of your pet's digestive system, ensuring a healthy and thriving life. ActivBiome+ - A Breakthrough Blend of Prebiotics:This exceptional is powered with ActivBiome+, a groundbreaking blend of prebiotics carefully curated t... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 146 reviewers.

Magic Food
My Millie has been struggling with what I call "pudding poop" for about a month. I tried changing flavors of her then current food, I tried boiled rice and ground beef, rice and scrambled eggs. Nothing worked. After doing some research online, Hills Science Diet Perfect Digestion came up as a suggested food to try, saying " perfect poop in 7 days". I bought a bag, changed her food gradually over a week and they were right. PERFECT POOP!! I'm amazed. Saved me a trip to the vet. I don't normally write reviews on products but this food is amazing. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I highly recommend this food. And, by the way, she loves it. Thank you, Science Diet! by on 01/13/2023
The Best
My dog loves the taste of this product. It is the only dog food she will eat. by on 04/07/2022
My dog loved this dog food!
My dog eats this dog food every day and is always excited for it. She had upset stomach a lot and now she doesn't which makes both of us happy! by on 07/12/2021
Picky Dog Approved
One of my dogs always had soft stools and is a very picky eater, (doesn't even care for treats). He absolutely loves this food (I even use it as training treats). Additionally, his stool has firmed right up! by on 02/20/2021
Henry's Life Long Hill's Science Diet
As a six month old puppy we put Henry on a Hill's Food Diet. The only time his diet has been adjusted was when he changed from the 1-6 year old diet to the foods for 7 years old and older dogs. Both his dry and canned foods were changed at that time. Henry is now between 10 and 11 and is a very happy and healthy rescue guy. He loves his food. He loves his life. I have no personal connection in any way to Hill's. Just a long term satisfied customer.. by on 02/13/2021
Easy to digest for older dogs
The food was fresh and my dogs enjoyed the taste. I have two older dogs that do have a hard time sometimes with digestion and chewing kibble if it is too hard. They did not experience any issues with digestion after eating the food and happily ate when the food was placed in their bowls. I have purchased Hill's Science diet in the past but not this particular type of dog food. I recommend it and will purchase it in the future for my dogs. by on 02/03/2021
Wish it was grain free
Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food seemed to be tasty but I need grain free for my puppies. by on 02/03/2021
Nice ingredients
The food looks ok but my dogs won't eat it. I have 2 Maltese And they are very picky and they don't usually eat dry food by on 02/03/2021
Great brand!!!
I have been enjoying feeding my beagle this great dog food by Hill's Science Diet. Not only has it given my dog his pep and spunk back his coat is so nice and shiny! I can see myself purchasing this brand for my pets from now on. It's safe and healthy for their lifestyle! I'd highly recommend this product to you if your looking for a great brand that' has your pets best interest in mind! by on 02/03/2021
great dog food
My dog can be picky about her food, but she finished her first bowl of this in one sitting - she almost never does that! She had zero tummy issues switching to this food as well. by on 02/03/2021
My dogs loved this kibble. It was easily digestible. I noticed them seeming fuller longer and more solid stool. This is a brand I trust to feed my dogs. Affordable and sold at most pet stores. by on 02/02/2021
He Likes It!
He Likes it!! He likes it and I like that it is good for him. My furbaby's stomach does not tolerate foods with preservatives and artificial colors. Gastrointestinal upset, loose stools and an overall unhappy little chap is usually the end result of him eating what I term the equivalent of dog junk food. I absolutely love that Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken Brown Rice & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food is the antithesis of junk food. No artificial flavors, preservatives, it has real chicken in this food! No wonder he ate every bite! Firm, good stools and a very happy good boy. Hey, during these upside down times I'm doing all I can do to support my own healthy immune system and I am so happy my little chap now has a dog food that helps support his own healthy immune system. Two paws up! by on 02/02/2021
Chicken Dog Food
Hill's Science Diet Adult food is one of my dog's favorites. He just can't get enough of it. I love that it is healthy for him too. by on 02/02/2021
Amazing dog food
Amazing dog food This is the only dog food that my dog can eat without upsetting his stomach. by on 02/02/2021
Very healthy!
Science Diet is a trusted name when it comes to canine nutrition. The basics are well covered, nutritionally speaking. This product has the added benefit of probiotics. Basically, that means that it provides healthy microbes to aid in digestion. by on 02/02/2021
Doggie approved
It is amazing. My dig loved it from the time I opened the bag and he is usually such a picky eater. I have already recommended it to my friends and family. by on 12/21/2020
Great stuff!
This was the first time I ever feed my dogs the Hill's science Diet brand and I have to say I'm truly impressed! I have 5 dogs and they all had the chance to try the new Hill's science diet adult perfect digestion chicken, brown rice, &whole oats recipe dry dog food. They had no problem eating it at all! It must of had great taste because they didn't even hesitate. They are usually picky eaters so I try to include a can of wet food but I didn't even have the chance this time! They went right for it! I can honestly say if it's healthy enough to eat for them and they are happy then I have no problem buying it for them! This is definitely a great find for our pets! by on 12/21/2020
Good food
This is a nice food for your dog if you need something for digestion by on 12/21/2020
High quality and perfect digestion
When I look for food for my dog I first look at the brand and the nutrition value. The final factor is whether my dog likes or not, can't force him to eat something he does not like. I'm familiar with the Hill's dog food brand and have had a positive relationship with it when my dog was a small pup. I let my dog try out the Hill's Science Adult Perfect Digestion for two weeks, and he enjoyed it since day one. It's a good size of a kibble that my doggo has no problem munching on. When it's time for him to do his business, I haven't seen him struggle and the feces look normal so that means his body is having good digestion. Overall, Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion dog food matches with it's name, it's good with digestion for my pup and he really likes it. by on 12/21/2020
Great dog food
Tried the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food, for my girl, she has a very sensitive tummy and can only eat very few things without breaking out into hives and getting diarrhea, she seemed to like the smell and flavor of this food and so far has not had any stomach issues with it so we might be sticking to the dog food for a while and see who it goes, i'm happy to have found something else my poor girl can eat by on 12/21/2020
My dog loves it!
My dog loved this dry dog food! I love how it's good for him and his digestive system. I will definitely be repurchasing. by on 12/21/2020
Great for senior dogs
Good balance of ingredients and chicken is the first ingredient. My dog enjoys the kibbles and the digestion formula is good for more senior dogs. by on 12/20/2020
Yum in my puppies tum
This Hills Science Diet Adult perfect digestion chicken brown rice and whole oats recipe dry dog food was so nice! My dogs really seem to like it . sometimes giving them new food that they are kind of picky and they weren't picky with this! Seems really healthy and good for them by on 12/20/2020
All 3 of our pups loved this flavor! Set well on their stomachs and didn't have any issues even with our tummy sensitive Chihuahua. by on 12/20/2020
Dog gone good
It seems like a good quality product. My dog really liked it. by on 12/20/2020
Highly recommend for picky eaters!
Was curious if one of my picky eaters would even try this new food and to my amazement she loves it!! So glad I was able to sample this wonderful food and will now be our regular! Wish I could fast forward time to give a better review of the affects it gives her digestion wise but so far so good! by on 12/20/2020
Perfect transition and digestion
Although it was only a brief trial period, my 12 year old poodle mix transitioned to the food remarkably well. It seems like no news is good news as she eats it without issue and has had normal formed stools. by on 12/20/2020
Picky dogs and picky stomachs
I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach while also having a dog that can eat just about any dog food and be fine (he's just really picky). That being said, it's hard to find a dog food that is easy on the stomach and that my other dog enjoys eating, which typically means two separate dog food purchases (and they still may eat out of each other's bowls). Hill's Science Perfect Digestion dog food is one of the first that both my dogs seem to enjoy. No stomach issues and no taste issues. I will definitely be making this their regular food. by on 12/20/2020
Healthy dog food
I got hills science dog food for my dog to try. I look for dog food that is healthy and has no processed food. My dog Ellie really liked the food and it was good for her digestive system. When Ellie sees the bag she gets excited to eat. by on 12/19/2020
I felt that my dogs enjoyed the flavor and it didn't make my dogs stomach upset. by on 12/18/2020
Great Product
Excellent food source for my two small breed dogs (Terrier & Hound). They love the flavor and it has great benefits for their health. Definitely buying it in the feature and recommending it. by on 12/18/2020
OK dog food nothing spectacular.
My dog likes the food and eats his complete meal but I have noticed my dog passing gas more often. by on 12/18/2020
My Dog Loves It
My dog loved the taste of the food! Love the fact that she loves the taste andnits good for her by on 12/18/2020
Enticing food for our dog
Our dog is a 30lb Australian cattle dog mix and she really enjoyed trying out this brand. My dog gravitated to this food, the smell and taste were enticing to her. Her digestion was not disrupted as she tried the Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice and Whole Oats recipe dry dog food. No loose bowel movements during our trial run of it. Our dog has always enjoyed dry dog food. The size of the morsels were perfect for her as well because our normal dog food we buy the small bites because sometimes she struggles with larger food. by on 12/17/2020
Easy on the tummy
I like that this dog food does not have by products and includes grains for a balanced diet. my dog is extremely picky and he did not mind this food.Good for sensitive stomach pups. by on 12/17/2020
Must have tasted great!
Charlie couldn't wait to try his new food, he generally doesn't finish a bowl in one sitting, but this time he did! by on 12/17/2020
Full belly
My dog really liked this food. She acted more full and had more regular bowel movements. With her old food she always acted hungry and never satisfied. But now she acts like she's got a full belly and pleased. by on 12/17/2020
Dog approved mom approved
Brown rice and whole oats recipe dry dog food. I was nervous at first if she was going to like it but she definitely liked it and is having no tummy troubles by on 12/17/2020
Overall impressed
The dogs enjoyed this food and it didn't irritate their digestive systems, which I am usually concerned about when introducing new foods into their diets. by on 12/17/2020
Dog approved!
The dry food was surely a big hit. My dog was eating it without a problem. The great part was that he didn't have any digestion issues and he enjoyed it. I like that it was a healthier alternative. by on 12/17/2020
Dogs loved it
I was surprised that my dogs really liked this dog food. In the past when we tried science diet they stuck their nose up at it and would not eat it. They really liked this brand. by on 12/17/2020
Yummy Dog Food
My dog loves this food! She licks the bowl dry every time. by on 12/16/2020
Happy Tummy
Both of my dogs are picky eaters! One of my dog is a Frenchton and she has super sensitive tummy and we are very careful with her food. Both of our dogs love the tastes of Hill's Science dry food and they get excited to eat. Also, their poop are nice and firm which we are very happy! We will make a running change from our existing dog food brand to Hill's Science! by on 12/16/2020
My Chihuahua loves this food!
My Chihuahua enjoyed eating Hill's Science Diet dog food. We've tried a couple different brands and she really tolerated switching over well without any stomach issues. The ingredients are healthy for my little Chi and we are both happy! Her coat is shiny and smooth reflecting the healthy food she is eating. by on 12/16/2020
Healthy diet
My dogs loved the taste and gobbled it up. The only down side I found is that it made one of them a little gassy. by on 12/16/2020
Great food !
This dog food was great for my fussy older dog.. she recently has had some digestive problems , and some loss of fur due to this. This food has been great, she has been eating no problem, the natural ingredients has been a bonus. She tends to not like new foods as much, but this food she really enjoyed. by on 12/15/2020
Dog Approved
My dog really loves this brand. He literally ate it all. I have also seen improvement in his digestion. Which makes me a proud mama for my big pup pup. Definitely would recommend. by on 12/14/2020
Both of my dogs liked this food. They ate it up right away. I have a poodle and a Bichon/Yorkie and they were happy. It's the right size and I am glad it is all dry and doesn't have any moist bits (my dogs will then only eat the moist bits out if the bowl). Definitely happy with this product!! They always make healthy and high quality food. by on 12/14/2020
Fantastic Kibble for Discerning Palettes
My dogs are picky and on day 1 they dug into this new Hill's food without hesitation. We have a pittie/lab and a coon hound who are discerning in their own ways and will make sure you know when they like and dislike anything. It doesn't have the "dog food smell" that so many other brands do which is a huge bonus for their humans, it did not upset their stomachs (in fact, we didn't have to wean them off of their old kibble at all!), and they were less gassy than they are on their regular food. It has great ingredients, our vet highly recommends Hill's Science Diet and now we will too. So happy to have had a chance to try this out, as are my happy pups :o) by on 12/14/2020
A hit with my doodle
Right away when I brought the Hill's Science Diet food in from outside, my 3 year old golden doodle wouldn't stop sniffing at the bag. I put it in his bowl and my chocolate lab's bowl. Right away my golden doodle ate it up, however my chocolate lab only tried it and it sat in his bowl as he was pretty uninterested. I think over all this product has great ingredients and gave neither dog any digestive or allergic reactions so I would definitely recommend trying it out. I was able to get my lab to eat it after mixing it with his old food first, so that is probably the best method! by on 12/14/2020
Good Safe Dog Food
I have to say that my dogs had no issue switching to this food. They eat it without a seconds thought and never whined at all about it. I can confirm that the digestion on this works great for the gas machines that I have (Boston Terriers). by on 12/14/2020
Dogs love it !
Dogs loved this! Smells great and small. Easy to chew! by on 12/14/2020
Great options for dried dog food
Hill's Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food is a great product. My dog enjoyed eating it and saw no issues with his digestion. The velcro bag was genius for sealing the food and keeping it fresh. by on 12/14/2020
Helps Dog Gas!
I didn't think dog food made a difference on dog's gas. I was wrong. My dog Neely could absolutely clear a room with his flatulence. It was positively putrid. It didn't matter what dry dog food I gave him before using Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe. After just a few days it was noticeably better. I will definitely buy Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Dry Dog Food moving forward. My nose demands it! by on 12/14/2020
My pups has a sensitive tummy . She loves this food ... best part no tummy upset ! by on 12/14/2020
Stubborn chihuahua loves it!
My little guy loved this dog food. He's usually finicky and fussy when I try to change his food, but he responded really well to the Science Diet food. I feel like the food has less fillers, which is great. He tends to leave kibbles behind, but I haven't noticed him doing that with the Science Diet food. by on 12/14/2020
Sully approves
Well, my dog ate every bowl with vigor and really seemed to enjoy it. He does have a very sensitive stomach so I was worried about switching up his food but he had no issues while using this food. by on 12/14/2020
3/5 Not Bad
My dog liked it at first, then really didn't seem interested in it after a few days. by on 12/14/2020
Hill's Science Diet dog food review
My dog loved it! He actually started licking it before he started to Seeing a smile on his face put a smile on my face! by on 12/13/2020
Our Golden is a Fan!
From what I gather from our dog Arlo, he seems to like this food. He is picky and spoiled so he tends to "poo-poo" new food but not this one, he eats it without the need for "people" food. by on 12/13/2020
My dog loved it
My dog loved this food! The kibbles were neither too small or too large, they perfect size! My dog is known to be picky if his food isn't ???just right??t. With this food, he sniffs a bit and eats it right up. The ingredients list, for the most part, are known and trusted ingredients. The one thing I noticed is corn is in the top 6 ingredients. I just think with everything we know and the advancements within the dog food industry, we don't really need corn as a filler anymore. by on 12/13/2020
Okay food
Both puppies seemed to enjoy it but I did mix it in with the food we current food so that they would not have any adverse reactions. I also don't think there was enough for anyone to know if this is a good or a bad product. by on 12/13/2020
Great tasting dog food
My dog loved the dry dog formula. I mixed it with some wet dog food and he ate every last kibble. He searched the floor for any missing pieces and came back to me to give him more. He really enjoyed the dog food. by on 12/13/2020
Happy pup!
I've used different Science Diet foods for my dog in the past and been happy with the brand. My pittie has terrible skin allergies and it seems like we've tried everything from diet changes to meds, to baths. I am mixing this food with my dog's current food so as to not shock her system, but so far she really likes it and seems to be more comfortable all around! by on 12/13/2020
My pup had no problems while trying this product. As a matter of fact I felt like he has more engery by on 12/13/2020
Dog and owner approved
Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food is good. Both my dogs loved the change in their food and I appreciated the ingredients. by on 12/13/2020
Great dog food
Good dog food with and easy to close top that will help the food stay fresh by on 12/13/2020
They love it!
My dogs loved it and they ate every bite. I love that they love a good thats healthy for them and has all the proper nutrients. by on 12/13/2020
Dog food
Easy to digest. Dog liked it. Would recommend to any one that has dogs. It did not have a bad smell and the had a nice color. by on 12/13/2020
Pleasantly Surprised
For being a food that contains wheat and rice, my dog handled this food very well with no issues. Our dog is typically very sensitive and has to eat a grain free food that contains fish but I was very impressed with this dog food. by on 12/13/2020
Great product
This food is my number one choice for our fur baby Toby ! He has a very sensitive stomach and this blend works for him . He loves it and has no problems with digestion since starting this. by on 12/13/2020
Picky Maltese got his match!
My dog like it right away he smelled it. He is a very picky maltese and this dry dog food is my solution! I even try to combine his current dry dog food and Hill's but he will just pick the Hill's and leave aside his current dog food. Will definitely buy this in the future! by on 12/13/2020
My dog loved it! The package is beautiful I was so impressed! And when I opened it my dog was near me right away!!! The smell was great and I think the taste too because my dog ate it all!! by on 12/13/2020
A Great Dog Food For A Sensitive Tummy
My 3 year old pup has a very sensitive GI track. We have tried so many foods trying to find a dog food that my picky pup would eat and that her GI System would tolerate. HILL'S SCIENCE DIET ADULT PERFECT DIGESTION CHICKEN BROWN RICE &WHOLE OATS RECIPE DRY DOG FOOD is a winner. Josie loves it and it loves her. She gets so excited when she sees the bag and goodies her food right up. Normally she munch on her bowl of food all day. She does not throw up or have runny stools. Her food provides her with one energy and overall she seems so much more happy. by on 12/12/2020
Didn't pass the taste test.
My dog didn't like it. She would take some food in her mouth, chew and spit it out. by on 12/11/2020
So easy to transition my dog to this. His stomach did not get upset. He seemed to enjoy it! His stools were not watery. Love the whole oats ingredient, very new and different by on 12/11/2020
Gobbled it right up
My black lab loves this food. He is not a picky eater but he really seemed to enjoy this and gobbled it up. by on 12/11/2020
Great Dog Food!
My two dogs, who have sensitive stomachs, responded well to the dog food. They gobbled it up! I felt safe giving them the food compared to other dog food companies. by on 12/11/2020
Perfectly Yummy
This is the perfect dog food for my pup. My dog absolutely loves this food. It is good for his digestion and I feel good giving it to him. I highly recommend Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion chicken, brown rice, & whole oats recipe dry dog food. by on 12/11/2020
Hills Science Diet Perfect Digestion
My dog is a pretty picky eater - it's sometimes a challenge to get her to eat her kibble! Previously, I've had to try different mix-ins to get her interested in her kibble, but not with this Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion dry dog food (chicken, brown rice, & whole oats recipe)! She absolutely loves it, and devours the bowl in one sitting! It also seems to keep her digestion regular, which is great. by on 12/11/2020
A Healthier Option
Overall, my pet enjoyed this particular dog food. My only concern was the amount of corn that is possibly in the food. With corn being the 6th and 7th ingredient, I felt it contains a significant amount. Otherwise, I felt this was a healthier option of dog food. by on 12/11/2020
Very good
My rambo loved the product a lot and il buy it for him weekly by on 12/11/2020
Great food
My dog really loved Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food. I loved the ingredients. by on 12/11/2020
Good for chewy
My dog liked it and I can see it being a food that I can give to her when she is having stomach problems by on 12/10/2020
Pitbull Approved
My dog absolutely loved this food. He gobbled it up so fast and it never messed up his stomach since he was eating a different food before this one. I would definitely recommend it. by on 12/10/2020
This is the best dog food!
One of the best dog food brands I've ever let my beagle dog to enjoy! Yep sure he will eat the other kind I give him but when I opened this package of Hill's Science dog food my dog went yippee with excitement wagging his tail back and forth! Eager to gobble up his food! Not only does he enjoy eating this brand I like that it's good for him. It's good tasty he thinks so anyway! It has a great amount of healthy ingredients to give my dog the best lifestyle possible! I can definitely see myself purchasing this brand in the near future for a witch from the other store brand he was eating. It's well worth the money and good for your pets! by on 12/10/2020
Excellent Dog Food
I have four dogs who are rather picky. They all love Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfrct Digestion Chicken,Brown Rice and whole Oats dry dog food..They had no stomach or digestion issues. by on 12/10/2020
Good Dog Food
My dog dosen't have digestion issues, but I mixed this with his current food and he dug right in. He ate around his normal kibble and gobbled this down. His next bowel movement was bulkier than usual, but I think that's the point. by on 12/10/2020
my dogs were not interested
My dogs can be picky eaters but will at least sniff around and check the food out in their bowls. As soon as I put this food in their bowls they walked away. I left it in their bowls for a few hours thinking they would eventually get hungry enough to eat it but they would come back to their bowl, see it was the same food and simply walk away. by on 12/10/2020
Picky Eater with a Sensitive Stomach
Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food was a success with my dog! She is a picky eater and has a sensitive stomach but she seemed to really enjoy this food. by on 12/10/2020
Good food for an average dog
My specific dogs needs were not met with this food. The fiber content was especially low. One of my dogs also has a poultry allergy. The one that can enjoy it, had no problem eating it, she even seemed excited about it. I do like that this brand seems to be extra conscious about the formula of their dog food and they don't have anything questionable or a "filler" really. by on 12/10/2020
Yukon Approved
My Golden Lab that tends to be a picky eater, gobbled this down rather quickly. He gets his food in a maze dish to slow down his eating. During the transition of 75/25, 50/50, 25/75, he got a bit gassy but it eased a bit after he was on the food 100%. He never had digestion issues, but if they were to develop, this would be the perfect food. I may purchase this to mix in his regular food, since he enjoyed it so much. by on 12/10/2020
Not a fan!
Well my dog was not a fan of this dog food. He never tried it.. he just sniffed it and walked away from it. by on 12/10/2020
Excellent Dog Food!
I find all Hill's Science Diets to be perfect for our dogs. They are really loving this one. The kibble is a nice size,and our toy breed dogs are having no trouble chewing it. The ingredients are excellent; we are pleased that it contains oats,brown rice,and chicken. They are digesting it well with no issues at all. When I open the bag, they run to the kitchen! It has a pleasant aroma too. I really like that no dyes are added into Hill's Science Diet foods. Our dogs do not need 'red','green',or 'orange' pieces of kibble. Simple is best! This is brand that I really trust. by on 12/10/2020
Seems to Work
My dog has a sensitive stomach and was able to eat it with no problem, by on 12/10/2020
I would buy this again
My little chihuahua is a fussy eater but he loves this kibble! I have 4 bags of dry food sitting here that he won't eat, I finally found a winner! I cook chicken for him but wanted a back up & I finally found it. by on 12/10/2020
Highly recommended
Hill's science diet dog food was good enough for my older picky eaters dogs. They were given Hills food intermittently during their normal food diet and every time Hills was the food to eat, the woofed it down in record timing with no after effects. Highly recommend this product. by on 12/09/2020
Doggy's Happy, Mommy Happy
Doggy's Loved this flavor & gobbled it up!!! I liked it too, no weird smell, easy to use. Would def purchase again! by on 12/09/2020
Easy on my dog's stomach
My dog had been starting to vomit more often after eating or even drinking water. I tried out this food and it seems to helped him to keep his food down. He also seems to really enjoy eating it. He is very excited when I put it into his bowl and he eats all right away. by on 12/09/2020
My dog loves it
My dog loves this food. The smell if mild compared to other brands we have tried. The pieces are small so she can chew them easily. As for good digestion, it has made her go to the bathroom more so i guess it is working. by on 12/09/2020
It's a go for three
I have three dogs, lab, Dotson, jack Russell. They are 5,8,and 10. All three loved it. They digested it easily. It didn't not upset their tummies. by on 12/09/2020
science diet
Overall my dog loves this food (although he would probably eat anything). We usually give him a little dry food with a little wet food on top, because my FIL spoiled him with the canned gravy-style wet food ONCE and he wouldn't stop begging for it after. Previously, we had given him another brand of dry food on the bottom and he would always leave some in the bowl. With this, everything is gone! In the beginning of the switch to this there were some... smells... but after a few days they were gone and my pup has been happy, so I'm happy. by on 12/09/2020
Good balance food for the dog
Was a good balance food for the dog, didn't make him have to use the bathroom like in the past and wasn't bad like other dog foods I've tried in the past by on 12/09/2020
Great Product!
I have 2 German Shorthaired Pointers, ages 3 and 7. They both have very sensitive stomachs. It can be difficult to find a food that won't cause more issues, so when I saw a trusted brand, I gave it a try. As soon as I opened the bag, both dogs were jumping to smell it and they were excited! I gave them each their food and they DEVOURED it! To say they "like" it is an understatement....they LOVED IT! They never had any issues with changing their food; no loose stools, or gas. This food agreed with both of my dogs and it was great! I will be purchasing this in the future. by on 12/09/2020
Picky Dog Loves It
We've been having issues with our dog eating his usual dry food. He's been picky, and sometimes will only eat it if we mix in some cheese or treats, but still wouldn't eat the entire bowl. He loved the Hill's Science Diet food, eating every morsel in his bowl each time we gave it to him. We're actually buying a full size bag today! by on 12/09/2020
Great dog food
Made with great natural ingredients, and my dog loves it! by on 12/09/2020
New to Hill's
I like that it has whole oats and brown rice in the pet food. My fur babies love chicken so that was a plus. It's going on 2 weeks so far so good they enjoy their food. I like to keep testing Hill's dog food till they finish the whole bag to see the results. by on 12/09/2020
Dog food for a healthy gut
My dog loved the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats recipe dry dog food. I love that this particular formula is specially designed to support ultimate digestive well-being and a healthy gut. I'm a firm believer that health starts from the inside out, and it all starts with what you put in your body. Gracie, our Goldendood, is part of our fam and I felt good about giving her this kibble. by on 12/08/2020
My dog loves it
My dog loves it. Usually it takes awhile for him to eat but he runs to this by on 12/08/2020
GSD approved!
My GSD is an extremely picky eater, usually I have to boil chicken and add it to all his food. He ate this food without chicken. by on 12/08/2020
My dog LOVED it!
My 4 year-old golden retriever gobbled up the Hill's Science Diet Perfect Digestion food and then stood by her bowl asking for more. Good digestion is so important, and I am glad that Hill's took that into consideration when formulating this food. by on 12/08/2020
Love it
My dogs love this food and I think it's because they are more fragrant than their previous food. My vet recently advised to get a dog food with bigger kibble size because it will help keep their teeth clean and I think this fits the bill. Definitely going to continue buying this. by on 12/08/2020
My dog loves it!
My dog really liked the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food. She devoured it the second I put it on her bowl. I like that it has real chicken, vitamins and supports a healthy immune system. by on 12/08/2020
My dog was not a fan
My dog would not go near the food. She really isn't a picky eater and when I presented them as treats she ate 2 and wouldn't touch the bowl afterwards. It has now been 2 days and the bowl is still full. by on 12/08/2020
Dogs Enjoyed
My Dogs Enjoyed the food and had no problems with it. I really like the packaging resealable velcro instead of a typical ziplock type. Keeps the food fresher. by on 12/08/2020
Lucy loved the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food! She ate it so fast and seems to take it on good. by on 12/08/2020
Rusty enjoyed the food
The foods color, texture, and smell were appropriate and consistent with what i would expect from science diet dog food. My dog was excited to eat the food, My dog ate an appropriate amount of food for his meal, and choose at the first meal chose to eat the science diet over his regular eukanuba food. by on 12/08/2020
Dog loves it!
This is proving to be a good option for one of my pups who has a sensitive stomach/digestive system. It has improved his output. by on 12/08/2020
Great product
Great product, my pets really enjoyed it and couldn't stop eating jt by on 12/08/2020
Seems good
My dog absolutely devoured this food. She is normally not a picky eater, but I could tell that she really enjoyed this because she was literally licking the bowl after she ate all of the kibble. by on 12/08/2020
Great food for my dog
Great, my dog loves the taste, is full of energy and no digestive issues by on 12/08/2020
Hill's Science Diet is yummy for my pups
Our pups really seem to like the food. It could be because it's something different, but the chowed It down quickly. I have no complaints. by on 12/07/2020
My dogs enjoyed it!
I like the bag that it comes in -- it's resealable. I have 2 small dogs and they both seemed to like it quite a bit. by on 12/07/2020
Gas problem solved
My 1 year old Boxador Cooper loved it and I think it also solved his awful gas issue. Thank you Hill's! by on 12/07/2020
My dog like it
My dog seems to like it. Looking at the ingredients the product looks healthy and something I would buy it again. by on 12/07/2020
Good product.
My dog liked the food, he is however on a low fat dog food at the moment. He didn't seem to have any issues with this food. by on 12/07/2020
Hills science
My dog trialed Hills Science Diet adult perfection digestion chicken, brown rice, and whole oats recipe dry dog food. I don't have any complaints and my dog seemed to enjoy it. She finished the entire bowl each meal. I like that all the ingredients are easy to read and things that I have heard of. by on 12/07/2020
Good quality
Was very pleasantly surprised with my experience with this for food. First ingredient was real meat (chicken). I also really liked that this food was not grain free as grain free foods have been linked to heart issues in dogs. This food also helps promote healthier microbiome in dogs. My dog seemed to like this food and overall I was happy with it. Would purchase it in future. by on 12/07/2020
He Likes It!
He likes it and I like that it is good for him. My furbaby's stomach does not tolerate foods with preservatives and artificial colors. Gastrointestinal upset, loose stools and an overall unhappy little chap is usually the end result of him eating what I term the equivalent of dog junk food. I absolutely love that Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken Brown Rice & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food is the antithesis of junk food. No artificial flavors, preservatives, it has real chicken in this food! No wonder he ate every bite! Firm, good stools and a very happy good boy. Hey, during these upside down times I'm doing all I can do to support my own healthy immune system and I am so happy my little chap now has a dog food that helps support his own healthy immune system. Two paws up! Sent from my iPad by on 12/07/2020
Helps dogs with digestive issues
My dog prefers this to the prescription diet that I purchased at his fit for a substantially higher amount. Very helpful for his separate digestive problems. by on 12/07/2020
Hill's Science Diet Dog Food
My dog likes it, and that's the number one thing I look for in dog food. The next two things I really like are that Hill's Science Diet is made in the USA, and the first listed ingredient is chicken. This makes me feel good about giving it to my dog and that it is safe and has a good mix of quality ingredients. The bag closure is also convenient so it can be sealed properly between uses. Don't hesitate to get your own bag for your dog. by on 12/07/2020
Great for sensitive tummies
My little Layla has a hard time keeping food down at times. This dog food didn't upset her tiny tummy like other foods. She absolutely loves this dog food. She can't wait for dinner time. by on 12/07/2020
Overall good dog food
The one thing that I liked was that the first ingredient is Chicken... and not a by-product. That's a huge plus for me. Dogs are carnivores and thus the majority of their diet should be animal products. Good size kibble for a wide range of breeds. I have a Chiweenie and he loves it! by on 12/07/2020
it's better than most
my dog prefers human food over dog food. he ate this better than other dog food. by on 12/07/2020
Magically delicious
My dog can't get enough of it. Noticed a huge difference in his energy levels. by on 12/07/2020
Yummy Yummy
I received the product and was able to give Cooper some for his dinner and breakfast. He loved the chewable morsels and ate it in total. I would definable buy this product due to the fact that Cooper loved it! by on 12/07/2020
Worth it!
Hills Science Diet make an excellent dog food! I have an English bulldog with digestive and allergy issues and this is a great dog food for her needs. She loved the taste and finished the whole bowl. This brand is worth the investment! by on 12/07/2020
I tried but dog refused
I can't say I recommend this product as my dog only took a bite and refused to eat the rest leaving me a trail of the kibble behind. I tried to offer it again during his next feeding but he once again left it there even when I mixed it with his old food. by on 12/07/2020
Worth the Change
My dogs are getting a little older and a little more sensitive to food. We tried Hill's Science Adult Perfect Digestion and they loved it! Her appetite and bowels have improved. Trying new foods can be intimidating, but we're glad we made the switch. by on 12/07/2020
Great dog food!
Our dog loved it when he first tried it. He was very active and happy after he ate it by on 12/07/2020
Great Dry Food!
My chihuahua really enjoyed this dog good. She is pretty picky when it comes to dry food and she took to this immediately. I loved the ingredients list! by on 12/07/2020
Perfect Blend
After trying many different brands of dry dog food, this is an outstanding product! My dog loves it and you can quick tell the digestive benefits of this blend of nutrients. I am really happy about the outcome and my dog feels nourished longer. by on 12/07/2020
Easy on my dog's tummy
My dog loved Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food. I loved that it was easy on his sensitive tummy. I will buy this again. by on 12/07/2020
Dog food
I liked the look and smell of the food. My dog liked the taste. He seemed pleased. by on 12/07/2020
Okay so I can't attest to the actual flavor, as I've not consumed it, but sweet lord, my finicky dog loves it! 90% sure she thinks it's crack. ?? She's a dog food snob, with tummy issues. Bi-polar if you will. I tried this after finding a coupon and she literally wags her tail while eating it. WINNER! by on 11/21/2020
100% Recommended!
I have a labradoodle and she has the most sensitive stomach. This has been the only food that she can eat without throwing up. We use to have to give her grain free because that seemed to be the only thing that wouldn't make her stomach upset.. but due to research we saw grain free food isn't that great for dogs in the long run, health wise. So anyone that's looking for something great and nutritious.. I would say this is a great choice!!! by on 10/24/2020