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Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Every cat has an entire ecosystem living within them the gut microbiome, full of billions of desirable and undesirable bacteria unique to your pet. With the right nutrients to help balance their microbiome, you can actually affect not only their digestive health, but their overall well-being. That's why we developed Science Diet Perfect Digestion dry cat food with our ActivBiome+ Technology ingredient blend of prebiotics. It's a breakthrough nutrition that supports each cat's unique gut microbi... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 105 reviewers.

Makes her thirsty
My cat is eating this food, but she has been drinking more water afterwards. Is it salty? by on 06/02/2023
Finally found something my picky girl loves!
My cat is a picky picky eater. She seemed to have belly aches, low energy and occasional constipation issues. I have tried many good name brand cat foods that I tempered into her current (not the best quality dry food) but to no avail!! Since trying this food, I think I have finally found a good quality and nutritious food for this very picky girl seems to love!! I am one happy kitty mom! by on 03/06/2022
Good quality dog food
My dog loved this. She's usually a picky eater but she ate this up right away. It also seems to be easier on her digestion and she's not throwing up like she used to. by on 02/03/2021
Picky golden husky loves it
My dog liked this a lot. He's pretty picky on eating. H didn't ha r any diarrhea or tummy aches which is good. by on 02/03/2021
cat approved
My cat seem to really like this chicken barley in whole wheat dry cat food recipe from Hill's science by on 02/03/2021
Happy pets
This is a must buy for the animal lovers in the world. by on 02/03/2021
Good food
My cat did eat it no problem for starters. I like the ingredients in it that it includes whole grain oats as well as pumpkin which is always good for your pets belly. The kibble is a good standard size, perfectly circular little nuggets. I really like that the bag has a Velcro seal which helps keep the food fresh. by on 02/03/2021
Cat enjoys!
I got to try the hills science diet adult perfect digestion chicken, barley, & whole oats recipe dry cat food. My adult cat seems to love this dry food and her sensitive stomach so far has been tolerating it well with no recent episodes of throwing up after eating. Really happy with this cat food! by on 02/03/2021
Life Changing!
Not only did my picky cat LOVE it, but I swear it made her coat shiner, her attitude more playful & spunky, & she even had improved with the litterbox smell! by on 02/02/2021
Amazing Food Choice
My cats thoughly enjoyed this food. The fact that it is grain free and better for my cats is a win win. Their coast was shining and they did not throw up hairballs at all while eating this food. They also had more consistent bowl movements and their overall health improved. by on 02/02/2021
An unexpected favorite
When first introduced, my cat was a little hesitant- I think the chicken flavor wasn't really drawing her in- but after a few days, she actually loved it more than her whitefish blend that was her all time favorite. Now it's been a few weeks and Hill's Science Diet is still the winning choice! by on 02/02/2021
Aids in digestion for my cat
I like the science diet brand. I like that the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food aids in digestion. I have one cat that has problems with diahrea, and she had no issues with that while eating this cat food. The pieces are small and so is their current food so it was easy to incorporate it so they don't have problems adjusting. I feel like this particular cat food is good for one of my cats, but not the other. I need a food with a higher fiber content over 4 percent as she gets constipation. I received Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food complimentary from home tester club for my honest feedback. by on 02/02/2021
Easy on digestion
This was the perfect food for my old time gal with digestive problems. by on 02/02/2021
Great Cat Food!
My cats are picky eaters, but loved this cat food. It is high quality and easy for them to digest. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy immune system. by on 02/02/2021
He likes it
After having my cat samplethe Hill's Science Diet Perfect Digestion I can report back that my cat loves it. Our current food was blue Buffalo and my cat would just pick out his favorite parts of that food and refuse to eat the rest and with the Hill's he willingly eats all of it in his bowl. Also the food has helped with his hairballs so that is nice. by on 02/02/2021
Made where my cats no longer have diarrhea
This stuff had been a life saver for all but one cat (we have 6). I have been battling with diarrhea for over a year now, the stool they have now is solid and finally looks healthy. The but cat, managed to get gas from this food... not sure why. by on 01/22/2021
Kitty approved
My cat was able to try Hill?s Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken and she really liked it! She ate it all up at one sitting. The best part is she didn?t throw up as she has a tendency to do so. What I really like are the ingredients in this food by on 12/21/2020
Quality formula for mature cats
If this formula came in a Whitefish/Salmon version- I think my cat would have adjusted quicker to it. Overall, great quality kibble- no broken filler in bottom of bag by on 12/21/2020
Quality cat Food!
My cat loved eating it and it didn?t upset her stomach at all. I also like the quality ingredients. by on 12/21/2020
Satisfied to all purrfection
Perfect bite size for my fur kitty. Seems to satisfy her hunger and keeps her full. Above all she loves it. by on 12/21/2020
Happy Cat Happy Owner
I have a picky cat but he didn't have any reservations about this food. He immediately went for it and dug right in and started eating. I mixed it with his original food and have noticed that he is eating all of this food and only leave the old food in hi by on 12/21/2020
Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digest
my cat is fussy when it comes to food especially new food--well she really liked this brand and has eaten it for several days now and with that in mind i will certainly continue to give it to her and when this sample is done i will purchase it for her by on 12/21/2020
We have a winner!!
He like it he really likes it. My cat is a very picky eater. I was a little nervous he wouldn?t like this as we?ve never tried Hill?s Science Diet. He loves this food. He eats everything every feeding time. He also has amazing energy all day. Sometimes ot by on 12/20/2020
Cats love to eat it
I like the science diet brand. I like that the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food aids in digestion. Both my cats love to eat it, and my cat tiger especially, could not wait for me to open the bag by on 12/20/2020
my cat loved it!
Hill Science Diet Adult perfect digestion chicken barley and whole oats recipe dry cat food was awesome my cat really loved it by on 12/20/2020
Good for sensitive stomachs!
I have 3 cats that range from 2 yrs to 13 yrs old. I only gave this food to the two younger cats and started by mixing it with there old food. The Hill's Science cat food is reasonably priced and the cats seem to love it. I have also noticed that they by on 12/20/2020
Hills science diet
It made my cat have more energy. I love how it made my cat feel. by on 12/20/2020
Great Cat Food!
My cat loved this food. He is very picky, but really enjoyed this cat food. It is a great choice for him with very high quality ingredients. by on 12/20/2020
Great quality
My Cat really enjoyed this food..................... by on 12/20/2020
My Cats Can't Get Enough!
This food is not like ordinary cat food. I used to feed my 2 cats meow mix dry food which I would use in an auto-replenishing food bowl. I cannot do that with Hill's Science Diet. I've never seen them so excited for dry food. They eat the whole bowl in mi by on 12/20/2020
Gut Healthy!
My cats absolutely love this food! I have been feeding my cats science diet dry food for years now, but they really love the Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe. I love that the ingredients are safe and healthy for them and that t by on 12/20/2020
Hills Science Dry Cat Food
Good smell and appearance. Our cat eagerly eats an entire bowl of this food. Healthy ingredients for digestion. by on 12/20/2020
Yummy Little Bites
The cat loves the food it has very small pieces which work well for my cat and he is able to digest them well. Even the dogs want the food too! by on 12/20/2020
Winner winner
My cat is very picky with her food! She absolutely loves the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food! by on 12/20/2020
Quality food
I have 2 cats, 1 seems to throw up with every food I?ve tried and with this one it happened once in a week compared to multiple times a day. The other cat only uses grain free food and doesn?t get sick when she eats that, she did get into this one a few t by on 12/20/2020
Good food
I received this product as a promotional sample. My cat didn't hesitate at all when I offered this to her, which is a good sign that she enjoyed the flavor. I like that the food contains pumpkin which helps with their digestive system. The bag has a nice by on 12/20/2020
We loved it
My cat fell in love with this brands food so much that once this bag is gone we will be making the switch. I know this is a good brand that's been around for awhile. Thank you for letting us give it a try. 5 star!! by on 12/19/2020
My cats love this!
The cats really seemed to like the food. I will definitely try this again by on 12/19/2020
Dry cat food
Right when I opened the bags my cats came running. I feel like I have picky cats but they really seemed to like the food. Only more time will tell for all other benefits. For a first try I think it was a great reaction from my cats !! by on 12/19/2020
As advertised
Kitty seems to be loving this cat food and it hasn?t upset her finicky tummy so we definitely will be buying in the future. I?m happy with the ingredients as well! It?s a win-win by on 12/18/2020
I like the fact that it had smaller kernels for my cats to enjoy. My cats absolutely loved the taste and I loved how healthy and the overall benefits it had for my cats. The zip bag made it easy for storage and kept the food fresh. by on 12/18/2020
Hills science diet
The cat food was great. My cat enjoyed the food. I would definitely buy it. by on 12/18/2020
Picky eater loves it
I have a seriously picky kitty that pretty much turns his nose up to all dry food. I filled his dish with this dry food and he ran to it and started eating. I was shocked. I will definitely buy this again. by on 12/18/2020
Great food for frequently vomiting cats
Both of my cats took right to this food. Thankfully the kibble looks identical to what I'm currently feeding so that helped, but neither cat seemed put off. Both managed to keep it down, as they are typical kitties, who vomit all the time, especially from by on 12/18/2020
My Cat Loves It!
My cat really seems to enjoy Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, and Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food. The package is easy to open and the fact that it is re-sealable is super handy and helps keep it fresh. My cat dug right in! She by on 12/17/2020
Good Cat Food
Was very easy on the cat's gut. easy to digest and no worries on my part. I liked it a lot as the pets did not hesitate to try something new by on 12/17/2020
Great Cat Food!
This cat food was marvelous! My cat ate every bite with a quickness and it had no adverse digestive effects. Definitely would reccomend this product! by on 12/17/2020
Great cat food
I have three very picky cats and they absolutely loves this food! Normally they would push around food they don?t like, but they are this up! by on 12/17/2020
My cat love's it.
My cats absolutely loved this food. I fed it to them & within a week I noticed a change in their bowel movements. It became less often. The next thing is their coat. It became more shiney. I've already made the switch & have recommend it to many people. by on 12/17/2020
Hills science
The cats loved the food. It made them hungry and want more by on 12/17/2020
Even picky eater enjoyed it!
Both my cats like the food very much, even one of my picky eater cats enjoyed it. My concern is the fat content of the food, I can't feed my cats too much of it because they are on weight management diet. by on 12/17/2020
Great easy on stomach cat food
Our female cat loved the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food. We liked that it was easier on her stomach. Will buy by on 12/17/2020
Great product!
Our cat is 11 years old, and she really enjoyed this food. by on 12/17/2020
My cat loved it!!
I used to purchase Hill's Science Diet for my cat before but I don't know why I ended up switching to a different brand. When I received this package of dry food and gave a little bit to my cat, I was shocked at how quickly she ate everything. And she did by on 12/15/2020
Best cat food we have ever used
This new cat food has helped my adult cat correct some defects in her digestive system. Even my vet was impressed. We will be using this in the future by on 12/14/2020
Too much filler
My cat is used to the brand Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chicken and Brown Rice. I thought she might like the Hill?s Science Diet also. She?s not picky and usually scarfs down her food. She is not enjoying it. She is leaving food in the bowl, which is unhea by on 12/14/2020
Lola love it!
Our cat was very happy with this new food and went back for seconds quite quickly. I love that it is made of healthy ingredients that I would even put in my body. We love our cat and treat her like family so her healthy and happiness is very important to by on 12/14/2020
Great cat food- my cats loved it!
I have two ragdolls and they really love their food. This Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion- Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats recipe dry cat food was no exception! They gobbled it down until it was gone. Would definitely recommend this food to any c by on 12/14/2020
My cats love this
This cat food by Hill?s science diet has been great addition to our Normal cat food. The kibble size is perfect- medium kibble to small size. My cats love the food and eat it. I have one cat with sensitive stomach and he did the best overall with this foo by on 12/14/2020
Fussy cat loves it!!!!
I wasn't sure my cat would like the change in his dry food, he's somewhat fussy. He loves it!! I find him eating this brand and flavor more then his previous one, which was Wellness. Definitely will be making the switch over to this!!!!! by on 12/14/2020
My review
Omg my kitten and big time cats absolutely loved this food. I will buy this for them from now on. by on 12/13/2020
Great product and great ingredients.
I use Purina Pro Plan for our cats, well I slowly mixed in the HS food into it and winged them onto this. I have to say so far so good the cats really enjoy the food. We were having problems of the cats throwing up after eating the Purina and trying to f by on 12/13/2020
Picky cat loves this food
My cat normally does not touch dry food. After I poured a small helping into her dish, she sniffed it curiously and to my surprise, started to snack on it! In a few minutes the dish was empty; I couldn?t believe it. Since then I have been feeding her dail by on 12/13/2020
I'm switching to Hill's!
I was seriously amazed at the difference this food change made in my cat just within a few days. It was funny because when we first got it, we wanted to mix the old food with the Hill's food so it wouldn't upset my cats digestion, but the second time he w by on 12/13/2020
Cat approved!
My cats really liked this food. It upset the older cat's stomach one time but that's normal when changing food. My 2 cats are usually throwing up all the time but this food doesn't do that to them. by on 12/13/2020
OMGosh my Cat is a very very picky eater but she ate food as soon as I put down for her . She loves it..Believe me when I say that it means a lot and the cat food is still healthy for her and it is not that expensive so I would recommend it to anybody tha by on 12/13/2020
Great stuff!
My cat loves it. Her tummy was a little upset when we made the switch, primarily because we didn?t think to make a slow introduction, but it seems to have settled now and she?s eating voraciously as usual. by on 12/13/2020
Punkin kitty?s Opinion
Hill?s Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food might sound appetizing to some, but my senior cat refused to eat this crunchy food unless I added a little bit of water to it for him to eat. by on 12/13/2020
Great food
My cats loved this food. They usually hesitate to eat dry food but they went right over and ate the whole bowl. by on 12/13/2020
Cats go crazy for this dry food!
I have two adult cats who eat wet food twice a day and have dry food sitting out at all times. When I opened the bag of this food and set some out, they both fought over the bowl with this food and completely ignored the wet food I had just put out for th by on 12/13/2020
Adult cat and dog PERFECTION.
The cat loves this so much that I have to feed her on a table so that the dogs don't get at it. They enjoy it as much or more as she does. by on 12/13/2020
Healthy living can be given
This product is extremely beneficial for cats in my case specially for an older cat it really has noticeable benefits on a cat easier for them to go to the bathroom and seem to be full for a longer time period before needing to eat again .with this produc by on 12/13/2020
Highly Recommend
My cat has really enjoyed this food. Most importantly, we have struggled to find her a food that doesn't make her sick, and this hasn't made her get sick once since we've used it over the course of two weeks. I would highly recommend this!!!! by on 12/13/2020
Healthy choice for your cat
This is a great cat food choice for your adult cat who has no need for specialized foot, but that you want to keep healthy. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives and no synthetic colors. The first ingredient listed here is chicken. My cat can be by on 12/13/2020
Great for cats with digestives issues
My older female cat is getting fussy about her eating habits, so I wasn't sure she was going to try it, but I was wrong. This is the first type of cat food she was able to eat in one sitting without throwing it up a bit later. I would highly recommend t by on 12/13/2020
Picky cat loved this food
My cat is quite picky on what food she eats, especially with the hard food so I really expected her to take one sniff of it and walk away but surprisingly she dove right into it and cleanup up the plate! by on 12/13/2020
Great Food For Your Cats
Hill's Science Diet Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, and Oat cat food is wonderful. My cats are VERY picky eaters. Often when I try a new food they sniff it and walk-away (This is very strange to me as pasts cats have always eaten any cat food or treat) by on 12/13/2020
My Picky Cats
My cats loved it! It adds to their healthy diet I would definitely recommend it! by on 12/13/2020
Good but not for my cat
The packaging for Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food is attractive and it is handy it is re-sealable. The size of the food itself is perfect for my cat and he gobbled it up lightly mixed in with by on 12/13/2020
Shockingly Surprised
When I first received this product I was hesitant to try it as my cats can be rather picky. To my surprise they loved it and finished thier meals quicker then normal. This is definitely a great product. by on 12/13/2020
My cat loved it!
My cat immediately came to the bowl and started munching down on the food! Ha . Almost too big of bites. He really liked it though! by on 12/13/2020
Highly recommend
Malcolm loved this food. Small pieces that were easy for him to chew. He's a fast eater and had no issues with digestion. Highly recommend if your cat has digestion issues. by on 12/13/2020
Happy Chloe!
My cat loved it! It must be boring eating the same food day after day, so this change up was nice for my chloe. She is 15 and I noticed it said it was for cats up to 6, but I figured it was still ok and the fact that she enjoyed it was great by on 12/13/2020
My cat loved it and I felt better feeding her something that isn?t full of all sorts of stuff I can?t pronounce. I have always trusted this brand and will continue to do so. by on 12/13/2020
Great food source for pets!
Great product and my pets really enjoyed it. They couldn?t stop eating it by on 12/13/2020
High Quality Dry Cat Food
It's a high quality cat food that contains probiotics and the 1st ingredient is chicken. It's nice that it doesn't have any artificial ingredients or preservatives. by on 12/13/2020
My cat loves the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Dry Cat Food! He races to his bowl as fast as he can when it's feeding time. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, so unfortunately I don't know if his digestion has benefit by on 12/13/2020
Cat loved it
My cat loved the Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food. he preferred it over his regular food. by on 12/13/2020
Great food
My cat loved this food and reacted very well to it. I look forward to seeing how much it helps with my cats digestion. by on 12/13/2020
Works great for sensitive stomachs!
We had an opportunity to try Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food and I've been pleased with how well it has helped our kitty's sensitive stomach. Ever since she was a kitten, our cat has a hard tim by on 12/13/2020
Improved digestion issues
I received a sample of Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Barley, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Cat Food, and I'm thankful we were given a bag to try, rather than a small 1-2 day supply, because I was able to see results after one week! My cat by on 12/13/2020
Picky eater
I just received a sample of Hill's science diet adult perfect digestion cat food for my cat you has digestive issues and is a super picky eater and after a week of being on this food the results are pretty good. First off she likes the food so that is goo by on 12/13/2020
love it
my picky eater loved this. She ate it right away and has been eager to eat every day. She ate it faster than she does her usual brand, usually she's a grazer. I love the healthy ingredients here by on 12/13/2020
My cats loved the food. Great trusted brand with great ingredients. I definetley recomend this for all cat owners. by on 12/13/2020
It Really is Perfection Digestion
My cat has always had digestive issues when it comes to different dry cat foods. As a highly anxious cat, he often throws up his food. I?m happy to report that this has NOT happened after using this Science Diet brand. by on 12/12/2020
Four out Six In My Home Love This Food
I currently have 6 cats within my home. Although not all mine, some I foster either short and/or long term via the non-profit/non-kill shelter. I can honestly say 4 out of the 6 loved it. I first put just a bowl out? One, the Baby Precious, the f by on 12/12/2020
Great for sensitive tummies!
My 7-yo cat absolutely had a wonderful experience with Hill Science Diet Perfect Digestion with no tummy issues. My cat has a very sensitive stomach, and this food seems to help with his digestion and he seems to enjoy the taste as well! That's a WIN in by on 12/12/2020
Great product!
The ingredients are great in this food, my cats loved it and my one cat that always runny stool finally has normal stool! by on 12/12/2020
Cat love it!
My cat loved the food. I am glad that the pieces were all the same round shape because sometimes cats are finicky and only eat certain shapes. by on 12/12/2020
Picky cat approved
My picky cats loved this dry food. I will be replacing their previous dry food with Hills Science Diet because of the clean ingredients and because they love it! by on 12/11/2020
My cat said no thanks
The ingredients seemed good but my cat was having no part of it by on 12/11/2020
Could be good...
While I like the ingredients in this Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion cat food mix, my cats were not at all interested. Also, since they don't speak English to me, I do not know why they wouldn't eat it. I tried mixing it in with their existing food, by on 12/10/2020
Decent cat food, could be better
My cats are loving eating this Hill's Science chicken flavor cat food. I have not noticed a difference in their appetite or coat but they are enjoying it. Upon opening the package, it smells fine and does not feel greasy when touching the food. The kib by on 12/09/2020
Cat seemed to like it after a few days.
At first my cat didnt want to try the food. But after a few days she seemed to like it. I would have to have her on it for a few months to see if it really benefits her. by on 12/08/2020
Not to the liking of my cat
My cat didn't like it at all - he smelled it and immediately walked away. by on 12/07/2020